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Lux Aeterna

Chapter 1: Welcome To Durmstrang

All was peaceful in the Village Hidden in the Leaves, the birds chirping, people talking among themselves, children laughing and playing carelessly however it was a different story in the Hokage Tower where a meeting of the kages was taking place.

"I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE!" Screamed a loud yet powerful, female voice.

"It is not your choice here Tsunade-san." Added in a monotone voice that belonged to Gaara the Kazekage.

"But he was a shinobi of my village." Replied Tsunade, the Hokage.

"He was, but now he is a shinobi of Suna."

The debate was mostly between the two kages of Konoha and Suna. The debate was over a certain meeting with a sir named Corniest Fudge or something like that. The Prime Minister of Magic had requested that in order to strengthen the ties of the magic world to the elemental countries the village leaders should send one young representative who will be attending one of the three best magical schools there and in turn they would send over a mage to the elemental country to see how it would go and if all went well they might in the future send more mages over and vice versa, of course this meeting sparked an emergency meeting with the five kages. In turn sparking another debate between Suna and Konoha between a former ninja of Konoha who now lives in Suna, let's see how it goes.

"Not to sound rude Hokage-san but Naruto is now a ninja of Suna and is no longer in affiliation with Konoha after you banished him and he also has a background with magic so that would make him an eligible choice." Gaara stated clearly and stared impassively at Tsunade.

"….fine, this argument is getting us nowhere, do whatever it is you like with your ninja." Tsunade replied, defeated. She sat down in her chair and rubbed her temples.

"Any objections?" No raise of hands.

The Raikage coughed into his hand, trying to relieve the tension in the room, "Alright then, since no one has any more questions or objections, we will send him to the magical realm. The meeting of kages is now adjourned."

Tsunade snapped her hand and immediately a team of ANBU shunshined into the room.

"Please escort the kages out."

They all nodded and filed out of the room following the kages.

Now alone in her office, Tsunade couldn't help but let a tear escape her eye. She remembered how painful it was to have been forced into banishing the one person she thought of as a brother. Wiping the annoying tear away she could only think one thing before burying herself into the paperwork, 'Karma is definitely out to get me.'

Walking ever so slowly down the path of Suna, Naruto Uzumaki took his time to take in the sites that he had seen every single day, but he never seemed to get tired of them. Many people greeted him, well mostly women; he had bright blond hair and three whisker marks adorning each side of his face. He never understood why females would look at him and blush, some went right up to him and started flirting and calling him handsome but he never actually considered himself attractive, since he was always ignored, scorned, and look down on in his old village. Well back to reminiscing.

Over the past three years he had resided in Sunagakure after his banishment after bringing Sasuke back after he had defected. He had just made it to the gate of his village and given Sasuke to a medic nin, but no, the villagers and councilmen saw those bruises on their precious Uchiha and flooded to Tsunade and asked for his head, completely ignoring the fist-sized holed in his chest. Though he was not executed because of his friends and those who liked him pleading for him, he was still banished for 'trying to get rid of the Last Uchiha.' "Bastards" Naruto muttered. At least he wasn't left to wander because Gaara had accepted him into his village with open arms…. sorta.

His thoughts interrupted as he spotted Gaara being escorted through the main gate by a team of ANBU. Naruto hurriedly ran up to them.

"Hey, Gaara!"

Gaara looked up to see a grinning Naruto in his face. Gaara gave a swift nod to the team who then dispersed.

"Good afternoon, Naruto." Gaara acknowledged.

"How'd the meeting go?" Naruto wondered.

Gaara sighed. "Better than what I expected."

"Was it about what that Corniest guy said?"

"It's Cornelius and yes, it was."

"Who'd you pick anyway?" Naruto asked curiously.

Gaara mentally cursed himself, he knew Naruto was going to ask sooner or later.

"Please make your way to my office and I shall tell you." Gaara said heading to his office with Naruto in tow.

"WHAT!?" Naruto started after hearing what Gaara had said, "Of all people, you pick me?!"

"(Sigh) Naruto, this is for your own good, not mine."

"Well, I. Am. Not. Going." Naruto said emphasizing his point by throwing his hands into the air.

