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This fic is based as if Ozai was the good one in all this and He's the one to stop the war. I know that that's totally OC, but I'm still going to try and make him stern, stubborn, and at some points kind of mean. But I really do think Ozai would be a good guy if he wasn't poisoned with the love of power. And if he was a true horrible man, he probably would have killed Ursa because of she did. In the actual Avatar; what she did was weak to him...probably very weak. I also think he loved Ursa very much and she loved him. True love conquers all, right? So, here Ursa talked Ozai into stopping the war before he was even Fire lord. Azulon is dead. :] So, because the war is over there's still trouble between the nations and everything. Uh... everyone would be their usual ages. :] Oh, and Kya is alive! Oh goodies! :] :]

Oh, and please excuse my punctuation and spelling. I try, really I do. I never have really understood punctuation because it's always like "the comma goes here, but not here." "how? that's the same thing?" "because this is that and that is this." ".....what?" and then there's this: ; ... what the buck is that?

I hope you guys like this!

Our young water bender seemed to be in her own world and so at peace with her self and everything around her when she was water bending. Because of this, her father hated interrupting her.

"Uh," Hakoda started. "Katara?" He asked taking a step towards her. She sighed and dropped the water. She turned around and smiled at him.

"Yes?" Hakoda smiled back at his daughter.

"I've received a letter from Fire Lord Ozai," He was nervous about telling his daughter the contents of it. He knew how she felt about the Fire Nation so, he decided to change a few things. "He wants to come to the Palace and make a peace treaty with him. There's going to be a festival and I hear the Fire Nation is actually quite a beautiful land. I think you would enjoy it there."

"Dad, how could a place so evil be beatiful? Your making it sound like we'll be living there!"

'We won't.' the Chief thought in his mind. "Katara, don't talk like that. You won't peace in the world, right?"

"Of course!" She said with a passion.

"Then you'll come with us." He said resting his hands on her shoulders assuring her it was alright. She sighed and thought for a second. She was trying to find any kind of reason for her not to go.

"Why would I be needed? I'm not signing anything, you are." She said pointing the fact out to him.

"To be there for me!" Katara sighed again. There really was no winning with this.

"Okay, but only for you...and your sure this will help?"


"Okay, for you and the world." They both smiled at each other.

Hakoda led his daughter back the village so they all could pack. Katara packed her favorite blanket and some light clothes since she knew it would be a lot hotter there. She wasn't happy about this and it took her a while to pack even though it was only a couple of things. The ship would arrive sometimes the next day and Katara wanted to be well rested so she wouldn't be crabby when she met the royals so she went to bed pretty early.

The ship arrived pretty early and the family had breakfast on the ship. Hakoda was impressed that the chefs made them a traditional water tribe meal. They arrived at the Fire Nation in about mid-day. They were greeted by soldiers and escorted to the palace by them.

Ozai and Ursa were standing in front of the doors of the palace.

"Hello, Hakoda." Ozai greeted shaking hands with the chief. "Afternoon, Mrs. Kya." He said doing the same with her.

"Nice meeting you," Ursa said taking her turn with the greetings. "Nice meeting you, too," She said smiling at Kya. "And you two." Ursa greeted Sokka and Katara.

"Prince Zuko and Princess Azula are attending school now so, you'll be able to meet them at dinner." Ozai assured the family, mostly Hakoda.

Ozai turned and opened the palace doors allowing the family into his home. Katara and Sokka's eyes roamed around trying to look at every inch of this beautiful building. Some of the pillars had carvings of dragons and trees and waterfalls on them. The walls were painted a deep red boarded with a shimmering gold.

A servant came and mumbled something to Ozai. Shaking his head his said to the family:

"Ching will show you around while I speak with your father, alright?" The kids nodded without really paying attenchen. Kya smiled at thier awe from the palace and followed Ching.

Ozai led Hakoda into his office and the two seated in front of the other.

"Does Prince Zuko know?" Hakoda asked.

"No, I haven't had the chance to tell him. Have you told Katara?"

"No. If I would have, she wouldn't of have came. I'm sorry to say this, but she isn't very happy about the Fire Nations past. Ozai lowered his head, ashamed of what his fathers had done.

"I don't know how Zuko will take it. He has a girlfriend, Mai, but...I personally don't think her father is..trustworthy."


"Mai is the daughter of a nobleman. I've met her father before and I can see in him that he wants power. No matter how much he triesto hide it. Sometimes I don't know if he knows he's so hungry for power, but he is. And I'm afraid that if his daughter was to have a ranking such as a princess and friend to my daughter, he would take advantage of it."

"Ah, I see. Now why have you chosein my daughter?"

