The youngest Weasley's, Harry and Hermione were trying to listen to the end of the order meeting, when the door opened and Dumbledore exited the room, followed by Snape, Lupin and Black.

"Good luck on your mission Severus my boy. Take care of yourself. This could be very difficult."

Snape just nodded. Harry dropped his extendable ears his face pale. Racing down the stairs he caught Snape by the arm.

"Sir, before you go I need to talk to you. Please it's important."

Snape looked down at the newly turned 16 year old in mild surprise. "Very well Mr Potter." Snape lead the way to the library. "Well what do you want Mr Potter?"

"Wait a moment." Harry cast a locking and silencing charm on the door, to stop extendable ear's being used. "From the sound of that, your mission is probably life threatening, for Dumbledore to say it's difficult it's probably damn near impossible."

Snape snorted in barely concealed amusement. "Was there a point to this?"

"Yes sir. I just wanted to say a few things. And I want to say it without you interrupting please or I might not get it all out." Snape nodded but said nothing. "I know you hate me. I know you hate me because my father was a wanker to you in school. I'm sorry for the way he and Sirius acted towards you, I've been on the receiving end of people like that." Harry grimaced in memory. "I also know you've saved my life more times that is normal under any circumstances. But then you've never thought I was normal." Harry smiled and took a deep breath. "Please come back. I need you in my life, your my balance, I can trust you to always tell me the truth and not sugar coat it."

Harry look into Snape's eyes in which he could see confusion. Harry took a few steps forward.

"And I want to say sorry."

"What did you do this time Mr Potter?"

"Just this." Harry lent forward capturing Snape's lips with his own, in a brief but passionate kiss. "Come back safe to me and you can yell at me for it." Harry fled the room. And refused to tell anyone what had happened.

Now he just had to wait.

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