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18th Birthday

But she had changed that year. Not only was she happier but she was more out going. Exited about her birthday she invited everyone for a day a the beach. She promised everyone drink, to celebrate she was now old enough to drink. (Where I live it's legal to drink at 18) and some fun.

She didn't plan it that much, she was afraid it would get canceled. That party was the only reason she felt happy, it made her forget that Naruto had gone away for a months for some buisness.

She booked the day two days after her actual birthday, so everyone could go. She was certain everything would work out.

The day of her birth she recived phone calls from all her friedns wishing her a happy birthday, she was so happy. Even her father sang to her that night right before she got to bed.

"If this is great, then I can wait for my party to come" She thought as she went to sleep that night.

Two days later, the morning of her party, rain had decided to crash all over the village. The rain was heave and the thunder was loud. She still had hope, her friends wouldn't back out, she wanted it to happened but one by one they called and said they weren't going.

She sat in her room, alone. No one didn't even offer to spent, at least, the day with her. She was so hurt, but she didn't cried. "What a lousy birthday" She whispered as she hugged her pillow.

As she thought more about it, more angry she got. "What lousy friends I have" She mumbled.

"They didn't even care!" She cried with anger. She grasped her pillow with her small pale fingers and threw it at her wall full of picture with her and her friends. With her arms she hid her face and screamed, she let it all out and then she fell quiet.

Then a knock startled her. She stared at her white metal window until she heard the knock again. "What the hell" She whispered as she slowly got up and slowly opened the window.

"Go out side" A white cartdoard read. Without thinking she ran outside and there in her doorstep stood Naruto with a grin and a brown basket in his hands.

"NARUTO!" She squeaked and ran over to hug him. Pleased by her reaction he dropped the basket and embraced her. Her scent caught his nose and suddenly he felt whole again.

"Happy birthday Hina" He laughed.

"Oh Naruto!" She giggled.

She never knew how but he always had a way of making this day better than she thought it would be.

"I had other plans" He explain. "I was going to surprise you at the beach with a song or something but then I heard you had to canceled so I came here and surprised you anyway"

"I love you Naru" She whispered for she could not find her voice in this deep emotional moment.

"Come here" He said and pulled her in to his arms. Even when she thought there was no way to fix this day, there was him, her Naruto, willing to save her b-day.

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