In Love With Kakashi

chapter 1

serena has a crush

" i'm here to introduce miss serena corli. she will be joining team 7 from now on." tsunade said to kakashi. he nodded and led the girl to naruto and sakura. she had shoulder length purple hair with black has dark purple eyes with no purple. she had on a black shirt and some black shorts. she would look like a boy if it weren't for her bust line. she had sharp black nails and black mascara on. kakashi found himself staring at the girl. he met up with naruto and sakura at ichiraku ramen. " hey guys!" kakashi greeted. " hi sensei!" the two greeted. " who's that?" naruto asked pointing at serena. " she will be taking sasuke's place." kakashi said. " introduce yourself." he said to serena. " i'm serena corli. i hope we will be good friends." serena said. " have to gain their trust." serena thought. naruto shook her hand. " i'm naruto uzumaki." he said. then sakura shook her hand. " and i'm sakura haruno." she said. " a wierd boy and a pretty wannabe." serena thought. " nice to meet you two." serena said with a fake smile. " she's faking it." kakashi thought. " lets eat!" naruto said. they all began eating. except kakashi and serena. " why aren't you eating?" kakashi asked serena. " i'll just grab a snack on the way home. i hate ramen." serena said. naruto gasped. " how could you hate ramen!" he yelled. " scratch that. he's a ramen freak." serena thought. " i hate it so i'm leaving for now. see you people tomorrow." serena said. then she walked away. " i think she hates us." sakura said. " but she said she wanted to be friends." naruto said. " she wants us to trust her. no one trusts her so she's trying to get someone to trust her." kakashi said. " how do you know?" sakura said." i heard her thoughts. she wants us to trust her, but she called naruto a ramen freak and sakura a pretty wannabe." kakashi said. sakura fumed. " i'm leaving." sakura said. they all left. leaving naruto to pay.

next morning:

sakura and naruto were waiting for kakashi. " serena's not here also." sakura said. naruto nodded in agreement. serena came in with a book in hand. " what's that book?" naruto asked. serena showed them her book. it was make out Paradise! " how's you get that!" naruto yelled. " i always read pervy-sages newest novels." serena said. naruto was shocked. " but your not 18 yet!" sakura yelled. " pervy-sage doesn't care. plus.... this thing is addicting!" serena said excitedly as she began to read. " a female version of kakashi!" naruto and sakura thought. kakashi then poofed in. " hi! got stuck on the path of life." he said. " more like reading that book of yours." sakura said. kakashi saw the book serena was reading. " is that the latest of the series!" kakashi yelled pointing at the book. " i see you're a fan." serena said smirking. " it hasn't even come out in stores yet!" kakashi yelled. " that's the beauty of being pervy-sages daughter." serena said. " you're who!" the three people yelled. " why did you say that serena?" asked an anoyyed person from behind. " pervy-sage!" serena and naruto yelled. jiraya picked up serena and put her on his shoulder. she sat there looking happy. " it's true. she's not my real daughter but i've raised her since she was like 6." jiraya said. " and now i prof-read his novels before he turns them into his editor." serena said. " speaking of that. how do you like it so far?" jiraya asked with hope. " i'm up to chapter 11 and i'll say it's kinda weak. you need more romantic action in chapter 5 and 7 between the two main characters." serena said like a professional. " can we get on to business?" kakashi asked. " oh. right. i'm here to give team 7 a new mission." jiraya said. serena jumped of jiraya. " finally! a mission with teammates!" serena yelled. " anyway. you guys have to head to suna. gaara requested you guys." jiraya said. " you have 3 hours to leave the village." jiraya said. " i'll see you at home serena." jiraya added. then he jumped away. serena turned to her teammates. " i'll see you peoples later." serena said. she then jumped away. then everyone went to their homes to pack.

2:55, north gate:

