The Kitsune's Urge


Narutox Hinata


Story Start


Naruto and Hinata moved around the marquee, shaking hands and smiling and accepting congratulations from their friends and old classmates and colleagues. The other Kages themselves were there, attracting a few startled stares from Hinata's relatives, particular the ones still cautious of Kumo.

In a startlingly rare moment of quiet Hinata turned to Naruto, who had been watching Kuiinshi argue with Tsunade who got to take a particular rare bottle of champagne home. "No regrets, right?''

He nodded, "I was going to ask you the same thing. You do realize that makes you related to that man now.''

"Well," she paused, looking back at their friends and family, " amount of trouble he could bring would ever outweight my love for you.''

''Hey, as the guy shouldn't I be saying the sweet things?'' he playfully remarked, wrapping his arms around her middle and whispering the word in her ear, his breath tickling her neck and making her giggle. "You've made me a happy man Mrs. Uzumaki.''

She turned, rising on her toes to meet his lips, "Same here Mr. Uzumaki," she commented against his lips. He chuckled. Later on that evening a speech, by none other Kuiinshi was soon given.

''Hello, ladies, gentlemen, and Hiashi.'' the dark skinned man gaze at all the faces. ''K, Kuiinshi here. Most of you know or have heard about me. All the rumors are true, but we're not here to discuss my many achievements and accomplishments.'' There was a brief chuckle that rippled through the room. He cleared his throat, "I've known Naruto for quiet a few years now. We may not have always gotten along, but he's not only my best friend but my little brother. I never thought I see the day he was married. Mainly because the boy was just so obliviouss to how Hinata felt. I was so close to locking them both in a room you know.'' the laughter grew louder as both Naruto and Hinata began to blush. ''If you've met both of them then you know. And Hinata, darling girl, just like her mother. I've never known a kinder woman, and a greater friend.'' He paused, clearing his throat again, "I just want to wish the two a happy and long life. For just this one day I won't cause you two any grief, my true wedding present to you two. '' he turned to the two. ''Naruto and Hinata, there are a lot of people here that love you both a lot, and I'm happy to be one of them. I know that there are a lot of people that aren't here, that couldn't be here," he paused, letting everyone silently list the names, "and I'm sorry about that, but I know that you two will be more than enough for each other and you have plenty of family to bother you besides." He raised his glass, and everyone in the tent did the same, "To Naruto and Hinata, may there be nothing but happiness for the both of you."

With a single gulp K knocked back all of his drink as everyone around him chorused "Naruto and Hinata," before doing the same.

''To Naruto and Hinata. '' Sakura stated, smiling broadly at the newly-weds who grinned back, "I met Naruto back in the academy when we were seven. I could not get rid of him. When Naruto is stubborn about boy, boy is he ever stubborn.'' a round of laugher followed as a good deal of them remembered Naruto's persitent crush on the cherry blossom haired girl. ''But that same persitence is nowhere in league to his loyalty and his heart. And I'm so glad that I met him. Because I know that he'll always be there when I need him, and even if he doesn't know what he's doing, he'll do something to try and fix whatever is bothering me. Even when I tell him that I don't need him too. He's stubborn like that." The laughter grew louder as Naruto's face grew hot.

This continued on, everyone giving their own little story of the couple, escalating to the point where the couple just wanting to go crawl away in a hole and hide. Soon the party began to dwindle. Naruto looked around, noticing K was still in a corner, blathering drunkenly to Hiashi who was trying to extricate himself from the conversation with grace. Sakura and Ino were fussing over Kurenai's little girl who had just recently turned three. The others were getting ready to leave, the alcohol doing its job.

''Finally, now all I need to do is become Hokage and I'll achieved all of my dreams.''

''And I'll be right there with you Naruto,'' Hinata said, wrapping her hand around his. They were finally husband and wife so they were finally dropping the suffixes.

''I wouldn't have it any other way Hinata,'' he responded, smiling at her.

Hinata didn't say anything, she just smiled and kissed him. And to think this all started because of an urge, the Kitsune's Urge.


Chapter End


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