The year was ending and the days were short, bathing the offices of Shin-Ra Headquarters in sleepy purple light although it was barely four o'clock in the afternoon. It made Zack tired, and the only remedy to energize himself for the remainder of his office duties was to take a break and train on the 49th floor.

Being a jock at heart, Zack let time run away while he was immersed in physical activity. He loved training with the lower classes because they liked to gang up on him and give him a challenge. It was so much fun, and left him with an aching body and a lifted spirit.

The thought of going back to his office was a miserable one… But Zack figured that if he got cleaned up and back to his desk in twenty minutes, and then worked for one solid hour without interruption, he could make it home in time to watch 'Dancing With the Stars' with Angeal.

The only obstacle was a big sign on the locker room door announcing that the cleaning girls had taken it over, and that no man could enter for any reason. The cleaners were bitter bitches and usually meant pretty serious business, but he opened the door a crack anyways and called as benevolently as he could, "Ladies? Hello?"

"What?" Came a harsh, hurried female voice.

Another one echoed with even less patience, "What you want?"

Zack innocently peeped into the locker room, "Excuse me, but would you beautiful, enchanting creatures mind if I used a shower? I'll be quick and I'll be sure to use one you haven't cleaned ye – "

"Get out, you're not making even more mess in here!" The first voice screeched.

The second one agreed, "We take one hour clean gross man mess, you wait! Nasty, sweaty pig!"

Zack took that as a hard 'no', and left it at that. He considered just stewing in his own filth at his desk and finishing up his work, but he could literally smell himself. He decided to sneak up to Angeal's celebrity gym that he shared with Sephiroth and Genesis, for surely they wouldn't mind if he borrowed one little shower…

Besides, Angeal's bathing products were up there and they beat the body wash dispenser in the public gym. He could go home smelling nice, and get some action during the commercial breaks!

Mind made up, Zack stole into the elevator and punched in the not-so-secret code.

He stepped off into the private Generals' gym and immediately knew he wasn't alone. The lights were all on, there was coffee brewing at the mini-bar, and the radio was blaring. It wasn't music, but instead a local call-in radio program that catered to women wanting advice from real men about love and sex.

It could only be one person. Zack peeled his shirt off, sighing in disgust as the fabric clung to his damp back. "Hey Genesis? It's Zack. I'm just here to shower, don't call security on me alright?"

There was no answer, probably because Genesis was somewhere meditating or whatever it was he did when he worked out. Zack went stomping into the bathroom, making noise in an effort to alert the redhead to his presence. Once he was in the bathroom, it became apparent that Genesis was not the one using the gym.

It was Sephiroth. And he was in the Jacuzzi. Naked. And his hand was very obviously between his legs under the water's dark, bubbling surface.

Sephiroth looked up at Zack with an unreadable expression until he finally he cracked a smile, "Awkward."

Zack let out a gust of air. "Jesus… you scared me. Um… I just came in to rinse off, the cleaning ladies won't let me into the one downstairs… I didn't mean to ruin like…. Your… uh… personal time."

"It's cool. You ever jack off for so long you get kind of bored of it?" Sephiroth brought both hands up out of the water and smoothed the hair off his face.

"Oh… still… Awkward," Zack chuckled a little bit, inching toward the exit. "I'll just go home and shower, it's fine – "

"Nah, go ahead. Or get in here and chill out with me…" Sephiroth lowered down into the water until only his nose and eyes were visible. He looked fairly harmless.

Similar things had happened before – them treading into each other's personal time, seeing each other naked - but it seemed so different now. Zack wasn't sure why, but he didn't like feeling uncomfortable around someone he cared for so much. Things between them had become somewhat distant since he'd started seeing Angeal, so in an effort to rekindle their friendship Zack dropped his shirt onto the bench, and pushed his pants and underwear off of his hips.


"Missy, thanks for calling again! We really appreciate repeat callers, and you're one of our favorites to hear from! You're all set to speak to the deejays in about half an hour. You don't mind holding that long, do you?"

"No, I don't mind," Cloud replied in a girlish octave.

"And just so they have some reference, what's your question tonight?"

"Should I stay out of my boyfriend's professional career, or try to be a part of it?" Cloud's voice slipped a little into a lower tone, and he coughed to regain the cooing chirp. "I always wanted to be in his career field, but he's already very successful in it, and he's becoming sort of overbearing and critical. I don't know how to follow my dreams without him stepping all over my toes. I know he's just trying to help me, but I can't help feeling like he's… a real fucking pain in my ass."

"That's a fantastic topic, I'm sure a lot of women feel that way. Sometimes it takes a little more time for us to reach our professional goals, but that doesn't mean we should just give up and stick to being baby machines, right?"

"I'm definitely not a baby machine," Cloud agreed.

"Alright honey, I'll prompt the deejays with your topic. Just stay on hold and you'll be on shortly. Good to talk to you again, Missy."

"Good to talk to you, too!" Cloud grinned, and settled onto his bed to wait for his air time. These radio people were better therapy than money could buy.

Cloud waited patiently, but gave his phone an annoyed glance when another call tried to come through. This number had been calling him all night, but he didn't recognize it and frankly didn't want to run the risk of speaking to a family member unprepared. Besides, he was too focused on his situation to talk to anyone.

Lately things had been strained between himself and Sephiroth; the closer he got to SOLDIER exams, the more Sephiroth picked on him about his form during fighting, the skinny shape he was in, or how he could have done even better on weekly physicals. Between getting force fed, dragged into sparring matches, or forced to stare at his books instead of drinking or watching TV, Cloud was pretty stressed out in Sephiroth's company.

He knew the General was encouraging him, but he wasn't sure if he could take that much encouragement in the long run.

If this was how Sephiroth acted about his exams, what the hell was he going to act like when Cloud received missions and his life was on the line? Would he be forced to memorize and recite his mission briefings? Was his life living with Sephiroth going to be all work and no play?

The worst part of all was that they hadn't had sex in three whole weeks… even though they'd slept in the same bed several times. It was all about resting up, studying, fighting, or power eating. He missed getting cuddled and kissed and needed… he didn't want to spar or go jogging with Sephiroth. He wanted to make love to him.

Cloud had tried to hook up with Sephiroth that evening, but knowing that Cloud had a big calculus exam the following day, Sephiroth had told him no.

"Please, Seph? I'm all stressed out and overworked, and Cam and I have been studying for two weeks for tomorrow's test. I just wanna forget about it for tonight… I want to see you."

"Study for your test and go to sleep early. You don't need me distractin' you right now."

"… Please?" Cloud asked, resorting to begging. "Won't you come over for a little while? Cam's out of the room..."

"Get a good grade on your test and I'll see you this weekend. We'll go to the nutrition store and make some smoothies."

"No pizza?" Cloud cried. "No beer?"

