NEW INTRO TO MY STORY: I'm currently on chapter 107 at this point, but I felt the need to come back to chapter one and write a new author's note. Many people keep asking me what ship this story is and I just want to tell you it's...Seddie, Cam, and Spam, along with snippets of Creddie and Fencer. Basically, EVERY shipper out there will enjoy this story! (Not kidding either xD)

When I started writing this, my intention was to create an iCarly fanfiction that completely ignored romance, and instead provided an entertaining, yet heartwarming friendship plot for all iCarly fans to enjoy, regardless of what ship they lean towards. I'd like to say that I have accomplished this, and am quite proud of my work in this story. BUT, I don't want any possible newcomers to be turned off of the story just because there is no romance in it. Like I said before, this story incorporates all shipping aspects into it, ALL of them, but in the form of friendship so no one is left out.

So if you're a Seddie fan, there will be some great Seddie scenes coming your way in this story. If you're a Cam fan, same thing. And so on and so forth for the rest of shippers. Either way I have tried my best to give every ship a shot in the story, and in doing so, realized that I have written out some of the best shipping scenes I ever could have. So please, try not to let your romantic views turn you off of a story that tends to avoid it. I really believe most of you out there will find a part you like in here as long as you give it the chance.

Now for the quick version of this rambling author's note, I just wanted to welcome all iCarly fans to this story, whatever your shipping preference is. If you decide to take the time to read my story, I hope you enjoy it!

(PS-For memories sake, I'm keeping my original author's note up here as well. ;D)

I was bored out of my mind and decided to start another iCarly story! I'm still currently working on my other one "iSwitch Bodies" (in which Sam and Carly switch bodies for a day-if you like the way this one is written, check it out!) so I might not update this one as frequently, but I've really wanted to work on this idea for a while! So yah! Here it goes! Enjoy!)

Sam Puckett watched as various cars drove by. She was currently standing in a mob of people, waiting for the crossing signal to turn green. She had taken out her ear buds and put her PearPod away. She never listened to music when crossing the road because it would be dangerous and even she realized that. Eventually the sign turned green and everyone continued on their way. Sam broke away from the crowd and walked down a sidewalk, passing the many citizens of Seattle. Unfortunately she met up with one of the more abrasive ones.

"HEY WATCH WHERE YA GOING KID!" A man riding a blue bike flew past her, nearly clipping her right side.

"NO YOU WATCH IT! This is a sideWALK." Sam yelled back to the man who had almost crashed into her while riding his bike dangerously down the sidewalk. She grumbled as she watched him pedal away, almost hitting an old woman in his haste. "Sometimes I hate Seattle.." Sam scowled to herself as she resumed walking down the street. The blond girl had a small stomachache and wasn't up for fighting with the local street garbage today. Eventually she rounded the corner and saw that The Bushwell Plaza building was in sight. "At least there's one good thing in this city..." she mumbled as she walked up the steps.

"Hey Lewb," Sam casually waved to the doorman as she entered through the main doors. He looked up from a newspaper he was reading and glared at the girl. Sam watched as the veins in his neck started to pop out and his skin turned a small shade of red.

"DON'T CALL ME LEWB. MY NAME IS BERT. I MEAN LEWBERT. ARRRGGG!" He slammed his fists down on the desk in front of him.

"Nice day today isn't it?" Sam smiled innocently.


"Well, it was a pleasure chatting. I'm going up to Carly's now," Sam turned on her heel and started to walk to the steps, satisfied with her daily angering of the hairpin trigger doorman.

"YAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Lewbert screamed as Sam disappeared.

Sam chuckled to herself as she heard Lewbert's wail echo through the stairwell.

Meanwhile, Carly was sitting on the couch watching TV when her brother Spencer ran in from his bathroom. He had a towel wrapped around his lower half and a face full of shaving cream. He held a small pink razor in his right hand since he was getting ready for a date when he heard a loud scream.

"Did you hear that?" He exclaimed as he turned around in all directions, holding his pitiful razor out as a weapon. Carly, used to her brother's reactions, didn't bat an eye.

"Yup. That just means Sam's here," She said, reaching over to the small table in front of her to take a sip of water from a red glass.

"Huh? But that scream..."

"Lewbert," Carly stated.

"Oh," Spencer replied. No other explanation was needed. "Well, anyways I.." Spencer was cut off as the doorbell rang. He looked at the door and then at Carly.

"You better get that," Carly put down her glass. "You know, before Sam rips off the door chain...again."

