Chapter 11: Homocli in Tokyo

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Everyone was silent watching Sailor whom had somehow never reverted back into her normal human form after the battle against Mandarin Scrappy. It had been a hard battle for her tons of bones in her body were broken and her organs had taken a massive hit as well. Sailor Saturn was able to cure her bleeding wounds the light rings caused on her but that was all she did since Sailor Uranus told her not to overdue herself until a true doctor could take a look and heal her injuries. At this time Sailor Sun remained unconscious. Three times Sailor Mercury had to shock the Sun Princess's heart with an amphitheater since Kari's body nearly gave causing the girl to nearly crash. Scaring Usagi further! She knew it was only a matter of time till the Sailor Senshi of the Sun would fully crash and she was blaming herself for it.

"Usagi" Luna stated walking over to her.

The Moon Princess looked at Luna with tears streaming from her eyes "It's my fault she's injured."

Luna paused as Sailor Moon bailed "I know what you're going to say Luna, she's a soldier and was doing her duty! However she was more to me than a friend..."

"Sailor Moon" Luna stated "That wasn't what I was going to say. I know how your feeling we all are...Sailor Saturn is taking it hard on herself as well."

"Because...Sailor Saturn looks over to Sailor Sun as an older sister she never had" Usagi said "But it's my fault for asking her to come here to aide us."

"It's not you're fault Sailor Moon" Tuxedo Kamen said coming into the room "No one would've guessed what Scrappy was up too. If it wasn't for her coming during Buzzerstorm it would've been all over for the Sailor Senshi. What she did was brave she wasn't going to let you die. It would pain us all if she passed away even me."

Sailor Moon looked her own boyfriend as Tuxedo Kamen himself had tears in his eyes he was telling the truth as he continued "Sailor Sun is a dependable girl Sailor Moon. I'm pleased to have her on our side. I owe her your life Sailor Moon, I couldn't live without you and Chibi-Moon would never be born."

"I wonder if she knows about Chibi-Moon" Sailor Moon said said leaning back "I just hope she doesn't die."

Sailor Saturn, Marcus whom was pacing angerly, Gatomon, and Samurai Knight never left Sailor Sun's side. The two together had tried to help the Sailor Senshi of the Sun regain consiousness.

"We need a doctor" Sailor Saturn mumbled watching Sailor Sun's heart meter go up and down normally.

John nodded "A doctor that knows how to heal broken bones and organs."

"When I find Mandarin Scrappy, I'm going to give him a piece of my fists!"

After calming the Street Fighter down and hearing about a doctor, this got Sailor Saturn and idea and couple minutes later she wrote a huge sign Doctor Wanted! Please come to the Hinokuwa Shrine!

Seeing this even Sailor Mars had to approve it the rest of the group and Mystery Inc minus Sailor Saturn and Samurai Knight went out posting the signs hoping a doctor would answer the call.

Homocli base

An older man sat down in his chair. Further King Bradly had just came in and delivered great news. He sat while a woman and a guy with green hair, black tank top and black shorts were arguing with each other.

"Let me ask you Lust!" the green haired guy stated "You want to aide this Mandarin to destroy the Sailor Senshi which are supposingly stronger than State Alchemist?"

"Yes, Envy" the woman replied "If we aide them we get fifty percent of the world. The fifty percent would expand our reaches and allow King Bradly can rule them without fear."

"You're crazy!" Envy said "We're talking about ten school girls that really shouldn't concern us!"

"Enough bickering" the man stated he turned to King Bradly "I will accept this alliance with the Mandarin."

"What?" Envy asked.

"You heard me" the man stated "Those girls are a threat to us if they are stronger than State Alchemist...For I know if Sailor Sun managed to defeat the Mandarin...Then they have to be strong."

Envy shut up right then, their father was right. If this Sailor Sun was strong than she'd really kill their own father with ease.

"So what do we do?" Envy asked.

Further King Bradley smiled "I was thinking to send my State Alchemists to kill the Sailor Senshi as we did with the Isbalans. But.."

"But what?" Envy growled.

King Bradley looked at Envy "Luckily for us Sailor Sun is critically wounded and won't be able to protect her friends if they are in danger."

"So we wait for her to die?" Envy asked as Jadeite appeared.

"Oh here comes our friend Jadeite" Further King Bradley said looking at the alien.

The alien nodded and flew down "Damn."

"What are you so grim about Mr. Jadeite?" Gluttony asked.

"Damn that Sailor Mercury."

"Sailor Mercury?" Lust asked.

At Jadeite's snap a figure appeared showing the blue skirted Sailor Senshi "That's Sailor Mercury...The smartest Sailor Senshi. Sailor Sun was going to crash three times."

"Sailor Sun gone already?" Gluttony asked sadly.

"No" Jadeite said "She would've passed away but Sailor Mercury being the smartest Sailor Senshi managed to save her life those three times. I'm telling ya, that girl has a talent for being good doctor one of these days."

"If she lives" Envy stated "After what we Homocli can do to them."

"They haven't fought against a Homocli" Lust smiled "Should be easy taking them out with Sailor Sun nearly out of the picture."

Jadeite nodded but frowned "Even though she isn't dead yet, Sailor Sun is a powerful Sailor Senshi...If she dies we will have more than enough than we bargained for."

"What do you mean?" Further King Bradley asked.

"Long story" Jadeite stated "I had a clone once roaming around serving this Zolge person and..."

So Jadeite told the Homocli about the Digimon "But since the Clone was destroyed somehow had his mind completely erased about where the Digital World was located.

"That is bad" the man on the chair stated "If Sailor Sun dies and words gets out to her Digital World where she currently rules...We'll have these Digimon looking to kill us for revenge."

"Could they actually kill us Father?" Lust asked.

The old man turned to Jadeite "Well can they?"

"Look to Sailor Sun when she fought against the Mandarin" Jadeite stated and as the Homocli took their time to think on this Jadeite continued "I wouldn't have thought that she would beat the Mandarin in Mortal Combat but she did...I know for a fact that if she was in her prime stage."

He paused as the Homoli watched the fight between Sailor Sun and the Mandarin as Gluttony asked "What's her Prime state?"

Jadeite pointed to Sailor Sun with light that outlined her body "That is her prime stage form...The most strongest form of her and lethal...I am one hundred percently sure that if she was in her prime state the Mandarin would've been easily killed. If she could beat the Mandarin with ease in that form...She could and would be able to kill a Homocli..."

"Over time" Lust stated "As we do have the ability to recover."

"Not against Sailor Sun you wouldn't" Jadeite stated "In her prime state one shot of her most strongest attack which you see is the Sunlight Gammar Ray and you'll die instantly."

The Homocli's eyes widened as the Sunlight Gamma Ray easily pierces threw the Mandarin's shield and knocks the Mandarin out.

"Sailor Sun stated that if it wasn't for the shield" Jadeite began "The attack would've killed the Mandarin instantly."

That is when the father of the Homocli agreed with Jadeite "Yes, seeing her attack now...Even I'm one hundred percent sure that Sailor Sun could kill a Homocli with ease in her true and prime form...Even me."

"So what's our first step?" Lust asked.

"Simple" the Homocli's father stated "Sailor Sun must be eliminated right here and right now."

Jadeite nodded "Exactly what the Mandarin was thinking."

The man placed his hand on his head as he explained his logic to the Homocli "We must consider the possibility that Sailor Sun will make a successful recovery...And if that happens the results could be devastating."

"So what's the plan?" Lust asked.

Further King Bradley had thought of this through "It may not be simple but you and Envy have to create a diversion."

"For what?" Envy asked.

"For the Sailor Senshi to come out and fight you...While they fight against you and Lust for the first time, Gluttony will sneak into the compound and then gets to chow down the girl."

"Yippie!" Gluttony stated "I actually get to eat her!"

The Homocli's father actually like the plan "That would actually work. While the Sailor Senshi's backs are turned to fight for their city, they would temporally leave their wounded friend opened...And at her weakened state even if she does transform she wouldn't be able to do much after her fight with the Mandarin would've killed a lesser person. Especially the tail to the chest and the crushing blue liquid, those two combined things should've killed her nearly instantly."

"That would work" Jadeite stated.

"Something wrong with my plan?" Further King Bradley asked.

