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Megatron had made a drastic change in plans to the surprise of everyone at the time. He welcomed a new mech with dark blue armor that was seldom seen before. Chrome and gray highlighted him and he was slightly shorter than the tyrant. The mech's face was covered with not only a mask, but a bright red, mirrored visor that was non-transparent. It was not uncommon for mechs to have facemasks, but having mirrored visors was unheard of and it annoyed everyone in the room. It was the first thing one was drawn to when they looked at him, and the first thing they'd want to look away from.

And, the new mech was serious. Way too serious.

The Decepticon Leader was more than pleased at the discomfort his new recruit brought to others when he was present. The mech was introduced as Soundwave, Megatron's most loyal right hand mech.

Sixshot never noticed when there were new recruits into the Decepticons except when they were brought to his attention or he happened to see them. He really couldn't care less. Except for one… When he'd first gotten wind of Soundwave, he was curious, as he should be.

Upon request, Shockwave supplied what information he had about Soundwave.

Soundwave was a telepath and the new Communications Officer of the Decepticons. He was also an interrogator… among other things that were classified. The mech was described as being even-tempered, cold, and methodical in everything he did.

And he was patient. Extremely patient.

Soundwave was also as loyal as they came to Megatron and the Decepticon Cause – the complete opposite of himself.

Sixshot considered the mech to be an absolute moron if he was so loyal to Megatron, and of little importance from then on out. However, something about Soundwave annoyed the pit out of him and he was determined to find out what it was.

When Soundwave had first been involved in the Decepticons, she too had heard of someone named Sixshot, having seen particular information about him. His enhancements and implants were also listed, but she never gave him much thought. He was an assassin. One that was increasingly defying orders and one she knew was going to be trouble.

Her mind had been busy with other things. Like getting to the position she wanted to be in the Decepticons. Whatever Megatron demanded of her, she did, except remove her facemask. She wormed her way out of that one. Score one for playing stupid – something she was unbelievably good at.

Megatron was soon boasting to the rest of the Decepticons about how Soundwave was the most loyal mech he had, and even used Soundwave's loyalty as an example of how he wanted everyone to be.

The telepath was often tasked to punish others, humiliate them and sometimes kill them, but she didn't care. She took it all in stride, doing what she had to do to let the idiot believe she was loyal and all that happy slarg shit.

Soundwave proved that even the great Megatron himself could be played like a fool and never even know it.

Meanwhile, Megatron and Shockwave got together to discuss Sixshot's behavior, and what they could possibly do about it before they lost him for good. Both knew Soundwave, with his abilities, could easily 'fix' the assassin. Neither really cared if he lived to tell about it, knowing the unpredictability of Sixshot, but if he could repair the rogue six-changer's processors, then to them, Soundwave was superfluous.

Of course, Soundwave wouldn't take on a task that she knew she couldn't do. She decided, if anything, Sixshot would be a challenge, but not impossible. The only thing was that she required was to get close enough to him to perform her task. That was going to be the hard part.

To get close; she had to study him. But, in order to study him; she had to find him. When she did, she was taken aback by his looks, having never actually seen him before. The first thing she noticed was his blue visor. This confused her, since blue was Autobot. He was slightly taller than she was and had a bulky, strange build about him. Two white, flat protrusions adorned his teal shoulders. They appeared to be wings, but their angle didn't suggest this. The rest of his teal armor also had seams where there should not be any.

Sixshot was unaware of Soundwave's tasks until he'd noticed that Soundwave was in fact, watching him. This unnerved him, as when he studied others, they didn't even know they were being studied. Several times did he watch the telepath look right at him – letting him know that he was well aware of his presence. Sixshot found himself quite skeeved out by Soundwave's odd behavior. He swore it was the strange, red visor he wore.

He knew Soundwave was after him. It didn't take a scientist to figure out why. Who better to send than a telepath to fix another telepath's work?

Quickly he grew tired of the game and he waited until Soundwave was busy not annoying him and he vanished. As soon as he was free and clear of the telepath's uncanny following ability, he began searching for more information on him.

Sixshot was able to trace a supposedly untraceable mech… He'd been on his last bits of info on the mech, yet still knew only what the Decepticons knew… next to nothing. Vector Sigma wasn't even that much of a secret.