"Nah, you need somethin' with more protein. And hey, it's warm enough outside; we can drive to the shore and so some water weight trainin'. I'll give you a workout that'll fuck you up, you won't be able to move 'til Monday."

"… Romantic," Cloud rolled his eyes. He then abruptly ended the call with his lover and immediately dialed Girl Talk.

After a few minutes of waiting on hold, stewing over his rejection, and palming the throbbing mass in his underwear, there was a knock on the door. Cloud adjusted his crotch and rolled off the side of his bed to his feet, "Cam, you better start to remember your keys or next time I'll leave you out the – "

Cloud opened the door and didn't see the dumb, handsome face of his roommate. He was instead gaping up at Genesis Rhapsodos. The tall, redheaded General was leaning on the doorframe in an olive green military bomber jacket and a loose pair of jeans, managing to look like a perfectly careless and fashionable young man. "Here you are. Why aren't you answering my calls?"

"I…" Cloud stuttered, realizing he had been fairly drunk when Genesis gave him his phone number at their orgy. He probably didn't enter it into his phone correctly. "Sorry… I'm on hold for… Girl Talk."

"Girl Talk?" Genesis chuckled. He leaned farther against the doorframe, nearly touching his nose to Cloud's. "Do you have a question about love?"


"Maybe I can answer it for you… from behind."

"…Yeah," Cloud repeated dumbly. It was then that he realized that all he was wearing was a wife beater and a pair of Sephiroth's boxer briefs, and that he was bulging painfully against the thin cotton material.

Genesis' eyes trailed down, and his fine eyebrows rose slightly as they rested on the crotch of his underwear. "… I always have the most impeccable timing."

"Get in here," Cloud breathed, tugging him into the room by his wrist.

Genesis pressed close against him, closing the door and locking it. He leaned down to steal a small kiss, barely teasing his lips across Cloud's, "… I'm surprised you aren't with your boyfriend tonight."

"My boyfriend is busy," Cloud lied, but the regret in his voice was slightly hollow as he pressed his body against Genesis. "… So your timing is pretty good."

"Oh Cloud dear, do you lust after me so much that you need to look at my poster every night before bed?" Genesis chuckled, abruptly pulling away from Cloud and walking towards Cameron's bed to admire himself. The redhead's huge recruitment poster dominated Cam's wallspace, and only a small photograph of Psycho as a tiny baby kitten rivaled it.

"No!" Cloud laughed. "That's my roommate's side. He has this huge boner for you."

"Well, I'd rather play here. Sephiroth's poster creeps me out… I don't want it staring at me while I seduce his man," Genesis threw a look at Cloud's side of the room, where the walls were cluttered with stickers, colorful clippings from magazines, and photographs of Sephiroth. "If your roommate likes me as much as you say, I'll leave him a little present on his pillow."

"He'll never believe it!" Cloud giggled, perching on the edge of Cam's bed, the phone still in the crook of his shoulder.

"Well, what's the big question for Girl Talk?" Genesis asked breezily, and let his jacket drop onto the floor. He had a black t-shirt on with the sleeves rolled up, like he was some kind of 50's movie rebel. It was a fashion sense that took preparation and effort, which also showed in his clean shaven face and the tousled slick-back hair style he was sporting.

Cloud bit his lips, unable to decide if Genesis' put together type of beauty was alluring or terrifying. There weren't many people that Cloud cared what they thought of him, but Genesis was one of them even though he hardly knew the man. "Well… it's about the SOLDIER exams…"

"What about them?" He asked, taking a seat on Cam's bed and leaning back. "… Come here, sit on my lap and explain it to your uncle Genesis."

"I staring to really think I'm good enough," Cloud told him softly, crawling over and swinging a knee over Genesis' thighs, and carefully settling on his lap. He shuddered as his arousal pressed against the man's stomach, "… I don't know if Seph thinks I'm good enough, though. I wonder if I should just not try… to save myself from embarrassment. And to save Seph from being embarrassed of me."

"Why would Sephiroth be embarrassed of you?" Genesis asked petulantly, slipping his fingertips into the loose band of Cloud's underwear and running his fingers around the edge. "If the SOLDIER thing falls through, the Honeybee Inn is always prowling for pretty young things like you."

The comment almost stung, until he realized that Genesis was only teasing, and flirting with him. He huffed out annoyed laughter, "You know I can't pull off big bee costume. The big bee ass hides my best feature."

"Sephiroth wouldn't love you so much if that were your only great feature," Genesis told him. "You shouldn't worry about the results of the exam. Trying is enough."

"… I really want it, though…" Cloud groaned earnestly.

"Mm, say that again," Genesis smiled, bumping his nose into Cloud's. "But this time, look at me while you say it."


"So is this what you do when you're training? Sit back in the hot tub and listen to chick radio?"

"I resent that," Sephiroth rumbled, his eyelids low and relaxed. "I train like a maniac. But when I'm alone… I mostly just sit in here. And I listen to this radio show because Cloud calls in constantly."

"What?" Zack laughed.

"He tries to sound like a girl, and calls in. Mostly asking about long-distance relationships, and how to not be clingy, and what to do when you're man is away for long periods of time," Sephiroth's toes emerged from the water on the opposite side of the hot tub, and wiggled slightly in the cooler air.

"How do you know it's him?"

"Who else has that accent?" Sephiroth asked, and he had a point. Zack didn't know of anyone else in Midgar who spoke like Cloud. "Rhonda actually heard him call in the first time, and called me up to tell me to turn on the radio. I started listening for him, and I kind of got addicted to it… it's a good show."

Zack laughed, "Does he know you know?"

Sephiroth shook his head. "I've never said anything to him. He's still a little insecure about me. It's adorable really, because everyone who knows me, knows I'd lick the ground he walks on."

"I guess everyone's insecure when they're in a relationship," Zack said idly, slouching further into the water.

"… I've been wonderin'…" Sephiroth sat up a little bit, his toes disappearing back under the surface. "… Why didn't you screw him?"

Zack rolled his eyes. "I was hoping we wouldn't have this conversation."

"I'm just curious…" Sephiroth narrowed his eyes. "… Zack, you're not actually gay."

"Yes I am!" Zack cried.

"… I don't think you are. I think you dropped that bitch Aerith and now you're reboundin'. There is no way any sane man would not fuck Cloud."

"We did other stuff! I just didn't feel right having full blown sex with him!"

"Because you're straight."

"No!... Because I…" Zack crossed his arms under the water. "I've only slept with two people, and I was in love with both of them. Sleeping with Cloud while he was drunk felt… weird. I didn't want him to hate me."

For a moment there were only the sounds of the water bubbling away, and a lonely girl from the West end of Sector 5 who couldn't seem to reach an orgasm without thinking of her father.

Eventually Sephiroth smiled, "I guess Angeal's sense of honor rubbed off on you, eh?"

