Ch 14

Bones and Scotty found their way back to their suite. Now that the heat of battle had dissipated, Bones had begun to worry about the kind of charges they might face when Starfleet command was briefed on what had taken place at the bar.

Bones opened the door quietly. Both Spock and Jim had been sleeping when he left and he did not wish to disturb them if they were still asleep. He took a glance around the room. Both men were still fast asleep on his bed…only…Dear God, they're naked. Naked, on my bed. They did it on MY bed! Bones spun around, blocking Scotty from entering.

"Trust me, Scotty, you don't want to go in there yet. It's, uh, a mess."

"S' alrigh." Scotty went to walk around Bones' extended arm. Bones frantically jumped in front of him once again. Scotty gave him an incredulous look.

Bones dropped his shoulders. "Fine. Go in there, but remember that I warned you." With that, he stepped out of the engineer's way. Scotty walked into their suite.

Only to walk back out, wide eyed, a look of shock spreading over his face. Bones gave him the I-told-you-so look.

"So they-?"


"Are they-?"


"Oh." A smile spread across his face. "Alrigh."

Bones folded his arms and took a step back. "Alright? That's it?"

"Yea. 'S kinda cute, don'cha think?"

"No. No I don't…but I think I need another drink…or fifty." With that, they walked back to the bar.


Jim woke up groggily and rolled to take Spock in his arms. The Vulcan shifted slightly and moved closer to his partner. Jim snuggled his face into Spock's hair.

"Good morning." A half-awake grumble was the only reply he got from Spock as the Vulcan shifted closer to Jim.

They both sat up as they heard a small knock on the door and then the turning of the doorknob. Jim looked over at Spock before dashing out of bed, grabbing his pants and slipping them on just before Admiral Pike opened the door and wheeled himself in. He looked over at Jim and quickly turned away from him, slightly blushing.

"Admiral Pike!"

"Sorry, Kirk. I, uh, I needed to talk to you about something if you have a minute." Jim quickly tugged his shirt over his head, directing Pike to the kitchen. Pike's eyes roamed over to where Spock still lay in bed. His eyebrows shot up, but he kept this mouth shut and followed the young captain.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" Jim rustled through the fridge, pulling out a beer to offer it to Pike. Pike graciously declined with a wave of his hand.

"I need to know about an incident with a certain Bryce Pearson." Jim coughed slightly, choking on his beer. He looked at Pike. "The kid's pretty messed up and in the hospital at the moment. You know anything about that?"

Jim thought back. No, the blow to the nose wouldn't have put the kid in the hospital. How did…? Realization hit him. Bones. "Nope. I don't know anything about it."

Pike sighed and looked Jim in the eyes. "Kirk, the bartender says he saw McCoy and Scott beating this guy to a bloody pulp on his floor not a few hours ago."

"No, that's not possible. Bones and Scotty were here with us."

"He is correct, Admiral Pike." Spock walked into the kitchen, fully dressed and poised. The bruising was still evident along his jaw line.

"Kirk, Spock, I know you are lying…but…" Pike sighed again and looked at the young men in front of him. "I can't do anything though as long as they have an alibi. You're good friends to protect them, but you know you could face charges too if anyone came out and said they weren't here." Spock and Jim nodded knowingly. "Okay, then, as long as you two know."

Pike wheeled himself toward the door. Spock and Jim exchanged glances behind his back. That was close.

Pike turned to look at them again. "Oh, and just so you boys know, Bryce was released of his duty in Starfleet this morning. Something about homophobic tendencies and how it won't be tolerated. Oh…and Kirk, next time, make sure the hickies arent' well…so apparent." He indicated the hicky on Spock's neck with a finger. With a smile, he wheeled himself out, shutting the door behind him.

"That cheeky bastard!" Jim's smile burst through his shock. Spock had to chuckle at Admiral Pike's jab at Jim. However, it appeared that Admiral Pike was not going to be saying anything anytime soon.


Jim walked along the path to the shuttle, bag slung across his shoulder. Spock had left early, stating he had some business to attend in the science department. Although he had smiled and let Spock go, he couldn't help but feel a little put off that they could not spend their last day together.

He had just come to the shuttle when he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Jimmy!" He spun looking over at the woman he had left back home in Iowa.

"MOM! What're you doing here?" He flew to her, wrapping the small woman in his arms. Tears streamed down her face as she looked up at her son.

"Spock sent word that it would be a good idea to store your car here in Starfleet storage. He said something about the next time you two are on shore leave. So I drove down here with it."

Jim stood, mother in arms. He looked over to the car where he saw Spock leaning on it, arms folded. A genuine smile was on his face. Jim smiled back and walked over to Spock.

"I thought that perhaps you would rather have this in close proximity to Starfleet. We will eventually return to Earth. It would only be logical to store it here."

"I think you're right, Spock." Jim allowed his hand to reach out for Spock's. Spock gently took it, entwining their fingers.

