Authors note: Ugh, I can't believe its taken me this long to write this. I apologize and hope that you're all still interested. Anyway, here it is, the third chapter of hellstorm.

It had been about five hours into the morning before the Paladins and Knights even saw the three towers that were now the home of someone or something. Holding up a fist Sentinel Lyons knelt down and squinted her eyes as if trying to make something out. After another couple of minutes she pointed to the radar dishes and immediately everyone saw the glint of a sniper rifle, though it didn't fire. They were being watched, there was no point for stealth now. Putting her laser rifle on her back she raised her hands in the air and slowly began to close the distance between her and the wastelands newest residents.

Damion had been alerted by the scouts of figures approaching shortly before he himself caught sight of them. He had passed the information along to Aramus and he had come out after what appeared to be their leader put away her weapon and raised her hands in the air as a sign showing their non hostile intentions. Damion watched with noted amusement as the Captain took off his helmet after exchanging a few sentences. The scouts continued to keep their gaze on the power armored figures. Suddenly a chorus of gunshots sounded and Damion turned to scan the horizon to see more of the drop ships heading their way.

Aramus turned at first to the direction of the gunshots and then to where they were directed at. Dropships were approaching and four bodies now lay still on the dirt covered ground.

"VERTIBIRDS!" he heard the female yell as she un slung her rifle and aimed, taking fire and hitting a disembarking trooper in the shoulder.

The other soldiers followed suit and removed their weapons and fired at the men that dropped from the ships. Aramus unholstered his bolt pistol and fired while running forward, his power sword unsheathing as he ran "FOR THE GREAT FATHER AND THE EMPEROR!"

A squad of marines quickly followed him and their bolters were alight with holy fury. A majority of their rounds bounced off do to their hindered aiming while running, however several punctured the devil armor and the some of the soldiers dropped in pain to die while some were brave enough to take out a side arm and continue to fire. If it was one thing Aramus had to give to them, it was that when they expected a fight they fought with some measure of honor.

In seconds he was among them, hacking through their armor and firing his bolt pistol into their skulls. He ducked a clumsy swing from one of his foes and cut through him at the waist. There was a scream from one of his battle brothers. Aramus turned and was about to fire when he saw an odd shaped weapon firing green globules of what looked like plasma at his men. In the few seconds it took for the marine to get hit his armor began to dissolve, a mist coming off of him before he started screaming, the goo like substance eating into his flesh.

The soldiers from the so called Brotherhood of Steel were fighting with a determination that Aramus hadn't witnessed in anyone but the Adeptus Astartes and a few choice Guardsmen. As the last warrior fell with one less arm and leg Aramus growled, turning and looking at Sergeant Damion and his marines he pointed to the dying soldier "I want answers, and he is going to give them to us,"

Damion nodded and one of his marines picked him up and began dragging him over to the towers.

"Now, Sentinel Lyons, tell me of this Brotherhood of Steel,"

For some time Aramus listened to the Brotherhood's origins and their mission in this capitol wasteland. For the most part Aramus was impressed and eventually he realized that he had just found the allies he had been looking for. The man who sat with Sentinel Lyons, Paladin Keir, seemed to continue looking around, constantly watching the movements of the Blood Ravens around him. While part of Aramus respected the need to watch your surroundings, it gave him the feeling that there was some mistrust between the two groups. Hopefully, though, this would be fixed in time.

"So…what are the Blood Ravens here for?" Lyons asked with a raised eyebrow as she kept a careful eye on Keir.

"We are looking for relics," Aramus replied simply "nothing more, nothing less. And unless some other conflict should appear and keep us here, we would be leaving as soon as we were sure all of the relics were obtained,"

"I see…and how long should that take?"

"About a month to comb this entire area, starting of course with a scan. If nothing on the surface is detected then we will move on to another." Aramus knew that there was a broad range of things to scan for, and the time given was under the assumption a sizeable amount of wargear or other such relics were 'found' and time taken to find and excavate them. Under favorable circumstances of course.


"We will stay until we are sure we have found all we can however," Aramus nodded "and any assistance you could offer would greatly aid us,"

Damion growled in the background "Captain, I understand the need for allies, but we are Astartes! Assistance should be demanded not requested,"

Mouthing into his vox Aramus sighed "If it is one thing I learned Sergeant it is that willing help is more useful than demanded,"

While Sentinel Lyons was confused over what they could be talking about she gave them their time before seeing Aramus look into her eyes "I will have to talk with my father, but I believe some help can be given," she nodded "for the time being,"

"We are not asking for anything extremely long term Sentinel, and of course we will do what we can to help you in turn,"

Damion found it hard to believe that the Captain had treated the Brotherhood soldiers almost as equals, though it was hard to miss the hint of superiority in his voice as he talked. Though they were under manned even after being re-enforced by the reserve companies. Stepping into his quarters in one of the towers he took off his helmet and slowly removed his armor, standing in the middle of the room after setting his armor and weapons up in the most respectful way possible. Getting into a combat pose he went through the motions of combat. Punch, kick, block, sidestep, kick, block, punch. Carefully, step by step he went through them. All the while muttering a prayer to the Emperor.

"He is still new to his rank," Damion calmly reminded himself "give him time…give him time…"