"Yes, two minor details you forgot to foresee, due to the fact I haven't told you yet...Although the first minor detail wouldn't be that much."

"What are these details?" Lust asked.

"The first thing is simple" Jadeite stated "Three Sailor Senshi since there all girls are in love with a particular male of there choice...These males are known to protect the girls from harm."

"Okay how is that a detail?" King Bradley asked.

Jadeite turned "The moment these particular Sailor Senshi are in danger...The males will appear to protect them and fight against that threat. I'm just saying that Sailor Sun herself may have a boyfriend that will do that...No, I'm sure of it...Damn Marcus Damon."

"The one human that punched your clone's nose and broke it?" Envy chuckled.

"Yes" Jadeite stated sweat dropping.

"Like a punch from him will kill Gluttony" Envy chuckled.

"Then I'll eat him too" Gluttony said.

"Marcus isn't going to be easy" Jadeite stated "Which will bring us to the second minor detail...Sailor Sun herself has a Digimon. Digimon that are willingly with a human grow a protective aura. So..."

"Even if we do manage to get the Sailor Senshi's attention away from things" Further King Bradley stated "Well have to deal with her Digimon."

"What is her Digimon?" Lust asked.

Jadeite pointed to his face which had a deep claw mark on it "One word...Something did this to my face...What was it?"

"Looks like a cat slash" Lust stated.

"Bingo" Jadeite stated "Her Digimon is Gatomon the cat Digimon. Now Gatomon definitely will not stray from her wounded partner's side. Even though she's a Champion Level which means Gluttony might be able to squash her, that Digimon has speed on her side. If Sailor Sun regains consiousness during the fight, she might be able to Digivoulve Gatomon to her Ulimate Level stage..."

At this he pointed to the screen with an angel Digimon "Known as AngeWomon."

"Gulp...Angel" Gluttony said slightly backing away "Just what Homocli fear the most."

"Seeing Gluttony frightened gives me a good reason to go along with him" Further King Bradley said "Angels are the only thing that can easily defeat a Homocli even if we do have a healing factor."

"Exactly" Jadeite said "And AngeWomon is an Ulimate Level Digimon which is stronger than Champion Levels. Since she can fly, she won't be easy to beat."

"Okay" Envy said "So if Sailor Sun is conscious during our attack "That could be bad...If she isn't though."

"Then you might be able to pull out a win" Jadeite stated "Although the third detail...Is that didn't I mention that they are allied to someone."

"No" Envy said "Allied with who?"

"Mystery Inc" Jadeite said "A group of five humans and their dog Scooby-Doo that excel in solving mysteries. Mystery Inc's smartest member Velma has invented gears to combat evil. So even if the Sailor Senshi are occupied, Mystery Inc might stay back to protect Sailor Sun along with Marcus and Gatomon."

"So it won't be easy" King Bradley said "Actually getting past Mystery Inc shouldn't be a problem right?"

Jadeite nodded "That is where I'll play along with the assassination attempt. I will lure Mystery Inc into another Mystery with the help of King Bradley here."

King Bradley nodded knowing where his ally was getting at Of course use Alphonse Elric's armor and tell Edward Elric to get inside his armor...No wait even better Winry Rockbell.

"So with Mystery Inc accompanied doing another Mystery, the Sailor Senshi fighting me and Envy" Lust began "Gluttony just has to worry about fighting Gatomon and Marcus."

"That I can assure you we can't let out" Jadeite stated "For one Marcus knows his girlfriend is terribly injured and is already suspecting someone to finish his girl off and Gatomon, well she'll never leave her friend's side oh and Marcus himself has a Digimon. So basically even though the mission sounds easy, it won't be easy."

"It's always those missions" King Bradley mumbled "Which is why I'm going along with Gluttony to make sure our Mission is a success we can't let Sailor Sun recover."

"What if we fail the first time?" Envy asked a little worried now cause even he knew that if they succeed it would be a bad thing with many Digimon running loose but he grinned."

"Well" Jadeite stated "As humans say, at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

"If we fail" Further King Bradley stated "Then I'll call in my State Alchemists and place a bounty for my State Alchemist to whom can bring Sailor Sun to us alive or dead."

"Then what happens if they bring her to us alive?" the Homocli's father asked.

"I'll let the Mandarin and you father decide what to do with her, unless you want me to dispatch her right then"

The Homocli's father smiled "I know what I'll do, use her as a human sacrifice for a Philosopher's Stone...If she has that power...Think of how powerful the Philosopher's Stone is...Jadeite can we convert her into one of those stones?"

Jadeite paused thinking "Not really but the other Sailor Senshi you could easily...Sailor Sun is tricky. She has to be knocked out then drained of her energies. Sadly as you saw Sailor Sun would rather die than have that happen to her."

"We'll explain to her she'll die anyway." Lust said.

"We did that trying to revive Queen Barreyl" Jadeite stated "Didn't work."

"Then I'm sure your boss and I will find away to do her in or something...Envy why are you smiling?"

Envy grinned "I just thought of something perfect and how we can control the Digimon once they find out their Sun Goddess is dead."

"What?" Lust asked.

Envy smiled "Tell them the Sailor Senshi did it...Tell them Mystery Inc did it. Heck whoever this Marcus works for tell them that place did it."

"You're good" Jadeite stated "Although Gatomon would interfere in that plan telling them who was responsible."

"Then we'll have to silence Gatomon" Envy said.

"Let's try this plan first" Envy said "I can't wait to challenge those Sailor Senshi come on Lust...Let's test their strength!"

"Right with you" Lust said as she got ready.

"Well then" Jadeite stated "Let's get ready to get Mystery Inc out of the picture...Until then Gluttony...Don't make your move."

"Y-Y-Y, Yes sir, Mr. Jadeite!"

So the Homocli got read to begin what they hoped was Sailor Sun's death.


It was quite a day. Just moments ago Colonel Roy Mustang was resting peacefully at his desk and then suddenly was called to the scene at a Philosopher's Stone Lab. So he along with LT. Hawkeye, and second LT. Havoc were looking at the scene along with Warrant Officer Falman whom was already there.

"Why were we called here?" Roy Mustang asked.

"The Further King asked us to call you Colonel" The first guard said "He wants you to help clean up the blood and find out who it belongs too."

"Right away then" Roy Mustang said looking at the blood as he thought I don't know how looking up the person's blood is going to help Further King, because I would think a person losing this much blood would probably die of blood loss by now.

"Hey Colonel check this out" LT. Hawkeye said pointing to the poster Sailor Moon and her friends posted up.

"Hmm...Doctor wanted...Please come to the Hinokuwa Shrine"

"What's the Hinokuwa Shrine?" Roy Mustang asked.

"Hinokuwa Shrine" Warrant Officer Falman began "A shrine where they sell items to clear spirits. It's also a place to pray and has an old man and his Granddaughter the owners of the place."

"Why would someone need a doctor?" Lt Hawkeye asked.

Roy Mustang grinned "Something tells me that the answer to whom this blood belongs to is related to your answer Hawkeye."

"Shall we investigate?" Lt. Hawkeye asked.

"Good morning Colonel" a voice sounded, Colonel Roy Mustang, Hawkeye, Falman, and Havoc looked up and saluted King Bradly as they saw him.

"At ease" the Further King said smiling and the four went back to work.

"Any progress Colonel?" the Further King asked.

"We just got here sir" Roy Mustang said to him "It was a long train ride to this odd place."

"It's called Tokyo" Warrant Officer Falman said "The main capital of Japan. An island based country. Japanese is the main language of this city, the most-"

"Enough Falman" Colonel Roy Mustang stated.

King Bradley read the sign "Hmm...The Hinokuwa Shrine...Boy Roy Mustang I want you to accompany me to this shrine so I can see the person injured."

"Yes, sir" Roy Mustang said.

Further King Bradley wasn't a fool but he managed to fool his own people that he was human. He knew that the Shrine might be the location of where Sailor Sun was. So if he could scout out the defenses around Sailor Sun including the Street Fighter and Digimon Gatomon and find away around them...It would make Gluttony's job a lot easier in dispatching Sailor Sun.

"2nd LT Havoc" Further King Bradley said "You keep on cleaning the mess up...LT. Hawkeye, we might need your eyes for this. Falman, we might need your knowledge so come with us."

