Juliet grew to be incredibly beautiful as time went on. Although she seemed like an innocent little child, she needed as much attention as a little girl would with her doll. I had my hands busy with taking care of the household, but it was nothing like my old job. Some days ended where I would collapse on my bed from exhaustion only to be woken up by the sounds of a whimpering baby.

Benvolio ended up working at one of the new shipping docks where at times he would leave just before dawn, but come back around midnight. I truly missed him at the times he was away. But I knew that I had my own duties to tend to.

For two years, Benvolio and I worked hard to earn our living. It was a sight to behold as soon as Juliet started talking and walking. I smiled as I recall the days when I tended to Juliet Capulet, for she seemed identical to my own daughter at this point.

I was taking Juliet out for a stroll in the town's marketplace for the evening. Her curious eyes wandered as we passed through strange objects and colorful fruits. Juliet had obviously inherited Benvolio's inquisitive personality, I thought amusingly to myself.

"Mama, what's that?" she babbled pointing at the ground.

I stooped over as my eyes lingered over at a single petite flower.

"Why, that's an iris," I responded as I picked it from its stem.

I handed over the white iris and Juliet stopped to admire it. Her eyes widened as she gazed at its beauty.

"It's pwetty, mama!" she exclaimed.

"Yes…." I said.

I knew Juliet wouldn't understand the symbolic meaning of the iris yet, but for some reason I felt obliged to tell her. I suddenly felt the urge to visit the tree again. I grabbed Juliet's arm and headed for the memorial.

The sky was painted with pink, yellow, and orange as we reached the humongous oak. Tiny flower petals fluttered from the branches casting a mini stream of confetti. Juliet grasped the iris as I picked up Juliet to give her a better view. However, she squirmed from my arms and ran up to the tree. To my astonishment, she placed the iris neatly at the base of the tree and stepped back. I rushed to her side.

"Juliet, dear! Don't rush up so suddenly!" I chided.

She turned toward me with her innocent, Benvolio-like eyes.

"But, mama, the flower wanted to be next to it!" she said.

"Now, why would you think such a silly thing?"

Juliet said nothing, but continued to stare. I didn't force her for an answer. I felt a sudden rush of wind whip my dress. It was then that I felt compelled to tell her. Very carefully, I approached my curious child.

"Juliet, dear. Did you know there's someone else with your name?"

Her eyes grew wide.

"Another Juliet?"

"Yes," I said softly, "she brought happiness to Neo Verona. She gave us a good life."

"I want to meet her! Can I see her?" Juliet asked anxiously.

I tried to hide my pain with a smile.

"She's away and can't be seen," I replied simply.

"Oh…" she said, disappointed.

"But always know that she loves you, as do I."

I stooped over to pick up my daughter and hugged her soft body. We continued to stare at the tree for a long time, the wind slightly blowing our hair back. I felt that the former Juliet had been with us all this time.

I heard a faint shout of my name. My eyes rose as I turned over to see a small figure approaching us.

"Papa!" Juliet exclaimed. She struggled out of my arms and ran clumsily toward her father. They hugged in a tight embrace. I casually ambled toward them, surprised at how early Benvolio arrived.

"Benvolio, dear. What are you doing back so early?" I asked, glad have a rare moment with the three of us together. He gave a delighted grin.

"The ship we were supposed to dock is late. They said to take a few hours break and come back." He glanced at the tree. "I had a feeling you were here."

"Oh really?" I asked as I raised an eyebrow.

Benvolio released his grip over Juliet and grabbed my hands. He gave me a peck on the cheek making me blush. His kisses always seemed new to me.

"So what are you doing here so late in the evening?" he asked inquiringly. He glanced over at our daughter now running around the base of the tree, laughing. The wind danced around her as if the former Juliet and she were playing together on this beautiful evening.

"I told her about Juliet," I answered, wrapping my arms around his solid waist. I rested my head on his broad shoulders. His build had definitely changed after he accepted his job at the ships dock. However, Benvolio's face still retained its same innocent look.

"So she knows now. That's good," he said.

I nodded as I leaned closer to him, watching my radiant Juliet dancing about. The scene was perfect. Absolutely perfect. I had an adoring child whose smile I always cherished. I had a perfect home and a perfect community. Best of all, I had a perfect husband, Benvolio, who would always stay by my side.

The sun began to fade, but I continued to watch over this impeccable moment. I would never ask for anything more, only to continue to live together in peace. I silently thanked Romeo and Juliet for the lives they saved and the chance for me to live with my own family.

Forever we remained, living in eternal bliss and love.