Sasuke: Dreams

For the longest time Sasuke hated dreaming.

His dreams were always the same. He dreamed of silent streets and a crimson sky, and the acrid scent of blood. He dreamed of his mother and father and their empty eyes, and of his brother's eyes as well.

Then came team seven.

His dreams were different then. He dreamed of a boy with a foxy grin and the bluest eyes he'd ever seen and a dream so ludicrous it couldn't possibly come true. He dreamed of a girl with bubblegum hair who smelled of floral shampoo. She had a smile that was somewhere between heartbreaking and beautiful and sometimes he dreamed that maybe she'd smile it just for him. He dreamed, as well, of idle days, and days spent training, fighting, and laughing, of days on the road with the wind of his face and the sun on his back, completing missions under the watchful eye of a teacher who was always late, except for when it mattered.

But then he met his brother again. His brother left him beaten and broken and he realised something very simple: all the dreams in the world would not be enough to kill Itachi. And so he left.

He dreamed a lot while he was with Sound and his dreams were different once again. He dreamed of golden eyes with slit pupils and the gleam of a serpent's fangs. He dreamed of his brother too, and how dead his eyes had been. But mostly he dreamed as he had dreamed before, dreams of blood and vengeance, of lingering shadows and kaleidoscope eyes.

Years passed. Orochimaru fell and his brother… his brother died. And the dreams still lingered, dreams of lonely whispers and fragile darkness.

And then Pein died. And Naruto won.

The old dreams came back after that, the dreams of warm nights spent around the campfire eating smoked fish, the dreams of insults more automatic than malicious. And Sasuke had one more reason to love Naruto and another to hate him too.

Dreams had never been enough for Sasuke.

But clearly, they'd been more than enough for Naruto.


Author's Notes

Standard Disclaimer: As always, I acknowledge that I do not own Naruto, nor am I making a dime off of this.

So… here's another one. A little different this time, more reflective than humorous and certainly less warped than my other Naruto project (Still Waters Run Deep). If I had to say, I think it's more of a character piece than anything else. Besides, Sasuke always was a brooder.

As always, I appreciate your feedback and reviews.

Also… I plan on expanding this to cover more of the characters from Naruto. If you've got any suggestions as to who I should write next then I'd like to hear them.