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The Rinnegan, A fault in a God's plan.

A child's mind, small, fragile, impressionable... always learning, always adapting... A child at young ages doesn't have a mindset of right or wrong, That is why children are born weak, and they grow so does their power... Yet Uzumaki Naruto was born with The Rinnegan, it truly was a fault in a God's plan.



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So very briefly:

-The Rinnegan in my story is a gift from Kami. The gifted does not have a choice weather they accept the gift or not.

-Naruto's strength in my story will be believable, as such anyone who worked as hard as he did could achieve such strength. If you are thinking that it is looking as so with the combination of Kyuubi and the Rinnegan, the problem gets taken care of fairly early on.

-That being said, Naruto will seem rather super powered while he is in the academy and maybe his first year after it, however he will never flex his ninja muscles to show off, or bash your least favorite character.

-Aside from the Rinnegan, Naruto's power will be believable. You will never see the Naruto in my story summoning a mass army of shadow clones only to earn a scene break that he comes back "Wow that training today was hard, I can't believe I mastered -insert several fighting styles and ninjutsu-"

-My Naruto is never going to pull a Kurosaki Ichigo and master anything that took years in days. That being said, he will learn jutsu faster then nearly everyone his age due to the nature of the Rinnegan.

-I have always wanted to write a story with Naruto being a jerk like House(The medical doctor from House...). He a smart ass who acts like he doesn't care about anyone. He is absolutely brilliant, with a mind unmatched in his chosen profession. Although his bitterness aside, deep down he cares about people and grows close to them, just he would never admit that he cares.

-I don't want to say this is an evil Naruto fic, because it is not. Naruto is an Anti-Hero if anything. He will constantly be working on his own agenda, and everything he does is in attempt to get to his goal.

-There will be OCs in the story. Naruto's friends at the academy will be OCs. One thing that I will promise is that those two OCs will be fully developed, even more so then the majority of Canon Naruto characters. I hope this is not a major turn off for some of you readers, but you can't please everyone. I personally just can't see how I would write a Naruto story where he would step foot outside the village without having interaction with OCs.

-This will never turn yaoi, I'm sorry to all of you that are fans of that, but to me Naruto just isn't gay.

-The pairing is undecided, however the introduction of the pairing will not take major part in the story until after time skip. I have been leaning towards a female Haku however this is open still for the next couple chapters until I choose who I want to seem Naruto with, and who he would work with.

(I ask you to review who you would like to see Naruto with, and why. If you do not give a why, the idea will be ignored. No offense.)

-Expect the academy to be a character builder, I am using the academy to set the scene and develop Naruto's intelligence to the point that I hope that you would be able to read over a line and say, "Okay, coming from this Naruto yes that is possible." I can promise a good 4-5 possibly even six chapters will be the academy. This will consist of major life changing events, The Uchiha Massacre, The introduction to the OCs, and Graduation.

-Think of pre time skip as a long prologue, while it may be interesting. It does not get into the real story much.

-Note on the greek gods that you will witness below. They will not be playing a big role what so ever in this story, I only used their names. Kami and the Shinigami are the only gods you ever need to keep in the back of your mind here. You didn't really think it was called a fault in a god's plan for nothing did you?

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"Kami-sama, you called for us?" spoke a man stepping out of a white haze, he had a long white beard and a ripped chest.

A young female in her mid twenties and in amazing shape looked up. She smiled brightly for a moment, but if you were watching you could not help but get a feel of instant dread. While looking like a harmless female in her mid twenties, never forget that she controlled life and death in the universe, everyone was below her and no one dared to attempt to go above her.

White mists seemingly continued to appear bringing out several men and women to sit around a large table. The table looked as if it was made of water, or a liquid like it. The table looked as if it's contents were moving, and you could see the bubbles rising in it yet it always kept its definite table like shape.

Kami looked over everyone gathered, she very rarely called all of them. She was missing one, but she knew why he was running late, the perks of being omniscient.

Everyone was silent and most were fidgeting in their seats. She smirked lightly to herself, at least they knew that she needed respect, but she didn't need them being scared shitless this entire meeting.

"Don't worry all of you, none of you are in trouble, I just wanted to bring you all together to inform you of a plan I have." she said as a great black mist appeared twenty feet from the table.

