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Warnings: shounen-ai, swearing, slight OOCness

LEMON in this chapter ^-^

When Jou was finally able to be active Seto became worried, because Jou was constantly getting into something. As soon as he would turn his back Jou would get in trouble or his curiosity would get the best of him and he would wander off. Multiple times he would turn back and find Jou yards away checking out something else. Seto couldn't help but be thankful that he had met Jou despite his quirks. Like the fact Jou still wanted to act like a puppy on occasion because he was so used to it, or how he was afraid of snakes yet could stand up to a gun no problem.

Mokuba had come to visit them after he had heard what happened in the Kaiba Corp garage. Even after Mokuba was positive that Jou was fine he still wanted to stay to hang out. Jou and Mokuba got along great especially when Mokuba introduced Jou to the massive gaming world. Both would stay up for hours playing video games until Seto told them their brains would rot and they needed to get to sleep. Eventually Mokuba had to go back to college but not before wishing his brother and Jou goodbye.

Now Seto was just sitting in his study trying to focus on his work but unfortunately all he could think of was Jou. Today would be their one year anniversary and Jou said he was going out that he had things he had to get. Seto was slightly disappointed that Jou wasn't there to spend their anniversary with him but he knew that if Jou had to go out then it must be important. A knocking on the door brought him out of his thoughts. "Come in," Seto told the person.

"Hey Seto! I got everything I needed," Jou informed him happily.

"What did you need to get?" Seto asked curiously.

"You'll see if you follow the trail," Jou said running out the door.

"Follow the trail?" Seto questioned aloud but Jou was long gone. Deciding he wouldn't find out what was going on unless he checked it out Seto got up. Quickly he turned the computer off. As soon as he was outside of his study he saw some fortune cookies and an arrow. Seto followed the arrow until he came upon another one with a CD leaning up against the arrow. Again he followed the arrow. This continued as he gathered up the items. So far he had also found a stuffed puppy, the toys he had got for Jou when he was a puppy for a prize, a picture of a puppy & a human, a keychain of a heart, a water gun, and a blue rose. When he had picked up the blue rose he saw a huge X on his bedroom door. He stepped in to find Jou tackling him to the ground.

"Did you like everything?" Jou asked excitedly.

"You made them symbolize important events that had happened to us throughout the year," Seto stated.

"So you did get the meaning. But did you like everything?" Jou questioned again impatiently.

"They're from you of course I like them," Seto told him.

"Good," Jou whispered pulling Seto into a kiss. Seto kissed him back just as fiercely. Without Seto noticing Jou unbuttoned Seto's shirt as he let his hands roam Seto's chest. Seto pulled Jou closer to him as he broke the kiss breathing harshly. He finally noticed his shirt was unbuttoned.

"You seem enthusiastic," Seto panted as Jou nuzzled his chest. They may have been going out but Jou had told Seto he wasn't ready for sex just yet.

"Well I'm ready now and waiting for you," Jou replied. Seto switched positions so he was on top and began to take off Jou's shirt.

"Let's not make you wait too long. I know how impatient you can be," Seto teased in a seductive voice. Jou squirmed a little as Seto's breath ghosted over his skin. Seto removed Jou's shirt and pulled down his pants leaving Jou only in his boxers. "How about we take this to the bed?" Seto whispered as he picked Jou up. Seto's normally electric blue eyes were clouded with lust but you could still see the love he had for Jou in them. Gently placing Jou on the bed Seto began to remove his pants and slip off his shirt until he was also in his boxers. Jou may have said he was ready but that didn't mean he wasn't nervous as hell. This would be his first time having sex.

"Calm down and relax," Seto told him kissing his temple. Jou nodded his head and relaxed a little. Blushing Jou informed Seto, "Lubricant is in the top drawer and an extra surprise is in the one below it. Seto got off the bed to find out what the 'extra surprise' was. Opening the top drawer first he pulled out chocolate strawberry flavored lube. When he opened the next drawer however he found a whole bunch of sex toys. There were handcuffs, cock ring, riding crop, vibrators, clamps, mouth gag, leg restraints, and the irony of it all puppy ears and a tail. Seto grabbed a few items from inside. He placed the ears on Jou's head and attached the tail. Jou blushed but didn't mind at all even when Seto handcuffed his wrists to the headboard.

"Enjoying yourself yet?" Seto asked placing kisses down Jou's chest and to the edge of his boxers. He then began to pinch Jou's nipples. Jou moaned and squirmed as Seto placed hickies on his neck. Chuckling Seto pulled away to say, "I'll take that as a yes." Jou couldn't say anything coherent except for Seto's name.

"Seto…please…I," Jou tried to say but he moaned again as Seto pulled down his boxers and his erection was released. He then proceeded to remove his own pair of boxers. Seto hooked Jou's legs under his arm so that his entrance was in the air. Jou squirmed in embarrassment as Seto teased his opening with his free hand. Finally Seto stopped teasing his entrance and opened the bottle of lube applying it to three fingers and his own erection. Rubbing one finger against Jou's entrance he slowly slipped it in. Jou wiggled away from the weird invading sensation the finger brought. Seto however continued to slip finger in stretching as much as he could without causing too much pain. Jou started to pant as Seto inserted another finger stretching him even farther. A blush appeared to be forever placed on Jou's cheeks as Seto continued to add a third finger, but he also felt slight pain and a tear fell out.

"It's okay," Seto told him kissing him deeply. Jou kissed back for all he was worth putting his all into the kiss as Seto removed his fingers and inserted his erection. Any sounds of pain from Jou were muffled by Seto's mouth. Ever so slowly Seto let his erection go deeper into Jou until he was fully inside. Both were panting and Jou was trembling from the sensation of having Seto inside him. Soon Jou got accustomed to Seto being inside him and he bucked his hips toward Seto. Seto let out a moan when Jou bucked his hips and got the hint. He immediately pulled himself out and pushed back into Jou's heat.

"Seto!" Jou cried out a few thrusts later as Seto hit his prostate. Seto smirk in satisfaction before repeating what he did before. "Ahhh Seto!" Jou cried. Soon you could hear him chanting Seto's name as he got lost in the pleasure. Seto began to thrust harder as he heard Jou chant his name. Soon a hot mass built up his body begging to be released. Grabbing Jou's erection he began to use his hand to pump him until Jou couldn't take it. Jou released all over their stomachs and cried out, "SETO!" His entrance tightened sending Seto over the edge as he also shouted, "JOU!"

Both laid there panting as they slowly got over their pleasure high. Jou was blushing embarrassed but content with what had just happened. Seto pulled him closer still inside of him. "My birthday wish came true so far," Seto pondered aloud.

"What are you talking about?" Jou asked confused. His brain just didn't want to work properly after what Seto had done.

"You told me to make a wish and so far it's come true," Seto explained.

"What was your wish?" Jou asked curiously.

"To have sex with you," Seto teased. Jou hit him and pouted. Finally he honestly replied, "Too spend forever with you."


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