Undeniably His: Her scent was everything and it drove him insane. He had finally found his mate yet he was in love with another.


Chapter Forty-Six


"So you're telling me that you are actually opening up to him more?" Ayumi asked as Kagome was looking for something to wear.

Kagome nodded her head hesitantly. She knew that she had every right to be cautious and reserved with Inuyasha but the past few weeks things have been going good. The two of them weren't trying to force anything and by doing that the go with the flow current was actually the best method for them. "Well when you just stop overthinking things and let things be it will line up perfectly."

Eri flipped through some pages in a magazine that she was reading, "So you admit that you were overthinking things?" Eri nudged at Kagome who laughed a bit. "I'm surprised that you are getting along with him for this length of time."

Kagome found a nice denim blue jean dress that she would put on. "It was actually Sango who had a talk with Inuyasha actually."

Eri, Ayumi, and Yuka's eyes moved from Kagome's to Sango who was laying in the bed on her cell phone. "You had a talk with Inuyasha?" Yuka asked.

"And it wasn't violent or involved Inuyasha getting harmed?" Eri put down the magazine and stared at Sango then to Kagome. "Are we getting punked?" She looked around waiting for some hidden cameramen and crew to come out and reveal the charade.

"We actually had a decent conversation to say the least." Sango started, "I still have my reservations but I think that Inuyasha may want to work things out with Kagome. I just don't know if I can trust him. Even though I'm not the one who he betrayed Kagome is my best friend a close friend to all of you, you would want the very best for her right?"

Yuka nodded her head in agreement, "Yeah I can see where you are coming from I just want to know exactly what was said, who said what, who initiated what, were there security nearby to diffuse the tension if necessary."

The girls laughed at the last statement that Yuka threw in. Although it was a reasonable question considering how hostile Sango could get. She was the definition of ride or die friend. She held her friends in the highest regards and would go to war behind any of them.

"I was the one who initiated everything. I wasn't holding anything back," Sango started collapsing on the chair as she let out a sigh. "It was something that I have been wanting to ask him since forever. We all were taking a breather from bowling when this negative tension just couldn't be ignored for any longer. I think some of it had to do with Kagome making me partner up with him."

Eri and Yuka couldn't help but to laugh as Ayumi tried to stifle a giggle. "No way, that's so evil of you Kagome. I bet you got some sick satisfaction from watching them interact with each other." Yuka nudged Kagome on the side.

"It was entertaining because you could see the awkwardness that the two of them had. I don't even think the two of them were even talking to each other."

"I wish I could have seen that." Yuka laughed a bit.

"Anyways I'm still going to give him a hard time but I won't be as cut throat as I was."

"I think Miroku has something to do with that." Kagome winked as she got up and nudged Sango on the side. "The two of them were flirting with each other. It was quite cute."

"Oh so now Sango is doubling up with Inuyasha's best friend. My oh my!" Yuka squealed.

"He's cute. I don't see anything wrong with it. I think that the two of you would make a cute couple." Ayumi teased. "Then you won't be the only one who doesn't have a boyfriend in our group."

Sango blanched at what Ayumi said, "As if I would actually date him besides I'm not the only one without a boyfriend. We all are a part of that train."

"ALL ABOARD! CHOO CHOO!" Eri said with a laugh.


"So what do you want to do tonight?" Inuyasha asked as he was gathering his items from the office. He finished most of the paperwork and assignments that were presented to him earlier in the day. He didn't think work would be completed this fast. I guess once he put his mind on something, nothing could stop him from accomplishing it.

"I don't know. Maybe we could eat in and watch movies or something." Kagome said on the other end. Inuyasha could hear noise in the background and knew she was watching something on TV.

The two of them have been working on their friendship. The past few weeks had been hectic but in a good way. Kagome was opening up to him bit by bit. He wasn't going to try and rush things with her this time. Considering all the foul things that he put her through. Her mate scent still hadn't returned and even though that bothered him, he wasn't going to try to force anything. Maybe the Youkai Council had something to do with it. That had to be the reason. He did question them about it but they acted as if it was news to them. Probably putting on an act to make him suffer and teach him a lesson. Well he was learning his lesson big time. He wouldn't lie and say that not having her scent to smell didn't bother him because truth be told, it did.