"Right" was the response.

So the Flame Alchemist alongside LT. Hawkeye, Warrant Officer Falman, and Further King Bradley walked in the direction of the Shrine. It wasn't hard to find due to the fact a certain Sailor Senshi was so desprite to have a doctor find Sailor Sun before she passed away for good.

"That's a shrine that's really out of the middle of no where." Roy Mustang said.

His eyes settled on a girl with long black hair in a tiny red Mini skirt! Roy Mustang felt that his days of fantasy came true! Well one of them anyway his first dream was to take Further King Bradley's place as leader, then for his second dream have all female officers to where Mini skirts! He noticed that Falman certainly felt the same way as the two fought the urge to NOT have a sever nose bleed. LT. Hawkeye sighed with embarrassment and sorrow as she knew what was going on.

"Whose that Warrant Officer Falman?" Further King Bradley asked.

"Sailor Mars..." Warrant Officer Falman said "One of the nine believed Sailor Senshi...The Sailor Senshi of Fire. Attacks known, Fire Soul, Fire Soul Bird, Burning Ring Mandala, and Mars Flame Sniper."

At this Colonel Roy Mustang paused as he too was an expert in fire had he just met a girl that was said to be thousands of times better than he was when it came to fire? He had to remember to ask her for a sparing fight which included fire but something told him not right now. The Sailor Senshi of Fire's face was a look of despair and fear as she swept the floor of the shrine. Sailor Mars looked up as the four guest appeared. Were they guest or some sort of military visiting them. She reasoned with herself that it was a visiting Military since all four members had some sort of blue shirt and black pants. Seeing this made her on edge especially the feeling of one of them it felt demonish. The one with an eye patch. As if responding to her quick reflexes Sailor Mars gathered up fire and formed in into a bow. Seeing this Roy Mustang was going to actually find out right then if the rumors about Sailor Mars was true. He brought out his special gloves and put them both on his hands as he whispered to Falman "What's that attack?"

"Look like-"

"Mars Flame Sniper!"

A fiery arrow was shot out towards the four and the group ducked with the Colonel's jacket catching the arrow and putting it on fire at the edge of the jacket. Quickly he stomped the jacket out. And then stood up and snapped his fingers.

Sailor Mars saw the snap but was unprepared for what happened next. Flames shot out of the ground causing an explosion from underneath her. However Sailor Mars quickly backed away as she thought Another fire wielder how? I thought I was the only one with fire.

She quickly dodged another blow but by this time the second blow rocketed the compound causing Sailor Moon to appear.

She poked her head out to see what was going on as Sailor Mars gave out a growl and mumbled to herself "He's kinda good, and hot looking, but I can do better!"

She stood up and avoided a third fire blast which Sailor Moon wasn't so lucky. She was caught a blaze and started running around the compound "Hot, hot, hot, hot!"

Normally this would've made Sailor Mars laugh but she took one look at the four targets.

"Did I get her to stun her?" Colonel Roy Mustang asked he turned to Falman "What was that about?"

The Warrant Officer shrugged and Further King Bradley managed to fool them yet again by shrugging himself like he didn't know why she had attacked them. Since this girl acted like she did he knew she was a Priestess of the Shrine and was trained to feel the area around a person. Suddenly another Sailor Senshi appeared running around in flames only it wasn't Sailor Mars...It was a white, and yellow striped Fuku wearing Sailor Senshi with no Tiara and eight angelic wings. For a moment Further King Bradly thought she was Sailor Sun and wanted to congratulate Roy Mustang for putting the Sailor Senshi of the Sun out of her misery but then noticed the girl had no staff resembling the Sun.

Finally after about watching the new Sailor Senshi dance around still on flames with Sailor Mars's hand on over her face shaking her head caused Falman to answer.

"No you didn't hit Sailor Mars that time ether Colonel...You hit the Sailor Senshi's leader...Sailor Moon."

"Opps" Colonel Roy Mustang stated sweat dropping knowing he was going to get it "Has Sailor Moon heard of the Stop, Drop and Roll?"

"Apparently not" Lt. Hawkeye stated sweat dropping.

That is when Sailor Mars saw her chance she stood up and Colonel Roy Mustang was unprepared for what happened next he saw the girl stand up then fire began to circle around her.

"Oh-no" Falman stated "It's not Mars Flame Sniper she's using this time...It's-"

"Burning Ring Mandela!" Sailor Mars shouted.

The circling fire was concentrated in her hand and she shot out rings towards Colonel Roy Mustang and his group.

Sailor Moon stopped running around just as Sailor Mercury managed to find out what was going wrong. Sailor Mercury quickly relieved Sailor Moon of the fire and mumbled to her "Sailor Moon ever heard of the Stop, Drop, and Roll?"

"No, but that was unexpected" Sailor Moon said "I could've dodged it otherwise."

They watched as Sailor Mars nailed nearly all four new comers with her Burning Ring Mandela.

Colonel Roy Mustang was on the ground clutching both his right flank and left flank as two rings of the fire attack hit him there. Lt. Hawkeye was clutching her right shoulder and Falman managed to successfully dodge it alongside King Bradley.

He looked up as he finally answered his thoughts Sailor Mars indeed was stronger than him as the rumor stated but he wasn't going to give up.

Sailor Mars noticed this as well "Uh-Mercury...Now's the time to attack."

"Attack who?" Sailor Moon asked then she saw the four people "They're just traveler's Mars."

"No" Sailor Mars said "The black haired young man seems to be an expert in controlling fire, he nearly got me three times and he nailed you once."

"Oh" Sailor Moon said looking at the man that was standing up preparing to strike Sailor Mars again.

With a snap of his fingers Sailor Mars knew what was coming "Flame attack coming!"

This time Sailor Moon was ready just as the ground exploded releasing the fire attack Sailor Moon jumped and used her wings to fly into the air avoiding the attack. Sailor Mercury managed to hide behind a rock and Sailor Mars managed to dodge the fire attack by rolling out of the way she too was behind a rock.

"Impressive" Colonel Roy Mustang said with a smile on his face "She's a good soldier."

"Whatever you do Colonel" Falman panted "Don't hit the one that's flying."

"Sailor Moon" Colonel Roy Mustang stated watching the Sailor Senshi "Falman who is she?"

"We don't know who Sailor Moon really is...No one knows the Sailor Senshi's true identity...Or if they even have one" Falman answered "But what I can tell you is that Sailor Moon's the leader of the Sailor Senshi...She basically uses the powers of light on her side and has many attacks. Some heal some do a lot of damage to her opponents..."

"Uh there's another one now" Hawkeye said "A girl in a blue mini skirt."

"That would be" Falman said looking at Sailor Mercury's boot as the girl had expertly hid behind a rock with only her boots showing "Sailor Mercury...The brains of the Sailor Senshi...Believed to have an IQ of 300. Her attacks are mostly water."

"What did you say?" Colonel Roy Mustang asked wanting to make sure he heard that right "Did you just say water?"

"Yes" Falman answered.

Sailor Mercury then decided it was time to attack she turned to Sailor Mars and managed to give Sailor Mars her thoughts since Sailor Mars was psychic I don't want to hurt them. It might just be you're too on edge about Sailor Sun's condition...Not that I'm on edge too about her condition. We just don't know what it is.

Roy Mustang snapped his fingers and another fire explosion came out missing Sailor Mars and causing Sailor Mars to roll next to Sailor Mercury and whispered to her "How is he doing that with just a snap? I mean I need to know how to do that?"

Sailor Mercury took out her mini-computer and analyzed the man with black hair.

"Hmm" Roy Mustang stated "Two girls for the price of one."

"Careful" Falman stated as he saw Sailor Mercury's computer "The brains of the Sailor Senshi is figuring you out."

"She is?" Roy Mustang asked.

"Yep" Further King Bradly stated "She's scanning you with a computer

It would prove to be Roy Mustang's down fall as Sailor Mercury picked up the answer quickly. She turned to Sailor Mars "It's his gloves"

"Okay so what's the plan?" Sailor Mars whispered as the rock protected them from another fire snap.

Sailor Mercury mentioned Sailor Moon to come over to them as she explained the plan.

"That man is controlling fire through two gloves...In order to stop him doing that we need to aim to destroy the gloves."