"Oh another plan? Please tell me it will be better then giving the humans Chakra this time Kami-Sama."

A tall man came out of the mist, long white hair down his back. He wore a toothy grin as he took his seat at the last two remaining seats at the table.

Kami sent him a glare, she could start a fight right now, one that she knew she would surely win. However she had bigger things to talk about. She calmly walked over to the large chair reserved for her and sat down.

She gave a smile and said, "Okay we are here to talk about Shinigami's recent assignment." said man who came out of the black mist instantly paled.

She shot him a grin of mock innocence, "Don't worry Shinigami, you are not in trouble, we are here to talk about a specific person involved in your assignment."

Every god stared at her waiting for her to continued. She couldn't help but smile lightly, She enjoyed being center of attention. "Uzumaki Naruto."

Everyone looked at her with a raised eyebrow until she informed people, "That is what the boy Shinigami sealed the Kyuubi into..." there was countless "O" formations that formed across the mouths of the people at the table in recognition of the boy and the demon.

She pursed her lips for a moment in thought of how she should present her proposal... no not proposal, it was happening regardless. How she would inform them of the change would be a better way to put it.

A woman who looked as if you were to look up beauty in the dictionary, he name would be listed as the definition spoke, "So Kami-sama what is your idea?"

"Well Aphrodite, I have an idea but I have gathered this meeting because it leaves me most interested." she paused as she looked over the table. She leaned forward in an un-ladylike manner, hands and forearms pressed against the table. "Lets not get confused, I know everything, there has never been something I have not known." silence reigned over the table as she spoke. "However my plan was to give Uzumaki Naruto the Rinnegan, and whenever I look into this plan my vision becomes clouded."

This caused many at the table to go wide eyed, even the Shinigami raised an eyebrow. The shinigami spoke up and asked, "Then why are you calling us here, why not just forget about that idea."

Kami shook her head and sighed, "Thats the thing, If I leave the idea the ninja world will die off before Uzumaki Naruto even reaches the age of 17 because no one will be able to destroy Uchiha Madara."

Everyone pursed their lips at the table, they remembered him. He caused quite a few meeting, many brought to them by the shinigami. His sanity was deteriorating, as his powers were constantly improving. In truth he would have the mind of a toddler by the time Naruto was 17 yet the powers of an avatar of a god.

It was something to be feared, untold power in the hands of someone who doesn't know right from wrong.

The large man with a long white beard from before spoke, "Kami... let us no-"

A massive glare appeared on Kami's face, "Kami-sama to you Zeus." she corrected.

Zeus shook off the large chill going down his spine, "Right, Kami-sama. Worlds do die out, do you really think it is wise for us to hand over the eyes of a god to a child if we don't know everything that will happen? What if he becomes too much to control? The powers of the Rinnegan and Kyuubi combined will likely cause many problems for us, maybe even too many."

Kami looked incredibly calm and simply relaxed her hands in her lap and looked across the table to Zeus with a smile on her face, "Does that mean that you doubt my power Zeus?"

This time everyone had to shake off the chill, sometimes they forget they are talking to the most powerful being in the universe. "N-No Kami-sama..." Zeus stuttered out.

Kami grinned, "Good." she snapped her fingers, "He has it."

Silence washed over the table, not many actually got to see Kami work, but for her to seemingly give a child eyes of a god with a snap of her fingers. It was a display of power that not even the Shinigami could claim.

Or maybe he could, but the Shinigami had rules and guidelines he had to follow.

Kami had none.


Inside a kids body, a large fox had a large grin on his face. A presence he had not felt in years, The Rinnegan in his hosts body? This was too good.


Time Skip: 5 years later


Young Naruto was aimlessly wandering through the forest, goggles on his forehead. He was having a good day for once. He was allowed out of the orphanage today. The Hokage stopped by and demanded that he was allowed to play with this other children his age. Of course, for the people at the Orphanage that meant when the Hokage left and his back was turned Naruto would be allowed outside for the day.

He would always then get brought back on the terms that he escaped and ran off. The Hokage had attempted to call them on the lie, but he couldn't justly fire them or punish them, not when four other workers would go in and claim the same things backing up the original story. Then a civilian or two would come in saying they saw the boy running down the street.