"Either way, you don't have a choice whether you want to go or not, it is a mandatory mission." Replied Gaara sternly as he crossed his arms.

Naruto hung his head in defeat there was no way he would win against Gaara in these circumstances.

"…………. When do I go?" Naruto grumbled out angrily.

Gaara got up from his seat and walked over to Naruto, putting a hand onto his shoulder.

"Naruto, I chose you for this mission, because it is dangerous times here right now with the Akatsuki hunting us down and a war against Oto and maybe even Iwa around the corner, this is for your safety. The school is a very safe place and the Akatsuki won't be able to find you there. You helped me out before it's only right that I return the favor." Gaara said giving Naruto a reassuring smile.

"I…I understand and thank you, Gaara." Naruto said giving a true smile which was the first in years because of how shocked and broken he was after the exile.

He took his hand off Naruto and took a seat again looking over his papers. Naruto seeing as how all was said and done made way to the door, opening the door he heard Gaara say.

"You are to be at the main gate at noon in two days, so pack up your supplies," Gaara said in his usual monotone.

"Okay, but I better be able to return for summer, Christmas, and holidays."

Gaara starred, before saying, "Of course."

Naruto stood right outside the village gate wearing a dark red t-shirt and black baggy pants, and his arms crossed with his baggage laid on the ground beside him. He had spent the past two days studying the concept of magic and the three best known schools to teach magic. There were many questions in his mind after reading the materials. Was he really supposed to use a thin piece of wood to protect himself there? Why do people call this Voldemort guy, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or You-Know-Who? And the most important question of all: What kind of a wuss can't call someone by their name?!

"Ah… you must be Naruto." The elderly man ran his hand through his beard.

Naruto turned around to see a man with a freakish white beard wearing a long robe walking to him with Gaara beside him.

Naruto and the man shook hands, Naruto saying, "I am, and you must be…"

"Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore, pleasure to meet you."

"And I you."

Dumbledore pulled up the sleeves of his robe and checked the time.

"It seems we must be going now, time is of the essence."

Dumbledore pulled something out of his other sleeve. It was a stick- ahem I mean wand.

"Good bye, Gaara." Naruto said his farewell before Dumbledore flicked his wand and the disappeared to who knows where.

Gaara stared at the empty space,

"Be safe, Naruto."

"Woah! What is this place?" Naruto asked as the two walked down Diagon Alley. Naruto had never seen such a place with so many shops that sold such, such… how to word it…. grotesque things in his entire life!

"This, my boy, is Diagon Alley the best place to find supplies and anything for your wizardry needs. This will be where we will get your books, uniform, and wand." Dumbledore said greeting by-passers.

"Excuse me Dumbledore, but from what I have read mages start the first year of school at age 11, I'm nearly 15 years old, aren't I a bit old to start in first year?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, we have already sorted that out, you will be going into year 5 as your Kazekage had told me that you learned all the materials in two days, so why not?"

"So, I will be skipping 4 years of school here?" Naruto asked excitedly, he was excited about this magic stuff but he hated school very much.

"Yes, you will be skipping 4 years of school." Dumbledore said chuckling.

He noticed several people looking at a display in a window he also went to see what they were looking at. Naruto looked into the window and saw a beautifully crafted flying broom that he read was used most commonly in a game called Quidditch, which he only knew a few things about, and as transportation devices.

"Look at it! The newest broom developed, the Nimbus 2001!" One boy said to the other.

"The fastest one to date!"

"But look how much it costs!"

Naruto also stood there for a moment marveling at it until Dumbledore noticed he was gone and came back to collect him. They stopped at a shop that had a sign saying 'Ollivander's Wand Shop' at the top.

"Ah here we are, Ollivander's, best wand maker of all time. This is where we will get you your wand." Dumbledore said.

They walked in and saw an old man behind stacks of long boxes. He noticed them and welcomed them.

"My, Professor Dumbledore, I hadn't seen you in a while and who is this young man?" The man asked, shaking Dumbledore's hand, eyeing Naruto. Dumbledore put his hands onto Naruto's shoulders.

"Nice to see you again, Mr. Ollivander. This is Naruto Uzumaki and he is here to get his first wand."

