Bella was kidnapped by the Volturi during Eclipse, and turned into a vampire. When she awakens, she has forgotten everything of her human life. She is a now leader of the Volturi guard, with a power so strong she can kill any with the flick of a finger. When her new assignment sends her to Forks to force a certain mind reader and future-seeing vampire into the Volturi, what will the Cullens find of what Bella has become? When they join the Volturi with hopes of saving her......can she really be saved from herself?


"You have broken the law, threatening to expose us all with your careless feeding acts. By the power of the Volturi, your punishment is death." I spoke in a powerful manner. Aro had taught me that when I go on assignments, I must speak with the highest level of power, the power of a princess. Anything less would put the Volturi to shame. The two men laughed, and the girl spoke with a smirk.

"Is that so?" she said in a soprano, movie-star like voice. "And how do you plan on that?" she asked. I smiled wickedly as I felt my eyes burn, turning completely black, and with the flick of my finger, the girl was on the floor, screaming and writhing in pain. The two men stared at her in shock, and I raised my finger higher towards the sky, and her screaming grew louder, until it stopped completely, and her body was stilled. I grinned and raised the hood of my blood red cloak up, so it only showed my smile. The two men stared at me in horror, and Demetri attacked the larger one, while I turned to the smaller one. With the flick of my wrist, the smaller one fell to the floor, dead instantly. Demetri ripped apart the larger one and we threw all of the bodies together, and he lit them on fire. We walked away from the burning bodies laughing.

A/N: okay so there is the prologue, just so you can see how Bella is…I'm still peicing together stuff, so tell me what you guys think….