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Lux Aeterna

Chapter 5: Blood of the Fold

A girl in her 6th year is walking down a corridor of the Durmstrang castle. She hums to herself as she makes her way down to her destination.

Unknown to her, a figure looms within the shadow, following her…studying her.

The figure moves to make their move. A hand shoots out from within the shadow grabbing the girl in a choke hold. She struggles in vain before falling limp in the figure's arms and they disappear into the darkness. The silhouettes only having been illuminated by the flash of lightning.

"Man, who knew spending such a long time on a train could make your ass go numb, eh?" Milos whined as he and Naruto exited the train with their luggage in hand. Zero was running happily around for the first time since the train ride on solid ground. Milos was holding an egg in his hand that Naruto just noticed at the moment.

"Hey. What's that egg in your hand?" Naruto asked as they walked to the castle.

"I don't know. My parents bought it for me because I didn't have a pet. Maybe it's a dragon or something cool!" Milos grinned as they blended in with the mass of students getting into the school.

The school was in turmoil with so many of its students in the halls trying to get to their dorms. The teachers trying in vain to calm the raucous. Naruto and Milos pushing through as best as they could. After an hour of trying to, they finally made it to their rooms. They let out a sigh of relief and started to unpack their things.

"Naruto, Viktor was supposed to be back already, right?" Milos asked.

Naruto nodded as he took out his cell phone and checked his messages.

"Yeah, he texted me the day before and said he was on the train to Durmstrang." Naruto put the phone away as the door creaked open.

A disheveled Viktor walked in. Milos was stifling laughter as Naruto smirked in amusement.

"What happened to you?" Naruto asked, lifting an eyebrow.

Viktor's right eye twitched, "Mass…horde….students…rave….scariest moment in my life"

"Couldn't have been that bad…" Naruto chuckled as Viktor gave him a death glare.

Viktor walked to the nightstand beside his bed and pulled out a scroll. He walked over to Naruto and handed it to him.

"This is for you," Viktor said, "from someone named Gaara…"

"Gaara came by? What'd he say?" Naruto bellowed as he stashed the scroll away for a later time.

Viktor shrugged, "Nothing much, the fella didn't say much, he didn't seem very open to conversation. Maybe you should tell him to be more social." Viktor commented.

Naruto and Milos sweat dropped. "Yeah, cause you're real social, Vicky." Milos grinned cheekily.

Viktor's mouth twitched dangerously. "At least, I can talk to a girl and not get slapped afterwards."

Naruto clutched his side as he exclaimed, "Oh, BURN!"

"Hey!" Milos yelled indignantly, "it only happened 7 times! And only two took out their wands on me." He curled into a ball and sulked in the corner of their room.

It was Naruto's and Viktor's turn to sweat drop.

"Right…." Naruto drawled. He turned to Viktor. "So, Gaara didn't say anything?"


"…So how was your visit home?"

"My mom and dad had all my relatives over when I arrived. We had a small party before most of them got wasted….." Viktor sighed as he rubbed his temples.

"Hey," Naruto started, "you don't have an accent anymore!" He pointed at Viktor.

"Yeah, after they finished with their hangover, they sat me down and coached me through a long English lesson." Viktor grimaced at the memory. "So, now I am able to say 'we' instead of 've'. I still can't believe it took so many days for me to pronounce the letter 'W' correctly."

"That is one sad Christmas story." Milos said, pulling a bag of chips out of no where.

"There was one good thing that happened…." Viktor paused as he looked at Milos and Naruto. "the presents!"

Viktor pulled the presents he received from the two and others from his duffel bag. Milos' eyes became saucers as he looked at one of the gifts.

"N-No w-way!" Milos gasped as he tried reach for it.

"Yes, yes, it is." Viktor nodded.

A bright array of colors formed in the background as Viktor assumed super-deformed version.

"The super-rare, signed, Ultimate Edition of Notaru Kaizumu!" He held up the glowing, golden manga as Milos groveled on the ground and Naruto staring at them with question marks around his head.