sakura and naruto were waiting for serena and kakashi at the north gate. " where are they!?" sakura yelled. " don't get so worked up pinkie!" sakura heard serena yell. serena then ran up to them. " don't you call me pinkie!" sakura yelled. " whatever. you're not the boss of me." serena yelled. " you're one year younger then me, so back off LITTLE girl!" sakura yelled. " stay calm serena. she's not worth beating up." srena told herself. " like you can beat me! you're as weak as an academy student!" sakura yelled. " we haven't seen her fight yet though." naruto pointed out. " that's right PINKIE. you haven't seen me fight yet. how do you know how strong i am?" serena said smirking. " let's test it out now!" sakura yelled. as sakura was about to punch serena someone stopped her fist. " calm down sakura. you can't hurt a younger member." kakashi said. sakura went back to her stuff. " can we go now?" sakura asked. " yes." kakashi replied. they ran through the forest for about ten hours staight. kakashi mentioned them to stop. he saw that serena didn't break a sweat. " i see the only one not sweating or panting is serena." kakashi pointed out. " i've handled worse training then this." serena said with a grin. " strong girl. i wonder if lord jiraya trained her like he did naruto?" kakashi thought. he handed out sleeping bags. " we're camping out here for the night." kakashi said. as naruto, sakura, and kakashi set thier sleeping bags close to each other, serena put hers a far distance from the group. " come over here. it's no fun to be alone." naruto said. " i don't like sleeping close to strangers. even if you are my teammates." serena said. naruto went back to his little group. kakashi activated his shiringan and started a fire. serena had also started a fire of her own. " how is she able to do that?" kakashi wondered to himself. in only 30 minutes naruto and sakura had fallen peeked over to serena and she to was asleep. she was trembling. he touched her arm and it was ice cold. he picked her up and layed her in his sleeping bag. he took her sleeping bag and layed on it. he looked at her and saw her sweating. he touched her face and she shivered. he pulled away and he hugged her. she didn't wake up but she calmed down. he soon too fell asleep.


