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"This is BO-RING..." Spencer moaned loudly, cutting the silence in the iCarly studio.

"Would you quit whining?" Freddie huffed as he stood up from his cart, various wires in his hands. He turned around to see Spencer sitting on a small fold-able chair used for iCarly skits. The man was sitting on it backwards with his chin resting on top of the back, a bored look plastered on his face. Freddie just raised an eyebrow at this. "And besides, why do you even want to hang out with me while I do this?"

Spencer shrugged. "I thought you were going to do some cool crazy techy stuff. But for the past two hours you've done nothing but hook and rehook wires!" He frowned.

"What did you think I was going to do?" Freddie laughed. "Build a robot?"

"Yes," Spencer replied quietly.

"Well this stuff is very important and takes time!" Freddie added, turning his back towards Spencer as he continued working.

"I know, it's just that...it's so BOOOOORIIINNNGGGG," Spencer drawled out once more, his head hanging even lower.

"You're worse than Sam!" Freddie threw up his hands in exasperation as he turned around and walked towards a small prop table. He found the yo-yo Spencer was toying with earlier and picked it up. "Here, entertain yourself with this," Freddie turned around and lightly lobbed it towards the man.

"OW!" Spencer whimpered as it smacked into his forehead and went clattering to the floor.

"Oops, sorry," Freddie apologized.

"You did that on purpose!" Spencer moaned, getting off the chair to pick it up.

"No I didn't! You didn't reach for it!" Freddie defended himself.

"Oh yeah," Spencer replied slowly, examining the toy.

Freddie just laughed and rolled his eyes as he went back to working on his tech cart. 'Well at least that will keep him occup- OW!" Freddie screeched as something hard came into contact with the back of his head. He quickly stood up and looked over to see Spencer staring at him with wide eyes, the string of the yo-yo hooked onto his finger.

"Uh...I got it to go around the world?" Spencer offered with a nervous laugh, not having meant to hit the boy with his trick.

Freddie just pointed to the door with a stern look.

"Ok," Spencer sighed, walking out of the studio with his head held low, the yo-yo scraping along the floor as it was dragged out behind him.

Spencer continued his sad walk down the stairs, the unwound yo-yo smacking along each step as he continued to drag it behind him. "Carly's right. These things are too- AH!" Spencer let out a yelp as the toy managed to pass him on the steps and trip his foot up. He went tumbling down the last few steps until he came to a halt sprawled out on the floor, the plastic yo-yo landing on his chest. "...dangerous." He squeaked out.

"Unh Spencer?" Carly groaned out from the couch, looking over the back of it through sleepy eyes.

"Eh heh what's up sis?" Spencer chuckled as he got up from the floor.

"Me, again," She moaned, rubbing her eyes with her fist.

"Sorry about waking you up...again," Spencer apologized as he walked over to the back of the couch.

"No it's ok," Carly looked at him and squinted her eyes. "I suppose."

"So... Freddie's hooking up some wires upstairs," Spencer decided to change the subject of his rudeness.

"Freddie came over?"

"Yup, bout two hours ago," Spencer nodded as he watched his sister look at the clock.

"Oh wow, it's 7:00," She murmured, having lost track of the time.

"Yup, iCarly time in one hour," Spencer nodded before looking over at Sam. "Um what if she's not up by then?"

"That's what I'm hoping," Carly laughed. "Freddie and I didn't really want to do iCarly this week, but we had a feeling that Sam was going to fight us about it so we decided to just see how it plays out. If she stays asleep then there won't be anything to worry about."

"Ah ok," Spencer smiled.

"But on the off chance she does wake up, I need to go upstairs to get the index cards for the show ready. Think you could help me slink out?" Carly asked, still pinned under Sam's sleeping form.

"Yeah sure thing," Spencer smiled. He walked over and carefully helped Carly slip out of Sam's grasp.

"Just lay her on her back and don't touch her stomach," Carly added, watching as her brother gently lifted the weight off of her.

"Gotcha," Spencer replied, settling his patient down. Sam's body continued to stay ragdollish, showing off how out of it she was.

"And don't forget this," Carly laughed, picking up the blanket and draping it over her friend.

"Right," Spencer chuckled as he tucked in the edges before standing back up. "There we go, that looks good."

"Yup," Carly agreed, glad that Sam was a heavy sleeper and wasn't even bothered by the movement. "Anyways, I'm going to go upstairs to change."

"To get out of your pajamas?" Spencer asked.

