I have realized that this is not the story that Harry is a Tigris in, that's the other story that I haven't updated in a while. *blush* However in this Harry will stay a Tigris because if you remember back in chapter 4 he has the ability to turn into a cat, I original said a house cat but because I am an idiot he now changes into a tiger cub. Still small, still adorable, still cuddly. In this Harry's tiger appendages are not always on display just when he is emotional or Severus wants a cuddle. I hope that helps a little to clear some confusion. :P

19 Insanity Will Set You Free

'He needs to know, I have to tell him, I have to touch, I have to share, Draco wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up! Draco means dragon and now he is one. Draco is a dragon. He'll be so magnificent. I can tell. I can see him. Can you see him?' He asked looking up from where he had settled on Draco's bed with Draco's head in his lap.

Harry's eyes were wide and had a silver sheen across the service and no matter what Severus, Remus or Poppy tried they couldn't figure out what Harry was babbling about.

'Yes Harry, we see Draco.' Poppy replied with a smile.

Harry studied her for a moment but scowled, 'no you don't. You don't see, you can't see but you will. When he wakes you will.' He turned his attention back to Draco and ran his fingers through Draco's now silver hair, he massaged Draco's ear gently. 'They don't believe me Draco, so you have to wake. We have to prove it to them, they have to see you.'

A soft breeze blew through the room then and Harry looked up in confusion.

'Now? But he's not awake, he doesn't know.' Harry asked no one as he stared out the window. Then he bowed his head, 'I'm sorry, sir. Forgive me?' Harry smiled and nodded before turning his attention to Draco.

'Forgive me Dragon, but this is the only way. It's how I got it and it's how I have to give it to you.' Harry bent forward and gently kissed Draco's forehead before placing his hands on Draco's head just as Silver had done to him the night before.

Draco's back arched off the bed and his hands flew to Harry's as he tried to pull them away.

'Hush, Dragon it will end soon,' Harry muttered as they were both bombarded with images and information.

'Harry!' Remus yelled just as Severus cried out for Draco.

Both men tried to get to the pair but there was an invisible barrier around the bed.

'Oh Dorigan, what have you done now?' Poppy muttered as everything suddenly fell into place. Both men spun on the woman.

'Poppy?' Remus questioned looking rather like the wolf he could become.

'Is there something you're not telling us?' Severus asked, looking much like the fearsome vampire the first years claimed him to be.

Poppy gulped, 'well you see when I was a student here there rumours of a dragon in the forest. It wasn't just any dragon. It was a silver dragon.' Remus gasped and both he and Severus glanced to Draco. 'No one had ever seen it but a seventh year his older brother had claimed to have seen it when he had been a first year almost 12 years before. But no one had seen it since. There's an occasional whisper about it now but the silver dragon has since faded into obscurity. When I was a seventh year, as I was apprenticing for my healer training I was sent into the forest to the Rainbloom,' she glanced at Severus who knew the flower. 'As I was looking for it I stumbled upon an injured creature. I healed it as best I could in the rain and with limited potions and magic at my disposal. When I was done he sent me back to the castle. Almost six months later as I was apprenticing with the Healer that was here before me I was working late one night I had a visitor.

'He was the most handsome man I had ever seen, he reminded me of one of the other apprentices that I had a crush on only everything about him had a silver sheen. His hair, his eyes, his skin. It was ethereal.' Here she seemed to fade out as she reminisced about the silver stranger.

Severus and Remus shared a glance and were about to prompt Poppy in continuing her story when Harry and Draco both let out pained cries and collapsed. The pained cries had pulled Poppy from her memories and she was quickly giving orders to Severus to move Harry to the next bed and for Remus to get from under her feet as she ran a scan over Draco. With a slightly confused look she turned to Harry and ran the same scan.

Both Severus and Remus watched her anxiously.

'They are both perfectly fine, they are just asleep.' She informed them sounding rather confused. Both men looked relieved.

'Poppy,' Severus called the matron back just as she was leaving.

'Yes Severus?' she asked as she stood in the doorway.

'You never finished telling us about the stranger.' He replied sounding curious.

Poppy smiled, 'he told me his name was Dorigan. He had come to thank me for helping him. He said that the minor healing I had done had saved his life. He apologized for not coming sooner but he had been healing the whole time and couldn't get out of the forest.'