"Hm…" Mr. Ollivander circled around Naruto.

"Which is your wand arm?" He asked Naruto.

"Um… my right, I guess." Naruto stated as he put his right arm up.

Ollivander studied him and took out a tape measure and measured his arm before he walked into the back and grabbed a box. He took out a brown wand and gave it to Naruto.

"Maple 9 ½ inch, threstal hair. Take the wand and move it in a circular motion."

He did and nothing happened, Ollivander immediately took the wand and grabbed another from the back. Naruto had tried three other different wands but with no prevail.

"What an interesting one! You are one of the few people whom I have had a hard time finding the right wand for especially that Harry Potter. Ah! I wonder…." Ollivander said walking to the back once more and grabbed another box. He opened the box to reveal a beautiful long dark, ebony wand with swirls of dark, fiery red and icy blue all around the wand.

Naruto grabbed the wand and flicked it like how Dumbledore did before.

He felt a breeze and a warm sensation build up in him, his hair moving with the breeze. The tip of his wand erupted in a blue light, sending out blue sparks before disappearing over all.

"I guess we found the right wand for you. My, how interesting, that wand is one of the few that I have made with more than one core and remarkably one of the others was given to another Uzumaki, Kushina if I remember correctly. Curious indeed. Well, the wand does choose its master. A dark holly, 11 inch with two special cores, cores of a piece of fur from a fierce fire fox that is part of an extinct breed of foxes, a beauty indeed, and that fox gave me quite some trouble though nearly ripping my arm out of my arm socket and also the core of a piece of scale from the legendary ice dragon, Hyorinmaru. With the ice affinity more dominant and the fire affinity recessive, but I have a feeling that you can bring out that recessive part of the wand and use both to your advantage. Very nice and supple."

"It seems that is done, next we get your uniform and books. Thank you, Mr. Ollivander."

"My pleasure, Professor Dumbledore. Come again." Mr. Ollivander said waving to them as they left.

"Let's get your books and cauldron then we can get you fitted for your uniform." Dumbledore said leading Naruto to Flourish and Blotts to buy his school supplies and books. After doing so they went to have Naruto get his uniform.

"This….is….my….uniform?" Naruto said looking at himself in the mirror.

After they had gotten all of Naruto's supply, they had Naruto fitted for his uniform. Dumbledore found it quite amusing though. Naruto's uniform consisted of blood red robes with a heavy cloak of furs with silver fastenings hanging off his shoulders, black boots made of dragon hide and a fur cossack hat on his head. Naruto was also provided with a white button down shirt, a red vest and a black and red striped tie and black school pants and a red button-down cardigan, though he decided to just wear what he was wearing before underneath because it was too hot. Naruto was feeling very uncomfortable in his uniform he was even starting to sweat! Scratch that he was sweating a waterfall now!

"Professor Dumbledore, excuse me, but what is it like negative 20 degrees there?" Naruto asked taking the hat off, his hair sticking to his forehead. He ran his hand through his hair.

"Weather can be pretty harsh there Naruto, it is located in colder regions and fires aren't usually lit unless during special occasions or magical purposes." Dumbledore said as he and Naruto walked out of the shop. Naruto had decided to wear his uniform instead of changing later on though he also regretted that decision.

"I also had someone pick up a gift for you too, Naruto. He should be here any moment now." Dumbledore stated.

"Professor Dumbledore, over 'ere." Someone grunted.

They turned and Naruto couldn't believe his eyes. In front of him was this massive man with black hair and matching beard. He was holding a cage with a little red fox sleeping in it.

"Wow, is that for me?" Naruto said getting a closer look at the little fellow. It was snoring peacefully in its cage, it had beautiful red fur and black paws.

"Yes, I had Hagrid here pick out a pet for you since students are allowed one pet for the school year. And I thought a fox would be appropriate." Dumbledore said, thanking Hagrid.

"Fine choice too, poor 'ittle fella musta been 'eally tired too." Hagrid said handing the cage to Naruto to hold. Hagrid eyed Naruto's uniform for a moment.

"Ah, so he'd be going to that school." Hagrid said putting Naruto's things onto the cart.

