Undeniably His: Her scent was everything and it drove him insane. He had finally found his mate yet he was in love with another.


Chapter Thirty-Three


Kagome didn't necessarily plan to fall asleep in her and Inuyasha's room. Ever since the whole fiasco with Inuyasha's secret deal with the Youkai Council and her making up her mind and wanting out of their sham of a marriage, she's been sleeping in one of the guest rooms. She arrived home and was relieved to know that Inuyasha wasn't there. She took a shower, ate some food and that was her downfall when she sat on that bed. It was just so comfortable. She didn't know where Inuyasha parents got it from. Izayoi told her that all of the furniture was custom made and furnished. The bed was extremely soft. A combination of velvet, silk, cashmere, and feathers all compiled in one. Yet, it was firm at the same time. A wacky combination but it somehow worked. She was going to just relax for a bit but when she found her skin connect with the bed it was game over.

Kagome stirred a bit as she slowly opened her eyes. The room was dark. She was could feel the softness of the bed beneath her. Kagome stretched her arms a bit and stopped when she felt movements on the bed as well. Her brain was beginning to process where she was and she wasn't in the guest room. She was still in their bedroom, and she knew that Inuyasha was in the room as well.


Kagome refused to say anything. Her mind was racing rapidly. How could she have fallen asleep in here? She wasn't that tired that she couldn't walk down the hallway and lock the door. Her breath was hitched in her throat as she tried to lie as still as she possibly could.

"Kagome I know you are awake. I can hear you heart-beat and it isn't beating at a normal pace." His voice spoke within the darkness.

Kagome still didn't speak even though he called her out on her bluff. She could feel the weight of Inuyasha as he stood up and walked towards the door. He flipped the light switch on and was now clearly visible. "Where were you Kagome?"

Kagome used her forearm to cover her eyes. It was way too bright to her liking and she just wanted to go back to sleep and not have to deal with Inuyasha and his fake concern that he had in her safety.

When Kagome didn't say anything, Inuyasha walked towards her. "Kagome I asked you a question. Where were you? You just up and disappear and not tell me where you were."

Kagome still remained silent as she sat up in the bed. She let out a soft yawn covering her mouth. Her eyes finally adjusted to the light and she did whatever she could to avoid looking Inuyasha in the eye. She was quiet and stared at the floor. She had to figure out a way to get out of here and fast. She could feel Inuyasha's eyes on her. All the more reason she wished she didn't fall asleep in this room.

"Kagome where were you?"

"Don't act like you were concerned Inuyasha because we both know that it's a lie." Kagome finally spoke.

Inuyasha let out a heavy breath, attempting to control his emotions. "I'm not saying that I was jumping over bridges and off buildings but you just didn't come home. It's not like you to do—"

Kagome quickly cut him off. "It's not like me to do that. Inuyasha you don't know the first thing about me. You don't know how I act and you certainly don't know what goes on in my mind. This could be normal behavior for me for all you know."

"Well if this is how you act you sure are stubborn. I've called your phone I don't know how many times and left you countless text messages. We still have stuff to straighten out and when I do try to talk to you, you aren't trying to hear it."

"What is there for us to discuss Inuyasha? You have already shown me how you feel about me. I'm just the wench who got in the way of you and Kikyo's happiness. I was the one who ruined your life. You remind me of that fact every day. So when I don't come here you want to act like you actually care. You can save that act for someone else Inuyasha. Why don't you run back to Kikyo, she seems to know everything that goes on in this house."

Inuyasha's ears twitched a bit. "What did you say?"

"Go be with Kikyo. I ran into her the other day while I was out. I hadn't plan on seeing her but fate has a funny way of setting you up. She talked to me and told me that you and her talked. I didn't care to ask because it upset me. She even knows about the whole situation between you and me. How could she possibly know?" Kagome didn't wait for Inuyasha to give her a response. "You! The problem is you Inuyasha. So don't try to act as if you were concerned about me."

"That's the reason why you didn't come home. Because you saw her at the store and she said we talked. I haven't talked to Kikyo for almost a week because I want to try and fix things with you."

Kagome's eyes widen. "Ha! Don't give me that. You have been campaigning to get out of this marriage from the day you found out that we were mates. You belittled me constantly and here I was smiling like an idiot thinking that things would get better. How much emotional abuse must a person endure to get through your thick skull." It really wasn't a question.

"If you were so upset with Kikyo knowing why didn't you just come to me and talk to me about it?"

"Inuyasha you can't just stand there and say that we could clearly work this out. Our problems are far too deep to work out. That is why I said I am done fighting with you and fighting for you. I am not going to fight for someone who doesn't love me. That is why I requested that they let us get a divorce and in a matter of weeks this whole marriage will be over."

Inuyasha looked at Kagome with wide eyes. He felt his pulse stop for some odd reason. His ears twitched a bit. Did he hear her correctly? Did she say that they're marriage was going to be over?

