A/N: I just watch day four and was really really sad that Ianto is gone, so I wrote this.

Spoilers: Children of earth Day four

Disclaimer: I think it's obvious i don't own torchwood, or Ianto would still be with Jack, where he belongs

Jack hadn't looked at himself as human much but, tragic moments make us realise just how human we really are. He stared at the glass tank as he sat on the floor, his dead lover limp in his arms. He blinked, not seeing anything but a blur of tears. He looked back down to Ianto, his Ianto, and for a moment, just a moment; he had a blissful second of denial. Because he needed it. And for a moment he smiled, remembering everything, everything they'd done, everywhere they'd been, everything they'd seen and loved, could be summed up in denial. Because with Ianto, he had seen, and loved and been everything that was right and denial was the only way that he could stay here. Ianto had said that he loved him, and begged him not to forget, and then he had died, simple and plain, perfectly human. He had died before Jack could stop it, before he could tell him that he loved him too, that never, not in a million years, not in a ticking of clocks, nor in the turning of a century would he forget Ianto Jones. He could feel the poison of the disease pulsing through him. But he didn't stop to notice it. And then his mood changed and all he could feel was anger, it pulsed and burned through him. He wanted to kick and scream, he hated the 4,5,6, he hated that he couldn't stop them, he hated that he was the one to start this, he hated Rose for such a curse. But the one thing he hated the most, wasn't Rose, or the creatures that had done this, it was that he would wake up, and he would have to face what had happened, there would be no denial, no blissful seconds of utter denial to save him from this. And he hated it, he would wake up and he would be empty, Captain Jack Harkness had lost so many people, he'd stood up and walked away so many times, but this time, he wasn't sure he could do that, he hadn't had to walk away from someone he loved. It wasn't the poison that killed the great Jack Harkness this time. It was heartbreak, plain and simple, perfectly human.