Naruto sighed rolling his neck, the Genin exam was pathetic. Just as Rin had said, the three basic academy jutsu. There were of course written tests, but did Konoha really expect their ninja to be ready for the hard life with jutsu that even some civilian can perform? It was a bit insulting really, it felt like he was just getting by with this graduation. He was sure he was way more then prepared to be a ninja, but that was because of his upbringing. Their entire class had passed the genin test, and he knew that he could crush most of them if he felt like it. He was only a genin, an advanced genin, but a genin none the less. What did they think a chunin would do to them?

He couldn't complain too much, he wouldn't of liked the concept of killing Teru, Tenshi, or Takai in his genin test. The mist was interesting in those regards. Every village had their quirk, their gap in shinobi power. It was always somewhere in their ranks. Suna was known for having exceptional genin, but has had the weakest Kages in history save the third Kazekage.

Mist was known to have strong genin, and weaker ninja all around, however their specialized ninja were the best in the world. The Seven Shinobi Swordsman was a good example of their powerful, exceptional ninja. Not much information has made it's way out since their civil war, however it was the most up to date information they had.

There was Kumo that was known for their strong jounin, and extremely strong single ninja. Supposedly they had a ninja that guarded the village that could beat their Kage. Their Kage was widely known to be the current strongest Kage, tied with the Sandaime Hokage. However Kumo's kage was considerably younger.

Iwa was in a struggle, many of their good ninja had been killed either by a terrorist organizations or war. They were known for good all around ninja, with brilliant Kages accompanied by two exceptional ninja.

Konoha was interesting, they were viewed as the strongest due to their strong teamwork. Genin teams known to take on several chunin. They like the other villages had a gap, but it wasn't big as other villages. They normally had strong genin, alongside strong jounin. Their weak point was they had a large bulk of average chunin, however it allowed them to take on more missions than any other village securing their spot as the greatest shinobi village in the world currently.

Naruto however didn't care, he knew of the other genin exams of other villages. Konoha's was pretty pathetic, with it working or not he couldn't help but feel weak in comparison.

Naruto looked up to the sky from the swing he was sitting on and squinted his eyes. It was right after the graduation, which took place during lunch. The sun shined brightly into his eyes forcing him to turn away and look over to the academy entrance. Many families were with their children.

Tenshi and Takai were both being hugged by two adults. They both shared a striking resemblance to Tenshi. It only solidified Takai's statement about living with Tenshi.

Teru was standing around holding her headband in her grasp. Next to her were two men, one was a tall and large dark skinned man. He had on black suit with black shades. His ears had several piercings along them. He stood with his hands behind his back and watched Teru as she stood looking around frantically. Next to the tall black man stood a shorter white woman. She had blonde hair that was shorter in the back then the front, bangs pushed to the right side of her face. She had a small bandage on her right cheek near her chin that caused Naruto to raise an eyebrow at her before going back to observing. She too was dressed in a similar black suit to the male next to her. She had chocolate brown eyes that showed concern as she watched Teru look around as if she was searching for something.

Naruto leaned back as he waited for lunch to pass, unlike his students he didn't have anyone to congradulate him upon graduating. He wouldn't show it, but it bothered him that his family wasn't around. It was as if they all decided to up and leave him one day. Sure this graduation wasn't exactly what some of the family members had wanted when they were around, but it was something they allowed once they were gone, that was all that mattered. He always thought his graduation would be fun, spend a day at a training ground learning new jutsu, spar against his father figures? It didn't look like any of that was going to be possible now however.

He at least made some friends in his current class. Teru, Tenshi and Takai were all pretty down to earth. He came to realize that the reason that he couldn't stand his former class is that, where everyone of them is busy goofing off and having fun in the early academy classes, just learning what it meant to be a ninja. Most of those things he knew instinctively since he was six. It didn't help that after he turned six, he was practically thrusted into a household with some of Konoha's greatest ninja's.

