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Chapter One: Disturbing Discoveries

Mileina walked around the Ptolemaios. It had been about three weeks after the fall of the A-Laws and the Innovades. Things had finally gone back to normal. Setsuna was back to being his normal quiet self. Lockon was back to being the loud and obnoxious person he was. Allelujah and Marie had left, which upset Mileina a bit, she liked talking with Parfacy-san. But there was one Meister who had not returned, Tieria Erde had not returned from the final battle and it had everyone, except Setsuna, rather worried. She had a feeling that something terrible had happened to Tieria. When the Seraphim Gundam had been destroyed, the wreckage showed no signs of life.

She found herself standing in front of the Meister's room. She often found herself here when she wandered around the halls late at night due to an onset of insomnia. She found her hand reaching towards the touch pad that opened the door. She sighed no matter how many times she tried, the door never opened, so why did it feel so different today? She touched the pad and to her surprise the door opened.

She gasped, she had never been in Tieria's room before and she felt kind of uneasy about being in someone's room without their permission. But perhaps Tieria, where ever he happened to be, wanted her to come in. Why else would a door that had been locked for the past three weeks suddenly open? She found Tieria's room to be very plain, there was just a green helmet with a crack in the visor, a light pink cardigan, and Tieria's normal uniform.

She slowly walked up to the desk where Tieria's uniform was neatly folded and sitting on the purple jacket was a white envelope. She picked up the envelope and held it in her hand and written in Tieria's neat penmanship were the words 'To the Ptolemaios Crew and Meisters.' As she read the words she began to shake. The Meisters had a tradition were before they went into a battle they would leave a note on top of their uniforms. If they returned the note would be jettisoned into space and if they did not return, it would be read by the remaining members of the crew. Tears came to her eyes as she gripped the note a little tighter as she left the room and headed to the bridge.

Sumeragi, Lockon, Setsuna, Ian, Feldt and Lasse were on the bridge when Mileina walked in crying.

"Where have you been, Mileina?" Sumeragi asked as she turned to the girl, "Mileina, what's wrong?"

"I was able to get into Erde-san's room," Mileina said softly,

"The lock deactivated?" Sumeragi asked

"And I found this," She said as she held up the envelope.

Sumeragi gasped, "Give it here," She said. Mileina handed the note to Sumeragi. Sumeragi took the note and sighed. She too knew of the tradition that the Meisters had but this had been the first time she had had to read one of the final letters, "Ian," She said, "Will you please read this? I don't think I'll be able to."

"I'll read it,"

"Setsuna," Sumeragi gasped,

"Please," Setsuna said, "Let me read Tieria Erde's note."

"I guess it's fitting," Sumeragi said as she handed the note to Setsuna,

"Thank you," Setsuna said as he opened the letter. Setsuna sighed as he quickly glanced at Tieria's perfect penmanship then started to read, "Dear Sumeragi Li Noriega, Setsuna F. Seiei, Lockon Stratos, Allelujah Haptism, Mileina Vashti, Saji Crossroads, Feldt Grace, Lasse Aeon, Ian Vashti, Linda Vashti, and Marie Parfacy," Setsuna read, "Odds are if you're reading this, I was able to complete my mission but at the expense of my life. I am sorry to say this but I was not expecting to make it back alive. I was not expecting Ribbons Alamark to give up Veda willing and I paid the ultimate price for trying to take her back by force. As you may or may not have know, I was not born human, I was only created to help carry out Aeolia Schenburg's plan. Although I am grateful that I was an Innovade because I was able to save the people I care about." Setsuna paused for a bit, "To Setsuna, Allelujah and Lockon continue carrying out the plan. Continue your efforts to create a better future without me. We all have our part to play and my part has already been fulfilled. Keep fighting until all of the parts have also been fulfilled.

"To Sumeragi Li Noriega, continue guiding the members of Celestial Being to a better future. Please do not be afraid to replace me if you need to. There are still things that need to be done so please keep on fighting."