That however was the least of his problems right now, he didn't get much to eat in the orphanage. He knew this would be a great place to look and find food.

He looked around through various bushes looking for berries, or maybe the luck of finding a rabbit.

He looked for nearly an hour, getting rather far from the town and thats when he heard it. A deep growl from behind him came. He spun around quickly to get a look at what was behind him only to gain a loud bark from a wolf.

Now Naruto hadn't received much teaching, or was told many stories although he was told a few things. One of those things were, wolves never hunt alone.

He paled considerably when he saw a good six more stalk out of the bushes. He wouldn't put it past these hunters to put another couple wolves behind him.

The thing is, there is a problem hunting humans. They are strong, unpredictable and dangerous.


These wolves just had the horrible luck. Sure, they attack Uzumaki Naruto. However, they didn't win. It wasn't every day wolves hunted those with the eyes of gods.


The remains from the battle were a rather surprise. Nine wolves lay scattered around the forest floor. Some with gashes, some with limbs missing, some with broken necks. Truthfully none of them had one of the same injuries. In the big picture it didn't matter due to the fact the one thing they all had in common, they're all dead.

Naruto didn't remember anything about the battle. The only thing he remembered was the white mist leaving the wolves as they died. He wondered to himself how he was able to see a white mist leave the wolves. To him it sounded quite a bit like chakra, however that only brought up more questions like how could he see chakra.

He looked down, blood and flesh was scattered everywhere. His jump suit was drenched in blood. Naruto upon seeing his jump suit decided he needed to wash... badly.

Now, that scene of the wolves would not be found for days. However if they found Naruto at the same time along with the wolves. They would likely ask why he is covered in his own blood.


Naruto ran his hands through his hair and he sat in the stream that was a couple feet deep. The water was slightly warm to his enjoyment. That was always one of the nice thing about fire country. The streams were never ice cold if they were under the sun.

Blood washes off his suit constantly. The water darkening behind him. He in truth hadn't had a bad in a long time, maybe a good couple weeks. Although he didn't get that dirty, because he was normally locked up in a room with a single window of the second floor most of the day.

He took his goggles off his eyes to wash the blood of them, but when he looked in the stream he saw something that surprised him. Every now and then when the water was flat, he would see his reflection. He had gray concentric ripple-like circles around the pupil. In truth, it looked a lot like someone who had thrown something into water. The spot were the object hit the water was the pupil, and the ripples going outwards from the landing were the rings.

At least, thats what his young mind thought of when he saw it. He at first thought they were some problem with his eyes, possibly blood had gotten into them. He soon wrote that off upon realizing that he had his goggles on the entire time.

It took a long time, and going through many different ideas until his young mind found one that fit. He saw people in Konoha with weird eyes all the time. Sometimes they were white, other times they were black or red. Maybe he was just going to join that group of people.

It gave him a giddy feeling inside until he mellowed out. Yes, the thought of belonging was something that he always wanted. Yet, those two groups of people had always stepped aside when he was getting chased by people, never bothering to help him.

Another though occurred to him as he said to himself, "What if they think these eyes make me even more of a freak..." He was silent for a moment. His dream was to be accepted by the people of his village. Now his dream could of very well become harder.

He should of stayed inside today, the only good news about the entire situation was the academy was starting tomorrow, and he would likely be getting a new home closer to the academy.

He slipped on his goggles and made sure no one would see his eyes as he ran back to town, completely soaked.

Unknown to him a female up in the tree gave a small "hmm..." as he ran off. She then disappeared in a flash of white light. It was not every day a young boy had a god take interest in them and watch over him.


Naruto went to his first day at the academy, he received a bunch of glares from the teachers. He was sure he would have been kicked out if it wasn't for the old man there with him.

The class went by smoothly, they didn't seem to believe in classroom introductions, they just went right into work. The teacher explained to them that in order to graduate the academy, they needed to be able to perform three jutsu. In addition they also must do well on the written tests and along with the sparring proportion of the test. They also went into special circumstances, where a extremely gifted child would be allowed to graduate the academy early.

