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Chapter Eleven

The dinner Harry and Severus shared was lovely, they found they both loved steak and kidney pie and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Harry was happy to find it was so easy to talk to Severus.

Harry stayed until nearly curfew before Severus told him to head back.

"Don't I get a kiss good night?" Harry asked pulling out the puppy dog eyes.

Severus gave a put upon sigh and bent his head to kiss Harry softly, but Harry was having none of it and pulled his older lover against him and backed against the door behind him, so Severus's body was flushed with his. "Care to try that again?" Harry demanded his voice rough.

Severus moaned involuntarily, and gave in to his body's desire to kiss Harry properly. Harry bucked his body bringing their covered erections into contact. That brought Severus out of his daze. "Go to bed Harry, before you make me forget my principles."

Harry nodded a little sadly but he knew how important Severus' morals were to him so he left, and headed back to the tower; as he approached the fat lady's portrait he literally bumped into the headmaster.

"Ah Harry my boy, I was hoping to bump into you, but perhaps not so literally. I would like to talk to you. Come to my office tomorrow before breakfast if you would."

"Yes sir, just me or should I bring Ron and Hermione with me too?" Harry asked, knowing this wasn't a normal chat.

"Just you my boy, for now at least."

"Alright headmaster, I'll see you tomorrow." Harry didn't sleep well that night.

The next morning Harry made an excuse to Ron and left early to his appointment with Dumbledore. The gargoyle opened automatically when he got there, because he was expected he supposed.

Knocking twice on the headmaster's door Harry waited to be called in.

"Come in Harry."

When Harry opened the door, he saw Dumbledore sitting at his desk and Severus standing by the window.

"Good good, do sit down both of you."

Harry didn't dare to glance at Severus as they sat.

"I will come straight to the point my boys I know how much you hate my cryptic clues. To put it bluntly, I'm dying."

"What?" Both Harry and Severus yelled.

"Sit down and let me tell you, no interruptions I don't think I can do this twice." Dumbledore said looking twice his age, and for a man pushing 120 it was an impressive look.

"I was cursed by a ring. A ring belonging to Tom Riddle; the ring contained a Horcrux." He paused at Severus' intake of breath. "Yes. I believe Tom created seven Horcux's. One of which Harry here has already destroyed; the diary that caused Miss Weasley so many problems. The second was a ring, which I have destroyed already. The third was a necklace, I went to retrieve it last night, but I saw the necklace was a trap not the real Horcurx. Had I drank the potion it was in, it probably would have killed me then and there. I have a mission for both of you. I intend to go into battle on last time before I die, and I do not expect to come back. There is a clan of Vampires in the Welsh mountains; I intend to go there to bring them to our side. Tom is not far from taking over the ministry, as you well know Severus. When I leave, I'm sure that will happen. It will not be safe in the wizarding world, even at Hogwarts for you Harry. I need you to go and find the remaining Horcuxes, the only clue I have for the necklace is that it had the initials RAB. Find it and destroy it. I also believe Tom's snake is one too. Severus I expect you to take over the running of the school. The school will allow you and no one else entrance to this office, thus accepting you as its headmaster since I chose you. It will be hard for both of you. I know I'm asking a great deal of you both to complete such difficult missions. But it is necessary. And I'm sorry Harry but your friends can not go with you this time."

Dumbledore stopped talking and looked from one of his boys to the other, thinking over his next words.

"I realise that you have come to care for each other, and I'm sorry to separate you so early in your budding relationship, I ask you to do this to ensure your future and that of the world."

Harry gapped at him; Severus raised an eyebrow not betraying his surprise.

"When do we start?" Severus asked simply.

"I will leave as soon as you two have finished with me. Harry I suggest you leave during lunch so you are not noticed. Severus, just be prepared. And both of you be careful. I love you both and do not want any harm to come to you."

"It will all work out Headmaster." Harry said confidently.

Dumbledore smiled at him. "Do you think you can all me Albus, after all you are dating the man I consider a son." Harry beamed at him and Severus gaped.

"I'll find them Albus I promise." Harry said sincerely.

"Fine, fine. Go get your selves ready." Albus said wiping a tear from his eye. "Leave an old man to his folly."

They left, stopping before exiting at the gargoyle at the bottom of the stairs.

