Innocence For You

~Cordelia's story~

DISCLAIMER: These characters from Romeo x Juliet are not owned by me. Their rightful owners are Gonzo and Funimation.


I was merely a young woman who served the House she was born to serve. I did as I was taught since I was a child. Laundry, cooking, cleaning; and never once did I complain for I was more fortunate than many other servants in Neo Verona. The person I looked after my whole life was my sweet, brave, and loving girl, Juliet Capulet. As the sole survivor of the deceased Capulet family, Juliet was our only hope in order to destroy our current tyrant of the House of Montague. For 14 years of our lives, we've been in hiding from Montague until Juliet decided to fight to reclaimed her throne. I cannot imagine how horribly aggravating it must've been for Juliet to disguise herself as a man all those years. However, being Juliet, she still managed to save the townspeople by becoming the Red Whirlwind. With that reckless attitude of hers, she's always been getting into trouble as she tries to save the helpless. Somehow, I get to involved in her rescues. But I still felt the need to protect and care for her like she does when she becomes the Red Whirlwind for the townspeople.

I envied Juliet so much. Ever since she was small, she would always call my name as an older sister or maybe even a mother. Then I couldn't help but brush her long red hair, a secret that was kept between us. I always was there to wake her up and to cook for her. I felt like my whole life was to be beside Juliet. I never once thought of her falling in love; not once. I noticed Juliet acting strangely one day, but it wasn't at all a horrible kind of strange. When she told me about the nobleman she fell in love with, I pleaded her not to see him again. But this was Juliet; she would of course disobey and follow what her heart was set out to do. This single girl could cause me so much worry and grief sometimes I wondered why I was ever placed to take care of her.

Even though, I still loved her like she was my own child. It was no wonder that the nobleman fell for Juliet. However after falling in love with the young man, I felt Juliet moving away from me. You could call me a mother hen, but I never loved her as much as anyone else. With the only person I truly cared for taken away from me, who else can I turn to? Who else can I love truly with my whole heart? I didn't think that I would find someone so unexpected to be the one.