~Sorry I havent written in a while. But here you go. So I am making this into another show cross over as well. Can anyone figure out what show i am adding in now?


Melinda did alot of research when she got back to her shop. There had to be an explanation as to what was going on here. Maybe Casey was a really ghost that didn't look normal for some odd reason. And a very crazy one t that. Or maybe this was all real. But how was she going to figure this out? She didn't know anything about time travel or whatever this is. Maybe Eli might know someone who could help.

"Eli, can you come over. I need you to hear something."

Eli was there very quickly. He gave her an odd look. "What do you need?"

Casey began jabbering around. "That doesn't even sound like any ghost I have encountered."

"What do you mean? Sound?" Melinda asked.

"Most ghost aren't that jabbery. And she sounds a little fake. I believe you that she not. But she sounds almost like she isn't there."

"Have you heard anything like this before?"

"No. But I have only been hearing ghost for a few months. Melinda what does she think is going on?"

"She says that she was in a diffrent reality. One where she was not dead. Do you know any owe who might understand"

"Yah an old fiend of mine. A teacher at a private school. He...uh dealt with the paranormal for a long time. And worm holes. Especially cases like this. Let me give him a call. I am sure that he wont mind coming down here. just don't point out how much younger his wife is when he gets here."