"Yeah, and out of this shirt. Sam's drool is starting to air cool," She winced, indicating the spot on her shoulder.

Spencer grimaced with a laugh. "Ok, you go upstairs and do your thing. I'll keep an eye on everything down here."

"Sounds good," Carly nodded as she made her way up the steps.

As soon as she disappeared from view, Spencer looked back down at Sam. The girl had started to snore softly, courtesy of her new position on the couch.

"Probably for the best," Spencer said to himself, realizing it was pretty likely iCarly wasn't going to be happening tonight.

After getting everything ready in the studio, Carly and Freddie decided to go downstairs to help Sam prep for the show. But when they found the girl still sleeping on the couch, they were content on just sitting and waiting with her to see if she woke up. With Spencer in the kitchen washing dishes, Carly settled down on the foot of the couch while Freddie pulled up a chair. They flicked on the TV to kill the last few minutes. Soon enough the time passed until it was show time.

"It's 7:55," Freddie stated quietly, glancing at the clock on the TV.

"Yeah.." Carly replied, looking down at the girl snoring away on the other end of the couch. "And I guess that's that," She laughed.

"No show?" Spencer asked as he turned off the faucet.

"Nope," Carly answered. "And I think it's for the best."

"Me too," Spencer nodded.

"Let's go up and tell the fans the show won't be on today," Freddie replied as he got up from his chair.

"Alright," Carly agreed as she softly shuffled out from under Sam's feet before following Freddie out of the room.

Eventually the kids made their way up to the studio and decided on leaving a video message instead of a typed out bulletin. As Freddie started to get the equipment set, Carly picked up a hairbrush and began fixing her hair.

"Alright, filming starts in twenty seconds," Freddie said, typing a few things along his keyboard.

"I'll just give the viewers a quick explanation of what's going on before we cut out, ok?" Carly replied, setting her hairbrush off to the side.

"Yup, sounds good," Freddie nodded as he walked around his cart and pointed the camera towards her. "And...in 5,4,3,2..." Just as Freddie pointed towards Carly and clicked on the record button, a bang from the studio door made both of the kids jump.


Carly and Freddie's eyes widened as they saw Sam hastily open the door and hobble into the room, the red blanket wrapped over her shoulders as she tried to keep warm.

"Sam?" Carly asked incredulously.

"What are you doing up?" Freddie asked, just as surprised. He was still holding up the camera and was now pointing it towards Sam, unintentionally leaving it recording.

"What the heck you guys? Why didn't you wake me up for iCarly?" Sam moaned in response as she shivered. From her point of view it looked as though the kids were going to do the show without her.

Carly just sighed. "I was only going to tell the viewers that we're canceling the show."

"We're not c-canceling," Sam shivered.

"C'mon, you're not well," Carly explained softly. "You need to stay in bed...or on the couch. You can't host a webshow."

"Yes I c-can!" Sam muttered back. Her eyes then trailed over to Freddie's camera and saw that the red light was on. "I'm d-doing it right now!"

"Huh?" Carly looked over and shared an awkward glance with Freddie before he looked down at his camera.

"Oh crud!" Freddie stated, realizing he left it on as the fans were currently watching their conversation. He lowered it away from Sam and reached over to hit the stop button.

"No, don't turn it off!" Sam replied, walking towards him as quickly as she could. She then grabbed his hand and angled the front end of the camera to point it back up towards herself. "iCarly is not going to be canceled," She stated firmly to the fans.

Freddie just stood there worriedly as Sam held onto his hands, directing the camera in her direction. He felt that her hands were ice cold and knew it was from the infection.

By now Carly had walked over next to her stubborn friend and turned the camera towards herself. "Sorry, Sam's currently hallucinating from a fever and has no clue what she's saying! iCarly is in fact canceled, " She tried to tell the fans, but was cut off.

"No it's not! I'm fine!" Sam moaned, grabbing the camera to point it at herself.

"No you're not!" Carly replied hastily, trying to turn the camera away from her.

Meanwhile, Freddie was still holding the camera from behind, and his arms were starting to hurt from getting jerked back and forth to point it at the different girls. "Guys c'mon, stop! We're live!"

"Sam, would you just listen to me?" Carly exclaimed as Sam glared at her. "You need to relax!"

Carly and Freddie watched as Sam fully yanked the camera out of the boy's hand. Just as the both of them were about to open their mouths in protest, they stopped, watching as the girl clicked off the record button, ending the live streaming of a horrible debate. Many fans sighed in disappointment as their computer screens faded to black.

