01 Silver Only Bends

Draco Malfoy sat huddled in a corner of a room wrapped only in the tattered blanket he was allowed when his Master wasn't around. He shivered violently because he could practically feel the infection spreading. At this moment he hated his father more than the monster he had been sold to.


School had just let out and Draco had only been home for a week when his father had demanded he come with him to a meeting. He had turned 16 less than a month before school had let out, and while he knew it was coming, he hadn't looked forward to the day when he would have to follow in his father's footsteps and accept the Dark Mark. Draco had refused, stating that Tom Riddle was not his master and never would be.

After almost two weeks of torture at the hands of both his father and Voldemort, Draco still refused to bow down to the mad man.

The Lestrange brothers had, at one point, dragged him from his cell but Draco had no idea when because he'd lost all concept of time. His mother was with his father and she looked like she'd been crying.

'Dragon,' she whispered tears glistening in her eyes.

'Kneel boy, and give yourself to me,' Voldemort demanded just as Narcissa cried out suddenly. Lucius had pulled her to himself and had his wand at her throat.

Draco met his mothers gaze, and she gave him a teary smile, 'be true to yourself my Dragon,' she managed, seemingly having resigned to her fate.

Draco steadied himself before he met Voldemort's gaze defiantly, 'no,' he stated, a sneer curling his lip.

'Then die,' Voldemort hissed, brandishing his wand. Everything after that happened with surprising speed. Narcissa let out a battle cry as she broke free of her husband's hands, driving her elbow into his chest, and ran to her son. Voldemort stood as he calmly, and with a bored tone, cast an Avada Kedavra.

Somehow Narcissa had managed to get between the curse and Draco and he watched as the life drained from his mother eyes as she died for him. Had he not been in shock he would have noticed the small smile that she wore in death.


Draco endured another two weeks of torture before Voldemort thought of something else to do to him.

'It is clear that your son is stronger than you gave him credit for Lucius,' Voldemort all but hissed.

'My Lord?' Lucius asked confused.

With a flick of his wrist Voldemort had Draco chained, spread eagle, on a stone table, naked. Voldemort was the first to enter Draco with no lubricant and no preparation. Draco bit back a sob, he would not cry. Not now, not after the violence he had endured up until now. Not after watching his mother die. Voldemort didn't last long and be pulled out rather viciously.

Lucius ran a hand along the scarred, bloodied back of his son, 'may I, my Lord?' he asked spreading Draco apart further giving the Dark Lord and himself a clear view of Draco's bloodied and torn anus.

'He is your son, Lucius,' Voldemort stated blandly.

Lucius gave an amused sneer, 'I have no son,' Voldemort cackled as Lucius mounted his son, using his Lord's semen and his son's blood as lubricant he thrust violently into his son who bit his lip as he tried to stay silent.

That night, Draco was cleaned and healed by several house-elves and allowed a small nest of ratty blankets in the corner of Lord Voldemort's bed chambers.

He was only allowed on the luscious bed when Lucius or Lord Voldemort wanted to use him, which was quite frequently.


A few days after the first violation Draco felt a foreign magic tingle through him and he knew that he was simply Draco Abraxas. He was no longer a Malfoy, maybe he could be a Black, he thought wistfully, as he tried to unsuccessfully to sleep, not knowing when next Lucius or Tom would want to use him again. He had to bit the inside of his cheek to keep his tears at bay.


Draco had no idea how much time had passed after that but he was pretty usre he should have been on the Hogwarts Express but he wasn't, he was still bruised, still bleeding, still defiant as he huddled in the corner farthest away from the door. He could hear voices outside, yelling and small explosions.

A battle, someone was here! They had found the mansion which was an old Malfoy mansion that had been gifted to the family from the Parkinson's some generations ago.

Maybe they were dead, Draco allowed himself a small glimmer of hope. He couldn't see anyone save for the massive snake that Voldemort kept as his familiar. She coiled ready to strike but he lost his small bit of hope when the snake relaxed and began to move toward him.

Suddenly the snake was gone.

Then a form appeared and he had no idea who it was and all he noticed was that the form was a tall dark haired male. That was all he needed, it was Voldemort so he pushed the blanket off and moved to kneel next to the bed like he'd been taught. It meant that there would be less pain.

'Oh Merlin,' a voiced moaned sadly above him.

He refused to look up, it was a hallucination brought on by the fever, that's all it was.

Someone was kneeling in front of him, 'Circe, what have they done to you, my Dragon?' a soft male voice said.

Only two people in the world called him Dragon and one of them was dead. That meant, no, he was dead, they had told him and they had made him watch the man die. He looked up slowly, reluctantly and he met coal black eyes.

A single sob escaped Draco's throat as he launched himself at the man now sitting in front of him.

Severus Snape held the boy gently as he wrapped the cleanest blanket around the boy in his lap. He cradled the boy gently to his chest and after murmuring softly to the boy he activated a port key.


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