Of course, if I was still human I would have slept afterwards, but vampires didn't need sleep. Nor did I particularly miss it at the moment because I was lying cradled against Jasper and nothing in the world could feel better. Now I knew why people were so enthuastic about sex – I felt as if I was floating on Cloud Nine.

I heard Jasper's laugh rumble in his chest and lifted my head from it to look at him.

"You're so blissed out darlin; it does wonders for my ego." He grinned at me and there was only one thought in my head.

Thank you God for creating this beautiful, wonderful, person and allowing me to call them my own.

There had never been any doubt before but now our relationship, our bond, felt absolutely solid. I knew that I would die for him and that he would do the same. There were no more questions, no more thoughts of inadequacy from either side. It was simple to explain. We had gone from being two souls to one.

I couldn't even bring myself to care about what Emmett would say when we went back with grass-stained clothes and smiles as wide as the Grand Canyon on our faces. I could always stick him in a bubble if he really annoyed me anyway.

I felt the not-so-subtle change in my body temperature as Jasper shifted me closer to him.

"I love you too."

One of the perks of having an empath for a mate was there was never any need to tell them that you loved them. Because they could feel it radiating off you in waves.

The sky was starting to lighten now as it became early morning but I found myself unable to summon the will to move. I didn't feel tired, because vampires didn't, I just felt a bone-deep contentment lying here in Jasper's arms.

"Tell me we don't ever have to go back." I pouted, trailing kisses down Jasper's clavicle.

"If you keep doing that darlin' I can promise you that." He groaned.

A little devil rose up in me but I ignored it and rolled away.

"Ugh." It was a single noise of frustration but it released my feelings quite nicely.

"I guess we better go back. We should probably spend some time with Angeline."

Jasper sighed and I giggled. I think it was the first time I'd ever seen him sigh. Jasper was so… solid. Unbidden, thoughts started rising up in my head again.

Whoa there Bella. You better rein those horses in!

I twisted away and dressed quickly, before my body could overrule my mind. I was starting to hate Angeline with a passion.

I laughed at myself for being so silly and felt a slight twinge of regret because Jasper was clothed again.

"Regret? Oh darlin'…"

I interrupted him before he could start feeling sorry for himself.

"Not for the reason you're thinking. I definitely do not regret what we just did. It was more a regret that you had some clothes on."

If I could have blushed then I would have. Jasper held a twinkle in his beautiful amber eyes.

"Oh if that was the reason then I think staying here is a very good idea darlin'."

I groaned.

"Oh god, don't tempt me."

He laughed and took my hand.

"We really should be getting back."

We ran back to the house in record time. Jasper was fast but I just about beat him, thanks to my newborn strength.

I felt like I could have floated through the walls, but I chose to use the more usual method of opening the door and walking through it.

Of course, Emmett was the first one to greet me and we exchanged matching grins.

"Good hunt little sis?"

"Yep I found everything I needed."

He waggled his eyebrows and I burst out laughing. Jasper walked in behind me and I felt his hand move to rest on my waist.

Emmett looked pointedly at it and the grass stains on our clothes.

"I don't think I even want to know Bells."

I smiled sweetly at him, feeling mischievous.

"Oh really Emmett? I thought you'd want a full description, perhaps with diagrams."

I ran up the staircase laughing before he could get over his shock and respond. I could hear Alice in her room and I knocked on the door before going in.

"Hi Bella." She was sat on her bed reading a fashion magazine but she put it down as I walked in and smiled at me.

"Hey Alice." I lay down on the bed next to her, stretching out to my full length.

She laughed and it was a tiny tinkling sound, like bells.

"Comfy much?"

"So have you talked to Angeline?"

"Yeah." She nodded and I could see the acceptance in her eyes.

"What about this whole thing that's going on with her and Edward?"

"Oh well," she grinned "I figured it was too soon to bring that up."

I nodded sagely.

"Probably only wise. What room is she in, I should probably go and say hi."

"She's next door to Edward."

We smirked at each other.

"Oh what a coincidence!" I replied, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Isn't it just?" She laughed and I skipped lightly from the room. I could tell that Angeline was in her room by following her smell.

I knocked gently on the door before going in.


The shock of what I saw hit me like a wrecking ball. I was not expecting Edward to move quite that fast. He was lying on top of Angeline, clearly kissing her senseless. I was just thankful they were still fully clothed.

Suddenly the scene disappeared and it was just Angeline standing in front of me.

"Oh Bella! I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting anyone."

I stared at her in disbelief.

"What was that?"

She smiled sheepishly.