It was a pretty sure bet that getting anything more was not going to happen. This only made it harder on him. What he did find out, was that Soundwave was extremely private, extremely quiet and only seemed to speak when spoken to. And when he spoke, he had an emotionless, monotonous drone that wasn't easily forgotten. No one messed with him or even joked with him. Add to that never-ending patience and all that seriousness and what did you have?

An enormously boring mech…

Sixshot sat lazily with his feet propped up. He picked up the data pad that he'd stolen and hacked into, which came from an unknown source. His optic ridges shot up at what information this little data pad had about Soundwave. At first, he didn't believe what was written there.

It read that Soundwave was in fact, not showing his true potential to the Decepticons and he was intelligent beyond words even though most said he was as stupid as a rock. Obviously, she wasn't all that stupid, since the data pad read that Soundwave was a femme.

"Well, well, well, Sounders… what have we here, hmm?" he asked aloud with an amused smirk as he continued to read. "This certainly changes some things, doesn't it?"

Sixshot stared at the data pad in wonder. He was astounded that no one else knew and he wasn't about to tell anyone, either. With a grin, he destroyed the data pad, in effect, making sure he was the last to know about Soundwave's dirty little secrets.

Also, curiously enough, from what that data pad told him, Soundwave was a very powerful creature. He also wondered that if the telepath was that powerful, why was she following a psychopath leader's every order instead of taking leadership from him or killing him? Was she defective in some smart but really stupid way?

Of course, that wasn't saying much about himself… But he didn't want the Decepticons – Megatron could keep them for all he cared.

At least he better understood why Soundwave was so strangely disturbing. Yet, Soundwave defied all things he'd been told about femmes. He couldn't understand how she could be so cruel and emotionless. He'd heard about how she brutally interrogated Autobots, and sometimes she even ended up killing them. Pit, she even killed Decepticons.

Sixshot left the area and was now on a hunt for Soundwave, because that enormously boring mech was indeed a very interesting femme.

When he was on his hunts, he watched his prey from afar. This time it was a little different because Soundwave knew she was being hunted as well. The femme allowed him to think she was unaware. Soundwave was deliberately guiding him where she wanted him to be. Completely alone. If anything, it would get this mission over with even faster.

He knew the telepath figured no one was stupid enough to attack her like this, and Sixshot was far from stupid. He hid in the shadows, following the femme until she stopped. Why she had come all the way out here was anyone's guess.

When he got close, he too stopped. "What have we here… it's the great Soundwave."

Soundwave turned abruptly at the voice that came from the darkness. The sensor behind her shoulder rose and swiveled once and then dropped back down. She knew he was there, but he was masked so well, she couldn't even tell if he was an Autobot or a Decepticon at the time.

"So tell me again why you're following me?" Sixshot purred from the darkness. "Certainly not because you have nothing better to do with you time. I can be quite monotonous." He paused, "But obviously not boring enough if I got someone like you tailing me."

She did not speak to him. A single strip slid across her visor as if light reflected from an unknown source. She knew his downplay tactics and did not feel threatened by him in the slightest. Her optics furrowed under her mirrored glare at him while she decided the best approach to access his defective processor.

"You were sent by Shockwave to hunt me, weren't you?" He asked. When she didn't reply he continued on, "You know why he sent you, correct? He knows he can't beat me alone. He sent you in hopes you'd fix me and they could probably care less if you were killed. They're all crazy." The mech took a step toward her, his voice taking on more of a hiss. "And there's nothing wrong with me. Go home, telepath."

Soundwave watched his stance as the light hit him. Sixshot cocked his head with a hidden smirk at her stillness, "Oh, the stubborn type, too." he noted cockily. "Yeah, I kinda figured you're putting on a show for Megatron."

At that, Soundwave quickly became aggressive. Her shoulder-mounted sensor moved from her back and took on a more barrel type shape while several weapons emerged. On her right upper-arm, what appeared to be a mini-gun showed itself. In her right hand, a weapon appeared.

Sixshot had never seen Soundwave fully armed, so to him it was a sight. He watched her display. The assassin looked her up and down as a gust of air rushed through his vents, "I'll give credit where credit is due… At least you come prepared." His voice was more conversational than threatening or frightened. "So bring it on…" he challenged with a dark undertone.