Dumbledore took a look at his watch. "Best be going now, no reason to miss the train." He took out his wand and moved it and they were enveloped in a bright white light.

They appeared at the station and Naruto couldn't help but be awestruck by the train in front of him. The train was huge! It was an old looking train that was red and silver. There was a golden statue of a two-headed eagle on the tip of the train. Hagrid put Naruto's luggage into the compartments. While he was doing this Naruto was conversing with Dumbledore.

"Professor Dumbledore, you are the headmaster of this other magic school, Hogwarts, right?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, may I ask why you want to know?"

"I just wanted to know if I can visit your school sometime later." Naruto suggested.

"Of course, you are always welcomed to visit and I'll talk to your headmaster about it." Dumbledore pushed him forward.

"Don't forget, you go in with the first years." Dumbledore reminded him.


"Thank you Professor and thank you to you too, Hagrid. I hope I see you two again." Naruto said putting his hat back on and stepped aboard the train. He waved at the two of them as the train left the station.

"He's 'n 'nteresting one ain't he, Professor." Hagrid said, watching the train depart.

Dumbledore nodded. "He definitely is."

"So he'll be attendin' that 'chool?"

"Yes, I had to persuade Karkaroff quite a bit, but after telling him Naruto's background and how he is a very mighty and strong boy, Karkaroff finally agreed quite happily at that." Dumbledore said stroking his beard.

"Ah, from what you 'old me, his 'ackground 'eems very sad 'nd dark."

"Very, he and Harry." Dumbledore said gravely.

"Yeah… He and 'arry would 'ake great friends."

"They would and I hope that when they meet that they can help each other for they both have suffered so much."

Hagrid thought about it for a moment. "Wasn't his mum the Uzumaki?"

"Yes, a very clever and powerful witch she was that Kushina, a shame she had died so young and her husband too. Minato was never a wizard but he always gave off a kind yet powerful aura, impressing even myself. I expect great things from that Naruto…."

Naruto had just walked inside the train and he thought it was time to go into one of the compartments, hopefully to make new friends. He walked up to one of the compartments and opened it. Inside there were four people, two boys and two girls, they were all wearing the same uniform as him and they were about his age, except that the girls had taken off their cossack hats and they had fur hand mufflers on. One of the boys had a buzz cut and the other fair length hair. They all looked at him and one of the girls said, "Sorry, but this compartment is full."

"Oh, sorry." Naruto apologized as he closed the door as he walked away he heard them murmuring to each other in hushed tones. "I never saw him before! Is he new?" "I don't know… he didn't look like a first year…"

He tried the next compartment. Inside was one boy. He had a buzz cut and he wore the uniform, his hat next to him. He was staring out the window, bored with his head propped on his hands. He looked toward Naruto.

"Is this seat empty?" Naruto asked politely.

"Yes, please sit." The boy said politely gesturing toward the seat in front of him. Naruto walked in closing the door and sitting opposite to the boy. Naruto also took off his hat and placed it next to him.

"You don't look very familiar, are you noo?" The boy asked.

"Um, yes, I'm an exchange student from the elemental countries." Naruto said.

"Elemental countries? As in ninjas and stuff?"


"Interesting" The boy said rubbing his chin.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and you are?"

"Viktor, Viktor Krum. Nice to meet you, Naruto." The newly named Viktor said holding out his hand at Naruto.

"Nice meeting you too." Naruto said taking his hand and giving him a firm shake.

"So how long is it 'til we get to… the school?" Naruto asked, regretting that he forgot to ask Dumbledore the school's name.

"Ve vill be there in a couple of hours." Viktor said.

Viktor, seeing the strange look on Naruto's face, asked, "Is something the matter?"

"No, it's just I had forgotten to ask what school it is I will be attending, do you mind telling me?" Naruto contorted his face.

The boy kindly answered, "Ah, the school ve are going to is the Durmstrang Institute."

"Okay, so we will be there in a few hours?"

"Yes, but until then I think ve should get to kno' each other better since the ride vill be very long. I'll start." Viktor started and Naruto nodded.