"Notaru Kaizumu?" Naruto wondered. "What's that?"

Viktor's jaw dropped as Milos let out a girlish shriek to the heavens.

"You don't know about Notaru?" Milos grabbed Naruto and shook him violently. "That's blasphemy! Come brother Viktor, we must enlighten him!"

"Aru?" Naruto said as he was thrown into a chair.

Viktor and Milos, both dressed in otaku garbs that had mainly Notaru things on it, started telling him about the manga series.

"Notaru Kaizumu is only the most famous manga and anime in the world! It is known for its many twists and heart-warming scenes and more so for its fight scenes." Viktor showed Naruto said scenes.

"It's about a 15 year old boy who is apart of a samurai tribe. He is learning to become a samurai but is always at the bottom of his class. He has potential but not many see it because he is shunned for being of blood relation to a traitor of the tribe." Milos continued.

"He finds a friend, brother, and rival in one boy is at the top of the class, Kasuse. They go on joint missions often after graduating together and seem to be bonding. But fate would soon tear their friendship apart. Kasuse defected from the tribe after being given a chance for fame and glory elsewhere. Notaru chased after him alone and after a long fight, steel against steel, Notaru couldn't bring himself to hurt his friend and so Kasuse got away."

"The first series ends with Notaru swearing to try harder to bring Kasuse back when they meet face to face later down the path." Viktor said.

"And the first volume of the second series comes out in three months!" Milos yelled as he fist-pumped.

Naruto sat as he absorbed the useless information (at least, useless to the readers.). After a few minutes;

"That seems familiar." Naruto said as he scratched his head. Where did he hear something similar happen before. Kyuubi snorted. (Oh, Naruto, you silly boy.)

"Here." Milos gave him the first volume of the series. "Your first slice of paradise."

The main character was grinning through his unruly orange hair as a boy with blue hair had his arms crossed in the back. Both had swords attached to their hips. He flipped it to the back. The phrase 'I'll become the greatest samurai ever! De gozaru!' written in bold letters.

"Why does this give me a strange sense of déjà vu?"

Naruto smiled anyway and took the offered book from the two otakus. "Thanks." Naruto placed the book on his bed.

They laughed as they talked about future plans and one particular question from Milos.

"Did you get me pictures of the girls?" He asked hopefully.

Naruto nodded as he handed them to Milos. Milos and Viktor took one look at the girls and blushed. Milos stashed the photos in his pocket.

"Ooh, lunch time!" Milos looked at his watch before running off to the Grand Hall.

Naruto and Viktor smiled as they walked of after him before he ate everything in the hall.

Nothing could possibly ruin this serene atmosphere. Except maybe….

She wanted to scream but the gag in her mouth prevented her from doing so. Tears flowed from her eyes as she looked at the monster in front of her.

He had taken his hood off because he knew that she wouldn't be telling anyone anytime soon. No…. she'll be gone by then. His grip on the knife slackened slightly as he felt a twinge of regret in his heart.

She was just in the halls by coincidence when he happened to stroll by. He remembered hearing that she was a muggle-born and instincts told him to act. Now she was gagged and bound from the shackled hanging from the ceiling.

He sighed. He felt exactly the same when he did the ritual before. His eyes regained its dark luster as he moved forward.

It would be over soon for her, he no longer felt the need to torture his subjects like before.

Heavy rainfall splashed against the window outside that drowned out a poor girl's screams.

Naruto walked down the hall as he made his way to the dining hall. He had been hearing rumors about a missing sixth year.

'Strange' Naruto thought. 'A missing sixth year?'

He entered the grand hall to see the usually, Milos stuffing his face and Viktor eating leisurely next to him.

"Did you hear?" Naruto asked as he sat down next to them. "A sixth year's gone missing."

"Yeah, it's all over the school." Milos said.

Viktor nodded alongside him. "Her friends told the teachers that she didn't return to the dorm two nights ago."

Naruto leaned closer. "Do you think it's connected to the events a few months ago?"

"Maybe" Viktor stated grimly.

