Chapter 2: The Mystery Girl


The non descript black sedan I had borded after leaving Dr. Carlisle's office stopped and rolled down its driver side window.

Through the front of the car window you could see a black electronic gate, and a paved road. And green. Lots of green.

Better that New York, hell, anywhere is better than New York.

The man in the front seat was speaking to the voice box outside the gate.

"Do you have her?" A distinctly male voice asked through the box.

"Yes, now can you open the bloody gate?" A very Brittish voice responded angerly.

There was silence on the other end, then a short buzzing sound and the gate started to open.

The driver rolled up the window and started through the entry way. As the car rolled forward, I couldn't help but notice that there was nothing around for miles except for the black gate that was like a dark line that marred the green forest that the road weaved through.

The car ride to the gate from the office had been a peacefully quiet one, and for that I was grateful. Looking at the driver I wondered if he did this sort of thing all of the time. You know, haul around skinny little orphans who have a bad attitude and an intense dislike for athority figures; epecially cops? I wondered.

"Do you do this all of the time?" I asked the man driving.

"Do what?" He asked looking back at me with intense blue eyes.

"Haul around skinny girls to private schools for the system." I replied.

He smiled.

"No thats only part of the job."

"What is the other part?" I asked him.

He told me that the other part was working in the feild, helping kids who would rather not need to be dependant on anyone.

"Do you like your work?" I was curious.

"Yes, sometimes."

"Why only sometimes?"

"Because sometimes, there are kids who come into the system that we just cant help, no matter how much we want to we cant force a child to accept out help. Most of the time they just run away from their foster families and get into prostitution or drugs, sometimes both. It kills me when we have the ability to help them but they won't accept it. It kills me even more when I watch the news and see the face of one of my kids being arrested for doing some heinous crime, like murder."

"Oh." I said to him. If only he knew that I used to be one of those kids.

The van pulled up in front of this…castle…that is the only way to describe it. It was old looking and not at all scary, it was a light brick color and had a lot of turrets; the main feature was a giant steeple that looked as if it was farther into the school.

Damn, they weren't kidding; school for rich kids huh?

Not really where 'poor, pitiful, orphan Bella' would fit in. Meh. Whatever.

The driver opened the door and went to get my bag from the back. I was glad that he didn't touch me; I don't liked to be touched.

The man walked ahead of me and led me to the wooden doors, he pushed forcefully and gestured me inside.

My eyes drank in the sight all around me. Everything looked as if it belonged there; the room was in harmony; at peace with the rest of the room.

This was a sort of lounge there were boys and girls sitting together in their uniforms. The girls wore grey skirts with a white blouse and a red tie, some girls are wearing a sweater vest over the tie but most aren't. The boys are wearing black slacks, white button down shirts and a red tie. Shoes differed person to person but most were wearing absurd heels, the boys had on dress shoes because anything else would be weird looking. (Pic on Profile)

I also noticed that they were all extremely beautiful; all of them, even the ugly were pretty.... Well there goes whatever self-esteem I had.

I looked to my left and I saw them, they were off to the side away from the hubbub that was the direct center. They were probably the most beautiful people in the room. There were five of them; two girls, three boys.

The first girl was blonde and looked like she belonged on the cover of Vogue that or Playboy. She was tall-I could tell even though she was sitting- she was wearing seven inch death traps. Her hair was in a stylishly messy pony tail. She had an air about her that screamed 'stay away, I will mess you up'.

The second girl was a dark headed brunette with spiky hair. She – sensibly – was wearing black flats. She seemed nice. She and the blonde probably decided to forgo the sweater vest.

The first boy looked like he was the boyfriend of the brunette. He was tall, lanky and slightly built. He eluded an air of calm about him.

The second boy was the total opposite of the lanky boy, this boy was built like a freaking bodybuilder and was currently making out with the blonde girl.

The last boy was sitting apart from the others but you could tell he belonged. He wore all black, his hair an odd shade of red, almost bronze. It looked as if he ran his hands through it all day. I couldn't see his eyes from here, but I could tell they were bright. He defied the rules by wearing the black shirt; I smiled at the thought, I might like this place after all.

"Welcome Isabella, how are you today?" I looked up from where I was sitting. Wait, how did I get into this chair? Never mind. Not like I haven't done that before. Go to sleep one place, wake up in another place.

"Fine, a little tired; and you?" I asked the caramel haired woman sitting behind the desk.

"Just fine thank you for asking." She said smiling.

"So, what do I do now?" I asked.

"Well, first we will get you your uniform, we have some new stuff, then we will get your schedule all sorted out and then arrange someone in your level to take you around the campus, and show your room; so you can get settled. How does that sound?" She asked.

"Sure." I said uninterested.

"Alright, well the man who drove you was Mr. Nick, my name is Headmaster Cullen-"

"Cullen?!" I sat up straight.

"Yes, I know about Tuesday so you won't have any problems."

I wasn't sure how I felt about this, but I was here, I was safe, I had free food and an actual bed to sleep in.

It sounded like a pretty sweet deal to me.

For now.