"Well as you know Edwin's ability was to create illusions. My ability is similar but I sort of project my thoughts into the room. Imagine it like a film being projected onto a wall."

"And that's what you were thinking?" I couldn't help a tiny smirk as she stared at her feet in obvious discomfort.

"Yes. I know we only met today but…"

"This is great!" She looked up at me in shock and I smiled. "Listen, I may not have been here long but I consider Edward my brother, and anything that makes him happy makes me happy."

"Oh. Well, thanks." She smiled widely at me and I grinned back.

I was just so happy at the moment there was no room for embarrassment.

"No problem. By the way, welcome to the family."

And with that parting shot, I bounced off downstairs to find Jasper.

He was sat on the couch with Emmett watching a baseball game and I quickly moved to sit next to him. He reached over and picked me up, settling me quickly in his lap.

I curled myself so I fitted into his body and dropped my head onto his chest.

Life just did not get much better than this. I reached my hand up and starting messing with one of Jasper's curls. I felt so relaxed that I knew if I'd still been human, I would have been dropping off to sleep. It was a strange feeling, because part of my brain was telling me that I should be asleep right now, and the other part was revelling in the fact that I was awake.

My mind began to wander and reality crashed in hard. I'd forgotten about them all. Charlie, Renee and Josh. I'd been so wrapped up in my own little world that I hadn't spared them a thought since I'd woken up. Well that probably wasn't the right phrase to use, because I'd never been asleep.

I felt more than a little guilty but I knew the Cullens would have told me right away if anything had been seriously wrong with Josh. Emmett stood up and declared he was bored.

"Go and find Rosalie." Jasper told him.

"Are you sure it's safe leaving you two here alone?" He grinned at me. "There better still be a couch here tomorrow Bella."

I stuck my tongue out at his retreating back and turned to Jasper.

"Can you tell me what happened now?"

He nodded and shifted me a little so I was facing him.

"What do you remember about the attack?"

"I remember Edwin coming across the lot and screaming at Josh to get out of the way." I frowned. My human memories were a little fuzzy.

"I think I pushed him then I remember Edwin biting me."

Jasper's arms tightened around me and I welcomed the sign of support and comfort.

"Then I fell into the snow and blacked out."

"There's no way to break this to you gently darlin' so I'll just come out and say it. Josh is a werewolf."

I stared at him.

"What, like howling at a full moon type werewolf?"

"No, more like a shape shifter."

I had a vague memory of Josh vibrating in front of me in the corridor.

"Oh, I see."

Once you believed in the existence of vampires, nothing much else came to shock you.

"Josh phased, that's what they call it when they shift into the wolf body, and managed to pull Edwin off you. He got there too late; the venom was already in your body. Alice came running once she realised what was going on and together they managed to rip Edwin apart and burn the pieces."

"But Josh and Alice weren't hurt in any way?"

"No darlin' they're both fine."

"Then you brought me back here?"

He nodded.

"It took you three days to complete the change."

"What did you tell Charlie and Renee?"

"Well you already had the perfect excuse really – your adoptive parents."

"But why would they believe that from anyone else but me?"

He smiled.

"We can be quite persuasive when we want to be."

I grinned at him. He'd dazzled my poor parents?

"I bet you can." My face fell a little. "I'm going to miss them. In a way, I'm sort of glad that I didn't know them that well. I know that sounds bad."

"Not at all darlin'. That way it's easier for everybody."

"So is everyone up at La Push a werewolf?"

"We don't know the exact details; Josh didn't exactly hang about after the attack, but from what he told us there's about ten of them in the pack."

I thought for a moment. Wasn't Josh living with his uncle or something?

"Does his uncle know?"

Jasper nodded.

"His uncle is Billy Black, one of the direct descendents of the first tribe members to phase. Of course, back then they called them spirit warriors."

"Does the treaty still stand?"

"Yes, we don't hunt on Quileute land."

I nodded and dropped my head back onto his chest – trying to think if there were any other questions I wanted to ask.

"Are you going to tell me about your past eventually Jazz?"

"I'd tell you now, but I think you've had enough information for one day. Even vampires get mentally tired."

I knew that he'd keep his word and get round to it eventually, so I simply snuggled closer and sighed in satisfaction.

Okay guys now we have our happy ending (sort of) I'm gonna end this fan fic here. If you guys want I'll do a sequel which will probably explain about Jasper's past etc and maybe even bring the poison pair back because, lets face it, this wouldn't be complete without their triumphant return. And obviously, we have to work out the whole thing with Edward and Angeline. And Alice needs to find a mate too… Oh and don't forget Josh and the pack.

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