Milos slammed his hands on the table. "We have to put a stop to this!" The students stared at him. Milos grinned sheepishly as he apologized.


"We stalk the halls for the person?" Milos suggested.

"Yeah, and while we're at it, let's tell our teachers so we can get into trouble… no."

They sat in defeat as they hung their heads. Viktor's head snapped up.

"The map!"

Milos grinned. "There we have it! We'll stay snug in our rooms and look at the map to see who's the kidnaper!"

"But we won't necessarily know who that person is." Naruto muttered.

"Hm…" Viktor started, "you can use your fancy ninja techniques, can't you?"

"Right! I can make clones of myself and have them spy the corridor, we'll need communication devices though to be in contact…"

"I can arrange that." Milos frowned. "It'll take a while though. Thank God we aren't like Hogwarts, no electrical devices works there."

"Alrighty! As soon as we get them, we'll start investigating!"

Naruto, Viktor and Milos slapped hands.

They were only able to smuggle the devices in April during Easter and by then several more people had gone missing. There were no real connections between the abductions, they varied from different houses. Several people also said that the suspicious boy that Naruto saw in the library, Jeremy Zhetto, disappeared too.

Their search in the corridors were not successful. Only the usual breaking of curfews, no strange kidnapping. Several weeks had gone by and it was almost the end of the year.

Headmaster Karkaroff had made it clear that the school would have to be closed if the kidnapping resumed, which it did. And since the perpetrator was not caught, the chances that this was Naruto's first and final year at Durmstrang was very high.

When all hope was apparently lost, they were able to find something interesting on their escapade. Milos and one of Naruto's clone (unwillingly) went down to the kitchen at 3 in the morning for a snack. Milos saw the missing Jeremy snooping about with food in his hands before he disappeared around a corner. Clone Naruto had seen it too, and dispersed to warn the real Naruto.

In their room, Naruto, who was sleeping with a piece of chocolate in his mouth, jumped awake as the memories from his clone returned to him. Looking to his right, Viktor had nodded off on the ground. The others in the room were sound asleep thankfully for silencing spells and earmuffs.

"Viktor, wake up."


"Viktor." He nudged him.


Naruto kicked him. Viktor jerked up. Naruto smiled.

"Oh, your awake."

"Anything new?" Viktor rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

Naruto nodded as he grabbed the earpiece to the communicator. "Milos found Jeremy."

He attached the head piece.

"Psshht…. Naruto, Viktor, do you hear me?…"

"Loud and clear, where did Jeremy go?…."

"Sorry, guys. I lost him. He vanished around the corner with weeks worth of food…."

"That's where he went all those weeks ago." Viktor stated. "He would sneak into the kitchen after dark whenever he runs out of food."

"Do you think Jeremy was responsible for the abduction?" Naruto asked both Viktor and Milos.


"Milos, check the map and head up when the coast is clear, we'll devise a plan up here…"

"Roger that, over and out…psshht." The line disconnected.

"But, why would Jeremy kidnapping his fellow students." Viktor asked.

"I have no clue…." Naruto sighed. "but I picked up a book that he dropped months before; it was Reydar's roll book."

"Roll book?" Viktor's brows knitted together. "It only contains every students name in it. Was there anything else?"

"Well….. I found a piece of paper that had two words written on it."

"What words?"

"Um…" Naruto paused in recollection. "The words 'Aperios Statua'"

"It's a spell. It sounds oddly familiar though…."

Milos burst into the room gasping for breath.

"Hide the stuff! Reydar saw me! Hurry!"

And hide the stuff they did. They jumped in their respective beds and feigned sleep when they heard Reydar creep into their room. He stood for a while before leaving and closing the door. When his footsteps gradually faded, they threw their covers off.

"That was close." Milos breathed out.

Naruto and Milos nodded.

"So what's the plan, guys?"

"Jeremy might be the cause of all the kidnapping, so it's up to us to capture him." Naruto said, full of determination.

Milos gulped. "What if he's dangerous?"