"You're right!" He gasped. "I can't afford another!" Spencer ran over to the door and unlatched the chain. As he opened it, he revealed the blond girl to be standing out in the hallway. "Hey Sam!" He greeted her cheerfully. She just stared at him for a moment, and then at his razor.

"Lady Schick?"

"Don't make fun of me!" Spencer yelled out as Sam passed him and walked into the apartment. "...and yes. It is," He mumbled pitifully looking at his razor.

"Hey Carly, how's it hanging?" Sam walked over to the couch.

"It's hanging alright. And by that I mean Spencer's towel!" Carly quickly put a hand over her eyes. "It just fell off!"

"Huh?" Spencer looked down and noticed that the towel had indeed fallen off. "AHHH. Indecent exposure to children!" He picked up his towel quickly and wrapped it around his waist once more before running into his bathroom. "Why does that keep happening?" Spencer's muffled voice yelled from out of the room. Sam just laughed.

"You guys are crazy," She smiled.

"No, just Spencer," Carly chuckled. "Anyways, take a seat. You must be exhausted from your trek over here."

"Ah yes, the miserable task of walking the lonely trails. It was horrible. I lost one of my horses at the river, and the covered wagon just fell apart in the dusty prairies. The children didn't make it. Only I survived, on foot, by drinking from the cactus," Sam put a hand to her heart. "I even managed to avoid the little old ladies and bad tempered bicyclists. My weary feet," Sam dramatized as she slowly sat down next to her friend.

"You poor soul!" Carly laughed. "Why don't you just take the bus?"

"Sadly, the Samantha Puckett bank has been closed early," Sam sighed.

"Your mom didn't give you your allowance?" Carly wondered.

"No..she did. But I spent it all on beef jerky."


"What can I say.." Sam slumped down in her seat and looked at the ceiling. "Momma loves the dry meat," She then sat up and winced and held her stomach. "Though I don't think the dry meat loves momma."

"Are you alright?" Carly sat up concerned, noticing the painful expression on her friend's face.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm alright," Sam waved the pain off. "Just a small stomachache. I pigged out on a pound of beef jerky last night, courtesy of my allowance."

"A POUND? Sheesh Sam! No wonder you've got a stomachache!" Carly playfully poked her friend in the side lightly.

"Ow!" Sam cried out.

"I'm sorry!" Carly held her hands back. "I thought I did it light enough to not hurt."

"Ugh..that's alright. Just remember, I've got a pound of meat in here. Any pressure is bad," Sam laughed then stopped. "Boy I really wished I hadn't of eaten all that.." She muttered. Just then the doorbell rang again.

"You going to be alright?" Carly asked as she got up.

"Yeah, no problems here," Sam reassured her. "I just can't move much or do anything strenuous.."

"So you must have a stomachache everyday then?" Carly ducked as Sam tossed a pillow at her head.

"Shutup Shay," She laughed. Carly just rolled her eyes in humor as she opened the door.

"Hey Freddie!" She smiled and stepped back to let him in.

"Hi Carly," Freddie beamed at her.

"Oh great! As if I wasn't in enough pain!" Sam glared at the boy.

"Gee, nice to see you too Sam," Freddie stuck his tongue out at her.

"Real mature," Sam responded, and then pulled on the bottom of her eyelids and made a face at him.

"Guys, stop it!" Carly yelled out. "You haven't even been together for a minute yet and you're already bickering."

"Well Sam started it!" Freddie tried to defend himself.

"Yeah well, she's sort of getting a bit of a free pass today," Carly replied.

"What? Why?" Freddie exclaimed.

"Stomachache. Too much jerky," Carly simply stated.

"Oh so that thing over there gets to pig out and she gets a free pass because of it?" Freddie pointed to Sam.

"Watch it Benson," Sam threatened.

"She shouldn't get a free pass. I should! I have to deal with her all day! You don't think that gives me aches and pains?"

"Well yes but.." Carly trailed off as Sam appeared behind her and slung an arm over her shoulder.

"Carly's my best friend and she likes me better. Ha!" Sam was now the one to stick out her tongue at Freddie.

"Carly!" Freddie exclaimed pitifully.

"That's enough! No more!" Carly grabbed them by their hands and dragged them over to the couch. "We watch TV as friends."

