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Metaknight managed to sleep a moderate six hours before another bad dream had hit him. He was on his stomach when he woke up, and unbuckled his mask off his face to stay this way a little more comfortably. He was in his room with those that saw his face already, so it didn't matter much to him. His eye-lids were incredibly heavy despite him being unable to move his body much or go back to sleep. He was exhausted but not his brain; it never was when he thought about that as well. He figured why he was having bad dreams, he just had no idea how to stop his behaviors. He was rather neurotic, he admitted to himself, but not to others in his entire life time. When there was something he knew nothing of, especially unable to learn more of...it made him really scared.

He was more than scared, he was terrified; and worse, he had no one to talk to about it.

He clutched his pillow and fished through his mind for a solution, even if one that was temporary, but he was getting nothing but more fuel to his horrors. He remembered his thought process twenty years ago; it was either focusing on that mysterious passing disaster or Nightmare. He chose Nightmare because he at least knew who he was and that he was physical. He focused on Nightmare and the war so much that he had actually forgotten the dark cloud that functioned like a mysterious Armageddon, as well as...those he knew back then. He sighed heavily, finding a new thing to curse.


In his complex of wanting to be on top and to know everything, as well as never be down in the dumps like he was now, he even blocked out his own memories? Or was some other influence simply chewing at his mind? Is he being paranoid or is he trying to make excuses for his short comings and being in the dark? Kabu knew nothing so what could he do besides just go into the battle field without a plan, without sight? That wasn't how he done things and he was scared to even try that; unless that was the only way. He couldn't recall a time he had ever felt this way, and was now wondering if he had but just buried it. He frowned heavily and thought, "What's wrong with me?"

He heard a tender voice call out to him from below, "Sick?" It was Kirby looking worried for him.

"I...probably..." He replied reluctantly. He wasn't sure of anything as of late.

Kirby gasped and then murmured, "Uh oh.."

"I just need to rest..."

"And eat!" Kirby added with a worried filled frown.

Metaknight smiled sullenly and replied, "I don't really have an appetite, Kirby." He chuckled softly at Kirby's expression that was a literal 'yeah right' and leaned in closer to the child. He whispered, "I'll let you in on a secret. I honestly don't have an appetite or a need to eat, I could go without it for weeks. But I do hunger constantly for sweet things. It makes me feel better, always been that way..."

Kirby looked confused and replied, "Weeks?? Not an hour..." he whined as he patted his belly.

Metaknight smiled at Kirby. The troubled knight hadn't realize that all he needed was social contact to keep him from his bad thoughts. Not just any contact, but Kirby's. Kirby was important to him, he just never openly expressed for the issues that would ensue. He is an underling of Dedede's, even if partially part time, partially. Sure, he had his own insecurities of being just like Kirby, somewhat, but now did he really have a reason to be so down low? Dedede no longer had demon beasts, so they were fine, this castle was just his ticket away from Cappies! But it did leave him stuck with Dedede.... there was no good side or lesser evil was there? He sighed again at the realization, getting caught up in his thoughts yet again, maybe social contact wasn't the solution.

"Meeetaaa..." Kirby whined and puffed his right cheek. He did not like being ignored even if he couldn't talk really well. But the spacey knight's eyes were heavily green and he knew what that meant and he was capable of seeing rude behaviors.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Kirby. I'm still dazed and sleepy..."

"...Oh." Kirby replied and frowned. He felt bad seeing Metaknight this way and wished there was something that he could do for him, but had no idea how to word it.

Metaknight on the other hand noticed Kirby's devout attention as of late, especially since he's been left here. He was sure it was all because he lost his mask and that he appeared similar... he couldn't help but ask, "Kirby, is it my face that draws you to me?" He saw Kirby smile brightly and nodded, but this disappointed him. "Ah..."

"I remember you!" Metaknight winced purely from shock, and his facial expression displayed his feeling very clearly. Kirby thought of this reaction as a 'happy' shock and continued, "Over my star!" Still, Metaknight remained frozen for a few moments. It took a confused poke in the face from Kirby to knock him out of it.

