Warning: Character death, obviously. Slash

Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or Ianto would not be dead!

As soon as he knew he was going to die in Jack's arms he felt safe. It was strange really, dying but feeling as if nothing could hurt him because Jack was there. The only thing that made him even slightly upset was that he was leaving Jack behind…and Jack would forget him. So when he said I love you his heart broke. And when he told Jack not forget him he knew it would be no use. It was inevitable – Jack would forget him in a few years. When you had forever the short time that he and Jack had shared would be lost in a sea of new loves, new losses and new office boys. And that was why his heart broke.

When he closed his eyes for the last time Ianto knew what to expect. Darkness. Nothing. It was very disorientating to actually be in bright dazzling light and to feel as if he was still alive. In fact, he got the impression he was standing. Confused, he realised he could see, although everything was white except for him. He looked around, wondering how he could move when he was dead, and saw another coloured person (or was it a thing?) in the distance. He walked towards it nervously. How could he walk when he was dead? Ianto frowned when it seemed to be just a blur of blue, brown and tan colour but as he watched it formed together into a shape he knew so well. Jack was dead with him.

Jack opened his eyes to blinding white and wondered what had happened to the darkness. He knew he was dead again, he had died beside Ianto…his Ianto. His gorgeous, sarcastic and dead Ianto. It took him a second to register that the Welshman was standing in front of him, looking bewildered.

"I thought you said it was dark when you died," Ianto said. Jack couldn't speak, just stared. "Jack answer me! You'll be pulled back soon!" The older man shook his head slowly, finding his tongue.

"It's never been light before…and no one has ever been here with me," he replied "look, Ianto you do know that-"

"I can't go back," Ianto stated calmly "Yes Jack, I know."

"I wasn't going to say that. I wasn't going to say anything like that. I was going to say I love you." Ianto smiled.

"You can't love a dead person Jack," he told the older man.

"I don't agree with that and you seem to be accepting that you're dead awfully well."

"That's because you can't forget me now. I'll be waiting for you every time you die, just like normal, but here instead. Forever," Ianto said with a small smile. Jack smiled back at him. Ianto was right, now he couldn't break his promise. He wouldn't forget Ianto and he didn't think he ever could.

"And that's why I don't gasp back to life anymore," Jack added, after telling Gwen his story. "Ianto leads me home."

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