Zack gave him a relaxed, lopsided grin, "Probably. I'm not that honorable though… Cloud got off like three times. He shouldn't have complained to you just because we didn't go all the way."

"He didn't complain at all. He told me he had an awesome time."

"Good…" Zack looked down into the water, not wanting to meet Sephiroth's eyes. "He's really sexy. But… I guess I can't just fuck people without caring like you guys do."

"What makes you think we fuck without caring?"

"Well, I mean..." Zack trailed off as Sephiroth stood up in the Jacuzzi. Water drops raced down his tight, smooth skin, while his hair noisily released a small waterfall that ran over the curved of his ass. Sephiroth's cock was so hard it looked like he could probably come at any moment, leading Zack to believe he hadn't just been 'casually' touching himself before he'd interrupted… and it also didn't take away from that arousal to have Zack nearby.

Zack's mouth was hanging open as Sephiroth moved closer through the water, and gracefully swung one over Zack's lap before settling down against him. His cock hardened so quickly it made him a little light headed, and he was left helplessly gazing up at Sephiroth.

"Cloud and I care very much about the people we fuck," He then said, pressing some weight down onto Zack.

"… That's nice," Zack's voiced cracked out.

"The first person I ever had sex with was Cloud," Sephiroth's eyes rolled shut, and he let his hands move over the hard, wet curves of Zack's chest and arms. "I love Cloud more than I can even tell ya… but I'm attracted to other people, and so is he. Sex can be just for fun… but I'd never get so close to someone I didn't care about. I care about Genesis… and Angeal. And I care about you. A lot."

"Seph…" Zack swallowed a knot in his throat. "Did you mean it… when you asked me why I didn't ask you out first?"

"Yeah. I was kinda bummed about it… you're not into femme dudes if you're datin' Angeal. Kinda thought I'd be next in line."

Zack's dared to put his hands on Sephiroth, and spread his fingers wide over the plane of his broad, milky skinned chest. "I guess that might have been the problem with Cloud. He's pretty strong, but he looks so delicate… I kept feeling like I was going to hurt him. I'm used to someone bigger..."

"Someone like me?"

"… Yeah," Zack swallowed again, unable to control the amount of saliva his mouth was producing. With trembling fingers he began to trace the hard lines of muscle and bone built under Sephiroth's skin, until they disappeared under the water. "I - I mean… Cloud's beautiful. I'm sure I'm gonna fuck him eventually – "

"Don't worry about Cloud, he's a little slut. He gets it plenty," Sephiroth tilted Zack's head back with his hands. "Let's talk about you and me."


"I want it," Cloud said bravely, looking directly into Genesis' nearly cruel teal eyes. He quickly looked down, completely unworthy. Genesis was different than Sephiroth or Angeal, in that he carried himself like a First Class SOLDIER even in the bedroom. He was so sophisticated; not at all the type of man Cloud imagined himself with. It felt strange to be on his lap, telling him his miniscule Cadet problems.

"So do I," Genesis agreed.

"Can I ask you a question?" Cloud asked carefully.

"That's my favorite question of all," Genesis purred, loving the intrigue of getting to know a new person. "… Of course you can."

"It's actually my real question… I can't necessarily ask Girl Talk. Sephiroth hasn't… he hasn't made love to me in weeks. He wouldn't even come to see me tonight, even though he could have if he wanted to… so I'm wondering... if training too hard is making me ugly?"

Genesis nearly roared with laughter, and gripped Cloud close so he couldn't squirm away like a nervous cat. "You are anything but ugly!"

Cloud felt stupid and like he was fishing for compliments, when really he needed an honest answer. "Something about me is turning him off."

"…. Slap me."

"What?" Cloud cried.

"Slap me across the face."


"I'm inspecting a potential SOLDIER candidate…" Genesis tilted his head. "Do it. If you can't, I don't know how I'm going to make love to you, much less exist as one of your commanding officers."

"…Really? Slap your face?" Cloud asked uneasily. "… But it's so pretty."

Genesis leaned back against the wall. "… Do it, Cloud. You know part of you wants to. If you feel any lust for me at all… then you want to give me some pain, don't you?"

Cloud tentatively brought his hand up, "I suppose so…"

"Do it," Genesis said, and almost before the words left his mouth, Cloud's palm cracked against the side of his face. Like a smart warrior, he'd slapped against bone instead of flesh, and it hurt.

Genesis' eyes flew open, blinking rapidly as they came back into focus. A red splotch was already blooming on his cheek, and he licked his lips. Genesis' fingers crawled up Cloud's thighs, and easily slipped between the loose fabric of Sephiroth's underwear and the tight, tanned skin of Cloud's ass. "Do it again."

"Again?" Cloud asked, breathless although this kind of foreplay was foreign to him. "Really…?"

"You slap hard, like a SOLDIER. I want it again."

"… Like a SOLDIER?" Cloud asked, nearly self imploding with pride.

"Don't be gentle."

Cloud couldn't bring himself to close his fist, but pulled back and put even more power behind hitting Genesis again. Genesis' lower lip split open, and before he could even focus his eyes Cloud's lips were on his. He pulled on the wound with his teeth, causing Genesis to groan deeply into his mouth.

Genesis ripped the underwear off of Cloud with two hands, as though the cloth were nothing more than wrapping paper. He didn't even take a single second to mourn the loss of a pair of Sephiroth's undies, instead Cloud's hands burrowed up into Genesis' shirt, eager to feel his tight, athletic body. The kiss broke so the shirt could be pulled off of Genesis' head, and the sight of his red hair a tousled mess made Cloud wild. He dug his hands in the short, dark ginger tresses and tried to run his fingers through it, but it was thick and slightly sticky with product.

Genesis gave him a sharp cry. "Yeah, pull it."

"You're so sexy," Cloud pulled him closer by the hair, nuzzling against the red mark on the side of Genesis' face. He laid back and tugged the General along with him, enjoying the weight of his statuesque body.

"I'm glad you think so," He purred, and gave a long, wet lick along the length of Cloud's neck. "You're gorgeous enough to capture Sephiroth… I can see why now that you're underneath me."

Cloud giggled, almost pointing out that 'Sephiroth' and 'clothes are off' rhymed, but instead gasped as Genesis calloused palm wrapped around his cock.

"Sephiroth will be angry that we're going this," Genesis whispered.

"Why?" Cloud sighed, moving his body against Genesis. He didn't need to ask though; the two had a strange little rivalry, especially now that they were sexually involved in each other. Cloud almost felt a little jealous, but now it felt right that the redhead had finally made good on his promise to come to him. "… He won't care. He'll… probably get off on it."

"No, he'll be mad… I want him to be mad. I'm planning on leaving my stink all over you," Genesis carefully sucked Cloud's skin, purposefully gentle and not nearly hard enough to leave any sort of imprint.