They stated the last three to do such a thing were Uchiha Itachi, Hatake Kakashi, and Namikaze Minato.

The names seemed to gain various reactions from everyone in the room. A kid with black eyes and black hair wearing a shirt with a fan on the back had a big smile at the name of Uchiha Itachi. Not much happened when people said Hatake Kakashi, the teachers seemed to roll their eyes but they continued. Namikaze Minato seemed to get varied reactions from everyone in the academy. Many students straightened up at his name, the teachers grimaced, and the Hokage seemed to have his eyes locked on Naruto. It was rather strange.

Naruto raised his hand waiting to be called on. The teacher didn't seem to notice the boy and began talking once again, but a cough from the Hokage got everyones attention. "It would seem Ms. Rakumi's ninja senses are lacking due to the fact that she did not notice young Naruto raise his hand. Perhaps I should send you back to the academy Ms. Rakumi, so you remember how important it is to pay attention to your surroundings."

The teacher, now named Ms. Rakumi paled slightly at that. "Sorry Hokage-sama, I was just hoping to get everything out of the way before answering questi-

"Of course you were." The Hokage cut in waving his hand dismissively, however the threat seemed to hang in the air as the Hokage's gaze stayed on Ms. Rakumi. He was seemingly daring her to step out of line and purposely ignore Naruto again.

The teacher fidgeted under her leaders gaze as she continued. "You had a question Uzumaki?"

Naruto looked at her with a smile that seemed to make her frown, "Yeah who is Namikaze Minato?" many heads reared on Naruto and looked at him, some wide eyed.

The Hokage saw Ms. Rakumi gain a huge smile and could only glare.

"Namikaze Minato is the 4th Hokage, also known as Konoha's Yellow Flash for the deeds he did in the 3rd shinobi war. It was a shame, about five years ago he died on October tenth fo-"

The Hokage was up with a hand on Ms. Rakumi's shoulder with a grandfatherly smile that seemed out of place on his face, "I believe that is good enough, you do need to get back to students graduating early don't you? You can go over Namikaze Minato in a history lesson when the students have the new text books."

She gulped as the Hokage removed his hand from her shoulder.

"Right well, the only remaining factor is that the child's guardian has to concent to the child graduating early, in addition to them being able to complete all the tests before hand."

A girl with pink hair asked a question, "Sensei, if that is the case why haven't many ninja graduated early? I have heard the the Henge, Karawami, and Bushin were the easiest jutsu to learn how to use."

She frowned and said, "Everyone please call me Rin, and as for why. Most adults feel it is best for their children to graduate with people their own age I suppose. It really just doesn't happen often. Truthfully, Hatake Kakashi graduated during war. Uchiha Itachi is seen as a genius of a ninja that has not been seen since the 4th Hokage. Even one of our missing ninja, Orochimaru, one of the three Legendary Sennin likely one of the brightest ninja alive to date did not graduate the academy early."

A scowl appeared on the Hokage's face, maybe it was a bad idea making Rin a teacher at the academy. She was far too outspoken.

She clapped her hands together and said, "Enough with introductions, who here knows how to channel chakra?" many hands went up, nearly every student in the room had their hand raised besides Naruto and a brown haired girl in the front row.

Rin motioned them to come to the front of the class, "Okay in order to unlock your chakra, you must try and channel your inner self. You must be able to channel both physical energy and spiritual energy. I will channel a slight bit into you..." she looked at the young girl with a raised eyebrow. The girl looked up quickly, "Musubi." she said with a grin.

Rin shrugged, "Right, I will channel a bit of chakra into you, it will go straight to your coils. You need to follow that energy and tap into your own chakra supply. Once you do flare as much chakra as you can, so you can open your coils as much as possible."

She gave a quick example by spiking her chakra and a blue wave rushed over her body for just a moment before she took Musubi in hand.

Naruto looked at them both, it was odd his eyes seemed to pick up where the chakra was going. He could see the chakra go down her coils and into what would be a lack of chakra. Suddenly said lake of chakra grew very bright and flooded out and spread about her body. It began leaking out and making rings of fire fly around her body for a second. It looked rather impressive, but after a few seconds she was panting and done.