"I am a half-blood vizard, my mother a muggle and my father a pure-blood vizard and I am 16 years old. I am from Bulgaria vare I groo up until I started attending Durmstrang vich is also in Bulgaria. I also enjoy playing seeker on the Quidditch team at the school." Viktor said gesturing to Naruto after he finished his introduction.

"Hm… where to start, I'm not really sure about my blood status, but I am from the village of Suna in the elemental countries and I will be attending Durmstrang as a transfer in the fifth year. I am 15 years old, I'm an orphan, and I am a chunin." Naruto said earning a perplexed look from Viktor.

"Chunin?" Viktor inquired.

"Oh right, in my country there are quite a few rankings you can get. You start off at Academy Student then you continue on to the other rankings, Genin, Chunin, Jounin, ANBU, and Kage who is the leader of the village. You can even be a Sannin in Konoha, my sensei, Jiraiya, is a sannin."

"Cool, and about your blood status, Durmstrang only admits pure-bloods and half-bloods they don't admit muggle-borns. So you vould either be pure-blood or half-blood." Viktor said.

They continued to talk asking each other questions about their home and Naruto showing Viktor some jutsu and ninja techniques as Viktor dubbed it 'cool ninja moves.' Laughing at stories of misadventures and pranks. They both listened intently to each other when they talked about their life stories. Viktor sat, looking amused, when Naruto told him that he used to love pranking people and that he was the 'Prank King'. But Viktor frowned when he heard the life Naruto had to live through, being alone and rejected, and that Naruto was banished from his old village after risking his life to save a friend from darkness. The train started to slow down and when they looked out the window they could see a four story tall castle with lakes and mountains beside it all covered in snow including the castle.

The conductor's voice rang loud and clear: "We have reached our destination, Durmstrang. Thank you for traveling with us, please make your way off the bus calmly and please leave your luggage here, they will be taken separately to the school. Thank you and have a wonderful year."

They put their hats on and waited outside. For the first time Naruto actually realized that it was freezing out there and how dark it was. Now he understood why they had to wear the issued uniform. A tall man with dark hair, a small mustache, and penetrating eyes walked up to them. In a cold and loud voice he said, "I am Tolga Safer, I am the Headmaster's aide and flight instructor, now first years follow me and the remainder of you wait here for your assigned teachers."

Naruto turned to Viktor, "Well, I have to go now. See you inside!" Naruto said following Professor Safer. Viktor waved thinking, 'You are the first person I ever met who knows loneliness, I hope ve end up in the same house.'

Naruto and the first years were led into the castle after traveling by boat, which was awkward for Naruto having to sit with 11 year olds, and reaching the other side and heading into the castle on a drawbridge. Once inside Naruto could see many armor statues and moving pictures that were talking to each other! He saw that a few torches were lit for the purpose of welcoming the newer students. Thank God! He was chilled through the bone…… not really but….. it was still cold! He definitely regretted not wearing his vest now!

"Now, you all wait here as I go in and check on something." Tolga said walking through the large doors with an emblem of a two-headed eagle on it. The first years began to whisper excitedly to one another. Some stared at Naruto, some even openly pointed at him too.

"Isn't he a bit old to just be attending?"

"He doesn't look like he's from this country."

"He looks hot."

"Isn't he a bit old for you?"

"He looks like a fifth year."

"Shh, he might hear you!"

"I think it's a bit late to say that."

Were just a few of the whispers being spread though with his sensitive hearing he heard them all. He heard a loud yawn in his head and some mumbling.

"That was the best rest I ever had in centuries!" Kyuubi said stretching himself out inside Naruto's mindscape.

'Nice to hear from you again, Kyuubi.' Naruto thought sarcastically.

"Oh, Kit! How was the train ride?" Kyuubi asked in a bit of a daze from just waking up and a bottle of booze magically appeared out of nowhere (like magic!) and started gulping it down, throwing the bottle away when he finished.

'Fine, I met this nice guy, Viktor.'

"Good for you, I think, hey that Tolga fellow is back. You should probably get back and I'll just take another nice long nap,…zzzzzzz" Kyuubi said falling fast asleep. Naruto rolled his eyes and cut the communication off.