Cloud tilted his head, suddenly a little nervous, "… Like piss?"

"No, not like piss. I want to mark you much more permanently than that… I want to influence the way you fuck," Genesis began to lick his way down Cloud's lean body. "Next time you fuck your boyfriend, he's going to be able to tell I've been around."

Cloud put on a pretty pout, "So you wanna fuck me just to make Sephiroth mad? What do I get out of it?"

Genesis smiled over his skin, and without hesitation he dropped his mouth down onto Cloud's erection. His lips framed it perfectly, and Cloud found himself thrusting up until he bumped the back of Genesis' throat. Cloud's mouth broke into a smile, and he fisted Genesis' hair and pushed his head down until those lips were pressed against his pelvis.

Genesis winked up at him, because that's exactly the kind of mark he wanted to leave on Cloud. The blonde teenager wasn't property, and Sephiroth was too smug about their relationship. Cloud was a man, and Genesis was going to fuck him like one, not a boy or a Cadet or someone lower in status than himself.

Cloud deserved to feel confident. Genesis brushed kisses along Cloud's cock, leaning into Cloud's hand as it became gentle against the side of his face. Genesis worked his jaw and took Cloud deep into his throat, enjoying the wordless pleasure written on his pretty face.

Cloud's expression turned to mortification as the door handle jiggled. Then there was an impatient knock. He bit his lip and whispered, "My roommate. He always forgets his key, so it's okay."

"You'd leave him out there?"Genesis asked, idly moving his tongue along the slit of Cloud's cock.

Cloud nodded with vigor. "Sephiroth could be standing out there and I wouldn't open up …"

Genesis flashed him a tender smile as the door handle jiggled again.

Then very abruptly, it came swinging open and a tall, brawny boy came thundering in. "My key was all the way in the bottom of my bag, I had to dig for it, why didn't ya just open the door for Christ's sa…"

Cloud pressed his head into the mattress and looked back, finding Cam standing in the doorway with a completely neutral expression on his face. In Cam's facial language, he was so shocked that his brain had reset itself. Cloud glanced back down to see that Genesis was still poised perfectly over Cloud's erection.

Nobody moved for several moments, until Genesis finally chuckled, "Hello there."

Cameron didn't respond.

"Close the door," Genesis suggested.

Cam did, but with himself on the wrong side of it. He leaned heavily against it as his horror bled into his features. "… General… I'm… dere wasn't no sock on tha handle."

"We forget these things in the heat of the moment," Genesis smiled, clearly recalling the signals for hooking up from life in the dorms. "… But it's a happy accident. What's your name?"

"… It's…" The poor boy was so confused that he forgot it.

"Cameron Wedge," Cloud supplied. He was a little embarrassed to be so exposed, but Cam had seen him naked and aroused before. He was also a little smug to be walked in on getting blown by such a hot, powerful stud. He felt his cock begin to throb at the lack of attention, and shivered as Genesis spoke against it.

"Cameron… lock the door," Genesis purred.


Sephiroth's tongue was longer than anyone else Zack had ever kissed, and he could hardly keep up with it. Eventually he realized he didn't have to, because Sephiroth was obviously a master kisser, and he easily dominated Zack's mouth. His teeth were sharp, and the feel of them plucking at his lips was so alien and lovely, the feel of his mouth unlike anything else in the world.

Zack realized he was moaning, but he didn't really care. Sephiroth seemed to enjoy how pliable and needy Zack had become in the span of one kiss, and worked his skill to keep him that way.

Sephiroth moved off of Zack's lap and tucking both hands underneath Zack's arms, hefted him out of the water.

Zack wasn't necessarily a light man, but Sephiroth was able to sit him on the side of the Jacuzzi without as much as a grunt of effort. Being totally dominated in size made Zack gasp in need, and before he could think both of his legs reached out to spread wide open for Sephiroth to do whatever he wanted.

Sephiroth smirked, "Maybe I was wrong. You do seem a little bit gay."

Zack gave him a toothy smile. "I know what feels good… and that cock is gonna feel so good…"

Sephiroth touched himself lazily, and then knelt in the water between Zack's legs. He didn't even really look at Zack's erection, even as it twitched needily when Sephiroth's breath spread over his wet, tight balls. Instead he gazed underneath, and moved forward to press a kiss against Zack's dark, hair-framed asshole.

Zack clenched slightly, looking down in alarm. "Seph…"

"You're so Gongagan…" Sephiroth remarked, spreading Zack wide with his thumbs and feeling the soft fuzz there. "… It's different."

"Huh?" Zack asked innocently, and then shuddered as Sephiroth began to carefully flick his tongue against the tight opening. He gave a startled gasp, which only encouraged Sephiroth to slip his tongue in deeper.

Sephiroth's nose pressed against the back of Zack's balls, and he brought his mouth up every so often to suck on them while watching Zack's reactions thoughtfully. He was such a fucking pretty boy, although his loud attitude and brash fighting style often covered over his looks. Sephiroth saw him as a fellow warrior, but right then Zack looked defenseless and handsome in a way that he hardly ever noticed.

Just as Sephiroth was admiring his friend's innocent, boyish good looks, Zack's face cracked into a grin. "You've told me to kiss your ass so many times, Seph… I never thought one day you'd be kissing mine."

That made Sephiroth rear back, "Shut up."

"Don't stop, you looked good down there!" Zack sneered through loud, rude laughter.

Sephiroth tightly grabbed Zack's erection with one hand, and used the other to smack the inside of his thigh. "You look pretty good all spread out like my bitch."

"I'm a power bottom!" Zack claimed, bringing his knees up higher. "Don't think you're in charge just because I'm taking it. I'm taking it because I wanna take it!"

"You wanna take my cock?" Sephiroth asked softly, running his fingers over Zack's thighs.

"… Yeah," Zack tried to stifle a warm smile, but it slipped through his teeth. He then wrapped his legs around Sephiroth's neck, "But eat it some more, your tongue is insane."

Sephiroth wriggled against Zack's legs, "Eat your own hairy ass!"

"I would if I could, trust me!" Zack shouted, locking his ankles behind Sephiroth's head and pulling him back.

They began to laugh at one another, and then Sephiroth suddenly stood up, which sent Zack sliding head first into the water. He came up with a gasp and immediately tackled Sephiroth, sending hot water spilling over the tub's edge. Noise and laughter echoed around the bathroom as they tossed water at each other and attempted to inflict any sort of harm they could.

Sephiroth trapped Zack in a bear hug with both arms, and Zack attempted to take control by wrapped his legs around Sephiroth's hips. Instead of gaining any leverage, it caused Sephiroth's cock to bump unceremoniously against Zack's opening.

One yelp caused the bathroom to become silent, and Sephiroth looked at Zack with concern, "Sorry."

