Fractured Memories




.......Activating Central Processing Unit.

System failed to activate.


...What am I?

Why am I here?

Why can't I remember anything?

Activating central processing unit.

System failed to activate.

How was I created?

Was I even created?

How come I don't know?

Activating Central Processing Unit.

System failed to activate.

Why wont the system respond!?

Do I even have anything to remember?


I have memories. Of what, I'm not sure.

Its blurry.

They were there when I woke up.

If that's what happened anyway.

It seemed like waking, if I've ever experienced it.

I remember what happened after that too.


I remember the humans. They seemed familiar.

And destroying stuff. That seemed very familiar.

Then there was.... him.


My identification protocols told me that was his name.

I know I've seen him before.

Every thing about him was displayed on my hard drive.

Height, weight, forms of attack, and reams and reams of other statistics.

But there was something else, something other then what was in my data banks.

I can not describe it, it was strange, it went against all of my programing.

I had a desire not to destroy him. To let him go. That he was the same as me...

It makes no sense! All of my programs, commands, procedures- they all say to kill him!

My data files are filled with information on how to attack him, his weak points, what weapons to use.

Why would any thing in my AI say otherwise!?!

I don't understand.

Why do I even want to destroy him?

Even when I feel that its wrong.

What is my purpose?


The they know?

I hear them all the time. Their voices are in my head always, telling how something should be done.

Telling me I've done something wrong.

Saying that I am broken. That I have failed.

Am I really broken? Is that why I'm so confused?

.....One of them doesn't think so.

She's nice to me. She talks to me all the time. She's the only one I can hear when the CPU is off.

She says I'm not broken, that I shouldn't fight, that all I want is a friend.

Friend. My files say it's some one that helps me, that I help, that I don't want to hurt.

She is my friend.

Is this why it feels wrong to kill Godzilla? Because I want to "make friends"?

That's impossible. It must be an error. I want to destroy him. How can I want two opposite things?

.........Do I truly want to destroy him? It's what I'm told to do. But....

-No. I KNOW I don't want to. It's written all over my system, but no.

It's not what I want. It isn't what I feel like doing. They're only commands. It's not what I want.

But why, then? Was I created to kill Godzilla? But then why can't I? Nothing makes sense....

What am I?

I'm not like the humans. They don't treat me like one of them.

Why does it seem like Godzilla is so familiar? Why do I see him... when I think of myself?

He's in there.... in my memories.

It's so hard to remember anything....

I have to try.

Have to remember.

It's all so difficult to put together...

I see it, it's there, I...... I.......

The destruction, the pain, screaming

Just-just like-like-

Fire, fire everywhere. Every thing burning

It's- it's–him. It's–it's-

The human. The strange bubbles. Cold, creeping death filling the water


Light. A bright light. Brighter then the sun. Fire. Pain. Anger. Wrath

"Ok guys, repairs are finished for today. Shut every thing down."


The system failed to respond because the system is shutting down.







Hello Sara.