From the corner of his visor, he saw movement. Glancing toward it, he saw vine like cables emerge from within the wrist of her left hand. They were very short, had pointed ends, and moved independently. He had never seen this one before. "Impressive," he said coolly, but he was beginning to wonder what they were really used for.

"Desist immediately." The telepath hissed.

"Aww, don't be that way… We're just getting to know each other." Sixshot replied, his optics fixed on the cables that were now lighting up and sliding along her clawed digits. "You with your creepy wrist… things, and me… You know what I am, don't you?"

Soundwave, not wanting to hear what the mech had to say growled in warning at him. However, he did not listen to her. He stepped closer again and this time she struck out. Her left hand came up quickly and went for his head.

Instantly, Sixshot transformed and leapt at her in a shape she had only seen in the planet's wilderness. Using his weight, Sixshot caused Soundwave to lose her balance. His left hand slammed the cable-things away from his head. He caught both of her hands and was now standing over her, his face only a few feet from her own, having successfully knocked her to the ground. "Be careful with those…" he chided softly, "they'll hurt someone. Wouldn't want that, now would we…"

Soundwave could clearly see Sixshot's optics, which were a deep, dark blue, which made them hard to see from a distance. She twitched to get free and he pinned her harder. "I am not frightened by you; however you do weird me out a little." He paused as if rethinking his statement, "…Okay, you weird me out a lot." Yes, definitely Soundwave's hidden gaze annoyed him most, because he never knew what to expect. "Your scare tactics fail with me."

He knew her stoic demeanor by now and smirked at her continued silence. "I am the renowned six-changing, defiant, combiner killer that everyone thinks is a fairy tale. As you can see, I'm not a fairy tale… but it's neat to be considered such. Pleasure to finally meet the real fairy tale."

Soundwave silently gazed at the six-changer, lost in deep thought. Rumor had it then when you were being hunted by Sixshot, it was for a job, and not usually a pleasant one. She wanted to know why he was hunting her as well since he had no reason to be.

"You are in violation of Decepticon Officer codes. Back off or further action will be taken." Soundwave stated as she readied herself for a possible fight. The mech thought he was actually restraining her.

Sixshot laughed at her threat, "You think I care about codes? Whoever said I was a Decepticon in the first place, anyway? Who is it; I wonder that I really work for? I'm rogue."

"You are filed as a covert Decepticon." Soundwave droned.

"Alright, alright, you got me, I'm a Decepticon, but that doesn't answer my other two questions."

"You work for Megatron,"

"Do I now…?" His voice held a sarcastic tone. He paused at her silence, "So that must be what they're putting in my files. They don't control me. Not anymore… They think they do because I let them, and…" he paused and smirked, "I – like you – have been working myself an agenda. I don't really care what my task is as long as I am paid how I see fit – for now."

"Your insubordination is why I am here. I was sent to repair your faulty processors."

"I don't care why you're here. I told you before… I don't need fixing."

By now, Soundwave wasn't entirely sure how to take this mysterious mech. It was as if his profile was wrong. He was showing far more intelligence than originally suggested. If what he was saying was true, then what did she actually know about him? "Why have you been following me?"

At that, Sixshot literally laid down on the femme, still holding her by her arms, but his feline-looking body rested over hers nonchalantly. "You know, I'm not sure just yet," he said, looking down upon her, "you interest me. Let's leave it at that." He glanced at her hands then back to her face, "If I let you go, are you gonna fry my processors?"

Soundwave remained stubbornly silent. Instead, if he had annoyed her that badly, she'd had already disabled him and be ready to fry his processors. He didn't need to know that. "That ability is none of your business."

"At least the 'Cons got your seriousness right," he sat up slowly, releasing her hands. She watched him as he returned to his root form, reaching for each of her wrists and rubbed them. He idly noted the rather large, what appeared to be bracer she wore on her right arm.

He watched her carefully as he moved off of her, unsure what to expect. "So, now that we know we aren't going to kill each other. Let me explain to you something… Shockwave and Megatron are out of their minds. And, seeing as those two idiots will end up getting me killed, I've decided they aren't worth my time. That's why I hardly listen to them.

"…And while you've been studying me, I've been doing some studying of my own. And trust me; getting information on you is harder to get than anyone else I know of."

"You know nothing of me." The telepath defended evenly.

"I know some about you. I know things that others shouldn't know. I know what you are."

