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Chapter 19

I had done it. I had won the Hunger Games. No one could stop me. Not Lex, who had muscles on his muscles. Not Sheek, who didn't want to be seen as smart, but I knew that her silence was strategic. And not even Apollo, who thought I didn't know he killed Garth, then Lex. He thought I didn't even know Cleota was in love with him.

I had finished these games with little more than a knife wound to the shoulder, though I was sure I was slightly malnourished and I had lost a lot of weight.

I was the youngest of our pack. I was only fourteen when I had been reaped. Tomorrow would have been – will be my fifteenth birthday. I was smaller than the other five, and yet, none of them ever underestimated me. To most in the arena, I was the biggest threat, and their fears, it seems, were not to be overlooked.

I walked with distinction towards the Cornucopia clearing. And as I exited the forest, my ears were filled with the cheering of the people in the capitol. I smiled wide, knowing that every camera within a mile of me was angled straight at me.

The hovercraft picked me up. I was frozen on the ladder as I had been before the games. A lady, different from the one I had seen prior to my ordeal, came and extracted the tracker from my arm. As her skin obscured mine, I realized for the first time just how dirty I was. The filth and grime of the arena and the blood of my victims stained my flesh. And even if it came off with soap and water, I knew that I would always be stained.

Stained forever by death.

And so began the next couple of days. I was drugged into sleeping for amounts of time that I could not keep track of. Every time I awoke, I was prettier. Softer, less of myself, but not in a way that displeased me.

Prior to the games, I had not been portrayed as sexy. Sheek and Cleota had both been flaunted as objects of the men of the capitol's desires. I had been to scrawny, not proportioned right. But I woke up and found that my curves had become curvier, my scrawny chicken legs changed and colored, no longer thin and pale, but perfectly angular and shiny bronze.

I was beautiful.

Then next few days, I was interviewed and shown the recap of the games. I saw little that surprised me. I saw that Apollo had killed Garth when he turned his back on him disrespectfully and how he had killed Lex by injecting him with toxic lighter fluid.

What surprised me most was Steffi and Marko. They had hidden only ten yards away from the serene pool we had come across in the rainforest on the second day. They had seen us when we went to kill Raena and Trevor, but we had been too numerous to engage at the time.

After the interview and viewing of the games, I was taken to a party at the President's house. I ate so much food I felt like bursting. And before I knew it, I was back on the train to District 4.

When they opened the doors, I burst through to the sounds of cheering from my friends and family. It was wonderful to be home. The only people that weren't cheering were Garth's friends and family.

I was alive, and I was home.


The view from the stage was slightly disorientating. I was higher than almost all of the thousands of people in District 4. And off to my right, thousands of children waited with bated breath, hoping for anyone's name to be called besides their own.

But they needn't have feared. I had already seen to it that no child in Districts 1, 2, or 4 would ever have to fear unwilling entry into the Hunger Games.

I had been in contact with my old mentor, Viktor Tyson, and with the mentors of the District 1 and 2 tributes last year. They had each taken on apprentices, boys and girls, to represent our Districts in the Hunger Games.

That's when our District's escort, Lillianna Laprizz, pulled a name from the reaping ball. The name on it read some sixteen year old girl named Sephia Banes who looked like she was athletic and strong. If the reaping system wasn't fixed already, she looked like she had some prospect. I quickly dismissed her.

She was barely at the stairs when my tribute stood up. "I volunteer," she said in a strong voice.

"Come on up," said the mayor. When she reached the stage, red hair flowing down her back, shirt stretched tight over her chest, she was introduced by Lillianna.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the female tribute from District 4 – Ariella Vanders."

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