"Whatever…" Zack smiled, but became suddenly aware of how slippery and smooth Sephiroth's hairless skin was. He swallowed and relaxed a little in his arms, hoisting himself up a little to press a kiss onto his lips.

Sephiroth leaned forward into the kiss, pulling Zack closer against him. "… Normally I'd like to make you bleed, but could you be normal for a few seconds do I can make this easier for you?"

Zack laughed, biting Sephiroth's chin. "Fine…"

Sephiroth kissed Zack while sitting on the edge of the tub. Something about Zack's lips seemed especially succulent; the shape they made against his own made him hungry for it. He kissed Zack longer than was strictly polite, and was pleasantly relieved when Zack relaxed into it instead of trying to fight it.

Sephiroth worked his fingers into Zack's hole with relative ease, pausing when he shuddered around them. He slowly let Zack's mouth go, and felt a gust of his warm, sweet breath against his face.

"Seph…" Zack wilted against him slightly. "… This is some grown up, passionate shit you're springing on me."

"Oh get over it, all I did was kiss you," Sephiroth grunted and began to move his fingers, enjoying the tiny waves of tightness Zack created as he brushed along a particularly sensitive spots inside.

"… And now you're gonna fuck me," Zack mused, running his lips along Sephiroth's neck.

Sephiroth mumbled an agreement, shivering a little as Zack's tongue darted out to lick his ticklish skin. He found himself grinding against Zack, who leaned back a little to sink further down on his fingers. "You set?"

"I'm so set," Zack smiled breathlessly, and clung anxiously to Sephiroth despite his confident words.

Sephiroth huffed hard through his nose as he lifted Zack onto his cock, and let him slide all the way down.


Cloud was too proud to be shy, it wasn't often that he had a beautiful General that was not his boyfriend between his legs. He merely smiled up as Cam approached, shuffling like a zombie and utterly entranced by Genesis.

"Cloud tells me that you're a fan of mine," Genesis said, before licking the tip of Cloud's cock.

"I… admire your sword technique, Sir," Cam whispered dryly, extremely polite.

"Thank you," Genesis said, prowling to the edge of the bed and standing on his knees. It left him looking up at Cameron, and he didn't hesitate to reach out and move his hands over the cadet's hips. "… Do you and Cloud like to play together?"

"No," Cloud answered, friskily stretching out on his friend's mattress. "He's straight."

"Oh…" Genesis smiled, tilting his head a little as he straightened out Cameron's tie. "… Do you have a girlfriend?"

"… I'm talkin' to one… but we ain't datin' yet," Cam swallowed as Genesis pulled him closer until he was nose to nose with his idol.

"What a lucky girl," Genesis whispered, and closed the distance between their lips.

Cloud licked his lips as he watched Genesis deepen the kiss with Cameron; flashes of their red tongues popped out from between their lips every so often. He'd never seen Cam with a girl, but had heard of plenty of his escapades and had no reason not to believe them, especially when Cam had a body like that. Cam was shy and uncertain with Genesis, but became bolder as the seconds passed until he finally gave a little cry and pulled away, "General Rhapsodos…"

"Cameron?" Genesis smiled, his fingers quickly plucking at his red shirt buttons with the speed of a professional stripper.

Cloud rolled onto his side and watched with interest as his roommate's body was revealed, giving him the luxury of time to behold it. It was hard not to stare at Cam while he changed, came out of the shower, or spent time in the gym with him. The seventeen-year-old had turned into a fully grown man quite early, and wore his adult body with an uncertainty that was charming.

Cameron was speechless as his clothes were discarded, and was stricken with a rash of visible goosebumps as Genesis' hands ran over his bare chest.

"This is so nice… you live with this and don't touch it?" Genesis' brow furrowed as he lustfully ran his fingertips over Cam's thighs and began to undo his zipper.

Cameron's eyes slowly slid down Genesis' body, the mattress, up Cloud's outstretched body, and finally to his friend's eyes. "… Am I dreamin'?"

"I dunno," Cloud purred. He was drunk and delirious on lust, and wasn't going to allow morals to stand in the way of getting some of this action. Genesis was shameless, Cam was going along with it, and he wasn't about to put the brakes on. "… Do you usually dream about me naked on your bed?"

"Um…" Cameron swallowed, not answering as he glanced back to Genesis. "I'm uh… I'm not dreamin', though. So… what the fuck is happenin'?"

"Whatever you want to happen," Genesis said, rendering Cameron completely nude as he slid his pants and underwear down his legs.

Cloud bit his lip against moaning out loud at the sight of Cameron's body. His cock was thick, and unsure of whether it was okay to be hard or not, so had settled for somewhere in between. Cloud decided that the damage had been done, and there was no harm in going along with Genesis' slinky form of straight-guy seduction. With one gulp to steel his nerves, he reached out and ran his fingernails down Cam's stomach.

Cam skittered back a few inches, utterly spooked by the fact that he had somehow become naked. "W-wait a sec! I'm real sorry I walked on in you's, but uh…"

Cam trailed off as Genesis reached out and took his hand, lacing their fingers and pulling him closer. There was a hypnotist's quality in his teal eyes, and they burned up into Cam's warm brown ones. "… Touch him. There can't be any harm in just touching."

Genesis guided Cam's hand to Cloud's face. Cloud's eyes closed, and he smiled as his friend's hand covered the entire side of his head, paw-like and uncertain. But after a moment Cam's fingers moved in, and cupped the smooth skin and soft blonde hair. A couple of those fingers burrowed, hiding under the yellow spikes. Cam rubbed tenderly. "… You're so… pretty."

Cloud's eyes flew open angrily. "I am not!"

"Sh, Cloud. He's complimenting you," Genesis rumbled softly. "Cameron, Cloud is not a woman. He doesn't want to be called pretty. What else is he?"

"He's uh…" Cam searched for a moment, nervously glancing up and down Cloud's body. "He's uh… way bigger than I thought he was."

Cloud leaned against Cam's hand, nearly purring from the flattery. He reached out to touch Cam again, this time daring to brush his fingertips over Cam's thighs. "Sit down."

"You want to sit down," Genesis agreed.

Cam sat down.


Sephiroth tried to contain Zack, but it was difficult with the eager teen pressing kisses all over his face and bouncing steadily on his cock. It felt wonderful, but it was hard to concentrate with the sounds of Zack's loud whimpering and the splash of an alarming amount of water hitting the floor.

Sephiroth gripped his ass and attempted to get Zack onto his back on the tub's edge, but ended up stumbling and slipping, sending even more water onto the floor. "Zack…"

"Fuck you feel good," Zack whispered, kissing his friend's lips hungrily. "You're hitting it so good, Seph…"

Apparently Sephiroth was just a piece of meat for everyone to use at will! Cloud used him, Genesis used him, and Angeal certainly used him. But one person that was not going to ride him like some carnival attraction was Zack fucking Fair.