"In the meantime" Sailor Moon muttered dodging a fire attack "How do we stop the gloves?"

"Don't know but I think I might have the key" Sailor Mercury said "This might hurt me but I'll strike first...Once they are blinded both you and Sailor Mars take out the gloves but don't try to hurt him, or anyone."

"Can't I place a talisman on the one I think is giving off an unusual aura?"

"Yes" Sailor Mercury said.

"Okay good plan" Sailor Moon said.

There was another explosion as another fire attack missed. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars moved quickly as Sailor Mercury stood up walking down the path.

"Here Sailor Mercury comes Colonel...One water attack and you're done for" Falman whispered.

"I was hoping she wouldn't walk down here" Colonel Roy Mustang whispered back.

He sighed "Sorry miss, but if you're going to attack me then I have to do this."

He snapped his fingers and Sailor Mercury rather than dodging the flames allowed it to hit her. Sailor Mercury continued walking and taking fire blasts giving her comrades time to get into position.

"Man it's hard to hurt someone that has water on their side" Colonel Roy Mustang stated "But even after she's taking them...What is she doing?"

"Sailor Mercury isn't the brains for nothing now" Falman reminded "She's deliberately taking your flames for some odd reason...Is it a new attack she has...If so you might want to look out for it."

Finally after catching two thumbs up signs from Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury opened her hands "Bubble...Spray!"

She whirled around and then completed the attack. Bubbles surrounded the group blinding them all except Further King Bradley whom only had one eye blinded but the eye patch saved his other eye.

"What?" Roy Mustang asked "I didn't feel anything."

"It's Sailor Mercury's diversion attack" Falman said remembering that he himself had been saved by Sailor Mercury when he was a teenager and she used it to save him.

"Diversion for what?"

"Mars Flame Sniper!"

"Moon Gorgeous Mediation!"

Two attacks came out of nowhere charging Colonel Roy Mustang. Quickly he moved to his right dodging a fiery arrow. The arrow struck him in his right glove burning it off. Then sharp stars roared out towards him and he dodged them but barely as his left glove was sliced off.

"What?" Colonel Roy Mustang asked as he looked down at his gloveless hands then he smiled as he knew he was beaten, the girls had finally defeated him "They got me, I can't do anything anymore."

Even though Further King Bradley was standing his good eye caught movement and the group heard Sailor Mars chanting something. Further King Bradley saw someone jump he ducked and he heard a loud Thunk then a Bamm as someone hit the ground. Finally the fog lifted and the group saw the situation. Sailor Mars stood over Sailor Moon with a talisman on her forehead "Sorry about Sailor Moon."

"What was that for?" Sailor Moon asked as in a dazed tone.

Sailor Mars looked over at the man whom she thought was blinded he was still giving off an Aura...How did he see her and when did he draw his sword that was at her throat?

"Now, now" Further King Bradley stated "I don't want any trouble. If I withdraw my blade, can I trust you not to hurt me Sailor Mars?"

"Yes sir!" Sailor Mars said as the man put the sword away.

"Nicely played Sailor Mercury" Further King Bradley stated looking over to Sailor Mercury "Taking enough damage for your friends getting into position and after blinding us, then telling letting them disarm my Colonel here was something well played."

Sailor Mercury looked at the group as Sailor Moon came to it and growled out "Now which one of you caused me to be placed on fire?"

Sailor Mars pointed at the Flame Alchemist whom gulped holding up his hands "It was an accident. I swear I was aiming for Sailor Mars!"

"He was" Sailor Mars told Sailor Moon

"What are you here for?" Sailor Mars asked Further King Bradley still knowing that he wasn't what everyone thought he was...Plus too much things happened, such as how he was able to see Sailor Mars she concluded that he was blinded like everyone else, did she really speak up loud enough for the man to duck and avoid her. And when did he draw his sword without her sensing it? She would figure it out and Further King Bradley knew it was only a matter of time when the Sailor Senshi of Fire would find out the truth and most likely spoil it for the Homocli.

Colonel Roy Mustang introduced himself "I'm Colonel Roy Mustang the Flame Alchemist."

"Alchemist?" was Sailor Mars's and Sailor Moon's question.

Sailor Mercury answered "Someone very skilled in the Alchemy. A science that is based on equivalent exchange...Unlike our true powers which are said to be more stronger than Alchemy."

"Correct" Colonel Roy Mustang said impressed on the girl's knowledge he gave the girl a quick look down on Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars trying to be professional What to expect of a girl that has an IQ of 300. She's cute though. Though not as cute as Sailor Mars is...I like the color red better than blue.

He temporally forgot where he was and pointed over to Hawkeye, Warrant Officer Falman, and Further King Bradley" This is my Lieutenant Hawkeye alongside my Warrant Officer Falman, and our President of my country...Further King Bradley.

Hearing the man that Sailor Mars tried to free from the demonic aura was the most powerful man in the Colonel's country made Sailor Mars gulp, nervously and wisely back away. Although she made sure to make sure Sailor Moon was protected.

"Okay so why are people from Amestris here?" Sailor Mars asked.

"How'd you know" Falman asked "Cause I would've thought Sailor Mercury here would ask that.

"I was" Sailor Mercury said she took a good look at the man "Hey...Weren't you that teenager I saved when you used to live here?"

"Oh so you remember that time...It wasn't just you. It was you and Sailor Moon...Though she was as clumsy during that day."

"Hey!" Sailor Moon protested.

"Still clumsy to this day now" Sailor Mars joked.

"MARS!" Sailor Moon shouted "That's not helping!"

Soon the two Sailor Senshi began bickering and Sailor Mercury sweat dropped "Girls...Must you do this EVERY time we have guests?"

"I take it this happens a lot" Further King Bradley asked her.

"You don't know how long this goes on" Sailor Mercury said holding her head.

"Say I noticed you need a doctor" Colonel Roy Mustang stated.

Hearing this automatically stopped Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars from arguing.

"Yes" Sailor Mercury said "We do need a doctor are you one?"

"No, but something happened in the lab that we have here" Roy Mustang said "And I'm investigating it..."

"Investigating?" Mars whispered to Sailor Mercury "Do you think that means?

"Us?" Sailor Moon asked finishing the conversation.

Sailor Mercury nodded as Colonel Roy Mustang spoke up "Yes, two guards entered the building late last night and saw blood on the floor."

"The blood loss that person was receiving could've made them in bad shape" LT. Hawkeye said "We were hoping you could tell us what happened."

Sailor Moon looked like she was about to cry as she gave the nod to Sailor Mars to tell the truth and flew away.

"What's with her?" Hawkeye asked.

"We were in it" Sailor Mars stated.

"Why were you girls in it?" Further King Bradley asked her.

Sailor Mars turned to him "Like we had a choice! A brand new enemy we Sailor Senshi are fighting against kidnapped us and took us there, then tried to use us to revive someone back from the dead!"

"Wait revive someone back?" Colonel Roy Mustang asked "That in Alchemy wise isn't possible and is against the laws of an Alchemist if it's an Alchemist you ladies are fighting against..Just to let you know."

"It maybe impossible for Alchemist" Sailor Mercury said "But our gifted powers as Sailor Senshi, make us able to do so...I don't know how it goes down but the ritual requires all of us Sailor Senshi tied up and our magical powers, energy and even lives are drained...When that happens they can bring back one or even a group of people."

"Oh" Roy stated "Has this been accomplished once?"

"No, Colonel" Sailor Mercury said "But two people have tried it they both failed for obvious reasons or by a battle."

"That is why we need a doctor" Sailor Mars said "To tell you the truth...There is a tenth Sailor Senshi that no one knows about!"

"A Tenth?" Warrant Officer Falman asked "Man, day by day you girls are growing...What's next an army?"

"Could happen" Sailor Mercury said "But highly unlikely."

"So who is the one you need a doctor for?" LT. Hawkeye asked.

"The tenth Sailor Senshi" Sailor Mars stated "A friend to us Sailor Senshi...She risked her neck and literally her life in that battle...Unwilling to give in."

"Can we see her?" Further King Bradley asked Sailor Mars "I mean were no doctors but we have doctors back in Amestris."

Sailor Mars sighed "Sure...But I'm warning you it's not a pretty sight."