It was impossible for this mech to know more than the Decepticons. She had covered all her tracks. "Liar,"

"Am I really, Soundwave? That's quite the accusation, since I know you're a femme." He looked her up and down, smirking, "And quite the femme you are. What an interesting twist to this whole watching-you-watching-me thing."

The telepath was astounded. Her stoic gaze hid the shocked look in her optics. It also hid the rising anger. Immediately she prepared to destroy this mech, no matter what it took. No one, under any certain terms was to find out such crucial information about her. She immediately shifted to get away from him but he moved with her, pinning her on the rock wall. "Don't even try it," he told her forcefully. "You might mess with my mind, but you won't win against me."

Soundwave bristled at his tone. She kicked at him, pulled an arm free and grabbed his arm, with as much force as she could she tugged and swung him. There was a loud, sickening crack as Sixshot hit the wall. From there, she stood in front of him, holding him against the wall. There was a low growl from her.

Sixshot smirked behind his mask, ignoring the pain in his back. He'd never seen Soundwave mad. Entertainment to its finest. "Did Shockwave and his cronies butcher you like they did me? Is that why you're so loyal to Megatron and the Decepticon cause? What are you up to?"

"That information is classified." Her eerie stare was unwavering as she thought about what she was going to do with him while he prattled on.

Sixshot's optics flashed under his visor. "I have detailed information on every documented and… undocumented ability you have. You're a natural born, full blown Psion – a pretty powerful one at that. Do you know how rare full blown Psions are? I'm wondering why a creature like you is even in the Decepticons. Perfect waste of talent if you ask me."

She knew how rare Psionic Cybertronians were, he didn't need to tell her. Her other hand came up and formed into a gun-type weapon and she held it to his head. He never looked away from her featureless visor. "Come on, Soundwave. If you haven't killed me by now, I'm betting you're not gonna. And do you know why?" He gave a hidden leer, "Because you're smarter than you let on."

When the femme didn't reply he only smirked, "I am not here to harm you in any way, Soundwave. You and I both know that you never would have gotten this far. Trust me; you've met your match in that department." The mech looked her up and down. "I think I've decided what I want with you. Since I'm onto you, I want to know more about your agenda. I'll be your personal mercenary."

After a moment of thought, Soundwave stated flatly, "Your offer has been accepted." She could certainly use a mech like him.

Soundwave returned to Megatron and Shockwave, telling them both that Sixshot had been repaired without a problem. The leader was pleased with Soundwave's report. Soundwave was a very good liar.

To keep us the façade, Sixshot worked for Megatron or Shockwave even more frequently than before. The telepath had opened a line directly to him and sent him his missions. Megatron had no idea and neither had Shockwave, both believing that Sixshot was working for them. Since most of Sixshot's missions were ones that coincided with Megatron's original orders, no one really suspected anything… at first.

Over time, Sixshot became aware that he was beginning to feel something for the ever stoic Soundwave. Perhaps it was infatuation, perhaps not, but whatever it was, he wanted it.

There was a fine line the mech would have to touch on if he wanted to try and claim Soundwave as his own – something he was sure he might not survive. This fine line was establishing his place as her mech. He began to court her during their entourages.

The first time he tried to approach her she almost killed him. It had both shocked and spooked the pit out of him that she had done it so quickly. If he hadn't snapped out of whatever she did to him with sounds when he did, she would have impaled his Spark chamber with a rod he could have sworn she pulled from absolutely nowhere. Instead, he luckily got it through the shoulder and it missed anything vital. It took a very long time for him to try again.

She was one scary creature when she raised her voice…

In frustration, Sixshot started to become more rebellious toward Megatron and Shockwave once again. Soundwave had been questioned on Sixshot's behavior and she told them he was 'adjusting' to his new programming. She also sought him out and put him in his place.

If he screwed up, it would take them both down… something she wasn't willing to allow.

After a while, Sixshot continued his pursuit of Soundwave, even though she showed absolutely no interest in him whatsoever and sometimes threatened him when he'd gotten too close. But, what had once been disinterest, he found to be so much more. Their courting was sometimes violent, as if Soundwave was weighing him. Soundwave was a pro at mind games, and she was playing dirty.