Naruto ignored him. "Since we now know that Jeremy comes out of his secret place at least once a month, we'll have to continue with our surveillance."

"So we do as we did, but I think all three of us should be on the look out because we might need each other." Viktor said.

"Mmhm, we'll go separately of course. Vik, I think you should carry the map. Tell us if a teacher is near through the headpiece." Naruto looked at Milos and Viktor.

"If any one of us sees Jeremy, we have to alert each other quickly for back up. Follow Jeremy into the secret place if you can, it'll be dangerous but it's our only chance at catching him. You up to it?"

They nodded. Naruto laid back in his bed as did the other two. He pulled the covers over his head like he usually did when he had a lot on his mind.

It'll be a long and dangerous way to end the school year.

Naruto yawned.

It was two months after they had seen Jeremy. Several more students were taken from right under their noses. And no hints to where they were. He closed the book Milos gave him and put it in his breast pocket.

Naruto pressed his headpiece and put the microphone in front of his mouth.

"Milos, Viktor, any signs of him?" Two responses came in the line.

"Milos, here. No signs of him yet on the East side."

"Viktor. I don't see him in the West hall."

"He should be out and about tonight…." Naruto said into his microphone.

Something moving in the shadows caught his eye. It moved swiftly and disappeared around a corner.

"…I see something." Naruto whispered.

He grabbed his wand and proceeded with precaution. Stepping silently around the corner and thrust his wand out.

"Lumos" A beam of light protruded from the wand.

The dark shape twitched before pouncing. Naruto was able to see that it had fur before it sent him sprawling to the ground. Naruto froze. It was sitting on him and… licking his face.

He shined the light up and saw that it wasn't Jeremy or a person. It was Zero.

"Eh? Zero? What are you doing here, boy?" He got his answer when Zero dragged a large piece of roast beef to him.



"I leave you with Milos too much…."

Naruto sighed and pressed his headpiece again.

"False alarm. It was just Zero packing in food."

"Be careful, you're in the South hall where Jeremy was seen…" Viktor said seriously.

Naruto replied, "We haven't seen him in two months maybe he wo-"

A hand had burst forth from the darkness and held him in a headlock. Naruto punched his attacker as they struggled against each other, Naruto's headpiecce lay forgotten on the ground. Naruto lifted his wand to the person's face but he had already finished casting a petrification spell. Naruto's hands and legs flailed as he was petrified by the assaulter's wand. Naruto bordered consciousness as he was dragged away into the dark abyss.

'This should be amusing…. Let's see how he gets himself out of this…. Haha.'

Zero whined as he clawed at the wall where they vanished.

The headpiece buzzed.

"Naruto? Naruto? What happened?"

Milos came running as the light from his wand illuminated the hallway. He couldn't care less if a teacher caught him right now. He skid to a stop as Viktor came to into his view.

"What happened?" He breathed out as air refilled his lungs.

"Naruto's been taken!"

"Woah, where!"

"He was in the South hallway."

"What should we do?"

"I don't know…. Tell a teacher?"

"We'll get in trouble!"

Viktor gave him a look. "What's more important? Our friend's life or a month of detention?"

Milos seemed to be weighing it out. Viktor reached over and smacked him over the head.


Viktor rolled his eyes. "I'll go alert the teachers, you head to the South hall and see if you can find any clues. Hurry!"

They ran their separate ways.

"Ugh… wah?"

He cracked his eyes open as he regained consciousness. There were no windows so the only light came from candles located all around the…dungeon. He was suspended by chains attached to the ceiling over a pit. He was fully clothed. So he was happy that Jeremy hadn't raped him in his sleep.

"Ah, you're awake, half-blood."

Naruto squinted his eyes as he looked at the hooded figure. "Who are you? Where the hell am I?"

"Hm, you were tailing me weren't you?" He dropped his hood.

Naruto's eyes widened.

He knew it was Jeremy but….this person no longer looked like the boy he saw. He was taller, his face was an ill pale, and his had swirling markings all over his face and his exposed hands. His eyes glowed a sickly yellow and his hair was chalky white.