"Hey, don't touch people's faces like that," he scolded lightly and shifted away from the offending hand. "You're right, I was over your star ship. Your mind must've been so advanced to be able to remember my face so long ago and so young... Tell me, do you know who I am then?"

"Metaknight!" Kirby answered, giving him a expression that asked why was he asking such an obvious question!

"Not now, then. When I was over your star."

"Uh...nooo..?" Kirby answered as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. His older friend exhaled heavily, albeit absent mindedly as if the conversation was finished; but to Kirby it wasn't. "Tell me!" Kirby gotten no reply and edged closer to the bed frame and added, "Pleeease?"

"There's nothing else to say," he answered flatly and turned over to his side to avoid eye contact.

"Uh huh!!" The pink one rebutted and tried to turn him over to face him, but the bigger blue one was holding onto the side of the bed to aid him in his conquest of keeping his back facing. Kirby gave up in a huff and left with a stomping trail—as loud as his light weight could manage, at least. He didn't forget that Metaknight was sick and thought of going to the doctor's. Sunlight was filtering through the windows of the large hallways, so it was a pretty safe idea. He hurried just in case, taking pride in speed he didn't know he had until the gourmet race.

But the poor boy got lost in the castle yet again.

His mood did not weaver, but his luck rose at the sight of waddle dees carrying a box of miscellaneous things. They looked a little wet and he ran up to them and asked, "Raining??"

"Drizzle!" They answered in unison.

"Oh..." Kirby murmured and looked at their foot print puddles that would likely lead him to the outside. He was tapped on the head with something until he looked up and saw that one was offering him an umbrella...of Dedede's colors of course. He smiled and exclaimed, "Thank you!" and ate it to have a customized parasol for his use. The weather was fine for them, so it would surely be fine for Kirby, right?


Escargon slithered around many corners of the castle looking for his king. He was at a loss since the king was either sitting on his tush in the main room, or in his bedroom. He was never anywhere else in the castle; it was like he didn't need a domain this big with how little he moved around or ventured. None the less, Escargon was wandering obscurer places of the castle, until finally, he spotted Dedede on the balcony out in the rain. His head was low as he looked over the balcony, as if he was looking deep in concentration, or to Escargon, failure.

He scoffed, "Your majesty, I know you've lost in front of everyone, but this is ridiculous! Shouldn't you be used to it now?" He walked further towards his king and called, "Your majesty--" he was shocked that Dedede grabbed his hand and looked so intently into his startled eyes.

"Can I not enjoy the rain? It's cool against my skin—But if you're worried about me getting sick," he trailed off as he let his hand go and strolled off. "I'll go back inside."

Escargon was still stuck in place, unable to turn around and watch his king walk away.

When King Dedede made it to his throne room, several waddle dees including captain Waddle doo was there. When he took his seat on his throne, they all simultaneously saluted. He did not speak first, but instead waited for a specific signal.

"Nil, sire! We have found the perfect refuge hosts!" 'Waddle doo' informed.

'Dedede', who was referred to as 'Nil', replied, "Wait... you're not supposed to possess the one with the single eye."

"Well..." The single eyed one began as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "He's the only one who can speak, Nil..."

"I'm pretty sure the others can," Nil rebutted calmly.

"Well, yes... but only a select few according this 'doo' being's memory bank."

"Find those and transfer to them instead, please."

"Yes sir!"

One possessed Waddle dee held up a sign that read, 'what if we write to you??'

"Isn't that... tedious?" Their ruler answered with a concerned arched brow.

'...Yeah, kind of! But anything for you!'

"No...don't trouble yourself like that. Just fine those dees with the talent of speech. You all already have a load on your hands, alright?" The little crowd nodded and scurried off to do as told. The mysterious and intrusive leader in King Dedede's body yawned a little loudly. Afterwards, he thought aloud, "I'm always so sleepy in this body..." Then his stomach had growled. "...Hungry as well. What is with this body?" he grumbled and pouted onto the arm rest of his chair very troubled.

"Good to see that you're acting yourself again, your majesty!"Escargon exclaimed relieved as he hurriedly slithered his way to his superior.