"Sam, what are you..?" Carly was about to ask before Sam sighed, holding the camera between her hands in defeat.

"Look, you guys keep telling me I need rest, I need to sleep, that I'm not feeling well.." She then looked up at them hesitantly. "And I get that it's because you're concerned for my health and junk, but it's just...I need to do something. I'm so sick of slogging around here like some drugged zombie! iCarly is the only thing I've been looking forward to this whole week and you guys can't take it away from me."

Carly and Freddie just looked back at her with concern, not sure what to say.

"But Sam.." Carly started to say as the blond shook her head.

"I can host the show and I promise won't do anything too tiring. Honest. Just...let me have this one bit of fun," Sam then looked up at them with pleading eyes. "Please," She begged her friends, which caused them to soften their expressions. Sam Puckett was never one to beg, she was one to demand.

Carly and Freddie exchanged one more look with each other before he gave the brunette a small nod. And with that, Carly sighed, deciding that they would go with the revamped iCarly idea. Unfortunately Sam saw their looks and mistook them, thinking her friends were still going to say no. So instead of pulling on their heartstrings, she decided to go with a more familiar route of persuasion, threats.

"Look Sam," Carly started to say as she took a step towards her best friend."Freddie and I think..."

Sam backed away, panic and a slight anger rising in her chest at the thought of being turned down. "If...if you don't let me do the show, I'll smash his camera!" She exclaimed hastily as she held the bulky device over her head, giving a small wince at the gross pressure in her stomach.

"WHAT? No!" Freddie yelled.

"SAM! Put the camera down!" Carly exclaimed as she took another step forward. Sam just shook her head, stepping back once more. The kids noticed that she wobbled a bit, her arms shaking from the weight of the camera.

"Carly stay back!" Freddie gasped. "She may just be crazy enough to do it!" The boy cried out dramatically. He then paused for a moment, rethinking his words. "She IS crazy enough to do it!"

"Ok, that's it! Everyone calm down!" Carly yelled. Both of her friends instantly shut up, but Sam continued to hold the camera over her head. "And would you give me that?" Carly reached over and grabbed the camera away from her sick and psychotic friend, trying to keep her from injuring herself further.

"Hey!" Sam muttered in protest. The only reason Carly was able to get it away from her that easily was because her arms and stomach were too sore to continue holding it up.

"You're not allowed to hold anything that heavy anyway!" Carly replied as she handed Freddie back his camera. The boy gratefully took it from her and cradled it as if he just got his baby back from a knife wielding criminal.

Sam just looked at him for a moment before rolling her eyes. She then turned her attention back to her best friend, who was still in the middle of yelling at her.

"Maybe if you'd stop to listen for a second, you'd realize we were going to let you do the show!" Carly exclaimed.

"Huh?" Sam asked weakly, not expecting that.

"Yeah!" Freddie added, looking up from his camera. "But then you went all hostile on us!"

"We're gonna do the show?" Sam asked hopefully, ignoring Freddie's comment.

"Yes," Carly sighed. "Freddie and I rearranged the schedule for it."

At first Sam was happy about the news but then her face fell when she realized something.

"What's wrong?" Carly asked, noticing the change of expressions.

"You guys worked on the show...without me?" Sam asked, frowning.

"What's the difference?" Freddie asked. "It's not like you're much help when you're with us," He added with a chuckle.

Sam just looked over at him and shot a glare. "Don't mess with me Benson," She growled, raising her shaky fists as she balled them up in anger.

Freddie just gulped, realizing she wasn't in the mood for banter and took a step back. Carly quickly reached over to Sam and gently pulled her fists back down by her sides.

"Easy you two," Carly sighed, taking on her role as mediator. "Save your energy for the show." She explained, mostly speaking for Sam.

Just then Spencer's voice called out dramatically from the stairs. "Carly! Freddie! I tried to stop her from coming up here to do the show!"

Within seconds he came bounding through the hallway before smacking face first into the door causing the kids to jump up in surprise. With a grunt, Spencer backed up and kicked it open with his foot. Carly and Freddie just stared at him with a shocked expression until their eyes trailed down to his wrists.

"Whoa! What happened?" Freddie asked.

"She tied my hands together with the yo-yo!" He exclaimed, holding up his hands to show a makeshift pair of handcuffs created with the string of it. The plastic toy hung an inch from Spencer's wrists.

Carly turned around and gawked at her best friend with a horrified look. "You tied up my brother?"

Sam just gave a small apologetic smile as she shrugged. "You know how grumpy I get when I wake up."

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