'What was he Poppy?' Remus asked for both him and Severus.

'The Silver Dragon,' she replied before she left the two bewildered men alone.


A few hours later Remus and Severus had fallen asleep and when Poppy had come to check on the boys she had moved the older men onto beds to sleep better.

A few moments later Draco blinked himself awake. He stumbled to the bathroom and breathed a sigh of relief as he relieved himself. It wasn't until he was washing his hands that he looked into the mirror.

He was pretty sure that he should have screamed but as it was he gently touched the tip of his ear and then his hand traveled to one of the tiny horns that sat on his hairline. He brushed his hair forward and found that it covered them as well as his hair. It would be harder to hide the tail he had and explain away why he was silver.

'Well looks like Harry's not the only one to have extra appendages,' Draco mused as he flicked his tail.

When he came out of the bathroom he didn't go back to his own bed, he went to Harry's and sat much like the Tigris had done and placed Harry's head on his lap as he gently stroked Harry's hair and massaged his ears.

It didn't take long for Harry to stir, and as he blinked awake he bolted to the bathroom. A few minutes later he emerged looking much more relaxed.

'What happened, Harry?' Draco asked softly not wanting to wake the other two.

'A lot, can we wait until Grumpy and Funshine wake up?' Harry replied as he curled back up on the bed, his head in Draco's lap.

Draco continued to run his hand through Harry's hair, 'you have a patch of silver here, did you know?' he asked fingering the section of Harry's hair that was in fact silver.

'It's from Dorigan,' Harry replied.

'Do you think he'll come back?' Draco asked, not expecting the man to return but curious none the less.

It took a while for Harry to reply, when he did he shrugged, 'I think so.'


Severus woke to arguing.

'It is too a word,' Harry was saying defiantly.

'It is not!' Draco stated, 'look it's not even in this dictionary!' he replied vehemently turning the book for the other boy to look at. 'cryptogram and cryptography but no cryptozoology.'

'That's because you're looking in the wrong book you douche bag!' Harry replied as another book came soaring towards them, 'don't you pay attention in CoMC?' Harry asked as he flipped to the back of the book. 'Cryptozoology,' he announced triumphantly.

Draco took the book, "The Cryptopedia: Mystical Words and When Best To Spring Them on Your Friends", and snorted, but there was a listing.

"Crytozoology: The scientific study of rare, mythical and mystical animals, recent researchers include Professor Rubeus Hagrid, Xenophilius Lovegood, Charlie Weasley, Gareth Winchester, Fox Anderson and Jane Rickman."

Draco slammed the book shut and huffed, 'fine.'

As Harry added up his points with a grin Remus whispered to Draco and his sudden darkness fled and he grinned wickedly.

'How can you even fit that on the board?' Severus asked as he sat up with a stretch.

'Sev!' both Harry and Draco launched themselves at the man.

He somehow managed to survive the double attack and when it was over Harry was curled in his lap softly purring.

Poppy came in, 'oh good, you're all awake,' she said with a smile. 'Since I can't find anything wrong with any of you,' as she spoke she sounded slightly disappointed, 'you may all go whenever you're ready.'

'Thank you Poppy.' Draco gave her a smile.

'Poppy?' Harry as before she could leave, 'who did Dorigan look like for you?'

Poppy grinned, 'Fabien Prewitt, he was in the forest looking for some lost first years when Dorigan came to me.'

'Did he look much like Charlie?' Harry asked.

Poppy grinned, 'there is no doubt in my mind that Charlie is related to Fabien and Gideon Prewett,' she replied as she passed a photo she had summoned.

There were four people on the photo, one was a much younger Poppy Pomfrey the other witch was an attractive witch with hair so dark a red it looked purple with indigo eyes she was molded to the twin that Harry guessed was Gideon because Poppy was being held by one he figured was Fabien. The twin wizards looked just like Charlie but where Charlie was rugged and unkempt in a put together sort of way, the twins had longish hair that came past their ears, Gideon's hair was a little longer and while Gideon had full beard, Fabien looked as though he had just shaved about 4 days ago, giving him a rougher look.

Harry grinned at Poppy, 'thank you Poppy.'

Poppy nodded and left the men to get their stuff together so they could go back to their rooms.