Sailor Mars lead the group inside her temple and then the Amanstrians got a good luck and Warrant Officer Falman was having a blast calling out the names of the Sailor Senshi.

"Sailor Venus, Sailor Senshi of Love, Sailor Jupiter Sailor Senshi of Lighting, Sailor Uranus Sailor Senshi of Wind, Sailor Neptune Sailor Senshi of Ocean, and One of the rarest ones Sailor Pluto Sailor Senshi of Time!"

All through out this all of the said Sailor Senshi received the group of four odd looks.

"You sure it was a good idea to let him come along?" LT. Hawkeye asked Further King Bradley.

"Yes, now we know who all the Sailor Senshi are and their magical powers they have."

Colonel Roy Mustang was thinking about the Sailor Senshi's elemental powers Love, Electricity, Wind, Ocean, Water, Fire, Light, and Time what could be the last one's power? Man these are powers an Alchemist would love...Especially Lighting and Time based Alchemy powers, which are the last two?

He was about to have his answer when Sailor Saturn shouted "MERCURY She's crashing again!"

This got Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars to look at each other then burst into the room!

It was true as the Amanstrians got there they saw a yellow fuku Sailor Senshi. Her eyes were closed and she was crashing, quickly Sailor Mercury looked around with the purple Sailor Senshi holding her glaive expertly trying to keep the yellow one alive with a Samurai holding his a katana which was glowing with water trying to give the crashing patient's heart a chance to keep up till Sailor Mercury arrived "Where's the amphibulator? and good work Samurai Knight!"

Seeing the purple fuku Sailor Senshi, Warrant Officer Falman did what he could do in the situation...He fainted.

Hmm...It must be bad if the sight of the purple Sailor Senshi caused Falman to faint, ether that or she's his favorite Sailor Senshi. Colonel Roy Mustang thought to himself.

Quick thinking saved Sailor Sun's life yet again "Samurai Knight...Lighting Katana on the count of three. Sailor Saturn continue chest compressions.

"Is that safe?" Sailor Saturn asked knowing that Sailor Sun's chest was nearly shattered even as the Samurai Knight stopped using the water based Katana! Then lifted his sword to the sky "One-"

"Two" Sailor Mercury shouted.

"Three!" Samurai Knight and Sailor Mercury shouted together.

With those words lighting shot out of the sword and onto Sailor Sun's crashing body. The lighting hit and acted like an amphibulator shocking the crashing girl back to normal and not dying.

"That was close" Sailor Mercury said "Good thing you're hear Sailor Saturn."

After exchanging names with everyone in the room, The Colonel turned to look at the room, to Roy Mustang it looked like Sailor Saturn going to have a heart attack because she put a hand on her chest over the area where her heart would be and was taking deep breathe "I'll always be here...What was the commotion about?"

"Misunderstanding Saturn" Sailor Mars said to her

"And what's with Warrant Officer Falman?" LT. Hawkeye asked looking at a fainted Falman.

"That's what I was wondering" Further King Bradley asked still managing to fool the girls but Sailor Mars and the Samurai Knight were not buying it. The Samurai Knight knew something was up with the most powerful man of Amestris, like Sailor Mars he couldn't prove it but was determined to find out and Further King Bradley knew it by the Samurai Knight's look Of course the guy that protects a certain Sailor Senshi. I bet it's Saturn though, nothing to worry about.

Finally he saw what he was looking for. The white cat with gloves on her hands and a tail that was twice as big as her body. It had to be Sailor Sun's Digimon Gatomon. He could feel the Digimon's eyes narrow as if scanning him to see it he was an enemy. She looked furious and angry. He felt a little sympathy with Gluttony's part when it would happen. However it was the Samurai Knight's answer to Hawkeye's and Colonel Roy Mustang's question.

"Sailor Saturn, my girlfriend" the Samurai Knight stated which caused the Further King to smile Knew it he is the guy protecting Sailor Saturn so if she goes to battle Envy and Lust he'll come to her aide...

LT. Hawkeye turned to the Samurai Knight smiling while patting Sailor Sun's stomach "Well I can see why, you're sword saved this girl's life

The Samurai Knight ignored this comment and continued "As I stated Sailor Saturn is my girlfriend. But if you must know Sailor Saturn is the Sailor Senshi of Death, Destruction-"

Hearing death wasn't so bad for the two but it was the Destruction part that scared them. This Sailor Senshi had the same powers of the assassin Scar! Only difference was that Sailor Saturn was on a higher scale than Scar!

"I'm also rebirth" Sailor Saturn stated "Which means I can heal others."

"Then heal your friend" Further King Bradley stated which earned him Sailor Saturn's glaive at his throat causing a small and hidden smirk from Roy Mustang which was caught only by Sailor Mars and LT. Hawkeye as the Colonel thought Do it Sailor Saturn, strike Bradly down!

"I wish I could, but even with my rebirth powers, not even I can cure my friend's Sailor Sun's injuries...At least no externally" Sailor Saturn said not even daring to remove the glaive.

"Oh what a nightmare" Warrant Officer Falman stated coming around "I thought I saw the most lethal Sailor Senshi Sailor Saturn. The powers of the Grim Reaper...Capable of destroying an entire planet."

This got Colonel Roy Mustang to gasp out his thoughts giving Sailor Saturn one last look over Strange, this Sailor Senshi doesn't look that strong unlike Scar...Yet she can destroy an entire planet with her powers. That girl holds a deadly power inside her...Yet one question is.

Falman turned and saw Sailor Saturn and gulped "It is you!"

"You're not going to faint on me again will you?" Sailor Saturn asked him.

"Saturn" Bradley stated looking at her being careful not to add on any more suspicions of the Samurai Knight.

"Yes?" Sailor Saturn asked.

"You are the Sailor Senshi that can destroy an entire planet? If you're that strong why didn't you kill the person that did this to your friend?"

Sailor Saturn thought about this and growled out the answer "The power to blow up an entire planet doesn't come without an exchange."

Like Alchemy Roy Mustang thought.

Sailor Saturn silenced Falman from speaking as she completed her answer "If I blow up an entire planet...I lose my own life."

"Now that's quite the equivalent exchange" Colonel Roy Mustang stated "But it's a small price to pay...Tell me Saturn have you ever done that?"

Sailor Saturn turned to the Colonel and nodded "I haven't used it to destroy an entire planet before Colonel...But I have used my powers to kill an unbeatable foe before...If I use them that way I still lose my life."

You just exposed you weakness Further King Bradly thought.

Roy Mustang turned to Sailor Mercury "I know a doctor that can help you...Dr. Tim Marcoh...I could send for him...I just need to know of your friend's-"

"Who is she again?" Warrant Officer Falman asked.

"My fiancée!" a new voice stated "The most strongest Sailor Senshi, and the tenth Sailor Senshi Sailor Sun."

"Hey Marcus" Sailor Mars stated "How much damage did you do to my wall again."

"Oh just a great big hole in it" Marcus said "Nothing to worry about.

Further King Bradley turned to Marcus Damon So he's the one that is going to marry Sailor Sun. He turned to the unconscious girl That is something we Homocli have to cut you down again. We can't let you be having children and spreading your powers within them. Luckily you have your friends protecting you right now cause if you weren't I'd behead you right now.

He turned to Colonel Roy Mustang as the Colonel turns towards him and stated "Please, the girl needs a doctor...Sailor Mercury's only been able to keep her stable for now. Plus Sailor Saturn looks like she herself is on the verge of collapsing for using her rebirth powers on Sailor Sun to help her out."

The Futher King thought about this and slowly had a communication with Pride So Pride what do you think we should do?

I will tell father we have a change of plans. However it is going to take a while before he comes here...So it would be plenty of time to kill her.

Thank you Pride. Further King Bradley turned to the Colonel nodding "Of course...I'll go ask 2nd LT Brenda to get him for you.

"Thank you Further King Bradley" Roy Mustang said he turned to Sailor Mercury "It'll take a while for Dr. Tim Marcoh to arrive to help your comrade...I just need to know what are her injuries?"

"Well" Sailor Mercury said "Several bones in her body are broken...Sailor Saturn could heal those broken bones but it could take days for her to do that even in Sailor Sun's current condition. But if your Doctor can come here and heal her that would make us happy. One of her arms are broken, both of her legs are broken, her rib cage is completely shattered! Her back has nearly been shattered too!"