"Dammit Tieria!" Sumeragi cried as Setsuna paused, "Sorry, please continue."

"To Ian Vashti," Setsuna read, "I thank both you and your daughter for making all necessary repairs to the Gundams. We could have never succeeded without your help. Please continue your efforts and continue the development of the Gundams and support units." He paused, "Finally to Mileina Vashti, I thank you for everything and I am sorry that I was not able to say good bye. Please don't let my death hinder your future. The last thing I want you to do is make yourself sick over my death. I know from experience what it is like to lose a person you love. It's hard at first but I know that some day, you'll find someone who is better suited for you than I was."

Setsuna sighed as the young girl cried, "To the rest of the crew, Thank you for all your support. Our efforts would not have been successful without your help. Continue being there for the Meisters. I want everyone to remain strong and continue doing what you have been doing all these years. Casualties are inevitable in war and I am hoping that I was the only one in that battle. You all have so much to live for and I am a little envious. Thank you for being my family for the past several years. I wish you all the best of luck in the future. Sincerely, Tieria Erde."

No one spoke for a long time. It was safe to say that everyone on the bridge was crying.

"God dammit Tieria!" Sumeragi cried, "Why didn't you tell us that you were planning to get yourself killed?"

"Here," Setsuna said as he handed the note to Mileina, "I'm sure he would have wanted you to keep this."

Mileina took the note then turned towards the door, "I think he liked you, Mileina-chan," Lyle whispered in the child's ear.

The girl's eyes widened then she ran out of the room, "Did you have to say that?" Setsuna asked

"What can I say," Lyle said, "It's the truth, or was the truth."

"Are you not troubled by Tieria Erde's death?" Setsuna asked

"The guy hardly ever looked at me or talked to me," Lyle said, "So I guess I'm indifferent."

"Tieria was your comrade!" Sumeragi screamed, "Don't you care at all that he was killed!?"

"Hey, I'm treating him the way he would have treated me if he was in my position." Lyle said

"You're wrong!" Setsuna said, "Tieria would have been upset if you had been killed and you don't give a damn."

"He may not show it but Tieria cares for all of us very much," Feldt said softly, "Why else do you think he died to save us? Do you really think he would have done that if he didn't care about us? He saw us as his younger siblings…you don't care…you're terrible."

"Tieria practically made himself sick when your brother was killed!" Sumeragi yelled, "Get out! I don't want to see you right now."

Lyle sighed, "It's obvious that I'm not wanted here," He said as he left the room.

Lyle sighed as he entered room. //I don't see why everyone's making such a huge fuss about it// he thought, //I hardly knew the guy// He then sat on his bed and realized that something on his computer monitor was blinking. //What is it now?// He thought as he opened the message expecting it to be a long winded chew out Lyle session via-email from Sumeragi but he surprised to see the same scrip he had seen on the letter that Setsuna had read. //Is this some kind of sick joke?// He asked. He sighed and started reading.

"Lyle Dylandi code name Lockon Stratos; First off I would like you to know that I, Tieria Erde, would have been devastated if you had died."

//Yeah this is a joke// Lyle thought as he read on, //The kid's dead, he can't write notes//

"I would like to express that regardless of what Setsuna might have said, I am not dead. My body was destroyed but I was able to link my consciousness to Veda before it was lost. I would also like to inform you that when I linked my mind to Veda I also linked the GN-Drives and the Ptolemaios to Veda as well. Therefore I heard everything you said about me."

"Shit," Lyle swore, //This is going to be a long winded chew out Lyle session//

"And I need to apologize to you. The reason I could not bring myself to talk with you is because I could not bring myself to face a relative of a man that died because of me. I'm not sure if anyone told you or not but your brother was severely injured because I could not let go of Veda. Our Gundams had been disconnected from Veda by Ribbons Alamark and because I was still trying to link with her the stand-alone system was not able to install in the Virtue. Because the Virtue was not connected to an operating system, my Gundam was an easy target. Then Neil took a blow that was meant to kill me. I tried to save your brother but I couldn't. I couldn't look at you because I felt that I had let you down before I had ever met you."

