Chapter One:

Let me introduce myself. I'm Brianna, a 13, year old normal girl, with a fantastic normal life. HA! Yeah right. Normal would be the last thing to describe me. I'm actually a singer from New Jersey. My agent now, Taci, discovered me at a school play. Oh wait got to go brb.

As I walked on stage I felt the vibrations of the screams. "How are you guys?" I shouted.

As the screams got louder I was guessing everyone was doing fine. "Alright let's get this thing going, why don't we?"

While I started to sing my new single called, Pray With Me, I heard footsteps behind me, and the crowd roared louder then ever. My song ended so I asked, "Who's behind me?"

The audience screamed out "The Jonas Brothers!!!!!!"

I turned in surprise to see them. "Hey guys I'm happy to meet you." I talked to them covering the mic.

"Oh well our manager told us about you and we wanted to know if we could come on tour with you."

"What?" I looked at Joe smiling and ran over to hug him. "Yes, yes that would be awesome!!"

"Alright then!" Joe squeezed me, and whispered, "Can we make a deal?"

"Yeah what?" I replied wondering what his little deal was.

"If you beat me at guitar hero I have to ask you out."

"Okay? But if you win?"

"You have to kiss me!" he teased. I un-hugged him raised my hand and shook his. "Deal."

"Well then let's do it!" he pulled me to the back of the stage and grabbed a guitar and handed me one.

"I hope you brought your game face Joe."

"Oh I'm wearing it baby." He got to the menu and put it on easy, "Ready to get beat down?"

"Oh yeah Joe I'm so afraid of an easy level, yeah right your gonna get beat."

Kevin laughed and questioned, "So what level are you on?"

"Expert!" I said happily, "Joe have fun losing."

"Hey maybe sometime you an I could hang?" Kevin hesitated.

"Um…sure Kev but I have a boyfriend."

"Oh who?"

"His name is Jo…John."

"Oh well maybe some other time then."

"Ok Kev I'll remember that."

I beat Joe just like I knew I would, and he came over to me and secretly asked me out. Then he wished everyone sweet dreams and walked to his bus. I followed him, but instead headed to my bus.

"Hey Joe?" I said halfway into my bus.

"Yes Brianna?"

"You know my tour ends in like 2-3 days and we won't see each other for almost a year."

"Oh yeah I know, but that's alright, I'll have you here." He pointed to his heart and walked into his bus.

The days passed by so quickly and as I blinked I was boarding my private jet. I waved to the brothers and turned to get on. But I turned around again and ran. And hugged Joe, then the rest of the brothers so no one would be suspicious.

"See you guys in what will feel like forever." I waved again.

"Bye Brianna." Joe said looking down.

"We'll miss you. Or at least I know I will." Nick half smiled.

I boarded the jet as I felt tears fill my eyes and roll down my cool cheeks. I turned one last time and I could see Joe look really close at me. I knew he saw me crying and it finally clicked in his mind that I was leaving.