Finally, going off the trust they'd built, he had decided it was time to make a move on her. It was at a time that she seemed unaware of his approach. He snagged her from behind and pulled her against himself. He then took her arms in his hands and held them down at her sides. Letting out a soft, satisfied rumble, he held her body against his.

He knew he was being brave in doing such things, because she was unpredictable and could attack him – even more so because he was so close to her wave sensor. The femme didn't move as he held her there. It was a sign that he might be allowed to continue. And that's when he brought it to a whole new level.

He began purring to her and then pressed himself against her harder, taking caution when he did so. It would take only one wrong move and she would attack him for trying to intrude on her. His left hand began following the intricacies in the armor up her arm. Feeling her tension, the mech hoped he wasn't overstepping his bounds with her. Sixshot watched her bristle slightly as his claws made their way up her shoulder.

Soundwave lowered her head. Sixshot's touch was different from before, so she let him continue. While he touched her, she found he was actually stimulating her, something she knew shouldn't have happened in the first place.

His Spark began heating in desire for her and he nuzzled into her before quickly turning her. Letting out a gust of air from his systems, Sixshot reveled in her closeness. He was the only mech to ever get this close and still be alive.

As if sensing where this was going, Soundwave cautioned coldly, "Pursuing this interest is unwise."

Sixshot ignored her warning. It was said that Spark-mating with a Psion could in effect destroy the one's mind and that's what she was referring to. He figured it was a far-fetched story and he wasn't buying it. And if it was true, he really wasn't thinking about that at the time being.

He shifted his stance while he stared at her. "Show me, Sounders,"


"Just once. I want to see." His voice pleaded, looking down at her covered face.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, her faceplate parted and her visor snapped away. The mech stilled at seeing her. The first thing he was drawn to was her optics. They were a deep red with nearly white outlines, something he had never seen. Perhaps those optics belonged to all Psions – he couldn't remember what Mindwipe's looked like.

He also now knew why she hid herself under her facemask. She was definitely a femme and one of the most beautiful he had ever laid his optics on.

He grinned, "What has been seen, cannot be unseen," To her surprise, he dipped to her while his own visor and facemask parted away and he kissed her. She did not push him back, and found herself kissing him back.

It was obvious what he was after when he took her to the ground and began positioning her. From the previous stimulation, each small bolt of energy from him was met with one of her own. Sixshot was pleased with his progress. Soundwave, on the other hand, had no idea what to think – in fact she probably wasn't thinking at all.

Caught up in their passion and petting, she felt something strange move through her when his claws brushed over her Spark. It was the first time anyone had ever touched her. The feeling left her stunned, unsure of how to react except do what her Spark was telling her – to allow him to continue.

"Maintaining this precarious behavior is against Decepticon codes." Her voice droned while his claws traced sensitive areas.

"Shut up." He purred, smiling at her when she arched herself slightly into his touch. So far, so good.

The plates across her torso parted for him when he pressed his body against hers with a hiss. He smirked when she exposed her Spark to him. It was obvious it was not the first time he had touched a femme; however, this was different for some unexplainable reason. He was being extremely gentle with her, and it wasn't because he was afraid of her. He never knew a femme could feel so good.

His own chest had parted as well and he leaned down. A pleasant feeling shocked through him. It was now or never.

Soundwave hissed deeply in desire, digging her claws into Sixshot's armor from the feelings going through her body. It was as if she had no control over her Spark chamber and it opened for the mech. He let out a deep growl and put his chest to hers, his own Spark chamber opening as he did so.

With an explosion of light, their merge began. She gasped in her vents from the sensations that took her over, craving his Spark as it brushed her own. The feeling was overwhelming and pleasurable at the same time and she cried out.

The mech, in response, pressed into her. She certainly had no monotonous drone to her now. Unlike any other merge he'd had, this was strangely different. He whimpered at the feeling that rushed his mind, making him dizzy. Her Spark was giving him the strangest feeling and awareness. He couldn't understand it, but he sure didn't want to stop.

The mech tried urging her Spark-port forth. She refused his urges, not allowing him to link fully with her and become her Spark-mate. The mech remained satisfied that she allowed him to be the one to imprint her Spark and they hit an overload together.

Afterwards, he hadn't separated from her because he wasn't willing to let her Spark go yet. He didn't know if he would ever get this close again. It very well could have been a one-time opportunity when Soundwave was caught in the moment of stupid and he was pretty sure she had been.