"Inuyasha did you hear me?" Kagome's voice brought him back from his thoughts. He spun his head in her direction.

"What? I didn't hear you could you repeat that?"

"I said did you want to go somewhere instead of just staying in?" she blinked at him with confusion. The look of concern on her face made his heart hurt a bit. "You seem to be tired so I just thought that staying in would help you. You have been working a lot."

He smirked at her, "So you're worried about me."

She teasingly pushed him softly, "Yeah right as if I would be worried about you." She rolled her eyes.

"I don't' know," he shrugged his shoulders while folding his arms across his chest. "It kind of sounds like you are worried about me." The mischievous look appeared in his eyes.

"Well you have been working a lot. I didn't want to overwhelm you. You are older than me and my parents did say that I should respect my elders." The sarcastic comment slipped from her lips.

"Elders? Good one Kagome." He raised a brow at her and that devilish grin appeared on his lips.

"I don't mind staying in. We can just watch a movie or you can get you some rest." Her voice soften a bit.

Inuyasha shook his head, "Nah you don't have to worry about me. We could go out if that's what you want to do."

Kagome shook her head, "No I'm fine. I would rather stay in. You should know that it's the little things that make me happy." A small smile spread across her lips as she walked passed him towards the pantry.

"Alright then, find a movie for us to watch and we can just relax for the night." Inuyasha's eyes followed Kagome's movements. She grabbed something out of the pantry and looked over at him.

"You're spacing out again." She laughed a bit as she closed the pantry and walked passed him. "Hurry and get your stuff. There's a horror movie coming on and I think you would like it."

Inuyasha raised a brow, "Looks like I learn something new about you every day. I didn't know that you like horror movies. I pegged you as being one of those girls who would scream and hang on to their boyfriends."

"I'm sorry to burst your bubble but I wouldn't be hanging onto you. The scarier the better." You could hear the excitement in her voice as she sat down on the couch and changed the channel. "I'm not that much of a damsel in distress. You can hold onto me if that makes you feel safe. I won't judge you."

"Funny." He went to get something out of the refrigerator. He grabbed a few of the dishes that she made the previous night. He placed what he wanted to eat on the plate and walked towards the microwave to warm it up. "Hey Kagome do you want anything to drink?"

"Bring me some lemonade." Kagome said sitting comfortably on the couch. As soon as his food was heated up, Inuyasha grabbed the carton of lemonade and took a seat beside Kagome.


This was how their nights would usually be. Inuyasha had been slammed with work from the company with the acquisition and mergers of new companies and vendors. He was swamped at work helping with the transition and getting all the paperwork out. He didn't think that it would be this much work and sometimes he would find himself working crazy odd hours. Hours that kept him in the office in the late hours of the night. Most of the time they would stay at the house and watch movies or play video games. The latter being a huge surprise to Inuyasha because he didn't peg her as the type to be into video games. He learned that she could get competitive when she needed to be and that Souta and her would play each other often. Other nights he would be too exhausted from work and she would have his bath water ready. Their relationship was slowly improving and he was beginning to see Kagome with new eyes. A Kagome that he didn't get an opportunity to meet due to his own selfishness and pride.

She was really becoming a real friend to him.


Inuyasha checked his messages and saw that he had received one from his father. He didn't sound pressed through the phone but he knew that it had to be something important for him to leave a message that was that cryptic. Inuyasha set his phone to forward all calls to his office phone. He would come back later to finish up the work that he started earlier in the week. He grabbed his suit jacket and headed out of the office. He told his secretary that he would be gone for a few hours and to handle all the simple tasks until he returned.

Since it was the middle of the afternoon, the drive to his parents' house was rather short. Pulling into the driveway, he noticed his brother's car was there.

Closing the car door, he walked up the steps and rang the doorbell. The door opened shortly and he saw his mother with his niece in her arms. "Inuyasha. Hello son, it's good to see you here." She smiled at him letting him in.

He gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Sorry, I've been busy with work and you know how that goes."

Izayoi closed the door behind her and walked towards the sitting area. She took a seat on the couch and in fluid motion, pulled out a bottle and a long white cloth and put it across her shoulder while placing the bottle towards Rin's lips. She greedily suctioned the nipple gaining all the milk from the bottle.

"I'm surprised that you are here honey. Where's Kagome?" she looked up at him with a warm smile on her face.

"She's out with her friends. She's been talking about going to college." He said as he looked around the house. "Where's dad? I need to speak to him about something."

"He should be in his office." She raised a brow at the seriousness in his voice. "Is something that matter?"

"No, I just need to talk to him about something is all. Nothing major." He gave her a faint smile before disappearing into the house. He could see that his father was talking on the phone with someone. Most likely one of the new vendors that they had acquired. He poked his head in and Ginjiro saw him from the corner of his eye. He motioned for Inuyasha to come in while still talking to whomever was on the phone. Inuyasha walked over towards his father and took a seat. His father was pacing back and forth and was in deep conversation. Whoever it was, they were getting an ear full.

"I don't care if you have to work on other projects, this is a top priority. One that should be at the forefront of everything. I trust that you won't disappoint me or I will find someone else to do your job." The stern tone in his voice made Inuyasha all aware of how powerful his father was. "I expect to have the paperwork on my desk by the end of the week." He hung up the phone without giving the person on the other end a chance to respond. He let out a deep sigh as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"Seems like that was serious. Is there anything going on?" Inuyasha asked. The look on Ginjiro's face didn't show any emotion. Something that came naturally to him and Sesshomaru. You couldn't really tell what they were thinking or how they were feeling.

"It's nothing." He brushed it off. "Just someone not doing their job and you know how particular I am with things considering we have the new account and mergers going on."

"Do you need Sesshomaru or me to help with anything else?"

"No, I want you to focus on your task at hand." He walked over towards where Inuyasha was sitting. He took a seat across from him and let out another sigh.

Something was bothering his father.

"About the message, I sent you earlier. I wanted to discuss with you in person about it." Ginjiro started and couldn't be more cryptic. Whatever it was, it had to be important.

"Okay, what's up?"

"I spoke with the Youkai Council a couple of weeks ago. They called me regarding the fact that you can't smell Kagome's mate scent."

Inuyasha nodded his head and remember the meeting he had with the Council. He felt like they were trying to teach him a lesson and did something to prevent him from having her scent. He didn't worry too much about it because he wanted to better his relationship with Kagome. Even now, their relationship was moving at a great pace. They were becoming better friends and the two of them took an active interest in each other. It wasn't romantic or anything but they were finding common ground.

"They informed me that they were troubled by the fact that you still haven't been able to smell Kagome's mate scent."

"Aren't they the ones who took it away?" Inuyasha asked confusion laced in his voice. "I thought that them allowing me to see Kikyo was one of the reasons that I wasn't able to find her scent. I just assumed that this was them teaching me a lesson for trying to defy them."

Ginjiro shook his head no, "That wasn't the case. Hosenki wouldn't go as far as taking something like that away. He thinks that this is a serious matter and that something else may be involved."

This got Inuyasha's attention. "What do you mean something else may be involved? Something like what? Is Kagome's scent going to return to me?"

Ginjiro shrugged his shoulders, "I really don't know son. This has never happened before." He looked at his son with an expression that Inuyasha couldn't read. "Hosenki thinks that foul play is at work. Do you think that Kikyo made have done something? She is a miko."

Inuyasha raised a brow and leaned back in the couch. "I don't know. I don't think she would do something like that. Besides how would she be able to do something like that?"

"Maybe to get back at you. I don't know the details of how the two of you ended it."

"She was the one who told me that I should honor the law and marry Kagome." Inuyasha shook his head not believing that Kikyo could do something like this. "This is crazy it has to be something else."