"Ouch!" LT. Hawkeye stated "And she survived those injuries? How?"

"That even I'm not to sure off" Sailor Mercury confessed "She should've died in that battle against the Mandarin."

That's for sure, so even you agree that she shouldn't have survived it Further King Bradley thought.

"Okay so it's just bones that are broken" Colonel Roy Mustang said.

"That's not all" Sailor Mercury stated as Sailor Sun began to crash yet again.

"Samurai Knight help!"

"On it"

Once more Sailor Mercury used the Samurai Knight's Lighting Katana and saved Sailor Sun a fifth time, this time was able some blood from Sailor Sun's back area.

"Uh Sailor Saturn" Sailor Mercury said "The back injury is back."

Sailor Saturn sighed "This is going to be a long day"

Sailor Mercury watched as the Samurai Knight lifted Sailor Sun up gently and Sailor Saturn healed Sailor Sun's back stopping the blood nodding she turned and then stated to the Colonel "In addition to her bones broken, as you can see she has been severely burned, but what you don't see is that Sailor Sun's organs have taken a massive blow. That is something Sailor Saturn's powers can't heal...Her organs. As you seen twice already her heart has nearly decided to stop beating...When that happens we lose her."

"And might have to use the device" Sailor Mars muttered "To say to Sailor Moon she's alive."

Colonel Roy Mustang walked over to Sailor Sun and knelt down on the ground holding her unbroken arm he was able to sense her life from her but just barely but with his gentle touch he was able to do what Sailor Mercury saw was a miracle.

The group watched as Sailor Sun managed to finally stir and look around but at her surprised look she quickly reached for her staff but Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars held her arm down.

"Stay low" Colonel Roy Mustang told her gently.

"Greeting Sailor Sun" Further King Bradley stated walking over to the now conscious Sailor Sun and just like Sailor Mars and the Samurai Knight instantly knew the man wasn't what he appeared to be this got her to try to grab her staff but the confirming touch of Marcus let her relax as the man asked her "How are you feeling?"

Was this a trick to let her have her guard down? She knew it was something like that but instead she was able to speak her first words "I feel like I've been ran over by a freight train!"

"That could be an understatement" Sailor Mercury said smiling "At least now you have a better chance for survival."

"How long was I out?" Sailor Sun asked.

"About a day!"

That is when Sailor Moon burst in she ran over and hugged her friend "SAILOR SUN you're alive!"

"Wait Sailor Moon you'll-" Sailor Mercury stated.

Too late Sailor Moon accidentally reopened the wound Sailor Saturn patched up earlier "Ahh, blood, I'm sorry Sailor Sun!"

"Look I'm alive at the moment" Sailor Sun stated weakly.

"Stay low" Colonel Roy Mustang said to her he turned to his group before turning back to her "Sailor Sun, I'm going to give you a great Alchemist Doctor who uses his Alchemy to heal others...He'll be here. For now don't do anything foolish. Sailor Mercury, I trust you and at least Sailor Saturn to try to keep her alive...I can't promise you we can save her after she's died of her injuries."

Sailor Sun sighed "Thank you. Colonel...I'll try my best to hold on."

With those words Colonel Roy Mustang, LT. Hawkeye, and Warrant Officer Falman walked out. Carefully Further King Bradley cast a look at the awakened Sailor Sun She's wary now but she's still in no condition to fight.

He slowly walked out and after making sure Further King Bradley was out of the picture, Sailor Mercury ran some tests then walked out with Sailor Moon explaining what had happened or shall we put it explaining what Alchemy was to the Moon Princess in simple terms...Good luck at that Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Mars turned to the Samurai Knight "You looked edgy Samurai Knight..."

"I was" the Samurai Knight confessed "There's something about Further King Bradley that I'm not liking."

Sailor Saturn secretly agreed "Yeah the way he was silent and looking at Sailor Sun's unconscious body it was as if he was planning something...Plus I did sense that aura around him."

"So you sensed it too dear" the Samurai Knight said.

Sailor Saturn nodded "Yes, I did which is why I held my glaive at his throat.

"What glaive?" Sailor Mars asked.

"Why my glaive right-" Sailor Saturn said bringing up her glaive then looked at what remained of her weapon "Here? What happened?"

The Sailor Senshi were lost for words but as easily as the glaive was destroyed Sailor Saturn easily repaired it.

Homocli Hideout

"Wrath what went wrong?" Envy asked.

"I visited the girl" Further King Bradley stated to him "Sadly the Flame Alchemist managed to bring her back to consciousness. Bottom line is she's wary and is definitely guarded well. The plan has got to be one hundred percently done now."

"Right" Envy said.

So the Homocli got ready for the big attack on Sailor Sun, preparing to finish the girl off. If they could.


Envy and Lust didn't have any clue on how to drive out the Sailor Senshi that was all settled when Jadeite helped them out by summoning Scrappy-Youma"

"These are my master's latest invention" Jadeite stated "The Scrappy-Youma...They can help bring the Sailor Senshi to you."

"Then" Envy said growing a grin adjusting his gun "Let the game begin!"

Jadeite vanished and managed to find a short kid with blond hair black shirt, black pants and a red cape he was Edward Elric the Fullmetal Alchemist and a huge gray suit of armor. He like Envy was a master of disguise he was wearing an Amestrian military uniform and doned the name LT. Colonel Geode. The big huge suit of armor was Edward's younger brother Alphonse Elric "Sorry to keep you waiting."

"Yeah well it came from the Further King himself" Edward Elric stated "What's the job?"

"I want you and Al to keep Mystery Inc occupied" Jadeite stated.

"M-M-Mystery Inc!" Al shouted "But what can we do? Their experts on solving mysteries!"

Jadeite smiled "Then our military's plan to finish off a deadly enemy that could wipe you State Alchemist clean fails."

"Scar?" Edward asked.

"No" Jadeite smiled "Someone more stronger than Scar. Someone that has magically been able to use the Sun's power against you."

"That can't be good at all" Edward muttered "Sun has radiation tons of it."

"Yes" Jadeite stated "And you can imagine what one person could do with that radiation when it's magically used. Why she's even killed Major General Stonewall with her radiation the Stone Alchemist (A/N I made that name up.)

"Man!" Al shouted "She sounds dangerous...So you want us too."

LT. Colonel Geode smiled he had them where he wanted them "Mystery Inc is allied to this person and are willing to do anything to protect her from danger...All we ask you to do is keep them occupied buy the one thing they love solving Mysteries."

Jadeite watched the Fullmetal Alchemist's movements slowly then asked "So what will you do? See too it that the assassin joins Scar to finish all State Alchemists off? Or will you help us?"

Edward Elric sighed "We'll do it but if we get thrown in jail because of Mystery Inc-"

"I'll bail you out, you can trust me" LT. Colonel Geode said grinning.

"Very well...We'll do it" Edward stated.

So the Fullmetal Alchemist along with the towering suit of armor began to distract Mystery Inc.

Meanwhile downtown Tokyo Scrappy-Youma are raging. Citizen of Japan run for their lives as the Youma were the Violins, the pumpkins, and even Scrappy-Bots! It wasn't long for the trap to be sprung, Envy and Lust couldn't wait to see the Sailor Senshi in action but would they take the bait?

Hinokuwa Shrine

Luna ran in "Sailor Moon! There's an attack down town!"

"What Mandarin Scrappy?" Sailor Moon asked her.

"Looks like it and theirs an army of Scrappy-Youma and Scrappy-Bots!" Artemis shouted.

With a look at her friends Sailor Venus growled "There doing this to finish what Scrappy-Doo didn't!"

"Then what do we do?" Sailor Jupiter asked "Wait till this army comes here?"

"That would be bad" Sailor Mercury said "Cause they'll find her and with an army that big, they'll must certainly kill her!"

Sailor Mars growled "Then let's split up and attack the army before they attack us!"

"But this maybe a diversion!" Sailor Mercury shouted "What if these monsters are to distract us and the actual real attack will happen here?"

"But if we don't help them" Sailor Uranus stated "We don't help Tokyo then all of it will be flatten!"

