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Okay, okay, okay. I took a deep breath and let it out again. I could do this.

I jumped out of my truck and slammed the door with more force than was needed. Instinctively I cowered and slapped myself upside the head. Stop being silly Bella. These were your parents for god's sake.

It was a little hard to convince yourself to walk into a house containing two people you hadn't seen since you were born. Admittedly, I was nineteen now so they didn't have any legal rights over me anymore, but blood was thicker than water right? I frowned at myself and laughed with an edge of hysteria. That made no sense at all.

Charlie and Renee had been too young to look after me properly. Sally had always stressed to me that they very much wanted to keep me but financial problems got in the way. I was never sure whether to believe her or not.

I sucked in another freezing breath and started towards the house. I was okay, I was okay. I repeated this like a sacred mantra while I gently pushed open the gate and walked up the path.

My legs kept feeling like they wouldn't support me and I gave myself a mental slap. Stop being such a wimp. You survived being in the home didn't you? You survived all those horrible years with Sarah and Mark didn't you? I involuntarily shivered just at the names, I couldn't help the reaction. Loud noises still scared me too.


I cowered underneath my bed as I heard the wet crunching of Sarah ripping into the poor human. If I hadn't been so terrified, I would have been screaming my head off.

Suddenly there was a whumph as something hit the bed above my head. I wouldn't think about it, I couldn't think about it. Unfortunately, I couldn't put it off for long. A wet stream of liquid started to run down my cheek. The blood was soaking through the duvet, through the mattress, down onto me.

I couldn't help it, I screamed.


I found myself suddenly at the door and lifted my hand to knock. Before my knuckles could even touch the wood, the door flew open and I was enveloped in a desperate hug.


I looked down in shock. The woman holding me around the waist was about 5 5", a little pocket rocket. I couldn't see her face as it was pressed tightly into my body but one thing I did recognise was the brown tumbling curls so much like my own.

I didn't know whether to hug her back or push her away. Surely, this was a little much for a first meeting? Clearly this wasn't where I got my emotional steadiness from. This was my mother Renee. I felt a little tug in my heart and frowned. She just seemed like she needed protecting, she was too small and dainty to survive a thing.

A man appeared in the doorway. My dad Charlie. He was a little taller than Renee but still smaller than me. I could see more of him and I committed it to memory. A simple blue button down over a grey t-shirt. Jeans and what looked like walking boots. In short, he looked exactly like what he was. Fork's police chief on a day off.

I felt my body relaxing. Charlie just simply looked stoic and serious. I was better handling that than Renee's hysterics. We were kindred souls.

I examined his face. No dandy pretty boy here, just a rugged sort of handsomeness that was just this side of good looking. His skin was tanned and a little weather beaten. His hair was brown like mine, but I couldn't really put that down to genetics. Lots of people's hair was brown. It was cut short, yet still managed to hang in shaggy bangs over his forehead. His eyes were brown and he had a little moustache. His mouth was firm but kind and it quirked suddenly.

"Renee get off her. You'll scare the poor girl."

Suddenly the pressure on my waist was released and Renee spun away to stand with Charlie.

"Sorry honey, I was just so excited to see you!" She was bouncing up and down like a child at its first birthday party and I couldn't deny her this.

So I smiled for her, even though inside it felt like my heart was breaking. Why had they given me up for adoption? If they hadn't Sarah and Mark would never have adopted me. I would never have been dragged into the world of the supernatural, a world of darkness and evil.