serena awoke from a sudden yelp. she opened her eyes and saw sakura and naruto staring at her in shock. she turned only to collide with someones chest. serena yelled and jumped up and away from that person. kakashi woke up to serena's yell. he forgot she had slept with him that night. " i can not believe i was sleeping with my new super hot sensei! wait.... did i say super hot!" serena screamed in her thoughts. " why the helll was i sleeping in your arms!" serena yelled pointing at kakashi. " you looked cold last night so a brought you over here. i guees while i was sleeping i kinda hugged you." kakashi said. " she probably thinks i'm a pervert now." kakashi thought. " oh. well.........i didn't need your help! i can take care of myself!" serena yelled walking back to where she had her stuff. kakashi watched her walk away. then he saw she was searching the floor frantically. naruto walked over to serena. " what's wrong?" he asked. " my ring! my ring is missing!" serena yelled. " what does it look like?" naruto asked. serena flinched. " well......... it's big, gold, and it has uchiha written on it." serena said. naruto looked around for it. " uchiha?" kakashi thought. kakashi stood up and saw something shine from his sleeping bag. he picked it up and looked at it. he gasped. it was too low for anyone to hear. " this looks like an akatsuki ring! exactly like itachi uchiha's!" kakashi thought. he walked over to serena. " is this it?" he asked holding up the ring. serena grabbed it. " thank you so much! this is a very important memory for me." serena said looking at the ring. she then put it on. naruto looked at it. naruto gasped. " how come that looks like itachi uchiha's akatsuki ring?" he wondred out loud. " i'm not allowed to answer that. plus... it's none of your business." serena said. " let's head out guys!" sakura yelled. serena gathered the rest of her stuff and headed toward sakura. " thanks for the info pinkie." serena said. serena then winked at sakura. sakura was about to punch serena when serena jumped onto a tree branch. " you have to be faster then that pinkie." serena said with a smirk. sakura ran after serena. serena started running away with sakura following her. " let's go before they get too far." kakashi said. then he and naruto ran after the girls. they ran for a whole day and they finally get to suna. kakashi saw that serena still wasn't sweating or panting. " what kind of training did lord jiraya make her do?!" kakashi wondered. as they enetered the village naruto and kakashi noticed people staring at serena. " isn't that lady serena?" someone asked. " it is! it's been so long since i've seen the girl. she looks very beautiful and mature now!" another person said. team 7 finally got to the the kasekage tower. as they entered they met up with temari and kankuro. " hey guys!" naruto said waving at them. the two looked over. they didn't notice serena. " yo naruto!" kankuro said. " hey shorty." temari said. " how have you guys been?" sakura asked. " good. but the problem in the village is tiring us up." kankuro said rubbing his shoulder. temari finally noticed serena. temari whispered something to kankuro. serena tried hiding behind kakashi. " you know we see you right." kankuro said. " come on serena. come out and give us a hug!" temari said. serena stepped out from her hiding spot. " you owe me 500 ryo." temari said to kankuro. " i hate it when you're right!" kankuro yelled. " you guys know her?!" sakura yelled pointing at serena. " you're so rude pinkie." serena said. " she's our half-sister." temari said. team 7, minus serena, were shocked. " give me a hug." temari said. serena stepped forward and hugged temari. temari gave her a bear hug. " temari....can't....breath....." serena breathed out. temari let go. " so sorry! can't control my hugging muscles." temari apoligized. " can i get a hug too?" kankuro asked. " no. she only gives me and gaara hugs." temari said. serena just walked up to kankuro and hugged him. " now what!" kankuro yelled as serena let go. kakashi noticed serena was blushng a little and smiling softy. " we'll escort you guys and serena to gaara." kankuro said taking serena's hand and walking off. temari told the rest to follow her. " so gaara really did become the kasekage." serena said to kankuro. " yea. he worked really hard to become the kasekage after he fought with naruto." kankuro said smiling. " jiraya told me. i don't like naruto. he took away people i loved." serena said. kankuro raised his eyebrow. they reached the office door and opened it. gaara looked at the two people at the door and gave a wtf expression on his face. the rest of team 7 got there and saw the look on gaara's face. " emotion!" temari yelled pointing at gaara. gaara''s expression went away and he got up. he slowly walked toward serena. he poked her in the stomach. " if you think i'm not real.... then think again." serena said with a soft smile. gaara gave a rare soft smile also. he hugged serena. gaara let go and mentioned for everyone else to come into the office. after a few minutes of gaara talking fast to serena he got serious. " ok. now it's time for the mission." gaara said. " there have been kidnapping of teenage konichis. at least 15 or 16 girls have been captured already." gaara continued. he handed kakashi a note. " someone you love or care about is next." it read. kakashi handed it to the others. " i want you to figure out where they are and retrieve them." gaara said. temari, kanuro, and gaara stared at serena. serena got the message. " no. i will not do it." serena said. " please! serena! the girl's lives bepend on it!" temari yelled. serena fidgeted for a couple of seconds. " ok. i'll do it. but if i want to open my eyes.....let me." serena said. " ok." temari said. she crossed her fingers behind her back. serena took a deep breath and closed her eyes. a couple of minutes later she gasped. serena fell to the floor. " what is it?" kankuro asked. " that abandoned building at the edge of the village. that's where they are." serena said. " do you see anything else?" temari asked. serena gasped again. she started shaking. gaara held her hand. serena let go of his hand and held her head. serena then started screaming. team 7 was caught off gaurd. they jumped when serena screamed. serena kept screaming and holding her head. " what do you see?" gaara asked. " the girls....... if we don't save them by tommorow night they will die!" serena yelled. serena tried to open her eyes. she couldn't. and she knew why. " let me open my eyes temari!" serena yelled. " not until the vision is over!" temari yelled back. serena screamed even louder. everyone noticed she was crying now. temari gasped and then let her jutsu go. serena opened her eyes and tears fell out even faster. " are you ok? what did you see?" gaara asked. " i saw how they're going to die." serena said still crying." looks like she can cry too." sakura thought. serena calmed down and wipped her tears away. " hey! are you ok?" naruto asked. " yea. a little scared but i'm ok." serena replied. " what do you mean scared?" sakura asked. serena wouldn't look at her. " go to this address and you can spend the night there." gaara said handing kakashi an address. kakashi nodded and then team 7 left. as they walked in the streets they all heard people whispering. it was mostly about serena though. naruto and sakura glanced at serena. she looked very distant. as they reached the hotel they were greeted by some people. " can we have your autograph serena-sama!" they all asked. serena didn't respond. " go away." serena said. the people swooned. " whatever." serena said walking toward the front desk. " kasekage's request." serna said. she handed the clerk a piece of paper. kakashi noticed that it was the piece of paper that he had. " when did she get that?" kakashi wondered. " here are the room keys." the clerk said handing serena the keys. serena walked back over to kakashi and friends. serena handed out the keys. " we each get our own room." serena said not even looking at them. " i'll be heading to my room. we can start looking tonight." serena added. " we're here to look for the girls! not rest!" naruto yelled. serena glared at him. " we will. just not now." serena said still glaring at him. she turned around and walked toward her room number. " she looks kinda sad." sakura said. " let me see you guy's room numbers." kakashi told the two chunnins. naruto handed his first. his is room 216. " serena has number 218." kakashi thought. sakura was next. she has number 217. kakashi had number 300. " can i trade with you sakura?" kakashi asked her. " sure. you want to make sure the little girl's ok. i understand." sakura said. sakura then took kakashi's room key and went to the room. " why do you want to be near serena kakashi-sensei?" naruto asked. " a precaution." kakashi replied. they went up to their rooms also.

with serena:

" why did i have to see that? i wonder if i can change it?" serena asked herself. there was a knock at her door. serena got up and answered it. sakura stood there. " what do you want sakura?" serena asked. " becareful serena. kakshi-sensei traded rooms with me and he's in the room right next to you. i think he wants to rape you." sakura said with a smirk. serena stared at her with a wtf expression. sakura then ran toward her room. serena closed her door. she landed on her bed. " i wonder what my super hot sensei was thinking when he did that?" she asked herself out loud. " did you just say that?!" she heard naruto yell. she turned around and saw naruto there with the door open. " damn it! i didn't close the door right!" serena yelled at herself. she thumped her forehead. " did you just say that?!" naruto yelled again. " tell him and i'll get you!" serena yelled. naruto ran to his room. serena closed the door fully and layed on her bed. " great. naruto heard me. he'll tottaly tell kakashi." serena told herself. serena jumped up. " what if he does. then i'll have to kill him." serena whispered to herself. serena noticed that it was dark out. " looks like i have to go patrol the village now." serena said. she gathered some weapons of hers and headed out. as she came out she bumped into someone. " sorry!" serena said. she opened her eyes and looked up. she had bumped into kakashi. serena blushed. " are you ok?" kakashi asked. serena got up. " yea. i'm ok." serena replied. " you're partroling with me tonight." kakashi said. " what!" serena yelled. " sakura asked me to be with naruto so you got stuck with me." kakashi said. " we're patroling the area where the abandoned building is." kakashi added. kakashi held serena's hand and lead her to the area whre they were going to patrol. he handed her a headset walkie talkie. she put it on and heard sakura. " he's going to rape you!" sakura yelled. " can anyone else hear you!?" serena yelled back. kakashi stared at serena wierd. " no. only you." sakura said laughing. " i hate you so much!" serena yelled back. kakashi poked serena's shoulder. " what!" serena yelled. she then blushed. " sorry. pinkie was telling me something." serena said. as kakashi and serena walked serena tripped. kakashi caught her but serena landed on kakashi. not just on him, kakashi's and serena's lips were together. " holy shit!" they both thought. serena felt like pulling away but her body wouldn't let her. kakashi also tried that. they both started to get into the kiss. serena closed her eyes. kakashi soon followed. kakashi nibbled on serena's bottom lip for enterence. serena let him. they deepend the kiss. " hello! is anyone there!" sakura yelled into the headset. the two kissers seperated. serena was panting hard, so was kakashi. " were here sakura." kakashi said into the headset. he was no longer panting. serena was still panting a little. kakashi turned off the line. " are you ok?" kakashi asked. " yea." serena replied. "OMFG! i kissed him! what if jiraya finds out! or gaara! holy mother of god almighty in heaven!" serena screamed in her head. " i can't believe i kissed her. hope she'll get with me." kakashi thought. he kept thinking dirty thoughts. serena thought about how miki and Ryan started doing it in her book and it all started out with a kiss. serena just blushed. " better not be alone with him for a while." serena thought. " did you enjoy that?" kakashi asked serena. " that's classified information." serena said looking away. kakashi held her around the waist and close to his body. " tell me." he demanded. serena tried to back away. " please let me go sensei." serena said. " we have a duty to do." serena added. kakashi let her go. " you're right. let's go." kakashi said. he lead her to the abandoned building. " are you in place guys?" kakashi asked into the headset. " yes." the other two replied. " i'll go in first and then you go." kakashi told serena. serena just nodded in agreement. as they entered serena had another vision. she saw the girls in a room that was very close. she told kakashi and he followed her instead. as they entered the room serena saw that sakura and naruto were tied up. serena untied sakura first. " why are you untying me first?" sakura asked. " because if i don't you'll DIE first." serena said. sakura was shocked. " so that's why she was so distant." sakura thought. serena finished anteing sakura and started to fast untie the other they were all done kakashi, naruto, and sakura started to get the girls out. " go quickly. i'll stay behind." serena said. " do what you have to do." naruto said. he waved goodbye and ran with the girls. serena activated her kekie genkai. a shiringan appeared. she did a few hand gestures and inhaled deeply. she made a o with her hand and exhaled through it. it made a fire. the fire spread through the whole building. in a matter of minutes it was gone. she inspected the perimiter and found two guys that had not been killed by the fire. she tied them together and took them out of the rubbish. she noticed it was light out now. " i redid the vision. thank god." serena whispered. she carried the two guys over to the kasekage tower. after explaining the whole fire to gaara he let her go. " that was easy." serena said. " we'll see you soon serena." kankuro said. serena hugged temari and kankuro. " i'll see you soon too." serena replied. she let go and joined her team. they all waved goodbye and then team 7 left back to konoha. they got back there in 2 days and went straight to the hokage tower. "mission complete." kakashi said. " good. can i speak to serena. alone." tsunade said. the rest of team 7 left. leaving serena and tsunade alone. " you last name isn't corli is it?" tsunade asked. " no mam." serena replied. serena had her head down. " so it's true. you are an uchiha." tsunade said. serena was shaking. tsunade walked to serena. " walk with me." she said.