Sailor Moon was lost for words should she battle against the Scrappy-Youma, Scrappy-Bots in Tokyo or should she fight them when they got here? A Third thought if this was a diversion than Sailor Sun might be still killed! It looked like a no-win situation. However she finally made up her mind "Alright who wants to stay behind and guard Sailor Sun?"

"I will" Sailor Saturn said "I'll deal with the one that tries to end Sailor Sun's life."

"Very well" Sailor Moon stated she turned to Fred as he Velma, Daphne and Chibi-Usa walked by "Where are you going?"

"There are mysterious things going down in Tokyo" Fred said to her "Not from Scrappy, or Jadeite...Spikes are appearing causing tires on cars loose air."

"Were going to get the bottom of this" Velma said.

"Very well" Sailor Moon said "But where are Shaggy, Scooby, and John."

"Like do you have to ask?" Star Magician asked "Star Dog and I will protect Sailor Venus, and Samurai Knight will stay back to assist Sailor Saturn."

"Well now you heard him" Fred said so the groups tore off down towards Tokyo.

Back to the battle Envy and Lust were actually having fun! They laughed as the Scrappy-Youma killed whoever they touched, they even laughed when a Scrappy-Bot destroyed a building. Where were the Sailor Senshi that protected this place?

"Hold it!" a voice sounded oh there they were.

Envy and Lust watched as the terrorizing creatures stopped and stared at eight female figures.

"Um, where is the ninth one?" Envy asked.

"Don't know and don't care..." Lust told him "What matters is that most are here."

They were silent as the one they knew as Sailor Moon stepped up "A city is a place to live in and not a place to trash! I can't forgive anyone that sees fun in this! I'm the agent of love and justice...Sailor Moon...And in the name of the Moon. I shall punish you!"

"Jadeite was right" Lust sweat dropped as the Scrappy-Youma and Scrappy-Bots took one look at each other then charged the Sailor Senshi "That line of Sailor Moon's is going to be annoying."

It wasn't long before the Sailor Senshi defeated the Scrappy-Youma due to the fact that they were all weakened by fire and the Scrappy-Bots which were tougher were taken out as well.

"That worked well" Sailor Moon said.

"Amazing Sailor Senshi" a female voice stated.

The girls whirled around to see a female human with a strange tattoo on her chest. With a guy with green hair. In his hands were a gun.

"As always" the green haired man stated he aimed the gun "But you've fallen into our hands!"

With that he pulled the trigger shooting Sailor Uranus in the leg.

"Sailor Uranus!" Sailor Moon shouted.

"I can't believe that jerk!" Sailor Uranus shouted in anger "He shot me! A civilian shot me and because he's a man I'll kill him!"

"Wait Uranus!" Sailor Neptune shouted a warning but it was too late.

"World Shaking!" Sailor Uranus shouted.

The orange herb roars over striking Envy causing the area to shake uncontrollably. Sailor Uranus's assault didn't end there she grabbed her talisman and formed a sword and charged Envy. Envy somehow recovered from the World Shaking attack with ease he could only watch as Sailor Uranus was a blur then he was sliced in half.

"Uh, Sailor Uranus..." Sailor Moon stated "That was a little too much."

"So" Sailor Uranus stated "No man shoots me! Now he's paid with his life."

Suddenly the Sailor Senshi's eyes widened as Lust appears right next to Sailor Uranus "You should keep your anger in check!"

"Wha?" Sailor Uranus asked before Lust's fingers stretch out and impail Sailor Uranus's stomach.

Sailor Uranus just collapsed onto the ground bleeding from two hole in her body, her stomach and back.

"Sailor Uranus!" Sailor Moon shouted

That is when something even more strange happen, Envy easily recovered and to the Sailor Senshi's eyes was alive.

"Man you're a good fighter!" Envy shouted he then kicked Sailor Uranus back to her friends.

"Sailor Uranus!" Sailor Neptune shouted bending over to Sailor Uranus.

Sailor Uranus got up "What was that?"

"Did that woman just spear you threw?" Sailor Moon asked she turned "Normally I wouldn't do this..."

"There not normal" Sailor Mars stated feeling the aura.

"You're right" Lust stated she extracted her fingernails as she continued to explain herself "I am Lust, the Ultimate Spear. I can pierce right threw anything."

"Man she's right" Sailor Mercury said looking at Sailor Uranus's wound "But it doesn't look like you'll bleed to death Uranus."

"And I'm Envy" the green haired male stated.

He aimed his gun "Time to die Sailor Brats!"

He shot the gun and this time the Sailor Senshi dodged but Sailor Moon held out her weapon "I'm going to dust you two right now!"

"Do it Sailor Moon!" the Sailor Senshi shouted.

"Right!" Sailor Moon shouted "I can only since evil in you two! So here's the price for trying to kill me!"

She and the other Sailor Senshi managed to dodge another gun shot from Envy before shouting "Alright then...Take this...Moon Gorgeous Mediation!"

Her scepter blasted out razer sharp stars slicing Lust and Envy into bits!

"That did it" Sailor Uranus stated.

But just as easily as the two Homocli had fallen they rose up again easily healing themselves.

"We'll" Lust stated as she recovered with ease "How rude of you girls...Your leader caused me to die once."

"And that's twice I was killed by you girls!" Envy shouted then he grinned as he turned to Lust as he whispered "Watch what happens next Lust."

Before the Sailor Senshi could react in a blur, Envy had transformed into Sailor Sun.

"What?" Sailor Senshi asked

"What's the matter?" the fake Sailor Sun asked "Can't hurt me."

When no one answered, the fake Sailor Sun raised a gun and rapidly fired it shooting all of the Sailor Senshi. The girls gasped as Lust assaulted them with her spears.

"That's it!" Sailor Pluto shouted "Deadly-"

But Sailor Moon held up her hand "What Sailor Moon?"

"That's Sailor Sun!"

Suddenly Lust's spear shot right threw Sailor Moon's chest and a gun blast struck her in her butt! Smiling Lust lifted the impaled Moon Princess "What now? I guess I should let you wait and die of blood loss."

"Sailor Moon!" all of the Sailor Senshi shouted as Sailor Moon struggled to break free from Lust.

The Moon Princess's eyes widened as Lust raised her left hand to finish Sailor Moon off "Then again Envy and I were dispatched to kill you...So let me end your suffering right now!"

Suddenly a rose flew from the air just as Lust prepared to end Sailor Moon's life. The rose cut both of Lust's arms off and caused Sailor Moon to fall and look up as Envy and Lust looked up as Lust regrew her arms "Whose there?"

A tuxedo clad figure appeared on a street sign causing all the Sailor Senshi to shout the mans name "Tuxedo Kamen-Sama!"

"A pretty maiden's life is at stake. I Tuxedo Kamen will not make it two!"

"So he's one of those male defenders" the Imposter Sailor Sun stated as Tuxedo Kamen jumped down to help the Sailor Senshi.

"Sailor Moon, he's using a disguise to fool you" Tuxedo Kamen said "The real Sailor Sun is too injured to even pull a trigger heck, you saw her, she can't even move her Sun Staff right."

Envy grinned "Then let's try something you can't hurt!"

With those words Envy turned himself into...

"Queen Barreyl!" the Sailor Senshi shouted.

It was true Envy had transformed into the evil Queen Barreyl. Then fired another gun shot at the stunned girls.

"Hey!" Sailor Mars shouted "Fire Soul!"

She unleashed her most strongest attack at the two Homocli the fire attack burned them as Sailor Jupiter jumped up "Supreme Thunder!"

Lighting fell from the sky striking the Homocli.

"Maybe that wasn't a good choice" Lust stated as Envy fought to get another disguise this time it was.

"Mother?" Sailor Moon asked as she had raised her weapon for another kill.

The Sailor Senshi were stunned as Envy began battling against them using every possible transformation that he could come up with. Even themselves! This was especially hard for the girls and even Tuxedo Kamen couldn't find the real one. Lust saw her chance then and made her way over to the real Tuxedo Kamen. Before Tuxedo Kamen could even move, she speared him threw his right flank which went threw his right to the left. Tuxedo Kamen took a step back "Man two of them?"

"Yep" Lust stated "You should've stayed behind to watch the girl die. Now you will die as well."