"Well Totosai and Myoga believe that it could be the work of Kami." Ginjiro couldn't help but to laugh at the notion. "For you to have upset Kami this much you are definitely feeling his wrath."

"Do you really think that that's why I can't detect her scent because the wrath of Kami?" Inuyasha raised a brow. "You don't think that's true."

Ginjiro paused. He didn't know the answer either and didn't want to trouble Inuyasha anymore than what he already was. "I don't know. If your relationship with Kagome is going in a good direction, then it's only a matter of time before you can get her scent back. Just keep doing what you are doing." Ginjiro didn't want to reveal his true reason. That Hosenki felt that something bad was coming towards Inuyasha and Kagome if he didn't get her mate's scent back.

That however would have to wait.


"I don't know why I even gave him my number. It had to be a lapse of judgment on my part." Sango looked at some of the store items. Both she and Kagome were out shopping and out to get some fresh air.

Kagome smirked at knowingly, "Don't act as if you don't think it's cute. He obviously likes you and I know that the feeling is mutual."

Sango rolled her eyes even though Kagome knew otherwise. She was fighting the attraction that was budding between her and Miroku. The two of them found themselves hanging out and going out for lunch. Sango wouldn't admit it but she found his company to be refreshing for some strange reason. Which made it more bizarre to her.

"Anyways, we aren't here to discuss the details about Miroku and I. We are here to hang out and have some girl time." Sango smiled as she hooked her arm around Kagome's. "Let's grab something to eat and go visit the library like always. You sure have been going there a lot."

"I'm actually thinking about taking some classes and doing something productive with my life." Kagome said as she saw a fast food place that would appease their appetite.

"I guess spending all that time with Inuyasha made you want to get away from him at least for a little while." Sango laughed and Kagome shot her a look. Even though she did make nice on her promise and backed off on Inuyasha, she still made a few jabs at him when she could slip one in. "Hey don't give me that look I was just saying."

"Of course you were."

"I take it that being a wife that never has to work a day in her life isn't what you want."

"No, it's not just that. Inuyasha has been busy with work and his dad's company. I don't just want to be the stay at home wife. I want to do something productive with my life." She stared towards the sky. "I don't know what that is yet but I want to go back to school, learn a trade or something."

"Well you did take the entrance exam, why not consider some nearby colleges and go from there. You know Ayumi loves the books you should get with her about it." Sango said as the two of them walked inside the fast food place and stood in line. They placed their orders and waited patiently for the number to be called. The two took a seat on one of the booths and indulged in the food. They continued to talk for an over an hour about different things.

"Did I tell you that Kohaku has a crush on this girl at his school and it's cute really."

"Kohaku has always been the shy type. He's so quiet and reserve unlike you." Kagome teased.

"Hush Kagome." She threw a piece of the straw paper at Kagome. "I told him that he should just ask the girl out for a movie or something. It shouldn't be that hard."

"He's actually a nice-looking kid. I'm surprised the girls aren't swooning over him. Girls were throwing themselves at the guys at our school."

"That's because the girls at our school were boy and sex crazed maniacs. "Sango rolled her eyes at the thought of what some of the girls would do just to get a boyfriend. "There weren't many girls that had the decency to be civilized. They were hormonal maniacs that couldn't wait to have sex."

Kagome laughed nodding her head in agreement, "Yes it was crazy. I'm glad we survived those impressionable years." Kagome stood up to carry her tray to the trash can with Sango following behind her.

"I thought that was you." The masculine voice said from behind the girls. Kagome and Sango turned around to see a familiar face. Well familiar to Kagome.

"It's you." Kagome said with an air of familiarity in her voice.

"Looks like we're always bumping into each other." He said with laughter in his voice.

Sango cleared her throat. "Sango this is…this is. I don't even know your name."

"We really didn't get to properly introduce ourselves the last time." He extended his hand out to shake Kagome's "My name is Muso."

"Glad to finally know your name Muso. I'm Kagome and this is my best friend Sango." Kagome introduced the two and Muso extended his hand to shake Sango's as well.

"Sango this is the guy I was telling you about that was helping me at the library."