"Now you all are to follow me into the hall, do you understand? Good. Then you will be sorted into one of the four houses, understood? Very well." Tolga said, opening the double doors and leading them into the hall. They all walked in and Naruto noticed that there were four tables and that the students had either a picture of a Basilisk, Dragon, Phoenix, or an Eagle on the back of their cloaks and on the upper right of their chest. The hall was dimly lit and it gave a weary aura. There were also banners hung on the walls with the four animals and houses. At the end of the hall there was also a long table with seven people sitting at it and an empty seat. 'The man in the middle must be the headmaster.' Naruto thought as he looked at the man, he was wearing light red robes and a large fur cloak, his hair black as was his mustache. He was smiling but his eyes remained cold and unmoving, he gave off a very ruthless aura.

They all stopped at the front of the hall. The headmaster stood up gesturing for the students to be quiet.

"I would like to welcome our new students and welcome back our older students! Now as you all know I am the headmaster of Durmstrang, Igor Karkaroff. As you all know, you will be sorted into either of the four houses: Ignatus, Dracorong, Avalynn, or Ormandor, to honor our founders, Ivan Ignatus, Damian Dracorong, Alesia Avalynn, and Odyn Ormandor. Now let's get our first years sorted before we start the feast!" Karkaroff said and the students began to applaud loudly. Safer had brought a large basin of what looked like black water to the front and placed it on a table.

"Now as I call your name you will take this pin and prick your finger using the pin and place a drop of blood into the basin, a flame will erupt from the basin and the flame will show your memories before turning either, blue, green, red, or black, symbolizing your house. Afhrick, Timothy."

A thin and short boy walked up and pricked his finger and winced before he put a drop of blood into the basin. And white flames formed above the water, showing his birth and his other memories, his fifth birthday, playing with friends and others. The images dispersed and the flames turned green before receding into the basin. The image of an eagle burned itself onto the boy's cloak and front right of his robe in gold.


The table to the far left erupted into cheers, welcoming their new member. It continued on, with the first years varying in colors and houses. Blue for the Dracorong house with a dragon symbolizing it, red for Ignatus: a phoenix, black for Ormandor: a basilisk, and green for Avalynn: an eagle. The last student was finally finished and Naruto was the only one left standing in the front of the hall. Once again, the students erupted into whispers. Naruto could feel the many eyes boring into his back. Naruto tried to look around to find Viktor. He finally spotted him sitting at the second table from the left, next to the Avalynn house table. The table's color was red and gold and he could see the golden profile of a phoenix on Viktor's cloak. 'Ignatus' Naruto thought putting the pieces together. Viktor saw him staring and gave a polite smile.

While this was going on, up at the staff table, the teachers and Karkaroff were also discussing the matter. After a few minutes of talking, Karkaroff stood from the table and silenced the hall, a strange glint in his eyes.

"Students, faculty, it is my honor to welcome a brand new transfer student to our school. Young Naruto Uzumaki here is from the elemental countries and as a negotiation to exchange a mage for one of their own, he will be attending our school until he graduates in seventh year. Since he is nearly 15 years of age, I found it more appropriate for him to start in fifth year to be among peers his age. Be sure to welcome him warmly, now let's get Naruto sorted, shall we?" Karkaroff said signaling to Naruto to go up to Professor Safer. Karkaroff sat back down in his seat, wondering which house Naruto would be in, as were others wandering too.

Naruto pricked his index finger and dropped some blood into the basin, before his finger healed, but he covered it up before anyone saw. Flames erupted showing his birth, when he was beaten in his early childhood, going to the academy, meeting Iruka and classmates, his fight in the Chunin Exams, retrieving Sasuke, his banishment and being welcomed into Suna. Naruto clenched his fists, all his happy memories were being shown, but so were his most sad and painful memories. The images disappeared leaving behind a red flame, which receded soon after. He saw a picture of a golden phoenix burning onto the right part of his chest on his robes, and thought the same was happening to his cloak.


The Ignatus table started cheering and shouting especially from the girls as Naruto joined the table, sitting next to a fifth year boy and Viktor who welcomed him along with others who were happy to have a new member and that it was the new transfer too.

"Velcome to the Ignatus house, Naruto." Viktor said patting him on the back.