Naruto quickly going to copy what he just witnessed closed his eyes and began to move down into that lake of chakra he saw before in Musubi's body. Upon reaching it he let loose.

His chakra exploded in a pillar for a second before coming off his body like it was on fire. To him it looked as if he was just a big bright light of energy. To others it looked like white fire was just pouring off of him. He kept channeling for a good minute, the floor below him was beginning to crack and splinter. A good thirty seconds more, of Naruto trying to use as much chakra as he possibly could, he just stood there.

Everyone in the class was staring wide eyed at Naruto. To be honest, he didn't like the attention. He felt like a caged animal that everyone was staring at while he just did what he was told.

The Hokage who had been puffing smoke out of his pipe during Naruto's "performance" smiled. "Very good Naruto, you seem to have a great amount of chakra for your age."

Naruto let a grin come onto his face until Rin decided to cut in, "However you likely have horrible control due to that amount of chakra." this caused Naruto to scowl.

The Hokage decided to bid his leave then, lost in thought 'His chakra... if I can even call it that. It was more spiritual then physical, not even an even mixture... how was he able to do that? Did he even intend to do that.' The hokage frowned, Uzumaki Naruto was most puzzling.

"Back to your seats please." Rin took this opportunity to calmly stare at Naruto. 'He has more chakra then even me... maybe even more then a jounin. Yet he just unlocked his chakra, I don't understand this.' It truly gave her a headache thinking about it. She knew it would take her days to run through it all but the main thing that was bugging her now was, 'Since when is an evil demon's chakra white? Doesn't make sense at all.'

She continued to teach the class lightly seeing as it was their first day. Nothing too much, however there was one thing that Naruto was gathering the first day that Rin was really stressing. Knowledge is power. Every good shinobi in the world that she mentioned was strong in their fighting ability, but also incredibly intelligent. Supposedly the 4th Hokage was an expert tactician, known to destroy ranks of ninja due to well use of his personal jutsu. Hatake Kakashi and Uchiha Itachi both became Anbu captains at a young age, the later was the youngest in history. Naruto knew you didn't become one of them on just luck alone. You could be the greatest ninja in the world, and not become an Anbu captain if you are not able to lead a team of men. Hell you couldn't be able to get to chunin if you can't lead a team of men, let alone Anbu captain.

Naruto came to the conclusion that during his years as a ninja in the academy he would be spending quite a bit of time in the library, because by the end of the lesson taught by Rin he knew every book you read can save your life. Even if the book was basic knowledge of farming. As a ninja you may have to go undercover as a farmer, and if your cover is blown you can sabotage the mission. Every bit of knowledge is useful.

He could remember her words very well, "As a ninja we are trained to be killers, every part of our bodies is designed to kill. However don't be mistaken, ninja have flashy jutsu. Weather it be launching a giant fire ball at someone, or make a tower out of stone, only to knock it down with a water dragon. We have flashy jutsu, but a ninja's job is to be invisible.

Naruto stayed after class to talk to Rin. He approached her at the front of the room. She was behind her desk looking at the evaluation quizzes to check their basic knowledge as and of ninja.

Naruto sat in the seat in front of her desk causing her to look up and scowl. Part of her really wanted to just ask, "What do you want demon?" or boy, but she knew she couldn't less she wanted to be sitting next to him in class. That was until she suddenly got an idea. 'Why would a demon have white chakra? That much chakra... okay maybe not the second part, but the first idea still stands. The only person with white chakra in the world that I know of it Hatake. Even he doesn't use that anymore. This boy doesn't have the dominant gravity defying silver hair so... the question is what-is-it.'

"What do you want?" she asked with a frown as she looked at him.

Naruto looked at her and crossed one arm over his chest as the other fixed his goggles before joining the other arm. "I just wanted to ask if you have any books that I could read tonight since you didn't assign us homework."

Rin raised an eyebrow at the boy, "What the hell do you want a book for?"

Naruto looked rather stressed and annoyed under her gaze. He was quickly realizing that she was like the people that he would encounter on the streets everyday that gave him the ugly looks. "You said that knowledge is power, I want knowledge. I want to be strong."

Rin had an odd sense of deja vu wash over her. She didn't like it one bit.



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