Sango raised a brow smirking to herself. "I guess this is that the reason why you always want to go to the library? I wouldn't blame you he is a looker but what would Inuyasha say?" Sango couldn't help but to laugh.

"It's not even like that." Kagome eyes widen a bit at what Sango was suggesting. "We just had a good conversation and that was only one time."

"Well seeing how well you and Inuyasha are getting along, we don't need a repeat of Brazil." Sango teased as she nudged Kagome on the side.

Kagome turned her attention back to Muso. "What are you doing out? I'm surprised to have bumped into you."

"I was actually getting something to eat before I went to the library." He said showing her the bagged food.

"Kagome and I were actually heading to the library. She's been going there a lot lately. Now I'm being dragged in it."

"Well why don't the three of us go." He walked towards the door, opening it. "Ladies first." He gave them a genuine smile.

Today was shaping to becoming a rather interesting day.


Inuyasha pulled up into the driveway and loosened the tie around his neck. Turning the engine off he replayed the conversation that he had with his father earlier. He couldn't shake the feeling that he had and was beginning to grow anxious with why he hadn't been able to get Kagome's mate scent back. He was lucky that he could get most of his work done but his thoughts were still on trying to find a way to get Kagome's scent back. That not only bothered him but it was very troublesome for his inner youkai. Eventually Kagome and him would have to mate and the mate's scent was crucial for that.

"What am I'm thinking about that for? We aren't even at that stage in our relationship." Inuyasha said to himself. Although the two of them have kissed a few times. They weren't at the point to take their relationship to the next level, where they? Inuyasha grabbed his keys and walked towards the front door. He looked out at the sky and groaned. It was the night of the full moon and that meant he would turn into a full fledge human for the night. He smiled to himself when Kagome witnessed his transformation. She wasn't what you would call shocked, she told him that he resembled his mother and that maybe his human side didn't cover up the fact that he treated her like shit.

"Hey Kagome you want to go out tonight? I'm not really in the mood to stay in the house." Inuyasha opened the door and placed his briefcase on the floor. He looked around and didn't see her. He figured that she must have been upstairs. He headed towards their bedroom and saw that she wasn't there. His ears twitched for a second as he felt his phone vibrate in his pants. He reached for it and saw that it was a message from Miroku.

'Sango said to let Kagome know that she doesn't have to worry about it. She said she'll know what she meant.'

Inuyasha raised a brow as he texted Miroku letting him know that Kagome wasn't at the house. It didn't take long for Miroku to respond back and the message didn't ease the feeling that was beginning to form. Inuyasha quickly pressed in his contacts for Kagome's name and pressed call. Her phone went straight to voicemail and that irritated him. He called two more times and received the same outcome. He quickly called Miroku and waited for him to answer.

"What's up?"

"Where's Sango? I need to speak to her."

"Uh she's right here. You sound funny, are you alright?"

"Just give her the phone Miroku."

"Hold on." Miroku passed the phone over to Sango. "Hello."

"Sango where's Kagome? The two of you were together today right?"

"Yeah we went to some stores and then the library. I had to do something for my parents so I had to leave them."

"Them? What do you mean them?"

"Kagome and this guy. I think his name was Muso if I remember correctly. He was helping her with some material for college."

"Have you tried to reach her? I called but her phone goes straight to voicemail."

"Yeah I thought that maybe she was at home and was letting her phone charge. She did mention that her battery was getting low."

"Which library did you two go to? Maybe she's still there and I'll go pick her up." Sango gave Inuyasha the directions to the library and Inuyasha said his thanks and quickly headed downstairs. The sudden feeling of uneasiness flooded his blood. His instincts were telling him that something was wrong and he needed to find Kagome.