"Yeesh…. New make over."

Jeremy's eyes darkened. He delivered a swift backhand as Naruto's head cocked to the side.

Blood filled his mouth as he gasped for breath. That was not an average slap. He was as strong as Tsunade without her chakra manipulation. Not just an outer make-over.

"Oh, you did not just pimp slap me!"

"Shut up!" He held his hand up in a glorious way.

"This is true beauty…. the beauty of power…. Bestowed upon me for ridding the world of impurities."

"You mean your victims." Naruto spat.

Jeremy cackled. "In a sense….but you will be joining them soon….in the afterlife."

"And you think I'll let you kill me?"

"How will you break free, hm? Those chains prevent you from casting any spells even if you were able to do it without your wand."

Naruto gave him a smirk. "Oh, I guess you didn't do enough research because I'm not just a wizard….. I'm a ninja!"

As he said that he poofed away in a plume of smoke. Jeremy looked confused.


Naruto grinned as he drove his fist into Jeremy's face.

"Pay back, bitch!"

Jeremy slammed into the ground as Naruto formed a hand sign.

"Kage bunshin."

Two clones appeared next to him. The dungeon filled with laughter, however, as Jeremy slowly stood up again.

"Interesting…. A half-blood ninja…."

"How would you know if I'm a half-blood?"

Jeremy looked at him strangely. "You were the one who found the book and spell I stole, didn't you?… that spell is what the higher ups use to see your blood purity."

"Wait…. When you said 'ridding the world of impurities' you mean…"

"Correct, half-blood, I will rid the world of all who possess muggle blood, I will liberate this world in the Dark Lord's image; a world of only pure-bloods with a select few half-bloods as slaves."

"….You are one twisted little man and I'll be sure to stop you."

"You think you can stop me? With the power given to me by God?"

"Who your worship is no God! You'll only win over my dead body!" Naruto took on a stance.

"I was counting on that.." Jeremy whipped out his wand and fervently cast spells as Naruto dove behind a column.

"Crucio!" A red jet shot out and hit the side of the column.

"Dammit!" He saw that his clones were hiding behind different columns. Naruto mouthed to them, 'Find my wand!' They nodded waiting for him to cause a distraction.

Naruto concentrated chakra into his hand to form a swirling ball of chakra. He jumped out as a spell bounced of the wall.


Jeremy, seeing the incoming danger, hit the ground. The swirling ball imbedded into the wall causing a large hole.

"Avada Kedavra!" A green spelling propelled toward him. He put his hands up waiting for death. It never came. He opened his eyes as one of his clones dispersed in front of him.

"Boss!" His wand was hurled at him. He caught it was he ducked a spell. Putting the wand in his wand pouch he went through some hand seals.

"Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" Naruto blew out a large ball of fire at Jeremy. As the spell was about to hit, Jeremy exclaimed.;

"Protego!" A shield materialized and took the blow of the jutsu. As the smoke cleared Naruto was already on him.

"Again! Rasengan!" It successfully made contact this time. Jeremy flew into the wall on the other side of the dungeon.

Naruto wiped the sweat off his forehead as he smiled in victory. It was short lived as he saw Jeremy rise up from the smoke, covered with only minor cuts and injuries.

"That…..hurt!" Jeremy rushed forward and slammed his fist into Naruto's gut sending him sprawling on the ground. Jeremy poised for the final blow before Naruto shunshined out of danger's path.

"Why are you doing this, Jeremy?"

Jeremy looked like he was smacked in the face. "Why else? For favor in my Lord's eyes…. I know he is still alive and he will rise again and reward me for my faithfulness."

"Now stay still…and die for me! Avada Kedavra!"

"Oh, shit."

Creating more clones, Naruto was lucky not to be killed by the flying spell. All of the rounds missed him by millimeters. He plan struck him. 'Hopefully I'm not killed by this.'

His clones were either being dispersed by the killing curse or from brute force. Jumping away from the fight, he exclaimed.

"Explosion time! Bunshin Bakuha!"