"The Youkai Council granted you permission on your request?"

"Yes." Kagome said softly looking down, not wanting to look at him. "It's over for us Inuyasha. I'm tired and so are you. I'm going to bed in the guest room." Kagome walked passed him leaving him standing there.

Inuyasha didn't know how long he was standing there nor did he care that he was tired. All he could think of was that Kagome was serious about leaving him and odd sensation came to his chest.


Inuyasha didn't know how long he was sitting there but he needed some answers and he needed them now. Ever since Kagome made her little announcement about the Youkai Council agreeing to the divorce his inner demon was vocal. It irritated him to know that they made such a serious decision in her favor, especially when they followed the youkai tradition to the T.

Inuyasha didn't get a wink of sleep as he continued to replay the whole conversation over and over in his head. "That's why I said I am done fighting with you and for you. I am not going to fight for someone who doesn't love me. That is why I request that they let us get a divorce and in a matter of weeks this whole marriage will be over. It's over for us Inuyasha."

"Don't tell me that you suddenly have a change of heart. I thought you would be happy to know that our mate doesn't want to be with us anymore." Inuyasha's inner demon spoke up.

"Shut up."

"Our mate is slipping away from us and all you can do is just sit there. If you allow her to just walk away from us."

"Would you give it a rest. I'm here to talk to the Youkai Council about this. She probably was just caught up in the moment. She's stubborn and is probably trying to prove a point." Inuyasha wanted to believe what he was saying was true but what if she was telling the truth. What if they were actually going to get a divorce in a couple of weeks?

"Whatever the reason or case you cannot allow our mate to walk out of our lives. It's time you move on from your feelings for Kikyo. It's obvious that she has accepted that she isn't your mate and so should you." His inner demon growled out.

Inuyasha lazily rolled his eyes. All this talk was getting on his nerves. He didn't know how long it would be before the Youkai Council will grant him entrance but he didn't care. He needed to talk to them about this and if he had to wait then so be it.


Kagome could hear her phone ringing but she was too tired to get it. All the fighting with Inuyasha was mentally draining. She wanted to get away and just relax and forget all the troubles and hassles that seemed to be the new normal over the past few months. The ringing stopped and Kagome was relieved momentarily, that however didn't last long when her phone start ringing again.

Whoever it was, they really wanted to talk.

Kagome rolled over on the bed and picked up her phone form the nightstand. She answered it on the fourth ring. "Hello."

"Kagome dear how are you?" the sound of Izayoi voice came on the receiver.

"Hi Mrs. Tashio, I'm fine. How are you?"

"Kagome you know you don't have to be so formal with me. We're family now. You can call me mom."

Kagome couldn't help but smile as she laughed a bit. "Okay mom."

"Are you busy by any chance are you still out with your friends? If you are I can just call you back."

"Oh no, no you do aren't interrupting anything. I returned home last night actually. I was hanging with my friends and I missed them so I stayed over one of my friend's house and we had a mini sleepover."

"That's good to hear. I'm glad that you are home though. Inuyasha wouldn't say but he was concerned about you." Izayoi revealed.

"Oh" was all that Kagome could really say.

"The reason I am calling you Kagome is that we will be leaving at the end of the week."

"You and Ginjiro are going somewhere?"

"Yes but not just us. The whole family is going on a family vacation."

Kagome was surprised. "We're going on a family vacation. Does my mom know about this? I mean I don't know if she-"

"We already have that taken care of. We're all family. So I am getting the word out. We are leaving Sunday morning. You can also invite a couple of your friends if you'd like."

"But what about—"

"Don't worry about it honey. We all need this. It's time for some family fun." Izayio smiled. "I have to make a few more calls and have the arrangements set up. You can bring two of your friends if you'd like."

"O...okay." Kagome said before hanging up the phone. Kagome sat her phone back down on the nightstand and couldn't believe that the family would be taking a trip all of a sudden. She wondered how they would handle the vacation for Shippo and Souta. They were still in school.

"Spring break is coming up so I guess they have that already figured out. Hmm why do Izayoi and my mom always have to be planning something?" Kagome collapsed back on the bed.


Several hours passed and Inuyasha was still waiting for the Youkai Council to summon him. He craned his neck as he felt some tension beginning to build up from him sitting there for almost six hours. He could hear the receptionist typing something and let out a frustrated sigh. The Youkai Council would move so slow just to piss him off. They had a habit of doing that with him.

"I wonder why they continue to string me along every time I come here. The last time I was here they knew I was coming and still made me wait for a while." Inuyasha murmured under his breath.

"Inuyasha the Youkai Council has summoned you. Please follow me." The receptionist said as she stood up walked down the long corridor leading to the elevator. She pressed the button and both she and Inuyasha stepped inside. She pressed the button to the floor that the Youkai Council occupied. The two of them were in silence until they reached their destination.