He now wished he hadn't let Teru take that book of his, at least he could be doing something during lunch. Lunch was something they weren't serving at the academy today. Normally when a team is created it is often tradition for the sensei's to take them out to eat and get to know them. Itachi had already told him about the true Genin test which was about teamwork. If you failed that test, you would end up being sent back to the academy. Rarely you would even have to stop being ninja.

Itachi had revealed to him that he wasn't supposed to tell him that. However, he also told him that information is just as good of a tool as a ninja's jutsu arsenal, sometimes even better. Itachi was almost like an encyclopedia some times, he was able to speak as if it was coming straight from a book. Percise, key details. Never too many that you can't remember the main idea, and never too little that you can't grasp the main idea.

As Naruto's thoughts trailed on Itachi, he calmly pulled out the wakizashi Itachi had left for him. It wasn't like most standard wakizashi, while it was the same size and shape. The black blade was serrated near the end of the blade. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that this would be something Itachi would use. Not for the fact that it was a wakizashi, a close combat weapon that was probably one of the most effective if used properly. No, the thought that the blade was made to be perfect for Itachi's use. An assassin, a combat ninja, if Itachi was ever going to stab that blade into an opponent, then pull it out. He would be pulling out much more then the weapon with the shark tooth like blade.

He sheathed the blade and returned it to his pocket. He was happy to hear the bell ring signifying that the lunch was over, and they would be assigned their teams shortly. Naruto took his time making his way into the academy, being the last to go inside. He looked back at the swing, a spot he spent a good majority of his time at during the academy before going back inside.

He didn't see the woman dressed in all white sitting on top of the roof above the academy entrance, swinging her legs off the side of the roof as she munched on an apple. Naruto walked down the hall, all the while she hummed to herself a little tune as she tilted her head back and forth smiling to herself.


Naruto had been ignoring the friends around him, in favor to listen to the team assignments, much to Tenshi and Teru's displeasure. Naruto decided to get a quick read in of the book he would likely not see for awhile after Teru took it.

"Team four will consist of, Uzumaki Naruto, Homura Tenshi, and Haiyai Takai. Your sensei Ayame will be here shortly." Iruka drawled as he read off of his paper.

Naruto frowned a bit, he was personally hoping Teru could have been on his team. He was blessed to be on a team with Takai and Tenshi, but he didn't know them as well as Teru. He choose to stay silent about this, however he was able to catch Teru's displeasure with the team assignments as well. It was written all over her face.

"Finally, Team five will be, Tanaka Teru, Reina, and Katomi Aya. Your sensei will be..." he paused as his eyes widened, he should be paying attention more when he read because this was certainly a surprise. "This is surprising, your sensei's are supposedly going to be two ninja altering in when they have free time. Amaya Kimi, and our elder Danzo."

The room didn't even have time to recover from their shock, or in Naruto's case mild surprise. Naruto's attention quickly shifted to something else.

A women walked through the door. She seemed... out there? She didn't appear to be paying much attention, her eyes gave off a soft bored look making her appear spacey. She was licking a red lollipop gently right in front of her face. If you only paid attention to that of her appearance, she would have appeared like a harmlessly lost civilian.

However in her left hand, hanging loosely she held a large dagger with two serrated indents. Unlike Naruto's Wakizashi, hers was fairly big and and you could even see remnants of it's recent active use on the blade.

Her appearance was deceiving, she had long gray hair, even though she wasn't old. She wore a yellow undone hat, often worn by the brunette chef at the Ichiraku Ramen stand. She had black goggles resting on top of the hat holding it in place. She had a yellow bikini top with it's bow in the front holding back her bust from the general public. You can see that she had a fishnet undershirt, since her stomach was revealed to everyone. Her pink top lazily hung on her shoulders, left open revealing her chest. The top was tied off by a yellow belt that held it together in the center before once again splitting at the legs to reveal her skin tight yellow shorts.