"The kid blamed himself for nii-san's death?" Lyle asked, "But it was Ali-Al Saashes that killed him."

"Continue your efforts with Celestial Being, create the world that Neil wanted to create for you. Please don't torment Mileina Vashti or Feldt Grace too much and try to stay on Sumeragi Li Noriega's good side for your own sake. We will have a little chat when I return and remember I know what happens on this ship. Don't tell anyone about this. Sincerely, Tieria Erde."

"Dammit," Lyle said, "He chewed me out. I just got chewed out by a super computer…what the hell?"

After Lockon's comment Mileina had run off to her room crying. She flopped down on her bed. "Erde-san, you idiot," she cried, "I hate you!" She then cried until she exhausted herself and she fell asleep just as the new message icon appeared on the monitor in her room.

Several hours later Mileina woke to a soft knock on her door.

"Mileina-chan, it's me Feldt,"

"Feldt-san," Mileina said, "Come in."

"Mileina-chan, are you alright?" Feldt asked

"Yeah I guess I am now," Mileina said, "After a good cry then a nap. I feel a lot better."

"I went through what you're going through when I was your age," Feldt said, "I had a crush on the original Lockon Stratos, Neil Dylandi. Although I knew to him, I was just his little sister."

Mileina nodded, "I just wish I had been able to tell Erde-san that I liked him," Mileina said,

"I'm sure he knew," Feldt said, "Just based on what he wrote to you."

"Were you ever able to tell the original Stratos-san what you felt about him?" Mileina asked

"No," Feldt said, "I never told him."

"So we're in the same boat then," Mileina said as she glanced around the room and noticed the flashing icon on the computer, "I've got a new message." She said as she walked to the monitor.

"Really," Feldt asked, "Who is it from?"

Mileina opened the message and gasped when she saw the same handwriting that was on the note that was still in her hand on the screen, "It's from…Erde-san," She answered

"What?" Feldt gasped, "Tieria…but he's…Read it Mileina-chan!"

"H-hai!" Mileina said, "Out loud?"

"However you want," Feldt said, "I can read it over your shoulder."

Mileina nodded and started reading,

"Dear Mileina Vashti; First off I would like to express my deepest apologizes for my last letter. I had written that not knowing that I would somehow survive. I was not in the Seraphim Gundam when it was destroyed."

"He's alive!" Mileina cried

"Although I survived, I am currently without a body, only my consciousness remains. When I went to confront Ribbons Alamark, he shot me several times destroying my body. When Setsuna activated Trans-Am Bust Mode I was able to reawaken in Veda. And right now my consciousness is completely linked with Veda as is the Ptolemaios. I hope you're not bothered by the fact that I was not born human, I am an Innovade but it was because of that, that I was able to save the people I care about."

"He really is a kind person," Feldt said as the two girls continued reading.

"There is a way for me to return however it will take a while for that to happen. Thanks to Ribbons Alamark there are a lot of corrupted files that I have to go through before I can start concentrating on creating a new body. However I am not alone, Anew Returner and my genetic twin, Regene Regetta are helping me with the process."

"Erde-san has a twin?" Mileina asked, "And Returner-san is with him?"

"Lockon will be happy," Feldt said,

"Mileina, I am giving you almost direct access to Veda. Therefore whenever you get lonely you can send me a message and we can talk for a while. Since you're a human you can't make a direct link, however I can connect the computer in your room to Veda."

"That's really nice of him," Feldt said, "See he really does like you."

"I also give you my permission to call me Tieria. We're family, there's no need to be so formal with each other. I am also giving you my jacket. Stay strong for me Mileina and please don't change. To Feldt Grace, you can have Neil's helmet and tell Lyle that if he behaves himself that I'll tell him about Anew, but tell him that it's a secret. You two can tell others about what happened to me. Until we meet again; sincerely Tieria Erde."

As Mileina finished reading she burst into tears, "Mileina-chan," Feldt said, "What's wrong?"

