Act Five

Romeo wakes up to find himself in a bed. A beam of light blinds his eyes and he could hear a soft beeping nearby.

Romeo: Uh… ugh… where…? Juliet…. JULIET!

Romeo rips off the cords attached to his body and wobbles out the door.

Romeo: Juliet… I must find her…. Juliet…..

Doctor: Woah, there kiddo! Get back to bed. You haven't fully recovered yet!

Romeo: Please! I must go see Juliet! Is she…. How is--…

Doctor: She is… well, she's alive, but her condition is un-stabilized…--.

Romeo: Juliet! JULIET!!!

Doctor: Uh, wait you can't just leave!

Romeo frantically runs from door to door. Finally he found Juliet's room. Her skin was bruised and many scars were on her face. Her head was wrapped in a bandage. Juliet was asleep.

Romeo: Juliet… my sweet Juliet. How could this happen to you? How could life be so cruel to you!?

Romeo knelt beside her, took her bandaged hand, and cried. The doctor came in a few moments later.

Doctor: Juliet's in a coma. She hasn't woken up yet. Probably won't for awhile. Our nurses will check up on her at all times, so no need to worry. I'm sorry she's in this state. We're doing all we can for her.

Romeo said nothing.

Doctor: Ok well. I'll leave you two alone. But don't be out of bed for too long! It's bad for your health.

The doctor leaves. Romeo sat and cried for a long time. For hours, he was beside Juliet. He had one-sided conversations. The whole time, he held her hand. Around sunset, Romeo and Juliet were visited by a certain visitor. Rosaline sat in a wheelchair. Her scars weren't as severe as Juliet's but her face was pale and she had bags under her red, puffy eyes.

Rosaline: Romeo. I'm not surprised to see you here.

Romeo: Rosaline! How are you….?

Rosaline: Horrible.

Romeo: … I'm so sorry… about all this and especially with Ben.

Rosaline (sighs): I can't stop thinking of him. When I think of him, I want to cry so much… Benvolio…. So young and handsome. And he was a bit stubborn too, just like what he s-s-said to m-m-me….

Rosaline broke down and sobbed. All Romeo could do what say nothing.

Rosaline: I promised him, Romeo!!! I promised him that when the whole thing was over, that I would say "Benvolio" to him many times as I want! And now… it just hurts to say it! And then, my precious Juliet is in a coma!!! What did she do to deserve such a punishment! HUH? God, why? How could we suffer like this!!!

Romeo: I don't know, Rosaline… I don't know why such good people must suffer like this. Ben, Juliet…. Such innocent, precious people to me. Juliet….

Rosaline: Benvolio… I never got to say goodbye to him. I wanted to tell him that I loved him too! I LOVED HIM!!!! BENVOLIO!!!

Romeo and Rosaline cried together throughout the night.

For many weeks, Romeo and Rosaline stayed in the hospital and everyday would go visit Juliet after their checkups. One day, Romeo was visited by Prince Escalus.

Prince: I trust you slept well, Romeo Montague.

Romeo: I'm sorry, Prince, but not so well.

Prince: I heard what happened in the national graveyard. I'm very sorry that you lost your cousin and that Juliet is still in a coma. However, I have not forgotten that I needed to have a word with you about the past events. First off, I'm sorry that we accused you of stealing Juliet. We know now that the kidnapper was--.

Romeo: I know. It was Paris, sir.

Prince: However, I still need to know how Tybalt Capulet was killed several weeks ago. A witness accused the murderer being Benvolio Montague, who sadly already died… He also said that you were there in the fight.

Romeo: Yes sir, I was fighting against Tybalt, but it was Benvolio who… shot him…..

Prince: I see. Sadly, Benvolio cannot pay the consequences anymore…

Romeo: I will pay it for him.

Prince: But you didn't murder him, Romeo. You only participated in a common street fight. For you, I was only going to have you pay a fine, but I'm sure your father can afford that….

Romeo: I'm so sorry. I will never do it again, Prince.

Prince: Apology accepted. Especially since I'm sure you've received more than what your consequence should be. Stay strong, Romeo.

The Prince patted Romeo's arm and left.

A month passed by and Juliet slowly started recovering. One day, Romeo received some news.

Doctor: Romeo! I have some good news. Juliet has woken up from her coma!

Romeo: Juliet!? She's awake! I must see her!

Doctor: Now—now hold on there's something else ---…

Romeo bolts out the door to Juliet's room. When he arrived, Juliet was sitting upright on her bed.

Romeo: Juliet! You've awake! I'm so glad… I'm so happy you're awake!!!

Romeo takes Juliet's hand.

Romeo: I've missed you so much. I've been dying to talk to you again!

Juliet does nothing but stare.

Romeo: Um… Juliet? Hello?


Romeo: It's me. Romeo!! … Juliet?

Juliet: … Excuse me, but… why are you holding my hand?

Romeo is stunned, too speechless for words. He lets go of her hand.

Romeo: Juliet? You… don't remember me?