Sephiroth growled, and used more force than was necessary to shove Zack off of his cock. Before the little SOLDIER could ponder why, he turned him around and pushed his face against the edge of the tub.

"What the hell is your prob – Ah!" Zack cried out as Sephiroth pushed roughly back into him. He then melted, biting his lip with a smile. "Shit!... You are so good."

"Shut up," Sephiroth sneered, giving Zack's ass a satisfyingly wet smack. "Just shut up and take it."

"Okay!" Zack agreed with an enthusiastic moan.

"Not like that!" Sephiroth complained, and purposely shifted his hips in an effort to under stimulate Zack. He jabbed hard against a spot that should have been null, but was apparently electrifying.

"Fuck yeah!" Zack groaned happily, and reached back to grab his thighs, opening himself wider for Sephiroth's welcome invasion. One hand slipped forward to take a hold of his own cock, but Sephiroth quickly snatched Zack's wrist and pressed it to the middle of Zack's back.

"No fuckin' touchin'," Sephiroth hissed, putting pressure on Zack's arm in a manner that he was well aware must have been excruciating.

Zack didn't cry out in any real semblance of pain, though. In fact, the eager moaning even sounded a little bit satisfied, and Sephiroth's suspicions were confirmed when Zack eventually gave a small cry, "Oh. Fuck… I'm already close…"

"What's wrong with you?" Sephiroth growled.

"Huh?" Zack asked dreamily. "Nothing at all… you're awesome."

"You're tellin' me this doesn't hurt?" Sephiroth asked doubtfully, twisting Zack's arm to the point that it should have nearly been coming out of its socket.

"Well I guess," Zack shrugged his free arm a little.

Sephiroth was dumbfounded, "Oh my God… I've been makin' fun of you for years, but you really are a little bit retarded, aren'tcha?"

Zack's eyebrows drew together. "What are you talking about? Just because you're too much of a pussy to actually hurt me doesn't mean there's something wrong with me. Do it harder, maybe?"

"… You're baitin' me… You like when I hurt you, dontcha?"

Zack's expression lifted a little into something more playful, "… Maybe."

Sephiroth sank down a little, pressing his chest into Zack's back. "You like when I hit you? Is that why you're always in my face and buggin' me?"

"Yeah…" Zack admitted softly.


"I guess I thought that would be the only way you'd ever touch me."

"Oh…" Sephiroth frowned, taken aback by the verbal admission of something he had also felt during the course of their friendship. He'd wanted Zack for years, and took to beating the hell out of him to burn off the steady supply of steam that Zack brought to his system. He was gorgeous, and funny, and irritating. He was utterly irresistible, and Sephiroth would gladly resign to being a piece of meat for the lovely brunette to use and enjoy. With a heavy line of kisses across Zack's shoulders, Sephiroth lifted him up. "C'mere."

Zack rubbed his sore arm a little bit as he turned around, giving Sephiroth a wide grin. "Were you trying to tear it off?"

"Kind of," Sephiroth admitted, bumping back against the edge of the tub and making himself available.

Zack pinched one of Sephiroth's cheeks as he approached, placing a knee beside Sephiroth on the tub's edge and hoisting himself up over him. "You better gimme a Cure after this if you're gonna be so rough."

"I'll only be as rough as you want me to be."

"Hopefully you have a Phoenix Down, then," Zack grinned, dropping against Sephiroth's body and taking him in deep.


"I… I … Cloud?... Is uh…. Does that…" Cam heaved a sigh and swiped his hair out of his face, his eyes wide as he took in the sight of his cock disappearing down his best friend and roommate's throat.

Cloud only hummed, and continued to slurp away. On the other end of his little, lovely body, Genesis was gently probing his pink asshole with his tongue.

Genesis lifted his head, making eye contact with the skittish brunette teenager. "Cameron, does that feel good?"

"He uh," Cam looked down again, and his eyes shot closed. "…. He uh… he's like…"

"Cloud, you ready darling?" Genesis asked, giving his yummy hole another swipe of his tongue.

Cloud made an affirmative sound, releasing Cam's cock to look back with a wet-lipped smile. "… Go a little slow."

"Oh, I don't intend to go in without a little lube, dear. It's like snapping twigs," Genesis leaned over the side of Cam's bed and began to snoop around. It only took a moment for him to locate a little tube of lotion, "Here we are."

Cam appeared to be halfway dead from embarrassment, "I got dry knees!"

"Well, Cloud has a dry hole. It works well for all of us," Genesis dismissed, sharing a chuckle with Cloud as he pushed some of the velvety lotion into his ass.

Cloud was nearly on overload with the power of having Cameron under his control. He was nearly lost in the experience of sucking his cock, knowing full well he could do it better than anyone else Cameron had had before. Cloud could taste how badly Cameron wanted to come, it was seeping out all over his tongue. Anxiety, embarrassment or some combination of both was holding him off, and Cloud relished in drawing out the experience.

His attention was torn away from Cam as he felt Genesis ease inside him. He abandoned Cam's cock for the moment to look over his shoulder, watching as Genesis worked his way inside.

Cameron seemed to find this miraculous, "Whoah!"

Cloud turned his face to look back up at him. "... It's good, Cam."

"It is?"

Genesis shifted his hips a little, nuzzling a bit inside him. "It's damn good. Cloud, you're perfect."

Cloud couldn't speak, but instead leaned his forehead against Cam's hip bone. His breath came puffing out against his cock, causing Cameron squirm a little in a silent beg for more. Finally Cloud lifted his head and took it back into his mouth, suckling distractedly as Genesis began to move behind him.

Cameron couldn't help but stare at Genesis' body moving behind Cloud. He'd seen plenty of pictures of Genesis without a shirt because he liked to show off his body, unlike Sephiroth and Angeal who shunned photo ops and the press. But seeing that body and wanting to look like him wasn't quite the same as watching him have sex – something that fifteen minutes prior hadn't even crossed Cameron Wedge's mind. But there he was – getting one of the strangest and best blowjobs of his life, watching Cloud's rather adorable ass get rhythmically fucked by one of the hottest redheads on the planet.

The hottest guy redhead, of course, because he was totally into girls. Cameron felt his stomach drop. What was he thinking?

Cameron made an effort to stop thinking altogether, and gingerly cupped the back of Cloud's soft spikes, unable to take his eyes off of the General.

Genesis felt the weight of that stare, and although he'd come here to scratch a Cloud Strife itch, the hunky roommate was stealing his attention. He finally met that stare and held onto it, smiling as he met Cloud's hips at a faster pace.

That smile from Genesis sent a chain reaction through Cameron's body, starting at his eyes and riding his spine all the way down to Cloud's mouth. It was a rude surprise for Cloud, who wasn't familiar at all with Cameron's body and the signals it gave off before he spontaneously ejaculated. From the taste, he ate quite a lot of red meat.