Karkaroff once again stood up. "Now that our last person is sorted, I would like to introduce the teachers. Charms, Nicole Blain; Potions, Joseph Fernando; Herbology, Ian Fern; History of Magic, Vincent Zelenkah; Dark Arts, Reydar Halvard; Transfiguration, Yulah Sashka and Flight Instructor and Quidditch Referee, Tolga Safer. Now, let the feast commence!" He waved his wand and all sorts of food appeared on all the tables and candles appeared floating all over the hall turning the dim hall into a largely lit hall. "Dig in!" Karkaroff said sitting back down discussing some arrangements with the teachers, with Tolga sitting to the headmaster's right.

Back at the Ignatus table, Naruto was piling up all the food he could take. He wanted to try all the things he had never seen before. He noticed that the boy sitting next to him was shoving everything he could into his mouth. He looked up noticing that someone was looking at him, he quickly swallowed the food and gave an apologetic look before introducing himself.

"Hello! My name is Milos Poliakoff. Nice to meet you!" He said wiping some food off his mouth with his sleeve and offered his hand.

"Nice to meet you, Milos, I'm Naruto. I hope we can be friends." Naruto said grinning and taking his offered hand.

"Definitely!" Milos said resuming his 'eating' food and who knows what staining his uniform.

Naruto stared at his own plate. 'Maybe I shouldn't have taken so much food.' Naruto thought sweatdropping as he stared at his over stuffed plate. He took some of it to start, before he noticed a short, black-haired boy wearing round and thick rimmed glasses sitting opposite to him eating while studying a book.

"Hey, what are you doing over there?" Naruto asked looking at the book.

"I'm just looking over some materials for this year." The boy said not taking his eyes off his book.

"Well, I'm Naruto, nice to meet ya." Naruto said.

"I'm Kaiser Matai. Nice meeting you." Kaiser said, flipping the page.

"Are you a fifth year too?"

"Yes, and I hope we will be seeing each other in class and in our dorms." He said shutting the book and conversing with the person beside him.

"Do you like the food here, Naruto?" Viktor asked.

"Some are quite delicious while some are… unique." Naruto said poking some of the things on his plate.

"I also see that you have made some noo friends." Viktor said eyeing Milos and Kaiser.

"Yes, all the students here seem very nice."

"Some are… others are not so much." Milos said eyeing some students at the Ormandor table.

Naruto continued to talk with Viktor and Milos about the school, Quidditch, and the beginning of terms and desserts soon followed afterward until Karkaroff announced that dinner was over and that they were to go to their dormitories and get a good nights rest, and that breakfast would start at 6 o'clock and would end at 9. Then they were to go to their assigned classes. He also said Quidditch tryouts would start in two weeks and that the basement and the lower areas of the castle were off limits to everyone.

They were led to their dorms with Ignatus' located in the tower in the west wing of the castle and members of the house were to give a password and theirs' happened to be 'Immortales sumus' and if you forgot the password then you were out of luck until someone who knows the password lets you in. They had given the password to a golden phoenix statue with both wings crossed over its chest and if given the correct password, its wings would open revealing a passage into the Ignatus common room. Naruto had walked into the boys' dorms, having climbed the stairs from the common room and turning right with the girls' dorm on the left, and walking into the 3rd room in the dorm and saw eight four-poster beds with four aligned next to each other on both sides of the wall and that his luggage and cage with a cloth covering it was right on his bed, which was next to the window with Viktor's bed next to it and Milos' opposite of Naruto's bed, the room itself was decorated with red and gold. Naruto put the cage next to his bed and luggage onto the chest at the foot of his bed, changed into shorts and a t-shirt, and crawled into the somewhat warm bed after saying goodnight to Viktor and Milos.

Naruto's last thought were, 'This should be an interesting school year, here at Durmstrang.' He quickly drifted into a long awaited blissful sleep not hearing Kyuubi say, "It definitely will be interesting now that you are in the magical community. Hahahahaha….*cough**cough* Oh God, here comes the hangover…"

So? What do think? A lot in information in this author's note, my apologies. Oh and here is the timeline for the story:

1992- Naruto and Viktor are in 5th year.

1992-Harry and friends are in 2nd year.

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House Name-Colors-Animal





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