"Harry, go pack your things, don't go to classes. I have no classes this morning; come to my rooms I will make sure your wand is untraceable. Bring everything to Sal's rooms, I will meet you there and we can make sure you are prepared"

Harry could see how worried the normally stoic man was and left quickly to do as he was asked, it took him less than half an hour to throw all his things into his trunk and get back to second favourite potion masters private rooms, now his own.

Severus said nothing more, but took Harry's wand and cast several spells on it and handed it back. "You can now use it any time any place and will have no repercussions'."

"Thank you." Harry said gratefully.

Severus nodded and took a backpack from a pocket and resized it. "I have already put a tent in here, it's a one man tent but comfortable." Taking several boxes from another pocket, he opened each of them carefully. Pointing his wand at Harry's trunk all the useful items came flying out, books and writing equipment went to one box, and the clothes headed for another before Severus stopped them. "They will not do." Severus started casting spell after spell at Harry's warn hand me down cloths until they looked new and warm. Harry knew they would fit perfectly too. They went to the second box.

"Dippy." Severus called.

Dippy appeared instantly at Severus's side. "Yes Master Severus sir."

"I need warm blankets and pillows and I need a lot of food. Blankets go in that box, and food in that one." Severus said in his calm voice pointing out the boxes.

Dippy disappeared to carry out her masters orders.

"Are you alright Severus?" Harry asked softly

"No, but I have to be." Severus answered honestly; he would not lie to his brat.

Dippy reappeared and filled the boxes. Severus cast a preservation charm on the food so it would never go off.

"All the boxes are wizard space and charmed to be weightless. And I want you to have this." Severus handed Harry a leather bound book. "Whatever you write in this will appear in the one on my desk." Severus said stiffly.

"Thank you, I can take you with me then, in a way." Harry said sadly, not wanting to be separated from Severus again so soon. "It's going to get bad isn't it?"

"Very likely. No Muggle born or half blood will be truly safe." Severus led Harry to the sofa mindful that they didn't have long left.

"Severus we need to go talk to Sal before I go." Harry said brightening as if he'd thought of something.


"I have a plan. Come on." Harry raced across the room to Sal's portrait and Sal smiled at them. "Sal, is there a way into the main chambers without coming though here or the girls toilet?" Harry asked quickly.

"Yes there is a rock in the forest near the mouth of the brook. With the right password, you can get in there. Why?"

Harry turned excitedly to Severus. "Don't you see? We can hide them all down here. With all the tunnels, it can easily sleep hundreds of people. This room can still be your sanctuary and no one need know you're involved."

"How do you intend to get them here?" Severus asked the idea had possibilities.

"The Weasley's, they'll help! There's no stopping the twins if they put their minds to something." Harry was practically bouncing now.

"How will they be fed?" Severus asked, liking Harry's plan but ever the practical one.

"Dobby." Harry yelled. When the house elf appeared, he didn't give him time to say anything. "Dobby you're in charge of the house elves in Hogwarts now aren't you?"

"Yes Master..."

"Great. And you're loyal to the headmaster and only answer to him and not any other teacher?"

"Yes Master..."

"Wonderful. Dobby, Severus will be headmaster soon, and were going to hide anyone in danger here in the chamber, can you make sure they are fed and that no one finds out?"

Dobby beamed with pride at being asked to help with such an important task. "Dobby can do it. And Dobby can do more too. Dobby is clan leader now sir, I can get information from all house elf's and we can bring those in danger here before they even know they are in danger. We can take them from the most heavily warded of places sir. Would that make Master Harry Potter happy sir?"

"That would make me very happy Dobby. Thank you. You'd best go get ready then."

Dobby disappeared.

"It's time to go now Harry." Severus said softly. "I want to say something and you're not to interrupt or I might not be able to say it."

Harry nodded with a slight smile, recognising his own words.

"I love you Harry Potter. You come back safe to me, so I can show you properly." Severus kissed him, as if they would never see each other again, both knowing that might be the case. Harry's eyes were wet as he turned to the door.

"I'll come back love, I swear on all that I am, because all that I am, is totally yours."

With those parting words, Harry left.

"Severus, when you leave shrink my portrait and take me with you. Young Harry, is right, you will need a sanctuary. I don't think he knows it but he just bonded his sole to yours."

"He did?" Severus asked in shock.

"Yes. All you have to do to complete it is to say what your heart is telling you to. He'll hear it as if you were next to him."

Severus took a deep breath. "You'd better come back to me Harry bloody Potter, because I can't live without you." Severus felt the bond and sighed.

Now all he had to do was wait.

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