The mech dipped his head and made her a silent promise. Sixshot learned what happens when sharing your Spark with a telepath. It wasn't Spark-mating one had to look out for… It was just merging.

Soundwave had completely fucked his world because during their merge, something happened that he couldn't outwardly explain. Not only did he literally belong to her in some freaky way he couldn't even begin to tell, but also he fell in love with her. It was said this was something a Decepticon couldn't do because of programming. Well obviously, they hadn't considered Psions when making that up. Leave it to him to find out the hard way.

Unbeknownst to them both, their union had brought more than just an abnormal imprint and weird feelings… and it would forever change their lives.

The thought had been annoying her from when she first discovered them. They knew doing what they did was dangerous to both of them, but obviously neither of them gave a shit at the very time.

This was something that could compromise her and it turned into a very delicate and possibly damnable situation.

The telepath called an emergency exit from working with Thundercracker and Skywarp, finding Sixshot when he was ready to be found. For a long moment, neither of them spoke.

"You are an idiot." Her voice was cold and tempered as ever.

The six-changer stood looking out across the horizon where a city was barely visible in the distance. "Yeah? Well you're a pain in my aft. Guess that makes us even."

"I'm expecting." She stated flatly.

He glanced at her questioningly, "Expecting what?"

"Upon a self examination; Twins,"

It took him a moment to really understand what she was telling him. That was relatively bad news for a femme 'Con. A frown crossed Sixshot's hidden features and he bristled as infuriation grew in him. "Why am I the idiot, Soundwave?" His angry nuance was well heard by her, "It takes two to manage that. Guess that makes us both idiots, idiot." he answered.

"The situation will be dealt with as necessary." She told him.

He grew angrier as he considered what Soundwave was going to do about it. She would have them destroyed and that's why he was so angry to find out she was sparked. He blamed himself for his inability to control himself around her. "So, now what? I am sure you can't go around telling everyone you've suddenly been turned into a femme and are sparked by Primus. They'll never fall for it."

"I'm well aware of that." With that, Soundwave turned and left.

After a while, he assumed she had aborted them and he didn't bother with her for a very long time – disappearing and defying even her. He didn't care if he belonged to her or not. Soundwave never did anything without a reason, no matter how bad, but it didn't stop him from taking his anger out on whoever got in his way.

It was the strangest feeling the femme had ever felt and she would have been lying if she didn't feel fright at first. It was as if someone had dropped her Spark through her body. Soundwave then felt the pain shoot through her in waves, originating from her Spark and around the chamber and that's when she knew it was time.

She was in the middle of doing something for Megatron, and knew she had to get somewhere to hide. Quietly she made herself scarce and beat a hasty retreat. She sought a cave in the Lavinaian Caverns, a place so deep in the planet that only the possibly insane went because of its dangerous falling walls and extremely high temperatures.

She knew it was dangerous even for her, but her options were severely limited and the pain was becoming crippling. It was either risk dying down there or everyone finds out your dirty little secret and kills you anyway. No one ever said life was fair.

The femme landed hard because of her freefall speed and she nearly fell, almost taking the cliff she'd landed on with her. Luckily, the rest of the cliff didn't give way. She started crawling between pains, grunting as they then ripped down her spinal structure. Soon, she got to where an overhang would help to protect her during such a fragile time. The femme shook and shimmied as she settled; the Spark-birth already taking its toll on her energy; having begun while she was flying.

Her systems began heating faster than they should have. Energy struck everything around her including the molten metal and stone that flowed beneath her. She felt Energon beginning to ooze from her Spark. Some of it slid down her armor and dropped to the ground, drying in the matter of breems. The first Sparkling began separating from her Spark the chamber had even opened.

She felt her chest beginning to open and gave no resistance as it parted farther than she had ever felt before. The femme struggled against the pain and her Spark chamber opened shortly after. In an attempt to ease the pain and help with the procedure, Soundwave naturally leaned down and rested on her forearms, one of which was sore and bleeding from smashing it on the rocks in her painful fury.