"But she-"


"AS FRIENDS!" Carly yelled to them both. She went to the middle of the couch and pulled the two down next to her. She was smart enough to keep Sam on one side, and Freddie on the other. With Carly in the middle, Sam and Freddie had to lean back to see each other. They made various insulting faces at one another. 'Why me?' Carly thought as she put her head in her hands. She then sat back up and looked at the two immature children she called friends. She poked Freddie in the stomach and thumped Sam on the head.

"OW!" The two cried out in unison.

"What was that for?" Freddie mumbled.

"Yeah!" Sam agreed with him holding her head.

"Now maybe you two will behave like adults."

"We're not adults," Sam muttered.

"Not the point!" Carly yelled out as she leaned forward and grabbed the remote. "What do you guys want to watch?"

"Tech channel!"

"Food network!"

"UGH!" Carly sighed at her friends. "I'm choosing!" She flipped on the TV guide and looked through the various channels as the two others sat in silence. "How about American's Wackiest Home Videos?" Carly offered.

"Fine," Freddie mumbled.

"Whatev," Sam replied. Carly switched over to that channel, sighing over the tension in the air.

The gang had been watching their show for around twenty minutes and were already laughing up a storm.

"Did you s-s-see that guy? Hahahaha!" Sam laughed out loud as she pointed to the screen.

"I know! That dude didn't even notice the buffalo! HAH!" Freddie chuckled.

"What I want to know is how that girl got a driving license!" Carly added, as all three of them broke out in even more laughter. 'I knew this was a good idea.' Carly thought proudly in her head, noticing her two friends weren't fighting anymore.

"And now a word from our sponsors.." The host of the show stated before the program switched onto a commercial for a barbecue sauce. The commercial started off with a bunch of sauce being brushed onto a set of ribs which were on a grill.

"Yum yum yum! Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce makes any rib stick to your own! WHOOOEEEE!" A fat man in a 'kiss the cook' apron gave a thumbs up to the camera as he cooked the ribs.

"You better hold Sam back Carly. She's liable to try and eat your TV," Freddie smirked and looked at her.

"Ha. Ha." Sam replied, clearly not amused. She then returned her sight to the commercial, which now had a dog chewing on one of the ribs that fell off the grill.

"Even Scruffy likes them!" A little girl smiled happily on the TV screen as she hugged the dog.

"You know, those ribs do look good!" Carly stated.

"Yeah, I know! Makes you hungry," Freddie agreed. Sam just continued to watch the commercial. She felt an odd sensation in her stomach and it wasn't due to hunger.

"Gran Gran will have a ball with this sauce!" The commercial then showed an old woman trying to eat the ribs. "Too bad she doesn't have teeth!" The voice over guy in the commercial stated. Both Carly and Freddie laughed.

"Look at that lady go to town on that," Freddie pointed to the screen.

"Yeah!" Carly laughed. "Go Gran Gran." Meanwhile Sam had looked away from the TV and was just staring at a blank space on the wall.

'When the heck does this commercial end?' She thought to herself as she felt waves of nausea roll upon her. It didn't help either that an old lady was making 'smacking' sounds while trying to eat some ribs. 'Just don't think about it. Think about something butterflies? Stupid. Anything else!' Sam was fighting back the urge to throw up so badly that she didn't notice the commercial ended.

"That's a funny commercial," Freddie sat back into the couch.

"Yeah! And I bet Sam enjoyed all those meat products right?" Carly smiled and looked over at her friend who was currently sitting with her eyes shut tight and looking the other way. "Hey! Are you ok?" Carly asked as she noticed Sam was a very pale shade. She tapped her on the shoulder.

"W-what?" Sam asked as she tapped out of her thoughts.

"I asked if you're alright! You don't look well," Carly said softly. Sam looked at her and then at Freddie who even wore a concerned look as well.

"Guys, I'm fine. That commercial just...upset my stomach for a moment. The old lady...yuck!" Sam stuck out her tongue playfully. Carly eyed her for a second but realized the color on her face was starting to come back.

"You sure?" Carly asked, not fully convinced.

"Yeah, no worries. Old people always make me sick anyways," Sam laughed.

"Don't worry, you make old people sick too," Freddie cut in.

"YOU KNOW WHAT?" Sam hollered.

"WHAT?" Freddie yelled back. Carly just sighed.

'I guess Sam is feeling better.' Carly confirmed as she sat back in defeat, letting her friends bicker. She knew they would stop when the show came back on. Hopefully.

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And lastly, Sweet Baby Ray's is a real BBQ sauce. It's amazing! Go out and try some!