Author's Note: So, I'm almost as obsessed with The Tribe as I am with BTVS... So, yeah. This is set in S1 of the Tribe and in AU BTVS... Basically if Buffy had died (properly) after The Gift and Dawn was sent to live with her dad in NZ, only months before the virus hit. There will be Dawn/Lex romance. Review with ideas, gripes, questions etc. :)
A non-vague disclaimer: I own nothing. BTVS is owned by Joss Whedon (God) and The Tribe is owned by Raymond Thompson

Dawn walked through the city with a crossbow in her hands; she stared straight in front of her, impassive to the teens around her. She paused as the Locos' police car passed her and their new leader, Ebony passed her. Ebony looked her up and down, as if wondering weather to start a fight but when her eyes set on the purple B next to Dawn's right eye she turned away, telling the driver not to stop. It had been a year since the virus had hit and the city that she had only lived in for a few months in what they were calling 'the old times' was barely recognisable. For a fleeting moment she wondered what Sunnydale looked like now, wondered if any of the kids from her class had survived. She grimaced, imagining the moment when it had dawned on the kids that vampires existed… The city hadn't been badly hit, the kids had taken to killing any adult they saw and they far outnumbered the vampires. Dawn had started the rumour that the virus caused some adults to go feral and the aging process to become more pronounced on the foreheads. She had also told people that the bodies had to be destroyed. The city that had once smelt like burnt sugar, the sea and petrol fumes now stank of burnt corpses, the tribes had taken to setting up pyres near the outskirts of the city in part to scare outsiders as well as the practical. She carried on walking, passing the hotel getting closer to the mall, the one place that knew no one was staying. But before she was able to get inside she saw a vampire closing in on a girl.

Dawn sprung into action, running behind the vampire and plunging a stake into its back. It turned and she waited it to explode into ashes but it advanced on her, the girl turned around and, seeing the fight froze. Dawn motioned for her to move out of the way and the girl backed towards a man-hole cover. Satisfied that the girl was far enough away that she was safe for the moment Dawn turned towards the vampire, who, rather ineptly was trying to remove the stake from his back. She rolled her eyes and took another out of her bag. His eyes narrowed.

"Slayer?" He said, as if in a daze.

"The next best thing," she said sadly, aware of what he was. She staked him, and picked up both her stakes from the pile of ashes on the ground. She turned to the girl.

"How old are you?" She asked the girl, who, although skinny looked well-feed.

"Eleven," the girl replied in a small voice. Dawn frowned, wasn't anyone looking after her?

"I'm Dawn, what's your name?" She asked.


"Who looks after you Cloe?" She asked slowly, trying to keep her voice sweet.

"Salene and Amber. And sometimes Zandra. And Lex if someone bad comes."

"Where are they now?"

"I'm not supposed to say." The girl replied, unsure.

"Hey, I'm one of the good guys, remember? I got rid of the vamp- scary man." Dawn tried to reason. "I just want to get you home safe." The girl looked her up and down and her eyes fixed on the crossbow Dawn had strapped to her back. She looked around as if wondering whether she could run away but Dawn held out her hand. "It's okay… I'm not going to hurt you." The girl thought about this for a moment but took Dawn's hand.

"They're at the Mall, that's where we live." The girl said, looking up at her. She lead her to the man-hole cover. Cloe let go of her hand and opened it, looking down into the sewers before she climbed down the ladder. Dawn sighed, shoved the stakes back into her bag and followed her. They made through the sewers before coming to another ladder. They then climbed up it and into the light of the mall. Dawn stopped, wondering how many kids would be there. Would they trust her? But Cloe held out her hand and Dawn took it, bracing herself for other people.

They had barely taken a step when someone had grabbed Cloe from Dawn. She started to turn around but felt a staff against the back of her neck. One move and they could paralyze her, though they probably didn't know it. She felt them take the bag off her back. They threw it forwards and a boy caught it, smiling.

"Who are you working for?" The boy asked, opening her bag and raising his eyebrows at the contents. Dawn didn't answer, instead tried to plan her next move.

"Okay then, put her in the cave Bray." He said. The second the staff shifted Dawn turned around knocking it out of her captor's hands and pulled a knife out of her boot. She looked around the mall and saw that her captors were human, she couldn't fight them. She dropped the knife and raised her hands in a gesture of surrender.

"I'm Dawn. I just wanted to make sure that Cloe was safe." She said, making sure her voice carried around the building. The boy who she had taken to be the leader looked over at Cloe who was now standing next to a girl with magenta hair, holding her hand. Cloe nodded.

"She killed the scary man." The girls voice came out hoarse.

The leader motioned to the other boys to step away from Dawn and looked her up and down, smiling.

"I'm Lex."