Ch 1 Expected

Spock regarded his new captain with dark eyes. He could not resent Jim for doing what he'd done. It had been logical, seeing as Spock was emotionally compromised. Jim had done what was necessary for the safety and well-being of the crew.

Something about the way Jim sat in his chair held Spock's gaze. So relaxed, like Jim just belonged there. Jim turned to look at him, as if sensing the searing gaze. Spock gave an internal jump. He shifted in his seat and returned his gaze to the computer's readings.

His eyes…no illogical.

Spock chastised himself quietly for reaction to Jim's eyes.


Perhaps the stress of losing his home planet and the only woman who had ever loved him unconditionally WAS affecting his work.

Uhura caught his eye. She smiled at him, hinting with her eyebrows what she had on her mind for after their shift. Spock merely returned his attention to his captain.

The young man was attractive. Good looks, beautiful blue eyes.

No, illogical.

Spock felt his chest tighten. He had not liked Jim in the beginning. He was arrogant, strong headed, impulsive. However, everything aside, they were becoming fast friends as the months passed.

Their quarters on the Enterprise were next to each other and one could often find James T. Kirk at the end of Spock's bed, bugging the science officer with endless questions as Spock finished up his reports for the night.

Spock swallowed hard. Hopefully tonight would be one of those nights. It was illogical, but he could hope. The young captain may sometimes rub him the wrong way, but he did enjoy his company.

Uhura watched as Spock left the bridge. He hadn't said a word to her. Not even a glance her way. It was true that she had been pushing too hard. They had argued about boundaries.

Or at least he "logically" broke it down for me.

She walked swiftly toward the door, her heart pounding.


Spock turned around, just in time for Uhura to enter the lift with him. His face barely reflected the annoyance he felt at her presence.

"Yes, Nyota?" She could hear his annoyance and decided to change her tactics.

She strutted forward, laying a hand on his uniform clad chest.

"What's wrong, Spock? We haven't spoken the last few days. You aren't still mad, are you?"

"Nyota, 'mad' would infer that I felt such an emotion toward the situation we found ourselves in." Spock looked down into her eyes. "If my memory serves me, we have exchanged information regarding the current mission 32 times."

"That's not what I mean, Spock. We haven't spoken personally, let alone-" she reached her hand to his face, "-touched."

Spock took two steps back, disengaging the contact between them. Nyota's heart sank. Her breath caught in her throat. She knew what was coming. She knew it had been a possibility, but facing it now was proving difficult.

"I am sorry, Nyota, but we cannot continue this relationship. I joined Starfleet to serve as best I can. Personal emotion has gotten in the way of that. If I seem unemotional about this, you must forgive me. That is just the way I am."

Nyota stood, allowing her sadness to wash over her in waves. Moist eyes looked up into cold, dark eyes.

"I am truly sorry, but I must return to my quarters and my reports."

With that, Spock walked briskly out of the lift towards his quarters. Nyota stood, stunned at the change in events, then turned slowly and walked away from the only comfort she had known during her years at the academy.