One by one the remaining clones exploded. The ones in mid-jump destroying the ceiling and made a massive hole. Naruto looked at where Jeremy was and sweat dropped. Lying in a crater and still not that injured was Jeremy.

"Why won't anything work!" Naruto fumed as he stood there.

"Psst…..hey…." He heard Kyuubi whisper to him.


"I'm bored of watching this lame exchange… so how about a tip?"

'What's the catch, furball?'

"Just one. When this ordeal is done and over with you need to bring me something so I won't be bored all the time."

'Can't you bend my mindscape to your will already?'

"Yeah, but this is your mindscape and I have only so much control thanks to your blasted father."

'Deal, now hurry and help.'

"How about infusing your shinobi abilities with your magic tricks? Call it…Kyuubi Tactics! I'm such a genius…" Naruto cut off the connection when Kyuubi started ranting about his 'awesomeness'.

'Magic with jutsu, huh? Let's try 'Kaze no Yaiba' and 'Sectumsempra'!'

Running out Naruto caught Jeremy, who was trying to get up, by surprise as he took out his own wand.

"Sectumsempra: Kaze no Yaiba!" Naruto let the chakra flow into his wand like he did for the sword. He felt the attacking being mixed and powered up by the spell. He made cutting motions with the invisible sword which left large gashes on Jeremy's now exposed torso, his cloak burned away due to his clone's detonation.

"Yatta!" Naruto did a victory dance as the Kyuubi snorted.

"Don't celebrate just yet…"

Jeremy was getting up….again. He lifted his hands up to the heavens and glowed. His hair grew longer and his muscles bulged. His skin turned gray. As he stood, Naruto saw that Jeremy's wand hand broken on impact and was in two pieces behind him.

"Behold! The might of the Blood of the Fold! Raaaggghhhh!" Jeremy let out as he ran at Naruto with new life. He had grabbed one of his specially designed knives on the way.

Naruto propelled him back with a few spells but his leg was caught in the rocks that was everywhere and fell to the ground. His wand sliding harmlessly away and out of his reach.

"Fuuto-!" He tried to yell out but Jeremy was on him before that. The knife in his hands came down as Naruto shut his eyes. He felt the knife go right through his clothes and out and in and….. He felt like fainting again.

He felt the knife going all the way through but felt only a little scrap on his skin, his chest hurt more when Jeremy missed his heart. He complimented his stabbing with additional punches. Blood stained his clothes and the cold floor. Even with the blood pounding in his ears he heard;


He felt Jeremy's weight leave him. He heard someone jumping down from the gaping hole he made earlier. A smaller figure loomed above him and helped him up.

"You look worse for wear, Naruto…. You alright?" He heard the figure say. He looked up to see Milos with Zero alongside him. Naruto sighed a breath of relief. Jeremy was back in his normal state….or back to when Naruto saw him for the first time in the dungeon.

"For the last three years, I have been torturing and killing any who was not a pure-blood! If you know what's good for you, Poliakoff, you will leave and forrget what you saw tonight!" Milos didn't move. "Fine... then you two will join my other victims...in hell!" He ran toward them.

Zero ran to Naruto with his wand. Milos and Naruto shared a look. They nodded as if knowing what the other thought. They both aimed their wands at the ashen Jeremy.


"Stupefy!" Naruto made sure his was enhanced by a bit of chakra to make sure Jeremy lost consciousness.

The red light burst forth and hit Jeremy square in the chest. He fell and fainted at the sheer force of the joint attack.

Naruto limped to him to make sure he wasn't awake.

Milos saw this and said, "Maybe you should stay still, you might open up your wounds."

Naruto shook his head. "I'm fine… see?" Naruto showed him that his wounds were healing.

"I do wonder why when he stabbed me in the heart, it didn't hurt that much… it didn't seem to actually hit my heart."

Naruto felt the left side of his chest. He felt something hard and pulled it out. It was the book Milos let him borrow.

Milos grinned seeing that the book might have saved his life. "See? Mangas are life saving and live changing!"