She was cute, she had a pretty face. Her soft hazel eyes, her hair. Her childish appearance as she sucked on the lollipop. Everything about her, her looks, the smell she gave off.

Naruto's observations stopped as she opened her mouth and paused before saying in a soft, seductive voice, "Team 5 please come with me."

Naruto frowned, even her voice invited you in. However to the trained eye, you could see from her toned body, and the way that she carried herself that she was ready for any sort of combat that could come her way.

The three different colored haired girls quickly made their way out the door, Teru of course snatching Naruto's book before they left with their assigned sensei following. However she stole one last, relatively long glance at Naruto before she left.

Once she left, the room erupted in whispers about Danzo, and the woman who didn't look like a very strong shinobi. The later made him scoff, they were talking as if she didn't seem like a good shinobi, and she could likely cripple most jounins with ease judging from her presence. The question that he wanted to ask was, why was Danzo and this highly trained ninja taking interest in a team of genin?

The ninja that came in after caused Naruto to raise an eyebrow, she did not look like a Konoha ninja.

She was decked in blue. She had dark blue eyes, blue hair. A bit of hair on the side of her face was wrapped with a dark blue band. She had light skin. The top of her hair was covered by a dark blue bandana, with the center of it having a metal plate with the Konoha emblem on it.

She had a blue gi tied off with a large blue ribbon the made a bow on the front of her stomach. She had a dark blue sash that fell and covered the majority of her short blue shorts. She had long blue boots, that looked as if they did nothing to cover her long legs.

She had a large blue blade on her back. It idly reminded Naruto of the blade of Zabuza Momochi he had seen in a bingo book. However there were some big key differences. Her blade curved inwards twice near the top on the way down. Almost as if when crafting the blade, the broke off two circles of the metal. This resulted in three very sharp points near the top of the blade. It actually looked like the top have of a heart had been cut from the blade, but he couldn't really tell, he could only assume.

It was a large blade, and she seemed to act as if it wasn't weighing her down in the slightest, a test to her extreme physical fitness. The strangest thing he saw on her blade that reinforced his beliefs that she did not appear to be a Konoha ninja were on the blade. Near the hilt of the blade, clearly carved into it was the Mist Village emblem.

That put Naruto on guard, as he grabbed his things and walked by her to the door. She appeared to notice this and raised an eyebrow at him as he walked by, something he hadn't missed, however chose to leave unaknowledged.

They settled on going to a sea food restaurant. Their Sensei, Ayame said she would only pay if they went to a sea food restaurant. Naruto had refused to talk on the way there, only to occasionally throw in snide and condescending remarks, normally on Tenshi's behalf. She would talk about her training, or her practice of elemental manipulation. Naruto would then proceed to thoroughly attack how she had been training, and tell her a way that would be more effective, and why he was right and she was wrong. After the third time she was so frustrated she refused to talk anymore.

Naruto would of done it to Takai as well, however he seemed to choose his words more wisely around Naruto. He obviously didn't like the concept of being bagged on. Takai and Ayame made small chat on the way to getting sea food.

They stopped right in front of a large restaurant that gave off the smell of fish. There was a large fish tank right when you walked in. You could see across the room, and all the people grabbing a late lunch at the tables. At the end of a row of tables resided a large lobster tank, small air bubbles rising to the top.

"Ahhh Ayame, we were expecting you!" said a female waiter cheerily. She passed by everyone in the small line and grabbed Ayame by the hand and began to drag her along. She ignored the shouts of "Hey we were here first!" and the like.

She sent them to a booth near the back of the restaurant, where they wouldn't be bothered by other people. She quickly ushered everyone in and had them sit down in a rather bubbly way. Tenshi and Ayame sat on one side, across from him and Takai.

The bubbly quickly swooped in and sat next to Naruto with a large smile on her face, "So what will you all be having today?" she asked cheerily as she flipped to a new page on her note pad and tapped her pen.