"Escargon, do you know anyone who can train this flab?" 'Dedede' asked as he pulled against his body fat.

Escargon laughed and replied, "Never mind, I was wrong, you're surely not yourself!"

"Just answer me," the higher up commanded. His tone of voice was far more calmer than Dedede's usual tantrums and fits.

"All I can think of is that Metaknight," the assistant snail answered more seriously.

"Ugh, not him...never mind, I'll jut exercise myself then," he replied and stretched out of his chair.

"And since when did you decide to speak so properly??"

"Uh, since--" his stomach growled yet again, and a sudden wave of fatigue overpowered him enough to sit back into the plush throne. It was forming into a bad habit. "...Feed me, please?" Escargon stared bemused at the use of 'please' and the quiet tone. The large blue penguin was hesitant before he yelled, "Now!" Though the yell was half-hearted, it was enough to trigger Escargon to runaway to fill an order. Nil sighed and rubbed his temple, digging into the mind of the small minded penguin. He thought with exasperation, "Being my polar opposite is...going to be hard."


The drizzle outside had gotten just a tad heavier, but the optimistic and courageous Kirby did not mind.

...Even if he was thinking over road routes while facing a mud slide. The actual road had the slippery and possibly steep mud slide, while the 'other' road, a large gap where a bridge was snapped, he thought he could float across with his parasol. The pink child in dilemma continued to think about it, with use of pros and cons. With the gap, there was almost no pros besides not getting muddy, with the muddy route, he can not only ride down it in his parasol, it would be fun! Not to mention the rain could wash everything off afterwards! He ran for the mud quickly hopping into his enlarged parasol and squealed in delight as he rushed down the road.

The ride was much shorter than he would have liked, but that was just how fast it was traveling. He tumbled out of his umbrella and rolled out of the way of the mud. He let the rain rinse whatever was on him before putting the umbrella over him once again. He twirled the stubborn mud splotches off his parasol and was mildly amused by the twinkle noises that it had made. A hollow wind blow reminded him of what he needed to do, because the sky was darkening, even if at a slow pace. Pupuland was in view so he ran to the doctor's, hoping that he was there.

When he reached upon the office, all the elder men, excluding the mayor and the chief, were there eating out of instant ramen cups in a bored circle.

"Poyo!!" Kirby exclaimed excitedly to make himself known.

The doctor of the old crew bolted up and cried aloud, "Kirby! What are you doing out in that weather??"

"Medicine!" He answered.

The doctor calmed, but was more so confused. He asked, "Huh, why?"

"Meta's sick. He don't sleep or eat and grumbles a lot with this face!" Kirby explained with a tired but aggravated expression to mimic his important friend.

"Sounds like stress to me,"Yabui chuckled his answer to the concerned child. "I'll give you something nice to deliver to him," he said as he wandered off to his medicine chamber. As he done this, the legendary mailman approached Kirby.

"I know you'll run into Fumu eventually, so I want you to give this letter to her the next time you see her," he explained and handed it to Kirby. "It's from that unique fish at the beach."

"Didn't she date that one?" Curio asked mid-slurp of his ramen.

"Haha, yeah she did...Only Fumu," Yabui chuckled as came into view with a gift bag of things. He handed it to Kirby and informed, "There's something in there for you too, just in case if you catch a cold, alright? Hurry back!"

"Thank you!" Kirby exclaimed and ran out. Though it wasn't raining heavily, he was curious to see Kine. The beach wasn't too far away, so a detour wouldn't hurt too much. Howling wind is just howling wind, after all...


Metaknight was looking at the clock that read early morning, yet the skies were in between dark and light as if it was six in the evening. He was feeling groggier by the hour, and could swear he was having a fever come in. When he heard the armor of his subordinates, he grumbled for their attention which they gave.

"Yes sir?"

"Have you seen Kirby?"

"Nope," they answered as well as shrugged. Metaknight's displeased expression straightened their attitudes immediately. "We can uh....look for him."

"Do that," their leader said almost a little coldly and turned over to hide his worried frown. When they left him, the sky rumbled and he clutched his pillow.