Hey everyone,

A few weeks ago, I started writing again after a very long absence. I was somewhat (pleasantly) surprised to receive multiple questions regarding whether or not I'm going to come back to this story/nobility, which considering the story is 10 or so years old and hasn't been updated in 5 years does say something about its popularity.

After thinking it over for a while, I decided to do it and resolve to finish the last two chapters, so that it has a satisfying ending of sorts for those who still want it (*Sniff* those fans are probably better fans than I deserve *Sniff*). And, I guess, as a tribute to my 10 year younger self who set out on this lofty quest back then.

Unfortunately, this is probably going to take a while, since writing those two chapters will probably take , at best, around +/- 40 hours of writing time for me. And considering I have a fairly busy job as a physician, am married now (okay, that doesn't take THAT much time, admittedly) and about to be a father, I'm not sure how fast I could do this. Plus, I still need to finish the last two chapter for my Steins Gate story that got me back into writing, of which I'm currently more familiar with the characters and don't want to lose that by jumping between projects mid-progress (another mistake that cost this story back then).

I decided to put this here as a placeholder chapter both to be able to respond to the final anonymous guest that asked in a review and to kind of force myself to take action (and so that this lingering feeling of guilt doesn't stay stuck in my mind, haha). So… It will be coming, and when it's coming I'll delete this and re-upload chapter 17 and then 18.

Can I finish the entire story of Tales of Vesperia in two chapters? No, obviously not. The best I can do realistically would be to aim for an interim conclusion and an epilogue. The problem here is that I was too inexperienced when I started writing. Nobility was the very first thing of fanfiction I wrote and I had no clue on the sheer amount of writing time it would take to see that through entirely. I tried skipping past certain sections of the game in an effort to correct this but even then it was still unrealistically long.

I'll save the other commentary for the actual chapters. For now, have a nice weekend and I'll see you when we get there!

-Kind regards,