Cameron shuddered, and grunted out quietly, "Fff… Gene - ….."

Cloud made a noise between a laugh and a cough, and let Cameron's length pop from between his lips. The rest of his load spurted a long distance over Cloud's shoulder, landing in a thick white streak across the middle of his back.

Genesis' eyes lidded hearing his name come gusting from between Cam's lips. He liked him… and his cream looked good splashed across Cloud's slender, sun kissed back. Genesis leaned down, making a show of dragging his tongue through the thick mess. Cloud glanced back at him, and Genesis met him in a sloppy kiss.

Cameron disengaged, scooting back a bit but not leaving the bed, he sat cross legged and in wonder, watching as Genesis' attention shifted entirely to Cloud. They murmured to each other between kisses, things that Cameron wasn't listening to and probably wouldn't understand.

Genesis adjusted his hips and drove harder into Cloud, who responded with an uncharacteristically deep grunting. Cam had suspected that Cloud was a complete girl in bed, but even though he was taking a dick he seemed quite in control of things, and his muscles tensed and trembled in a very masculine way.

Cloud's eyes flashed up at him for a moment, just a glance as he rolled over onto his back and spread his legs for Genesis to settle between. Cameron wasn't sure why, but he had an urge to crawl closer and remain a part of this act… so he did.

He settled on his elbows beside Cloud, and smiled down at him. "That's gotta hurt."

Cloud couldn't speak, but shook his head vigorously. Genesis came down closer on the palms of his hands to kiss Cloud, and then to surprise Cameron with a quick peck on his forehead. "It doesn't hurt. He's in his element right now."

Cloud's fingers scratched over Genesis' sides, over his ribs and up to his shoulders. Cameron found himself fascinated with every little movement of Cloud's fingers, and ached to reach out and touch Genesis, too. He didn't though, but brought his nails up to his mouth to chew anxiously as the two forgot about him and continued to... make love? Fuck? It was somewhere in between, and nothing like Cameron expected it to be.

"You should jerk him off," Genesis said with a sharp lick across Cloud's lips, and it took Cameron a moment to realize he was being spoken to.

"Me?" He squawked, looking nervously down at Cloud's cock as it bounced against his toned, tan stomach. Cloud was aroused, but he obviously needed a hand, but was too busy burying his fingers in Genesis' pretty red hair to touch himself.

"Ung…" Cloud made a distasteful noise. "Don't touch me Cam, your fingernails are gross. Gen… you… please?"

"I have to do everything myself," Genesis complained playfully, and put his weight on one hand while reaching down with the other to complete the circle of Cloud's pleasure.

Cloud's back lifted from the bed, and he pulled Genesis to his face by the hair. They kissed each other for several long moments, and Cam found himself hard against the mattress. He rubbed his senstivie, wet cock against his sheets, unconsciously humping in time with Genesis' hips. He tried to imagine what it must have felt like to be full of the SOLDIER, but couldn't even fathom it. He settled for just admiring the display, and his eyes drifted closed as Genesis began to groan hungrily into Cloud's mouth.

Cloud was fighting his innate inner shyness the entire time. He tried to ignore Cameron altogether, but was finding the heavy burn of his stare awakening some sort of hidden exhibitionist inside him. Even if he was more interested in Genesis, Cloud still worked to make it a good little show, and was getting off on it in a very real way. It helped that Genesis' cock was perfect; nearly the same shape as Sephiroth's, but where Sephiroth was rough, veiny, and ridged, Genesis was smooth in an almost elegant way.

Cloud swallowed a yelp down, but couldn't contain a little squeak in the back of his throat as Genesis began to pound against him. His fingers teased over Cloud's cock, stopping to pull on his balls or stroke ticklishly across his lower stomach. But as the pace picked up, he made a firm fist around him and pumped steadily, quickly lubing it up with a few early drops of Cloud's imminent orgasm.

The slick sound of Genesis' hand on him, and the beat of his balls against the base of Cloud's spine thrust him into mindless euphoria. Cloud didn't try to dampen the sounds that came out of him – Cam wouldn't tease him about it if he knew what was good for him.

"Oh, you got tight," Genesis whispered against Cloud's lips. "Are you gonna come all over me?"

"Uh huh," Cloud gasped, holding Genesis in deep with his thighs. They were surprisingly strong, and the redhead found he couldn't have pulled back to tease even if he wanted to. He stayed deep, rolling his hips and working hard against Cloud's body, enjoying the play of Cloud's muscles from the inside.

A soft gasp was heard from Cameron when Cloud shot off his first load, and it jumped high on Genesis' collar bone. Cloud went completely stiff, his back off the bed and his head digging into the mattress. He wiggled his ass against Genesis' hips, working himself through the climax as his cock spurt another thick load onto Genesis chest.

"Let go," Genesis announced, pulling out of Cloud. He straddled the little Cadet, rubbing his ass against Cloud's throbbing cock to the point of overstimulation. Cloud gasped, gripping onto Genesis hips and rubbing himself up between his waxed smooth cheeks. Genesis pumped his fist with a snarl on his face, a fierce look that both Cadets were enthralled by. He scooted forward until he was sitting on Cloud's chest, hovering almost demonically, "Open that bratty little mouth of yours."

Cloud did, sticking out his tongue and flicking the end enticingly. Genesis first shot landed right on that metal spike in the center of his tongue, but the second sprayed across Cloud's cheek. He licked the side of his mouth, enjoying his second unexpected taste of semen that afternoon.

Cameron unconsciously licked his lips, and then went wide eyed as he found himself unceremoniously staring down the barrel of Genesis' cock. Before he could protest or prepare himself, hot liquid landed on his upper lips and nose.

And just like that, Genesis fell backwards. His lower body was still sitting on Cloud's chest, while his upper body sprawled around his legs. He sighed happily, "Oh help me, Goddess."

"Get off," Cloud grunted, and reached up to tickle at his sides. Instead of dislodging him, he made the General wiggle like a small child. After a moment of play fighting Genesis slid off ungracefully, but crawled back up to collapse at Cloud's side.

Suddenly, Cameron found two sets of eyes staring at him. The load was still sitting on his face, and he stared back with wide brown eyes. Cloud and Genesis looked back at each other before bursting into laughter.


Zack was a freak of nature. He didn't seem to feel pain, and when he did it seemed like a great experience. It was like Zack enjoyed any feeling given to him from another human being at all. It was a fantastic novelty. As was his ability to gobble down dick with no gagging, and fucking shooting off without even touching himself.

One moment Zack was eating up sensation like a mindless sex fanatic, and now he was thoroughly satisfied and sitting on one of the hot tub's jets, smiling at the ceiling like a child.