"Because I can tell she has strong blood in her veins. Even just hearing about her through our letters, I can tell she would do anything for peace in this earth. I'm trying and I will need your help and hers. I will need all the help I can get."

"Yes, I was thinking that we could try and get her to understand that you are not your fathers and that you want the same thing for this earth as she does. But, I have to warn you, she is stubborn." The men continued to talk about the nations and their hopes for the future, their kids, and lives. They chatted for a while.

"Wow, dad was right, this place is amazing!" Katara told her brother. He nodded in agreement. Katara walked over to a portrait of a woman in a red dress that fanned out ever so slightly at the bottom. She had her hair up in a normal pony tail. She stood with her arms crossed downwards with her palms up, fire erupting from them.

"She's so pretty." Katara said

"Ah, yes, she was." Ching said walking up beside Katara.

"Who is she?" Katara asked.

"Fire Lady Ilah. She was Fire Lord Azulon's wife. Fire Lord Ozai's mother." He told her.

"Did you know her?"

"Nah, I'm way too young."

After hours of roaming around the palace they were finally told it was time for dinner. Everyone took their seats and Princess Azula and Prince Zuko joined them not long after.

Everyone greeted eachother and began to eat.

"This mean is lighter in spices, but it still might be a little hot." Ursa warned. "So, Zuko, how was school?" She asked before taking a sip from her wine.

"Fine." He stated flatly as always.

"Azula?" She asked.

"Fine." The same answers every single day.

"What did you learn?" Ozai asked.

"Fire bending, math, history, language, it's the same. Everyday." Azula stated in a bored tone.

"So I've noticed." There was silence at the table. The meal was finished actually pretty quickly and Ozai had Ching show the family their rooms.

Ozai pulled Zuko to the side before he left for his room.

"Zuko, I need to talk to you about something."

"Okay," He said in a confused voice. His father usually only talked to him when he was teaching him things about being fire lord...which is usually only on middle day of the week.

"You know Katara?"

"Yes, I met her at dinner. You were there."

"Well, you also know how I've arranged a peace treaty with her father?"


"Well, I have also arranged something for you....and his daughter."

"And what's that?"

"Marriage." Zuko's eyes widened and he took a step back.

"What?!" He screeched.

"Zuko, it's for you nation and the world!"

"No! I will not marry a girl I don't even know! A girl I don't love!" Zuko barked out.

"Well, not now, but you will marry her!" Ozai barked back.

"Why isn't the treaty enough?!"

"Because the Earth Kingdom thinks it's just a piece of paper with a signature on it. If you marry her; they'll know I mean business!"

"Well I don't give a beaver-lion dam about what the Earth Kingdom thinks." Zuko said crossing his arms.

"Don't you care about your nation, Prince Zuko? Don't you care about the future of the world? A Fire Lord must be willing to do anything for his country, no matter what the cost."

"Well maybe I don't want to be Fire Lord!"

"Zuko! Shame on you, it's in your blood!" Ozai snarled. Zuko was really beginning to anger the fire lord.

"It's in Azula's, too. She can become Fire Lord! She wants it more than I do."

"She can't become Fire Lord. She's not first born."

"Well, neither are you and your fire lord! If Uncle Iroh can reassign, than so can I!"

"With persmission from the current fire lord, Zuko!"

"Azulon never said you could become fire lord and you are!"

"Because your uncle is fool, Zuko! He left his nation for a tea shop in Ba Sing Se! Do you want that for yourself Zuko!? Do you really want that!? Think of your nations future, YOUR future, Zuko."

"I do! And I see my future with Mai in it! Not some water tribe girl, Dad."

"I don't trust her father, Zuko." Ozai calmed down, speaking in a soft tone.


"Her father, Zuko. I'm afraid that if she marries you, he'll use her title for the wrong reasons, for power that isn't his."

"Don't talk about her father like th-"

"You know it, Zuko! You know he will! All those times I've caught him in my office in my papers in my files! Trying to know things he shouldn't!" Zuko sighed and looked out a near by window.

"I love Mai." He whispered.

"I understand that, boy. But Katara is a nice girl and I'm not saying you have to marry her now, but later. She'll be staying here so then the marriage won't seem so forced. Give her a chance. If she's willing to do this, why arn't you?"

"I-I'll sleep on it."


uh. I guess I'll end it here. There was SO much dialouge! I know, but they were arguing and it wasn't like they were really fighting fighting so I didn't really know what to put. The next chapter is the festival...and Hakoda telling Katara about th marriage and as you saw/read eariler, she's a little easier than Zuko. So, the next chapter shouldn't have as much dialogue in this one.

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