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A Bath and a Little Black Dress

Carefully the Master led his partner through the dim corridors, ignoring the light-switches he passed, aware of the pain it would cause his partner.

He pulled her gently into the sterile, white-tiled and forced her down onto the tousled rug before he turned on the taps and began to draw her a cool bath.

"What are ya doin'?" she slurred, fiddling absent-mindedly with a lotion bottle, "You up to no good again darlin'?"

"You're drunk," the Master stated firmly, before turning off the taps and heading towards the blonde purposefully, "Come on baby," he encouraged her sweetly, holding his arms outstretched towards her. But Rose firmly shook her head, flapping her arms about in a frenzied attempt to bat him away,

"Get away from me! Stay away!"

Roughly the Master grabbed her wrists and shoved her arms down against her sides, before he swept her up into his arms and carried her squirming figure to the bathtub. Acting as if she were made of glass, he lovingly lowered her wriggling body into the cool, clean liquid.

Sucking in a shocked stream of air as her feet, then legs, then her torso entered the water, Rose swore, then became still. She remained quiet, half-sitting, half-lying in the large tub as he poured the fluid over her clothed body. The water flowed over her hot flesh and made the little, black dress cling tightly to every inch of her body that it covered.

His fingers caressed her fiery flesh as he bathed her, it felt like double cream beneath his hands; rich and smooth.

Lolling her head back she gazed at him with unfocused eyes and poked out her tongue teasingly,

"Ya just wanna feel me up Mr Saxon," she drooled, as his hands rubbed up along her thigh and then along her back.

Rose fell silent again as he eased her drenched, dripping figure out of the bath and then enfolded her within a fluffy, white towel, holding her in his arms to help her dry herself.

"Feel better now?" he murmured against her cheek as her soggy hair left a wet patch on his shirt.

"Yeah," droned the blonde tiredly, fiddling distractedly with buttons of his shirt while he placed his hands about her waist,

"Cold bath, best cure I know for a hangover," the Master stated certainly.

He looked down at his lover who was pulling his shirt deliberately from his waistband, the tips of her fingers tickling the sensitive skin of his stomach, he sighed, wondering how he ever managed to resist her.

"I know another one," she whispered huskily as she began to undo each button in turn.

Harry looked at the ceiling praying for her to stop before he came undone.

Suddenly he felt a weight in his arms and the familiar sound of heavy breathing, he peered down to find her sound asleep in the circle of his arms. His prayer had been answered, but he was not grateful for that. Gently he leaned down, and pressed a firm kiss onto her forehead.

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