"That was the weirdest lay of my life," Sephiroth finally said.

"You're louder than I thought you'd be," Zack commented. "You pull some cute faces, too."

Sephiroth let the observations slide off his back. He didn't exactly regret fucking Zack, but definitely knew he wouldn't want to do it on the regular. Zack was too… difficult to impress. Or maybe 'impress' wasn't the right word. Maybe 'lovesick' or 'passionate' or 'desperate' would be better words to describe the sort of sexual experience that Sephiroth really craved.

He wished Cloud would hurry up and get through his SOLDIER exams. He'd been doing the supportive thing and trying to stay out of his way for the most part… but Sephiroth missed him. With a pang in his heart and in his groin, he realized that he wasn't satisfied.

He needed Cloud. Sephiroth closed his eyes and listened idly to the bubbling jets, feeling tired from the heat and the exertion. "I really, really need to get out of here."

"I'll be right behind you," Zack waved him on.

Sephiroth stood up, ringing his hair out in the water before stepping out of the tub. He made his way over to his towels, and had just begun to dry off when he heard the radio mention Cloud's alias.

"And now one of our long time, favorite callers – Missy!"

"Oh shit!" Sephiroth scrambled to retrieve the remote for the stereo system and turned the volume higher. "This is him! This is Cloud!"

"No way!" Zack folded his arms on the tub's edge with a grin.

"Missy is a little concerned tonight about her boyfriend's career. That chauvinist pig she insists on dating treats her like she isn't tough enough to handle their mutual work environment."

"I'm the chauvinist pig!' Sephiroth cried proudly, wrapping a towel around his waist and sitting on the bench to listen raptly.

The radio show host continued, "So tonight we're going to be giving her some pointers on dealing with a male dominated work field. Hello Missy? How are you tonight?"

Sephiroth's expression changed from boyish delight to horror when he realized that instead of Cloud's poorly disguised voice, he was hearing the sounds of two men in heat.

"Um, hello? Missy? You there, honey?"

There were only muffled voices, and what sounded like wet skin slapping on skin. The call was quickly ended and the radio announcer quickly covered it up with a joke, "Well, it seems Missy and her boyfriend are working things out just fine without our help tonight!"

"Was that Genesis?" Zack wondered.

"I have to go," Sephiroth growled, and began to hastily dry his hair with a spare towel.

"I'm coming, too!" Zack said, tripping over himself to get his clothes on. He wasn't about to miss this drama for the world.

Fifteen minutes later and with his wet hair hidden under a cadet cap, Sephiroth was pounding on Cloud's dorm room door. When it didn't open, he shoulder butted the thing and barged right in with Zack happily in tow.

Cloud was sitting on his bed, fully clothed and surrounded by open textbooks and his calculator. He was open mouthed at the intrusion, but quickly went to the side of his bed to stand. "Seph? Zack? Are you guys okay?"

"What the fuck is goin' on here?" Sephiroth demanded.

Without a word, Cameron got up and skirted around Sephiroth and Zack, before taking off at a full sprint down the hallway.

Cloud covered his smile with the palm of his hand, and took a stab at innocence. "What do you mean?"

"Yeah, what's the matter?" Genesis asked, coming out of the boys' bathroom shirtless and rubbing a towel through his wet hair.

Sephiroth grabbed Genesis by the throat. There was no real reason to be jealous, but something about the redhead slithering into Cloud's dorm was unacceptable. He wasn't supposed to be getting Cloud's ass when he himself was abstaining to stay out of Cloud's way during this crucial exam preparation time. "Cloud has an important test tomorrow… you fucked up his study time. When you fuck up Cloud's study time, you fuck with me."

"Oh, get over it," Genesis choked out. "The little darling needed to unwind more than study. Look at that face."

"It's true…" Cloud said, and there was a whimper in his voice that usually signaled crying.

"Baby…" Sephiroth frowned, pushing away from Genesis and moving closer to him.

"I did kind of need it," Cloud admitted, sitting back down on his bed heavily. "… I've been a little tense lately. And… I know it's a part of your job, but you've been pushing me pretty hard. It's been a while since we just… had fun together. It's also been a while since we've… made love."

"… I thought you wanted my help," Sephiroth said softly. He knelt next to him by the bed, looking up apologetically. "I didn't mean to push too much."

"I was kind of afraid you didn't want me. You wouldn't come see me tonight…"

"I do want you… More than anything, baby. I thought you might need time to yourself more, though."

"No…" Cloud wrapped his arms and legs around Sephiroth in a full body hug. "I need you more."

"I need you, too…" Sephiroth tsked against his shoulder.

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

"I love you," Zack smiled at Genesis.

"… I love you, too?" Genesis responded half heartedly.

They leaned on each other for long enough that Zack and Genesis became a bit uncomfortable standing there. Finally the redhead coughed, "Well you should thank me for making your pet happy, and apologize for being a brute."

"Whatever," Sephiroth mumbled, and peeked up. "… Why did Cam run out of here like he was guilty about somethin'?"

Cloud giggled. "He probably thought you were going to kill him."

Genesis only smiled. Cameron's dirty secret was safe with him.

Zack went to the affection-starved couple and intruded on their hug, "I dunno about you guys, but I'm feeling the afterglow. We should just chill out in a big cuddle pile!"

"Get the fuck out of here," Sephiroth grunted, elbowing Zack off of him while burying his face into Cloud's shoulder. He breathed deeply, finding a clingy kind of comfort in Cloud's arms that didn't exist anywhere else in the world.

"Come along Zack, time to go crawling back to our own insignificant others," Genesis sighed, running a hand through his wet hair once more before pulling his jacket up off of the dirty floor.

"I feel used!" Zack complained.

"You were used," Sephiroth called.

"You were way more used, trust me," Zack retorted.

Cloud gasped, "You two finally messed around together? Cute! Details?"

"I'm about to show you," Sephiroth smiled, and nipped Cloud's chin playfully.

"This is too touchy for me," Genesis grumbled, inwardly annoyed that Sephiroth was cutting in on his cuddle time. He didn't exactly want to cuddle Cloud, specifically… he'd wanted to see if he could push the straight roommate any farther, and was willing to bet he could. But instead of complaining, he pulled Zack up by the elbow, "Come on, Angeal will want to lick you and sniff your butthole until you're covered in his scent again."

Zack lit up at that prospect, and was quick to follow. Genesis gave one last glance as Sephiroth and Cloud seemed to melt against each other, and had to smile. Love was adorable when it was young and hopeless like that.

He closed the broken door as best he could, and found himself glancing down corridors and into doorways for any sign of Cameron as he made his way out of the building. But to Genesis' disappointment, he'd hidden himself well.

He couldn't hide forever though, and Genesis knew where he slept.


1 - I know last time I said there'd be Turks, but things change! Turks will show up eventually, but I have a new direction now.