The List Of Things That I Love About You

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Your anger- Every time I see you in class and you began insulting students, I just want that voice to keep going. That voice is seducing to me. I can't stop imagining it and the effects that's happening to me.

Your sarcasm- Every time we see each other or have a "tutoring session." We always have at least one sarcasm out off each other and I would try not to smirk, laugh or smile whenever you do it. Because deep down within me, I know that you are on our side of the battle.

Your bravery- Every time I don't see you in the Great Hall for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even in the classroom, I'll know then that you're in one of those meetings. I fear for your life and hope you come back safely. However, I am impressed from your bravery and going back to "him."

Your skills- When I say this, I meant about your dueling tactics. You're the second powerful wizard that I know besides Dumbledore. I guess because all of those "meetings" that you go too, I guess you do need some tactics underneath your sleeve. I am impressed on the way you duel.

Your style- Every time I see you in those robes, I can't help but blush and look away from you. Oh how I love it when you walk in those robes. I really believe that you look sexy with that. However, I would clearly like it if I see what's underneath them.

Your potions- You're the Potion Master that every one calls. Clearly you have also the skills to be more then a teacher. However, how about stop using me as an taste testing object in class? I may love you, but someday, one of those potions could kill me.

Your eyes- Every time I see you, I look directly at your eyes and I could see the saddness within them and the rest of the emotions. Your eyes is also another way that seduces me as I blush quickly and look away besides your stylish clothes. However, I would also like to know the emotions that stays within your eyes. Perhaps when we're finally together, I could help you release those emotions.

Your hair- Every one seems to think that your hair is greasy from the potion making. However, I don't think it is and that your hair isn't greasy at all. I love your hair all the same. Clearly I hope you'll be able to let it stay like that forever more.

Your nose- Every time there's a crowd, I could always find you cause of your hooked nose and your appearance. Your nose is different from any of the other people that I may know, but that is what I love about it. Clearly your the man for me.

Your smile- When I say this, your smile is usually an evil smile that nobody likes about. However, that smile always makes my heart pound whenever I see it. I wish that evil smile would turn into a real smile. Perhaps when we're together, I could make you a real smile.

Harry looked down at the list that he wrote down at the paper. He smiled to himself as he put down his quill and just stared at the paper in front of him.

"Hey mate, whatcha doing?" Ron's voice asked as he interrupted Harry's thoughts.

Harry quickly put the paper down and turned it over so that Ron wouldn't see. "Nothing of sorts," he replied.

Ron frowned, "Well, whatever your doing, you better finish it quickly. We got Double Potions within ten minutes," he said and with that, he left the boys' dormitory and went down to the common room where Hermione was waiting.

Harry turned the paper over to see the list he wrote and he smiled again, "Someday I'll give this to you," he whispered. With one final touch, he wrote at the bottom of the paper:

To Severus Snape: The List Of Things That I Love About You.

By: Harry Potter

Date: October 3rd, 1996.

Sixth year in Hogwarts.

Harry cringed as he heard Ron's voice call out to him, "Hurry up mate! If we don't get a move on, we'll get a detention from Snape!"

"I'm coming!" Harry called back as he got out off the bed and grabbed his schoolbag beside the trunk. He looked at the paper in his hand one last time before kneeling down in front of the trunk and putting it inside a special compartment within where nobody could find it. "I hope we'll be together someday," he said slowly and hopefully as he stared at the compartment longingly.

"Harry James Potter, if you don't come out right now, I'll come up there and get you myself!" Hermione yelled up making everyone in the common room covering his/her ears by her harsh yell.

"Hold your horses! I'll be there!" Harry called back and with that, he quickly stood up and grabbed his schoolbag and with one last look at the trunk, he left the boys' dormitory and down to the common room to find his friends and leave for Double Potions.



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