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"Hideki!" Chi jumped at me as I walked into the apartment. "Chi was at work all day. Chi made money and bought Hideki a present!" Chi smiled.

Somehow I had a really bad feeling about this…

"That was very thoughtful of you Chi, but you really don't need to-"

"Chi wanted to cause Chi likes it when Hideki is happy." She stated so innocently.


"Alright Chi, what is it?" I asked her. Please not something that is embarrassing.

She grabbed a small bag and handed it to me. "Chi's gift to Hideki is in here!" She smiled.

I thanked her and grabbed the item. I looked at it and an instant nosebleed occurred.

"Did Hideki not like Chi's gift?" She asked me.

What do I say?! What do I say?! In normal circumstances someone would be grateful for getting a gift… however THIS is another story…

"Umm it's not that… uh… why did you get these for me?"

"Well Chi asked the man that worked in the drug store, what would make Hideki happy. The man told me that this is what would make any guy happy… So Chi bought Hideki this cause Hideki is a guy."

I slapped my face and knew that Chi was gullible in that way.

"Thank you Chi." I smiled at her.

She smiled and hugged me tightly.

I never knew that getting condoms would be such a great gift. I looked at the box again and noticed the size of the condoms:


A/N: Yeah I was just really bored and did a little drabble. :D Hope you liked it! :) And if not… sorry I wasted your time. -_-