"I…I'm just…happy," Mileina said, "Tieria-san's alive…"

"There's something else written here," Feldt said

Mileina looked up at the screen and read: "Do you still hate me?"

"Tieria-san," She said with a teary smile, "You idiot…"

"I'll take that as a no,"

"Ti-Tieria-san…?" Mileina gasped as his face appeared on the screen

"I can't talk for long," He said, "There's a lot I need to do."

"It's really good to see you," Mileina said

"It's good to see you too," He said just as his name was called from the back round and he sighed, "I need to go. I'll talk to you again soon. Please don't forget to tell everyone."

"I'll go and do that right now," Mileina said, "I'll talk to you again soon Tieria-san."

The screen on her computer went black and Mileina stood up and headed for the door. "Are you coming Feldt-san?"

"Hai," Feldt said.

The two girls made a quick stop at Tieria's room before they headed to the bridge.

"Sumeragi-san," Mileina called as she entered the bridge and saw that everyone was there again.

"Mileina-chan, are you alright?" Sumeragi said as she turned around and saw that Mileina's normal bright yellow jacket had been replaced with Tieria's dark purple one. She sighed, "Why are you wearing Tieria's jacket?"

"Because he told me I could," She said

"What?" Sumeragi gasped. Dealing with Tieria after Neil's death had been difficult enough. For months the boy would wake in middle of the night screaming his fallen comrade's name while crying almost hysterically and clutching the helmet that had been left in his care. Then during the day, after spending most of the night trying to get Tieria to calm down just enough so that he would stop making himself sick and hopefully fall back to sleep, she would spend her day trying deal with Feldt, who would sit in the cockpit of the heavily damaged Dynames and would refuse to come out regardless of what she said to the girl. That on top of dealing with Tieria who, at the time, had about the same mindset as a young child and needed almost constant monitoring, had Sumeragi in over her head. "Mileina-chan…" She sighed. Sumeragi seriously didn't think she could deal with another round of that.

"It's alright," Mileina said, "He also wanted me to tell everyone that he's not dead."

"What!?" Sumeragi exclaimed, "But…the note…and when the Seraphim was destroyed there was no sign of life."

"He wasn't in the Seraphim when it was destroyed," Feldt said, "He activated the Trial system from Veda."

"From Veda…!" Sumeragi asked, "But how…?"

"He told us that he had been shot several times by Ribbons Alamark when he went to confront him," Mileina said, "But thanks to Seiei-san's Trans-am, he was able to reawaken in Veda."

"I still don't understand," Sumeragi said.

"Tieria Erde's body was destroyed by Ribbons Alamark," Setsuna said, "But he was able to link his consciousness to Veda. He told me that it was set up so that if an Innovade that was connected to Veda was killed, their consciousness would be transferred to Veda as soon as their heart stopped."

"So even though Tieria's physical body was destroyed, he's still alive?" Sumeragi asked.

"Exactly," Setsuna said

"How long have you known," She asked

"Since the day it happened," Setsuna said, "I went to check on Tieria's progress and I found his body. That's when he told me everything."

"You've known for three weeks and you never told any of us!?" Sumeragi cried

"Tieria told me not to tell until he was certain that he would be able to return," Setsuna said

Sumeragi walked up to Setsuna and slapped him in the face then returned to her chair and broke down, "God dammit Tieria," She sobbed, "Why did you have to do that to us?"

"Oi, the guy, Ribbons Alamark," Lyle said, "He was an Innovade too, right?"

"Yes," Setsuna responded

"If what you said is true, and because he's an Innovade, does that mean we'll have to deal with him again?" Lyle asked

"Ribbons Alamark was not connected to Veda," Setsuna said, "Tieria Erde and Regene Regetta had already disconnected his link when the O Gundam was destroyed."

Then before anyone could say anything else Sumeragi got up and headed for the door.

"Sumeragi-san," Feldt called, "Where are you going?"

"To my room," She called back, "I need to think things over for a while."

No one said anything as she left the room.

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