The doctor enters the room.

Doctor: Now, Juliet, I need to talk to Romeo for a moment….. So if you excuse us…

The doctor shoves Romeo out of the room, Juliet starring blankly after them.

Romeo: Let go of me! Tell me what happened to her? What did you do to her!?

Doctor: We didn't do anything. Apparently she has a little damage to her brain. I bet a rock hit her really hard during the explosions. It hit the part of the brain that controls her memories. She can only remember everything up until she was about 7 years old.

Romeo: No… that can't be… Tell me that's NOT TRUE!

Doctor: I'm sorry. We usually can cure someone with the same case, but Juliet's a bit more permanent.

Romeo: Is there anything I can do something to cure her? Anything!?

Doctor: Well, her ability to think and her emotions are sensitive right now. Anything out of the ordinary or that happened recently will confuse her. She might break down crying or even go into a state of shock. I advise you to treat her like you just met her.

Romeo: … Why… is this happening? I…. I feel so….

Romeo clenches his jaw and tightens his fist.

Doctor: I'm so sorry Romeo. Be strong. Someday she may eventually remember. It's not guaranteed, especially since you've only known her for a short time. It might even take years and years. Don't get your hopes too high, though. Ok, Romeo? Please, do this for her.

Romeo (quietly): Ok… I understand.

Romeo re-enters Juliet's room. Juliet stares out the window and then at Romeo.

Romeo: Err… I'm… sorry I held your hand like that. It was rude.


Romeo: My name is Romeo.


Romeo: Um, would you like to talk with me?

Silence for a long time. Finally, Juliet smiled.

Juliet: Ok, Romeo. My name is Juliet. How are you?

Romeo (forced a grin): I'm fine! And what about you?

Juliet: Ok I guess. But I feel a little… empty. Maybe I'm forgetting something.

Romeo: Uh… I'm not sure. I'm sorry.

Juliet: It's ok, Romeo. It's just me. I think I feel a little… sad. Like there's someone who I'm supposed to be with.


Romeo: Say, do you believe in promises?

Juliet: A promise? What is that?

Romeo: A promise is something that you will do for someone else, no matter what happens.

Juliet: Oh… do you have a promise, Romeo?

Romeo: …. I do.

Juliet: Oh tell me! Who did you have a promise with?

The doctor's words echoed in Romeo's head.

Romeo: Oh um well… I can't tell you who.

Juliet: Why not?

Romeo: Because… it's a secret. But I'll tell you someday.

Juliet: Ok will you…. uh…. promise?

Romeo (smiles a little): Yes, I promise.

Juliet: Yay! I made a promise! So tell me. What is this promise with this secret someone?

Romeo: Well…. I promised her that I wouldn't leave her, no matter what.

Juliet: Oh… that's it?

Romeo: No there's more to it.

Juliet: Oh, can you tell me?

Romeo: I'll have to show you. Would you like that?

Juliet: Yes I would like it very much! Will you take me?

Romeo: Ok, I'll ask the doctor.

After Romeo was granted permission to take Juliet on a walk, Romeo pushed Juliet's wheelchair to the abandoned church.

Juliet: Oh my goodness, it's so pretty in here! And my voice echoes!

Romeo: Yes, this is one of my favorite places.

Juliet: Really? This might have become my favorite place too!

Romeo (laughs): I'm so glad!

Another silence.

Juliet: So, you still need to tell me your promise. What is it?

Romeo (sighs): Well… I did tell you that I must never leave this person.

Juliet: Yes you already told me that!

Romeo: The second part is that when we get older, I am going to marry her. Right here in this church.

Juliet: Marry? What's that?

Romeo: When two people love each other and they want to stay together forever, they get married. So they can always be together. It's a very happy celebration for everyone.

Juliet: It sounds very happy. But what do you mean by to "love each other"? What does love mean?

Romeo: Well…. Um…..

Romeo tries to come up with the right words.

Romeo: Love is hard to explain. It's a feeling, the most incredible feeling in the world. I felt love when I knew that I would do anything for y--… her. I would even give up my life just for her to be safe.

Juliet: Oh, it sounds like a very strong and wonderful feeling!

Romeo: It is. Sometimes, love can make people do crazy things. But deep down inside, you put the person you love over yourself.

Juliet: Wow….

Another golden silence.

Juliet: I wish knew what it was like to be in love.

Romeo says nothing, but memories of Juliet went flashing through his mind. Suddenly, Juliet started to cry.

Romeo: J-Juliet? What's the matter? Why are you crying?

Juliet: I-I-I don't k-k-know…. I just am.

Romeo: Was it something I said? Would you like to go back?

Juliet: N-n-no… I'm ok…. I think…. I made a "promise" before. But I d-don't remember.

Romeo: Don't worry, Juliet. You'll remember someday.

Juliet: I… I hope so…. Romeo.

Juliet looks at Romeo once more. She recalls nothing but deep down inside, Juliet believed that Romeo was once something special to her.