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Gwen Cooper was standing in the hub, her hand upon a machine that was built in order to scan body's and discovers whether they had anything inside them, whether it was a bomb or a baby. She was in shock, standing still, as she watched the screen.

The machine had revealed news. The machine had told her she was pregnant. This news should've been good, it should've made her happy, but it didn't.

This was because she had no idea whose child she was carrying.

Yes, she was married to Rhys Williams, but she had slept with Captain Jack Harkness. She loved them both, although when she was true to herself, she loved Jack, and simply thought that Rhys was a nice man.

She needed to know the father but then again, her heart knew the answer. The machine told her she was three weeks pregnant. That was the time she slept with Jack, she hadn't been sleeping with Rhys at that point, due to her workload at Torchwood, and she had avoided him out of fear that he would find out that she had slept with her boss.

She was in such shock she never noticed Jack come up behind her and look at the screen "Congratulations Gwen, How far along are you?"

Still in shock she replied quietly, "3 weeks"

He looked at her, silently asking whether it was his, he loved her, and wanted this baby to be his, but he also wanted her to be happy, and if that meant staying quiet and allowing her to be with Rhys then that was alright.

She nodded, biting her lip nervously, awaiting his response. He grinned at her, "This is good, right?"

She looked at him trying to decide the answer, and she shook her head lightly, "No, Jack, it's not good, not good at all."

His face dropped, disappointment painted across his features, as what she said shocked him, "Why not?"

She looked at him and sighed, deciding to tell him the truth, after all what could she lose? "Because...Because, Jack, I'm married to Rhys, and I'm having your child, and you don't even love me, how screwed up is that, eh? I should be having his child, not yours. At least I know he loves me"

He looked at her shocked, "What in the world made you think that I don't love you?"

She looked at him even more shocked than him, making him grin at her, "Wha...What are you saying Jack?"

He smiled and kissed her softly, her eyes closing on contact and her arms going around his neck as his wrapped around her waist, "I'm saying, Gwen Cooper, that I Jack Harkness, Love you"

She smiled and held onto him, leaning her head against his chest, with their unborn child growing in between them, "I love you too, Jack"

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