Inuyasha made it to the library but unfortunately Kagome wasn't there. He asked around for anyone who may have saw her. He even asked for the guy Muso that Sango mentioned. One lady told him that she remembered seeing a girl that fit the description and said they left hours ago. Inuyasha decided to scout out the area and hopefully he would run across Kagome eventually. The area that he was in was a large shopping center with a variety of clothing, shoe, electronic stores. There were people everywhere and it made it difficult to find Kagome. His inner youkai howled in frustration. This was another reason why he m to find her. Not having her scent was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Inuyasha went through each store. Searching high and low. He would occasionally pull out his cell phone to call her but it would go straight to voicemail. It was getting late and the sun was beginning to set. Inuyasha was growing frustrated because not only could he not trace her scent but he would be becoming a human. He really didn't have time to explain things to people. Although youkais and humans were coexisting, some things were still on shaky ground. He wanted to check the library one more time but thought against it as he looked in his reflection through one of the store windows. His hair transformed from its silvery white color to that of jet black. His claws were now replaced with fingernails, the two inu shaped ears that sat atop his head were now on the side of his face. The tall tale signs of him reverting to his human form.

The stares that he got from a few bystanders didn't bother him as much as not being able to find Kagome. He picked up his phone and called his parents and Kagome's mom. Neither answered the phone and that only annoyed Inuyasha more.

Inuyasha drove back to the house and he looked up to see that the light was on inside. He quickly cut off the car and raced towards the front. Rambling with his keys he unlocked the door and quickly rushed upstairs to his bedroom where the light was coming from. Opening the door, he saw that the light was on in the bathroom. His steps were frenzied as he opened the bathroom door.

To his surprise and relief, he saw Kagome wrapping a towel around her. She didn't know that he was in the bathroom and he couldn't help himself when he walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her, causing a shriek to be released from her.

"Inuyasha! Gosh you scared me. What are you doing sneaking behind me like that?" Kagome had to catch her breath as she felt Inuyasha's hold tighten around her waist. She could feel her cheeks redden as she realized that a towel separated her nakedness from him.

"Damn it Kagome! Where the hell have you been? I've been looking for you." He pressed his face in the crook of her neck. Her body was hot from the shower she had taken and droplets of water was falling from her hair to his cheek.

"I just got back thirty minutes ago, and I took a shower. I thought you were at work." Her voice sound confused. Inuyasha tighten his grip on her hearing the confusion.

"I got off early and I thought that we could go out. When I called, you it went straight to voicemail and I got worried." He admitted. Something that his half-youkai form would have never done.

"I'm…I'm sorry to have worried you." She said softly. She realized that the battery to her cellphone was about to die but Muso offered her a ride home. Although she declined to just take the train. She forgot that sometimes the trains would have a bad signal as well.

"It's not your fault. I just thought something happened to you." He pulled back from her a bit and looked at her. "I don't know why I'm all antsy right now. I guess it's because I still haven't been able to pick up your scent and that bothers me."

Kagome blinked. "Tonight's the new moon?"

Inuyasha nodded, "Yeah you can see why I was antsy. When I'm in this form it doesn't help either." He grinned at her. "My human emotions act on their own accord."

"Like?" Kagome knew what he meant.

"Like this?" Inuyasha placed his finger around her chin tilting it towards him. He could see her intake breath as he brought his lips over hers. He moved his lips in fluid motion causing Kagome to let out a soft gasp. He took that opportunity to dart his tongue inside hers, tasting her in her fullness. He didn't know what made him become this way. Maybe it was the fact that he didn't have her scent. Or maybe it was the fact that not knowing where she was and the conversation that he had with his father to make him unnerved.

Whatever the case was, knowing that this very moment was real was all that mattered to him. At that point in time he knew that their relationship was taking a new direction.

Inuyasha pulled away from Kagome and allowed her to catch her breath. The two of them were so enthralled with each other and the kiss that when he looked down, he saw that her lips were a little red. He traced her lips with his fingers slightly before stepping back. "I should let you get dressed."

Kagome blushed even more. Here she was in a towel and wet from her shower and yet her body was on fire. He was worried about her and that made her heart beat at a frantic rate. She nodded her head as she watched him disappear from the bathroom closing the door behind him. She felt her knees grow light as she caught her balance. She gripped on the sink to keep herself upright and stared at her reflection in the mirror.

What was going on between her and Inuyasha?


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