She watched under her in silent marvel, where now shielded by her arms, a miracle she never thought she would experience was taking place. The first Sparkling finally separated fully from her own Spark and dropped, dangling from her by a thread of energy that pulsed. It began wriggling and then spun rapidly. She watched as it pulled from her own armor and its proto-form began to take a pod-like shape. Quickly she reached for it as it detached from her. Her HUD was telling her that she was going to fall into automatic recharge and she didn't want to land on the infant.

Just as she pulled the Sparkling out from under her, her body gave way, she collapsed to the ground, and her recharge session started.

In the meantime, while Soundwave recharged, the infant had started to transform. Its little optics looked all around, taking in the area surrounding it. Immediately it beeped and shied at the intense heat. It made its way to her side and curled up to get away from the environment, waiting for its femme creator to return.

A few breems later, Soundwave was abruptly woken to a dull pain in her chest telling her that the birth wasn't over. She went up slightly, noticing something lying by her side. Her optics fixed on the newborn.

Her movement woke the Sparkling, which immediately darted its head to find her. Its optics met hers for the first time. As if it knew right where to look, it stared into her visor. The femme stilled as she too stared, and for that moment, Soundwave was oblivious to anything but the innocence in its optics.

Seconds later, the femme was snapped out of her awe-gaze, going up quick from a pain that had struck her Spark chamber. The Sparkling beeped at her, already knowing what was happening. It was time for its sibling to be brought into the world. The newborn watched its femme creator's Spark expectantly.

Soundwave was already exhausted because of her body having to try to keep itself cool even more so on top of the Spark-birth. Her HUD was telling her that the extreme heat from the area and the birth together was causing her body to dangerously overheat. She knew she would have to be careful.

Soundwave positioned herself the same as she had done with the first Sparkling. She hissed and fought through the various warnings and errors from her Spark until finally, the second Sparkling dropped into the puddle of Energon had that collected there. Immediately Soundwave felt her body unlock and she feebly pushed herself up and into a slight sitting position while her chest began to close off.

Balancing on the verge of stasis lock, the femme forced herself to remain online so she could look at what she had done. The first Sparkling made its way to its sibling and was chirping and beeping at it. Soundwave watched while the second one answered its twin and began transforming. Both of the Sparklings were created similarly to the other in looks.

Soundwave took in the intricacies of their tiny bodies. The newest Sparkling was dark gold and black. Both of them were adorned with silver and chrome. Some of their energon lines were so new they were still clear, making them glow in spots. Their legs were digigrade and their arms were longer than expected and had extra metal along them that surely looked as though it didn't belong. For a moment, she wondered what they were supposed to be.

Soundwave remained sitting. She reached her hand to them and picked them up ever so softly. Instinctually, she flipped them to their backs and checked their genders while they squirmed haphazardly in her grip. Both were mechs.

She felt something in her Spark that she couldn't outright explain when the golden one grasped her claw in his own and held it against himself with a small purr. The red one took a different claw and did the same. The strength of this feeling overwhelmed her and she found herself purring in return to them. She would protect them against anything.

She didn't have the energy to leave the area that she had given birth. She was somewhat thankful for the heat, because the expelled energon and other signs of their birth would eventually burn away, leaving no trace. She slowly transformed, taking on her jet-like mode to protect her and her newborns better from the heat. The Sparklings immediately searched for her holds, which opened automatically to their clicks.

Soundwave let out a gust of relief from her vents as she felt the newborns siphoning from her. The femme's body worked to keep the Sparklings temperate, and it didn't overheat her at all. She fell into a deep and much needed recharge.

The telepath sought out Sixshot shortly after the arrival of the twins. When he first arrived, he growled at her. When she didn't respond, he took notice that she seemed different somehow, even the vibrations she was sending were different. "What?"

Without a word she looked down while her holds slowly opened. Sixshot's gaze followed hers and he stilled, watching as two red optic beings looked at him and chirped. He recognized their chirps immediately as his own and stared a long moment in bewilderment. "I thought you destroyed them," his voice was soft in awe.

"Assume nothing of me." Soundwave told him.

"…yeah." Sixshot trailed off as he got closer and put his hand to them, reached into her holds and pulled them out to look at them. He smiled wide while the red Sparkling clumsily moved up one arm, the twin going up the other. Sixshot watched them curiously. The feeling of them on him was indescribably pleasing.

The mech continued to watch them as they got close to his Spark. "Have you named them?"

"Laserbeak and Buzzsaw. They will be raised much different, as I will have to incorporate them into the Decepticons as drones, but they will survive."