Zero trod over Jeremy's prone body and to a locked up door behind. He yipped and scratched the door. Milos and Naruto followed and Naruto held his wand to the lock and said,


The door opened as Milos walked in first having lit his wand. He ran out a few minutes later.

"Naruto, there are a few students in there! Still alive! Help me would ya!"

They dragged the students out and woke them up with the 'Rennervate' spell. There were only 3.

"Where am I?"

"Don't hurt me!"

"What is this?"

Milos used his wand to amplify his voice, saying, "Oi! OI! Calm down! I repeat, stay calm! Me and my friend will make sure that you are escorted safely out of this hellhole!" They stood anxiously and quietly.

"Okay, now if you could form a single file line and we ca-"

"RAWR!" Was heard behind everyone.

"Uh-oh." Naruto murmured. He looked at Milos as the other students coward behind them. "Petrify this time?"



"Petrificus Totalus!" They both exclaimed like before. As they did so they heard several people from above.

"Stupefy!" They all heard and three red beams shot down as their spell hit Jeremy at the same time.

This time Jeremy was definitely down for the count. Everyone looked up to see Viktor and several teachers and Headmaster Karkaroff.

"We're saved!"

"I can't believe I'm saying this but I love you teachers!"

Naruto and Milos diffused the situation by pressing their hands to their cheeks and squealing randomly.

"Eeeep! Our saviors! ...Hahahaha…"

Reydar jumped down and checked Jeremy's pulse and nodded to the teachers. He proceeded toward the students and helped everyone one by one out of the dungeon. As everyone left so were the trio.

Kakaroff stood in their way. "Not you three." They simultaneously gulped.

"And what were you three doing out and about at night when their was a kidnapper loose?"




Coming from Viktor, Naruto and Milos respectively.

Naruto stood in front. "We were…. We were, um, sneaking down for food because we were afraid that the kidnapper would be looking for prey when we were all heading toward the hall for dinner but we were oh so hungry, so we snuck down."

They all sweat bullets as they prayed he bought it. The headmaster stayed silent before nodding and scratching his chin.

"Sneaking down only for food, alright. Though that still deserves punishment. Ten points each." He walked toward the other teachers surrounding Jeremy. They were inspecting him and trying to remove Zero who had taken a liking to Jeremy's head and clamped down on it, not letting go at all.



"…that actually worked?"

The three sighed and made their way back to dorms as they were told, hoping to forget the entire ordeal. They were stood in front of their dormitories statue and were about to enter when…

"Hold it."

They saw Reydar striding up to them. He stared down at them sternly.

"I know what you three did. You were trying to catch him on your own weren't you?"

"No, Professor!"

"Of course not…"

"We were just looking for food. I was hungry!"

They said at once. He gave them the evil eye. They hung their heads.




Reydar's gaze softened. "I commend you on your courage though what you did could have killed you, it shows that you are truly members of the Ignatus house. Now get up to bed. I'll see you in the morning."

He walked off into the darkness. They all blinked at the same time before yawning. Lying in a nice and warm bed seemed like a pretty good option right now.

The year was coming to a close as the End of Year Feast drew closer. Then again, when you're rooming with someone like Milos, it's all you hear. Thankfully since the perpetrator was caught, school will continue next year.

The teachers had used the 'Obliviate' spell on 2 of the kidnapped students in order to make them forget the things they saw. One did not see much and was left alone to recover slowly.

And the gang…. Well, now they had something to tell their grandkids. Milos was in tears the day after because of how ruined his book was when it ended up saving Naruto from a lot of pain and literal heartache. Naruto happily smiled and repaired it for him.

Viktor had been curious as to how Naruto had recovered so quickly after all the bruises and broken bones he had. Naruto also grinned and said. "Because I'm boss, and I heal fast."

Naruto was not happy with how he was sometimes easily taken out by Jeremy and was determined to work out more and train in his ninja techniques when summer arrived. Believe it!

End of Year Feast:

Headmaster Karkaroff had stood up and was delivering the final speech of the year to the students.