Tuxedo Kamen fell down and blacked out. Seeing this Envy transformed into a fake Tuxedo Kamen. Seeing this Sailor Moon paused as Lust stabbed her again this time in her own right flank causing her to fall onto her knees and it was all Envy needed. He took aim at Sailor Moon's chest and muttered one word "Sucker." then pulled the trigger.

It worked like a charm! Sailor Moon's eyes flickered as she collapsed. Had the Homocli had thought they taken out their first victim?

"Sailor Moon!" the Sailor Senshi shouted crowding over towards the fallen Moon Princess

However even when shot in the chest the Moon Princess still clung to life. She got up and a bright white crystal was exposed!

"What?" the Homocli asked.

"The Silver Crystal!" Sailor Venus shouted "It saved Sailor Moon's life!"

Sure enough it did and Sailor Moon raised the crystal but not before Lust swiped it out of her hands.

"Venus Love Me Chain!" Sailor Venus shouted grabbing the Silver Crystal within her chains while knocking Envy right in his head killing him.

"That's three times!" Envy shouted as he changed back into his normal self "Three times they killed me!"

"I'll tell them one thing" Lust said "There good."

"What are they?" Sailor Moon asked Sailor Mercury "It's like nothing we do to them can kill them."

"I need more time to analyze them" Sailor Mercury said she turned to Sailor Pluto whom understood.

She raised her own weapon "Right, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus...Together now!"

"Right!" the three Outer Senshi shouted.

"World Shaking!" Sailor Uranus shouted.

"Deep Submerging!" Sailor Neptune shouted.

"Deadly Scream!" Sailor Pluto shouted.

The three attacks combine and roar out at the two Homocli. The combined attack strikes them obliterating them and thousands of bystanders cheer for their heroes! However these cheers are short lived as the Homocli returned.

"That's four times!" Envy shouted as he came back.

"And twice for me" Lust stated.

Finally Sailor Mercury was able to understand them "I don't believe it...Lust and Envy are Homocli!"

"Homo-what?" Sailor Jupiter asked.

"Homocli" Sailor Mercury said "An artificial human being...Usually created by trying to use Alchemy to revive someone from the dead."

"What's the deal?" Sailor Moon asked.

"We can dish out the pain" Sailor Uranus said "But no matter what they just keep on coming!"

"That's because they have a stone inside their bodies somewhere. It's known as the Philosopher's Stone" Sailor Mercury said typing away at her computer "That stone is what is making them heal faster."

"So can we beat them?" Sailor Moon asked her.

"No easy way to do that" Sailor Mercury said "Unless you were Sailor Sun."

"Damn" Sailor Moon stated angerly "Why did the Mandarin Scrappy have to hurt her that much...We really need her..."

"Again!" Sailor Venus stated "So"

"The only way to ensure that they stay dead are to keep killing them during this round...Otherwise they'll just keep on coming" Sailor Mercury said.

"You're a real Genius girl" Envy growled "And lucky to have a computer to help you find our weakness."

"But will it save you?" Lust asked "Now that you know how to beat us."

Man the Sailor Senshi were caught there. With Envy's ability to shape shift, it wasn't going to be easy to defeat. With Lust's ultimate spear which can pierce anything it was going to be harder...What to do?

Hinokuwa Shrine

It was quiet too quiet. Sailor Saturn could actually feel that the Sailor Senshi were being beaten up. Finally after about a few hours of waiting Gluttony and Further King Bradley decided to show up.

"Now's the time" Further King Bradley stated "Gluttony today's your lucky day. She should be defenseless but watch out for Gatomon her Digimon and her finance."

"Right!" Gluttony shouted.

With the fourth Homocli he managed to go into the shrine. It wasn't long for them to find Sailor Sun still wounded.

"I thought it was a trap" Sailor Sun stated looking up at the Homocli.

"You're smart to release we wanted to kill you but yet your friends deserted you" Further King Bradley said "You can't move very much other wise you'll reopen your wounds...Here...let my friend Gluttony relieve you of your pain."

"Gluttony?" Sailor Sun asked as the fat man was over her.

She looked into his eyes as he reached out towards her then suddenly a glaive sliced threw him vertically and Sailor Saturn stepped in between Sailor Sun and what she thought was the slain attacker. She turned to King Bradley "I knew something wasn't right."

"And I see you've repaired your glaive" the Further King Bradley stated.

Sailor Saturn held her glaive "Sure did, now it's your turn Further King...Unlike Sailor Mars, I won't miss."

"Sailor Saturn watch out!" Sailor Sun shouted with a mixture of a warning and fear in her voice for she had seen something that she didn't like. That thing was Gluttony recovering by placing himself together.

Sailor Saturn barely had enough time for to react and Gluttony just grinned then clapped out at her knocking her backwards and into wall.

"What?" Sailor Saturn asked as she stood up as Further King Bradley walked over to her "Gluttony I'll deal with Sailor Saturn, you deal with Sailor Sun...She can't move."

With those words Further King Bradley quickly drew his sword and charged Sailor Saturn. Sailor Saturn had greatly improved on close combat due to the Samurai Knight sparing against her nightly. The two weapons clung together but as Sailor Saturn circled around her opponent she made her way over to Gluttony making sure Sailor Sun wouldn't be eaten. Growling Gluttony helped Further King Bradley out by slashing Sailor Saturn towards him. Seeing his chance he swung his sword but Sailor Saturn used her glaive to dampen the blow which impaled her arm Bleeding she managed to back away with Further King Bradley's sword at her throat "Now that I've got you cornered now what are you going to do?"

Sailor Saturn glared at him and unleashed a destructive blast Gluttony took the blow! Somehow King Bradley managed to avoid most of the blast but stood wary of his opponent as he muttered "Of course I'm dealing with the Sailor Senshi of Death, and Destruction.

"And" Sailor Saturn said pulling her glaive towards her bleeding arm healing it with ease "And Rebirth!"

She still had Further King Bradley's sword at her throat but managed to use her glaive to repeal the blade away from her throat and as Gluttony recovered "Boy now you tell me what Sailor Saturn's powers are."

He turned his attention back to Sailor Sun whom looked at him weakly. He made his way over to her when.

"Rawl!" a white cat pounced on Gluttony's face shouting "Lighting Claw!"

"Curses" Further King Bradley stated "The Digimon Gatomon."

"You want to eat her!, you have to go threw me first!" Gatomon hissed.

"Ouch, ouch that doesn't tickle!" Gluttony shouted as Gatomon struck him again and again. But each time he recovered and managed to slap her away but the brave Digimon returned.

With ease Gluttony and Further King Bradley were forced to back away.

"Sailor Mars is going to kill me after this" Sailor Saturn said bringing up her glaive "But Gatomon get down under Sailor Sun's bed."

"Right!" Gatomon said jumping under the bed.

Sailor Saturn brought up her glaive "Try dodging this, Further King Bradley! Silent Glaive Surprise!"

A purple orb glew from Sailor Saturn's staff. It grew enourmance creating earthquakes and destroying anything it touched even Gluttony. When the attack ended the whole medical room was destroyed minus the shock meter and oxygen mask which was over Sailor Sun's mouth.

"That did it" Sailor Saturn stated.

However Further King Bradley managed to stab Sailor Saturn in her stomach causing Sailor Saturn to clutch her stomach and to look up at him.

"That was powerful" Further King Bradley stated "Now were you aiming to destroy me and Gluttony...Go ahead and use your most powerful attack..."

"That's what I'm thinking to do to save my friend's life!" Sailor Saturn shouted.

"But I won't let you do that" Further King Bradley leveling his sword at her throat! He raised the sword ready to finish her off while his other hand pinned Sailor Saturn's glaive.

Suddenly a short sword flew from the air saving Sailor Saturn from the brick of death.

"Awe" Further King Bradley stated as Sailor Saturn once more healed her own wound and kicked him away from her as she smiled "Samurai Knight!"

"So the most powerful man of Amestris show's his true colors as a Homocli himself to kill two innocent maidens. I the Samurai Knight shall assist in the defense."

"Was wondering when you'd show up" Further King Bradley said as Gluttony recovered and looked up as Gatomon was now on top of Sailor Sun's make shift hospital bed, with both Sailor Saturn and Samurai Knight alongside Gatomon staring at the two assassins with Marcus and Agumon coming into the room. The street fighter and dinosaur Digimon took one look at the situation and the two were pissed.

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