Naruto looked rather amused at... 'Kasumi', her name tag read. Everyone at the table seemed to have the same thought in mind, "Aren't you going to let us look at the menu first?" asked Tenshi with a raised eyebrow.

The look Kasumi got made him bite his lips to attempt to restrain himself from laughing. She looked so shocked at the idea of someone needing a menu.

"What! Friends of Ayame-chan's needing a menu?" she gave a shocked expression before doing a quick shift into a pout and sending a glare at the blue haired girl across from her, "No! I see how it is, you are taking all of your friends to other places now aren't you? You no longer bring them around here anymore, thats why they don't know the menu!" She actually looked hurt.

Ayame rubbed the back of her head, "I told you Kasumi-chan I don't have many friends, and no, this is my newly assigned team and my first time taking them here. As for taking my so called friends to other places, I am here nearly every other night Kasumi-chan no need to stress."

Naruto smirked and mumbled, "So that was the fish I smelled." he said quietly, however it was still heard by everyone at the table. It gained various reactions out of people, from Tenshi and Takai to chuckle, Ayame to blush, and Kasumi to beam.

"Yes I bet it was what you smelled! Our fish-"

Naruto looked at with a cocked eyebrow, "What exactly do you have Kasumi?" he asked interested in how she was going to continue.

"The best in Konoha, not even the Mist can bea- We have everything! Clams, Mussels, Crab, Lobster, Scallops, Prawns, Trout..." she continued to go on and on about sea food all the while oblivious to the team shooting Ayame a look that clearly asked, 'Is she your friend?'

"Kasumi..." Ayame began, however she continued listing the things they had on their menu. Naruto took this opportunity to cover Kasumi's mouth with his hand as Ayame quickly got out, "We will just have the fried calamari today Kasumi-chan."

"But!" Kasumi started only for Ayame to nearly snap at her,

"Kasumi! Just the calamari..." she finished with a sigh. The waitress frowned, but proceeded to skip off to process the order.

Once she was out of ear shot Tenshi said the thought on the new teammates minds, "What the fuck!" she finished with a laugh. She gave an unladylike grunt as she laid back and said, "This is too good, I'm on a team with a child-"

Before she could even get another word out Naruto cut in "That knows far more about being a ninja then you do."

Tenshi paused gritting her teeth before continuing, "And a sensei with a fish fetish."

Said woman's eyes widened before narrowing, and pushing her student out of the booth and into an ungraceful heap on the floor. "I don't have a fish fetish."

Naruto found the salt rather interesting, but couldn't help but say, "Of course you don't that is why you come here every other day, and not every day right?" That earned a chuckle from Takai and a roll of her eyes from Ayame. She felt she was going to have a interesting time with this team.

Ayame cleared her throat with a cough before smiling and looking to her new team. "Normally a sensei is supposed to go through a whole bunch of crap such as, 'Can you all tell me a little bit about yourself.' however I don't believe in that. This is going to be my second team I have trained, so I like to think I know a bit about what I am doing. I wont force you to share anything you don't want to, in the life of a shinobi everyone has their secrets and that is understandable. However I would like to ask all of you that, when you feel that you can trust your teammates with your lives on the battlefield, you trust them with your lives on a personal level." She finished that with a smile.

That was certainly not what Naruto was expecting, Kakashi, Rin, and Itachi both would often tell him about their first genin meeting. How their sensei would tell them to share a bit about their lives, then some test. Naruto narrowed his eyes a bit, "Is there some sort of test?"

Ayame's blue eyes locked with his ringed and she looked at him with a raised eyebrow, "Why would you think that there would be some sort of test?"

Naruto shrugged, "I heard there was a teamwork test."