For the rest of the day, Soundwave remained with Sixshot. She'd make up some excuse if Megatron asked about her absence.

No one but Soundwave and Sixshot would even know they existed until she was ready to reveal them. She would be able to hide them extremely easily. No one would suspect anything because she was almost always found in her quarters, something she did normally, anyway.

Even Sixshot was amazed she hid them so well – And right under Megatron's nose, no less! Of course, Sparklings were the last thing anyone would expect. Well, maybe Soundwave being a femme would top that… she made such an awesome mech.

The hardest time was when the Sparklings began sharring. It was at this time she would have to give weapons to them and teach them how to survive as Decepticon drones. She had sought a no-questions-asked area.

Sixshot provided her the place and a young medic to assist her.

The mech creator stood in the shadows as Soundwave had to strap down the twins and, with the medic there should she need him, implant both of their Sparklings. To keep her Sparklings alive, she did what she had to do.

She had numbed them and silenced them, talking to them through their bond as she worked. After they both had their new weapons working into their systems, set about slowing their growth. It was unnatural, but their bodies would be slow in growing and sharring, giving them the appearance of not growing at all.

She turned them over. It was already a given that they were going to fly, and she worked in their new thruster system, giving them flight far sooner than normal. This too, was for their survival.

When she was done, the medic who had assisted her was quickly killed. Buzzsaw and Laserbeak watched the two but remained quiet. Soundwave had told them what was going to happen before it had. Soon after, the two Sparklings, exhausted from their ordeal, fell into recharge.

No one ever found out how or why the medic had been killed. It was speculated, however, that he had seen too much and was done away with, which in that case, was usually a sign of Sixshot's work but as far as rumor went, Sixshot never abducted his victims and killed them later.

After the shar and some recharge, both Laserbeak and Buzzsaw were brought to a quiet place where they adjusted and practiced with their new weapons and flight. They were taught how to fight and became killers, just like any other Decepticon. When Soundwave was certain they could hold their own, she revealed them to the Decepticons as spy-drones.

Megatron was pleased to hear of them, as spy-drones were hard to come by, but not impossible to find.

Over vorns, what troubled Soundwave the most was the fact she had no control over her Spark cycles. She was lucky that they were parsed longer than average apart and that was more than likely due to her kind or breed. It would expose her because she still refused to Spark-mate with Sixshot.

She was determined to find a way to stop the heat completely. It would only take one time to completely destroy everything. Twice she tried something different… and twice she failed.

Until it could be resolved, she was forced to remain around Sixshot before she even went into her cycle so she caught before any other mech could sense her – not that Sixshot minded at all. He was more than happy to service her. This also gave her time to come up with another idea if it didn't work.

The first time she tried to block it, she failed. Ravage had been the result. He was born looking eerily similar to Sixshot's more beastly forms. Upon seeing him, Soundwave was pretty sure that Sixshot passed some really strange forms onto his Sparklings…

The second time she failed, Rumble and Frenzy was the result – not that she was particularly pleased with another set of twins, either. They were fraternal instead of identical like the other set.

The curious one of the two was Frenzy, who was born with blue optics… just like Sixshot. She had an interesting time explaining that one to Megatron… Stolen, Reprogrammed Autobot drone fit perfectly.

Finally and thankfully, Sixshot confirmed that she successfully found a way to block it and in essence, she became sterile. She kept to herself the fact that it was completely reversible.

Soundwave's life quickly became even more complicated – especially when five rambunctious Sparklings decided it was time to play instead of recharge. They'd learned that playing around anyone else but Sixshot was strictly forbidden. They weren't supposed to be mindless drones, but drones nonetheless.

Soundwave allowed them to play when they were alone since they didn't have much and she knew they needed it for their development and she would sometimes play with them as well. They all adjusted to their lives as Decepticons.

Hopefully they would all survive the pit yet to come and onto times when they could be themselves.

So there you have it. Hope it wasn't too confusing!

Soundwave actually has emotions... fancy that... Sparklings chane everything, don't they?

So yeah, she is not Spark-mated to Sixshot, but his Spark belongs to her (A weird kinda ownage thing that I dun wanna get into right now lol) :P

And this also explains the look of the Sparklings... and Frenzy's blue optics ;)