The Kitsune's Urge




Story Start


"Hokage-san…look sorry to disturb but I need to know where Naruto is now!'' The voice was one recognized throughout the village. As recognizable as Naruto's loud voice but far more fowl. He was Kumo's very own Black Lightning that abandon the village and migrated to Konoha. He had the dark tan skin, a common trait for the residents of the land of Lightning.

''What is it now Kuiinshi-san?'' She asked The twenty-seven year old Jounin. For the last nine years he had been Naruto's care taker. The only person who could afford to take care of Naruto who didn't hate him. Henceforth to probably do this he had to learn the truth about everything concerning the blond. It was unknown to must people that the Uzumaki clan was in fact a clan that was affiliated with foxes like the Inuzuka were dogs. It explained a lot really, his obsession with the color orange when he was younger, the whiskers, the need for attention, why he pulled pranks. Most of this was just contributed to him being the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi so it was easily over looked.

''I really need to know where Naruto is…it has to deal with his heritage.''

''Naruto is on a reconnaissance mission with Hyuuga Hinata.''

''Oh shit! Oh very shit!''

"May I know what is the problem with this?" Tsunade asked, a bit worried.

''Ok now I read the scroll Uzumaki Kushina left…There was a passage detailing about the members of there clans maturation at two points in time. Now I assumed it meant sixteen and twenty one. You know because Twenty-one was the age of official adulthood ceremony for there clan when one could start breeding foxes. I came across another scroll, detailing a rare case of different circumstances. The Uzumaki has had a history of accepting Hanyous into there clan, many years prior. One of the trees pointed back to Naruto having a demonic ancestor. Now if you add that in conjunction with Kyuubi then without a doubt the process would be sped up, as there are documented instances where those who were descendants of demon blood went through heats and mating cycles some time prior…today is Naruto's Birthday…he just turned 18th.''

''What are you…wait…you don't mean.''

''Yes…anything within the vicinity of Naruto is fucked…he will mate with the closet female within reach. ''

''Oh hell…I can't believe this.''

''The most one can hold up heat for is a day. Not even Naruto's will can hold it off for more then a little over a day tops…if he marks her then they'll be bound for life. ''

''Oh Kami! I need a drink.''

2 to 3 days travel outside Fire Country in some forest at night Hinata stretched and yawn and began massaging her muscles. She was quite tired from today's fight against enemy shinobi. They had learned that Iwa was amassing a large force of missing-nin. She turned her attention to the fidgeting blond, her crush, what one might even say obsession. He was the strength that kept her going, her inspiration to be strong. She had confessed her feelings to him two years ago and they had been taking it slow. Extremely slow to be in fact, much to her annoyance. Every couple of months they would go on a date or so but they hadn't moved past being good friends.

She felt like she would all but snapped if the blond didn't let her know what he was feeling. ''N-Naruto-kun. I'm feeling kind of tired. Could you take the first watch?'' She asked. He nodded in agreement so she laid down. No point in thinking about it, she was far too tired. She just wish that once he showed even a hundredth of the interest he did in Sakura when they were younger.

Naruto looked at Hinata and could but help but admire her. She was so beautiful, like an angel. He felt stupid that he was taking things with her at such a slow place. He just couldn't get rid of the image of how fragile she looked after Pein's attack. The confession, she was the first person to every say those three words. That I love you had changed everything he had ever known. Naruto had been hurt so many times that he felt he couldn't truly open to people.

He pulled the collar of his shirt as he felt himself grow heated. His vision began to become fuzzy as the heat traveled all over. It was as if his body was lit on fire. He took a whiff of the air, inhaling Hinata's scent. He became aroused, almost hungry. He licked his lips as he began to desire her. The next thing he knew his body shot forward towards the sleeping Hyuuga.

Hinata startled, She awoke with a yelp as she felt herself held down. She activated her Byakugan and was dumb founded. She felt her self adorn a full body blush as she was trying to come to terms with what was going on. Why Naruto was pinning her to the ground. She was though far too exhausted to fend off too much of anyone let alone Naruto. What scared her though were his eyes, they were crimson, a familiar sign to anyone who knew his secret but they didn't hold malice. No they held Lust, primal and raw lust, the thought made her shiver as she began to get arouse. She gasp as Naruto kissed the nape of her chin. He then began to travel down, kissing and sucking on her neck. She moaned in ecstasy as her dream was at last coming true. Albeit she fantasized being married first and there first time being more romantic.