Ayame rolled her eyes at that statement, "Well not anymore." she grunted, "Normally there is, personally I don't think they are very useful. Teamwork builds over time, not instanteously. The test requires the team to be expected to work together, normally with people they don't even know, and sometimes people they don't like. Who exactly told you about this test anyways Naruto?"

Naruto was about to say Kakashi, however Kakashi was still "Loyal" to Konoha and could get in trouble, so he chose the next best person. "Uchiha Itachi." he added in the long pause that Itachi always had given when introducing himself. It left people on edge, and hanging on every word. It was likely because the Uchiha were famous and dangerous, the first name is what made or break the person.

Ayame looked rather shocked at that bit of information, as did the two teammates. Naruto may have mentioned Itachi in passing to them over the past day or so, but nothing much. They always had thought that he just lived with his "mother" Rin who was a teach and medic nin.

Ayame was surprised by the fact that the boy was close enough for Itachi to be willing to break a law to tell Naruto something. Interaction between him and Itachi wasn't even documented in the various files on the boy, and she was for sure that he had more files than even some adult ninja in the village.

"Well that is interesting, too bad I wont be able to ask him why he told you about the test." Naruto avoided her eyes and calmly said,

"Information is one of a shinobi's greatest tools."

Ayame looked at Naruto and put her elbows on the table resting her chin in her hands, "Oh really and did Itachi tell you that as well?" she said a small smile gracing her lips. The boy interested her.

Naruto didn't say anything. The group of them just made small talk the remainder of the time eating. Naruto however didn't talk much, he was busy with a jutsu in his head that was annoying him to no end.

The team decided later on that evening to part ways, and meet at the Hokage's office early morning the next day. Ayame wanted a C-rank mission, and it may take awhile for her to get it.


Naruto had taken to reading a jutsu left to him by Itachi. It was basically how to do Water Shockwave with one handed seals. You make the seals with one hand, and force the shockwave to start from another. It was actually very simple, and very useful. He was currently sitting in the corner of the Hokage's office trying to block out the argument between Iruka, Sarutobi, and Ayame. It was rather interesting to say the least.

"My contract strictly says that I would not have to do D-rank missions!" yelled Ayame as she crossed her arms staring at the two ninja before her.

"Ayame-san, these are fresh genin, they need to work on teamwork before getting C-rank missions!" Iruka tried to reason with her. Ayame snapped her head to him and glared saying,

"Learn your place Chunin." putting emphasis on the title, as if it was something to be ashamed of. However, it worked, Iruka seemingly shrank into his chair thouroughly changing the argument from the three of them to just between Ayame and the Hokage.

The Hokage took a drag of his pipe as Ayame yelled at him, "This contract!" she waved a paper with her photo on it, "Clearly states that I will not have to do D-rank missions regardless of my position in Konoha."

The old Hokage sighed, he didn't need this, "Fine Ayame, you have been in here for three hours waving your contract in my face. Do you think they are ready? Do you think that you can teach them teamwork in the heat of battle? Let me also remind you exactly who you are talking too!" he finished as he stood up slamming his hand on the desk before him.

Ayame didn't look as confident as she had been in the past few hours. She seemingly forgot that she was attempting to boss around one of the strongest people in the world at the moment. She took a step back and gave a short bow, "Of course not Hokage-sama." she said quietly.

His cold gaze set everyone on edge, he grabbed a paper off his desk and said, "Fine please leave. Take this." he tossed the paper he held to Ayame, "I will personally cripple you if they get hurt on this mission."

The Hokage gave out the threat in such a calm voice as he fixed his robes and sat back down in his chair, casually putting the fire shadow hat on his head. Naruto couldn't help but stare, he had never seen the Hokage act like that before. He could remember him as the caring old man that everyone loved when he was a little kid. It was a different side of the Hokage that he hoped he wouldn't have to see again.

Ayame stood up stiffly and walked out ushering her students along with her. She looked down at the paper and couldn't help but frown. Of all places in the world that she could of gotten a mission, it had to be the barren Northfall?


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