"I take it that you remember what to do from you last visit here. If not I can refresh your memory."

"I remember."

"Okay then." The elevator door opened and Inuyasha stepped out. He waited for the elevator doors to close and waited a couple of seconds before he opened the doors.

"What is your reason for being here this time, Inuyasha?" Hosenki asked as Inuyasha appeared before them.

Closing the door, Inuyasha approached them and spoke, "Kagome told me that you all have granted her permission on her request in a divorce and-Inuyasha was cut off when Tekkei corrected him.

"Inuyasha you must address all members of the Youkai Council with either the honorifics of Lord or Lady." Tekkei reminded him.

"Lord Hosenki." Inuyasha corrected himself. "Kagome has told me that you all have granted her permission on her request in a divorce."

"Is that so? We would have thought that you would be happy regarding this Inuyasha." Hyoga spoke. "Not too long ago you were complaining and rambling on and on about how you didn't want to be married to her and Kikyo this and Kikyo that. This should be good news for you." Hyoga held a mocking tone in his voice.

"Kagome should be the one who is celebrating after all the things that she has told us about you Inuyasha, I would also be begging for a divorce." Tekkei voiced out.

Inuyasha let out a low growl.

Hyoga smirked. "It seems like we have made Inuyasha upset Tekkei."

"Tekkei! Hyoga! That's enough." Hosenki voiced boomed within the walls.

"Inuyasha why are you not happy? You came to us to discuss your opposition regarding being married and having to mate with Kagome yet you seem displeased with knowing that she wants out of your marriage." Suijin spoke softly with a look of concern on her face.

"Well yeah but before Kagome saw me and Kikyo together, things were going well. I know I was told by you all that I had to be civil with her but when I stopped acting and actually got to see that she is a good person. When she found out that I was just doing it to see Kikyo, it devastated her."

Tekkei laughed out loud. "Devastated doesn't even begin to describe the feelings that she was feeling when she caught you, what's the correct word to use for this." Tekkei said feigning ignorance.

"The correct term would be cheating." Tsukuyomaru said.

"That's it. Cheating." Tekkei smirked maliciously at Inuyasha.

"Myoga and Totosai have informed us about the things that have been going on between you two since then. She's left you and has recently returned." Hosenki said. "Did you go out looking for her?"

"That's the damn problem."

"Watch your language Inuyasha." Hyoga warned.

"I can't pick up Kagome's scent anymore. It's like it has disappeared."

"What are you talking about? She's your mate; you are always going to be able to pick up her scent." Tekkei said.

"Well ever since Kagome found out about me and Kikyo, I haven't been able to pick up her scent anymore."

The Youkai Council began to mumble amongst themselves.

"We've never heard anything like this before." Tsukuyomaru said. "Are you sure that you aren't just imagining this."

"No I'm not. I haven't been able to pick up her scent since the incident with Kikyo. I was wondering how I wasn't able to pick up on her scent when she saw me with Kikyo."

"Inuyasha how can you not detect your mate's scent? This is something that we have never come across before." Hosenki voiced his concern regarding the situation.

"I don't see why you are complaining about not smelling her scent. You were gong ho about Kikyo being your mate. Shouldn't this make you happy?" Tsukuyomaru stated. "Isn't this what you wanted?"

"Yes it is but—

"No buts." Tsukuyomaru interrupted Inuyasha. "This is the price that you have to pay."

"This is strange. We have never heard of a youkai not being able to detect his or her mate's scent. This could upset the balance of all that we have established." Suijin spoke concern laced in her voice. "Inuyasha, did you attempt to mate with Kikyo when you were out with her that one time?"

Inuyasha scratched the back of his head. "No."

"Are you sure boy?" Hyoga asked sternly.

"I'm quite sure he would remember whether or not he tried to mate with Kikyo, Hyoga. Give Inuyasha a chance to explain." Suijin reprimanded.

"I wasn't really concentrating on trying to mate with Kikyo. I was just happy to be able to spend time with her. I tried to mate with her but that was when I first found out that Kagome was my mate."

"This is unsettling news." Hosenki said. "We will see what we can do about this situation but in the meantime, you can leave."

"Wait. I still want to know why you gave Kagome permission regarding her request." Inuyasha demanded to know.

"Inuyasha you cannot expect us to give you an explanation. Please excuse yourself from our audience."

Inuyasha let out a low growl. He couldn't believe that he came here and didn't even get any answers. Inuyasha wasn't in the mood to start another fight with them, although his youkai was ready for some more action. He bowed his head and exited out of the room.

After Inuyasha left, Hosenki and the other members of the Council talked.

"It seems that we have encountered a situation that we weren't prepared for. Inuyasha losing Kagome's scent is a serious matter." Hosenki thought to himself as the rest of group knew what he was thinking.