"Another year has come to pass, and what a strange year it has been. Not need to worry though, school will not be closed because due to fortunate events, the threat has been properly taken care of. Now, I believe that it is time to unveil which house has won the House Cup this year."

"Though I also have some points that need to be rewarded right now." Many students started to pay attention. "From what Professor Halvard has spoken to me about, I believe the Ignatus house deserves to be rewarded 60 points for the heroic deeds of certain students." The Ignatus house applauded as did the other houses. Naruto, Milos and Viktor looked at each other with grins plastered on their face.

"I think that places Ignatus in first place for the cup. Congratulations, Ignatus." The hall was filled with the cheers and hollers of the house and congratulatory claps from other houses.

Karkaroff held his hand up signaling for silence. "I would also like to announce the winner of the Inter-House Quidditch Cup."

"Winning by a small margin against the Ignatus house and 4 consecutive wins is the Dracorong house." Everyone had also started cheering for the other house on their victory.

"Now that all that is out of the way, let us enjoy the feast." As food started appearing on the table a loud "Whoot!" could be heard from Milos. As soon as the food appeared, it instigated Milos' food rampage.

"Mm….*munch*…where are you guys going for summer vacation?" Milos asked.

"My family might go to England or France." Viktor stated.

"I'm going to visit a friend from Beauxbatons in France." Naruto said.

"The really hot one?" Naruto nodded. "You lucky dog, you." Milos gently pushed him.

Milos feigned sadness. "My parents are dragging me with them to Egypt because they're intrigued at how muggles could build the pyramids. Maybe I'll pretend to be sick…"

As Milos continued to rant, Naruto was having a conversation with Kyuubi.

'Yo, Kyuubi!'




'You're having another hangover aren't you?'

"Zzz… come here wittle bunnies….Uncle Kyuubi wants to cuddle and eat you…zzzz… Come closer, Kyuubi even wore a nice sun dress for the occasion."

'…..This is so blackmail material.' Naruto outwardly sighed. 'I hope you can't hear me but thanks for the help before.' If only he knew that Kyuubi was the reason why Naruto was so gullible to the petrification spell. As Naruto regained his senses from the outer world, the Kyuubi continued to slumber and mutter incoherent things that Naruto could not make out.

"You taste so yummy, wittle bunnies…. *burp*…now where'd all my booze go…."

"C'mon, Milos! Don't cry!" Viktor patted him on the back. "We'll see each other and keep in contact! We have the mirrors and cell phones! Don't cry, dammit!"

Viktor had started to tear up and was giving Milos a manly embrace. Naruto was also tearing up…kind of. Naruto jumped into the hug all the while yelling:

"MILOS, VIKTOR! OH, HOW OUR YOUTHFULNESS BURNS BRIGHTLY!" A large sunset scene had appeared behind them. Many bystanders were sweat dropping and gagging at the scene.

"My eyes burn!"

"Purge! Purge!"

To their happiness, the three men let go.

"Call me, alright!"

"Remember to use the mirrors!"

"Alright! I'll see you when vacation is over!"

Wiping away tears, the three parted ways as the train had dropped them off at the muggle train station. The walked off in different directions. They ran back to the same spot, seeing as they had walked off the wrong way. As the sun shined above them, they parted ways to their respective destinations.

'So bored.' Naruto thought as he sat on the train to France. Because of all the hubbab at school, he had only realized later that Fleur had sent him mail telling him where to meet up with her and Alex when he got out of school.

He was to meet them at a café near the Eiffel Tower. He scratched Zero's ear as something hit him. Gaara's scroll!

He grabbed his bag on the overhead compartment and fished out the dull scroll. 'I wonder what Gaara wanted to tell me…I hope it wasn't something urgent.'

"Yeah, cause you'd be months too late to reply then… Maybe he wants to tell you that your old village got blown up and everyone died, I'd love to see that. Hahaha. Oh, there's my alcohol." Kyuubi took a swig at the large sake container.

Naruto ignored him and peeled open the scroll. His eyes read the contents and widened.

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