Her thoughts were cut off as she was rolled onto her stomach and felt her panties being ripped. ''Naruto!'' She screamed a mixture of excitement and anger. Excitement because the perverted part of her she was loving every second of it; the angry part though was because he ripped apart one of her favorite pair of pants. She tried to turn to say something but stopped when she felt his erect penis poke at her maidenhood. She squealed in disbelief, opening and closing her eyes. She figured there was no way this was happening, that it all must have been a dream. Though when the blonde gripped her hips and bury himself inside of her, that shot that theory down.

She cried out in pain at the rather at the rather rough intrusion. Her body felt like it went into shock. The upper part of her body fell forward as she whimpered, tears from her eyes. The blond behind her came to a halt, sensing his mate's pain. She could feel the blood from her Hymen seep down her legs, the reminder of her innocence gone forever, given to the men she loved in the strangest way possible. When he started kissing her neck and back she began to relax as the pain started to dissipate. She felt him slowly pulled out and thought maybe it was over. No it was just the beginning as he thrust back in. Hinata moaned as this time pleasure coursed through her. He held her hips tightly and began to slowly speed up.

''AAah! Mmhmm! Oooh!'' Hinata moaned in Ecstasy as Naruto's throbbing tool stretched her out in wonderful ways. Her body seemed to have a mind on it's own as she moved against him, thrust per thrust, each time trying to get as much of him as she could inside her, each time he moved forward. After a few moments she found herself bowing back, giving herself completely to the blond. She started screaming his name as he started hitting that spot inside her. It only got better as his hands slipped inside her shirt and began playing with her tits. Hinata could feel his hands moving under her bra massaging and kneading her full breasts. They were large at least D-cups and soft. She began to tremble as he began pinched her light pink nipples. The way he pounded into her was better then any dream, she started pushing back, each time getting him to go a little deeper.

''N-N-NARUTO!'' She screamed as her walls clamped down on his tool. She squeezed him tightly, milking him for his seed as her juices flowed out and splattered his cock and pelvis.

She fell forward, her head resting on the ground as a bit of drool seeped from her a few more violent thrusts Naruto spurted his hot seed into Hinata, but not before yanking her up and biting deeply into the joint of her neck and shoulder. After a few moments, Naruto's cock softened and he pulled out. Hinata collapsed to the ground in pain and exhausted. Naruto laid next to her, enveloping her into her arms. Both fell asleep happy and exhausted.

That Morning Hinata slowly woke up to the sensation of her body feeling numb and drained. The numb feeling left her the moment she tried to move, replaced by a dull throbbing pain all over her. She groaned and kept very still for a moment. Then she felt someone move behind her.

Naruto woke up with a groan. He felt a bit hazy but content and relax. He took a whiff of the air and immediately recognized the smell. ''Oh shit!'' He said as he looked at Hinata's form. He saw the mark on her neck and knew what it was. He instantly remembered what happened and what he did.

''N-Naruto-kun. What possessed you to um…'' Hinata couldn't help but look away, blushing. Any other girl would have been upset, screamed out rape or something. But Hinata was so hopelessly in love with Naruto that she didn't care…ok she was a bit upset and a bit in shock but actually found what happened quite arousing. After all when you have something like the Byakugan you tend to develop a few interesting perverted kinks. Ever since she used it to take a look at 'that monster' in Naruto's pants to better her fantasies she had a hard time not dying from a nose bleed.

Naruto sighed…in no shape or form was he expecting something like this to happen.

''I'm not upset…I'm actually kind of glad.''


''I wanted to be with you for so long…but with the rate things were going I almost gave up hope. I know what this mark means…being friends with Kiba and all…so I know that means were mated for life….but that still doesn't explain last night.''

''Well you see….''


3 days later


It was a bit weird going from good friends to being engaged. Naruto though had to watch his back out of fear of a Jyuuken strike to the nuts. It's not exactly a good impression to make your future father in law when someone else relates to them that you most likely took there daughter's virginity in a forest. Not good at all…of course that meant actions would be taken and the result was the impending marriage a few days from now. Naruto knew he cared for Hinata and would be happy with her. But the question that remained was did he truly love her? It was something he would have to come up with seeing as he would be marrying her soon.


Story End


Hope you guys like it…I left it open-ended as I might end up going from a one-shot into a six or seven chapter story. Don't worry though…I'll start up my Dom! Stories again real soon.