"Boys! Don't forget to wash it before you put it in storage." Spock handed Jim the keys with his free hand. Jim looked down at the keys, then back to Spock.

"Let's go wash it!"


Jim filled up the bucket with car soap and water. He had put two sponges into the bucket, one for himself, one for Spock. Spock had begun wetting the car down with the hose they had found near the barracks. Jim watched admiringly as the Vulcan sprayed at the car. Spock's eyes shifted towards him mischievously.

"Spock, no." Jim backed away, trying to make sure he put distance between himself and the hose. Spock smiled and the hose was turned in Jim's direction. When Spock realized Jim was just out of range, he quickly picked up the hose and ran after him. Jim ran as fast as he could around the car, grabbing one of the sopping sponges.

"Don't you come any closer or I'll sponge you!" He laughed and threw the sponge as Spock rounded the car with the hose.

Bones and Scotty watched as the two men ran around the car. Scotty was grinning from ear to ear. Bones had to laugh at the way Spock was tactically hunting Jim down with the hose.

"Looks like fun, doesn't it?"


"So, let's join in!" Bones ran over to the bucket, grabbing the other sponge. Spock looked shock for a split second before aiming the hose at Bones. Scotty came out of nowhere, wrapped his arms around Spock from behind and picked him up. Spock's grip on the hose slipped. They all laughed as the hose writhed around on the ground like a snake. All four jumped at it, trying to wrangle the wild, thrashing beast. Bones got a face full of water and sat sputtering as Scotty dared face the hose. Suddenly, the snake sputtered out. Bones, Scotty, and Spock turned to find Jim at the nozzle, smirking slightly.

"All you had to do was turn it off." All three men on the ground began to laugh. Spock's laugh seemed out of place and the other two found themselves staring. Spock stopped laughing and looked between them.

"May I inquire as to what the problem is?"

"Spock, you're not just smiling, you're laughing." Bones slapped him on the back. "It's just new for us, that's all." Spock gazed at him, head tilted to the side. "It's a good thing, Spock. Don't worry." A genuine smile crept onto Bones' face.

Spock looked to Jim, who was smiling whimsically at him, leaning against the wall. "Alright boys, Spock and I have to finish washing this car." He picked up the sponges and put them back into the bucket. The other three stood, exhausted from chasing the hose. They all exchanged a flitting, happy look before Scotty and Bones left to pack up the last of their stuff.

Spock walked over, grabbing one of the sponges from the bucket. He kneeled down, washing the side of the car. Jim walked up behind him, casting a shadow over him. Spock turned and stood, wrapping his arms around Jim. Jim smiled and leaned forward, kissing Spock lightly on the lips.

"That was fun."

"Yes, it was, Jim."

Jim let go of Spock and grabbed his own sponge. He washed the car in even strokes, throwing small fleeting glances at Spock. Both men stood in the setting sun, the red car in front of them glistening. It was a beautiful sight. Even Uhura had to admit the scene was touching. She watched from across the lot, hidden behind a building. She had known all along that something would escalate between Jim and Spock. However, she had never ventured to think they may end up together. A pang of jealousy sprung up in her, but was quickly quelled. She knew that she and Spock would have never worked out. She was still young, although she was mature for her age, and she did want to experience life. Vulcans were much more prim and proper about things. To see Spock happy made her smile. As long as he was happy, she could handle the current situation.

She turned around, facing the setting sun, and walked back to her own barracks to pack.


Spock and Jim stepped back to admire the freshly waxed car. The stars shown bright above them, twinkling against the blanket of black overhead. Jim placed an arm around Spock's waist and pulled him closer.

"So, Spock. I think the car needs to be broken in."

Spock looked at him inquiringly. Jim pushed him toward the car gently and pushed him against the hood. His lips found Spock's hungrily. His hands trailed the lean first officer's body. He stopped when he realized Spock was unusually tense.

"What's wrong?"

"Jim, we are in the vicinity of Starfleet. It would not be wise to pursue any kind of physical contact here."

Jim pushed away from Spock, frustrated. "Spock, we did it in the suite at the barracks. How is this really any different?"

"Because we are being watched." Jim's eyes darted to where Spock gazed intently. There was a group of Starfleet officers walking their way, oblivious to the captain and his first officer.

"Well, shit."

Spock gave a small smirk. "I assure you, as soon as we are onboard the Enterprise, we will continue our endeavors." Dark eyes met blue. Jim's heart leapt. He could see all the love and intent in Spock's eyes. Spock's hand found his and he could feel the electrical pulse.

"Spock, I meant what I said…you know, in the room."

Spock stopped to turn and face him. "I am aware. I would hope you would know that the feeling is mutual." As Spock stood, gazing at him lovingly, Jim couldn't help himself. He reached up and ran a finger along Spock's ear. Spock's eyes glossed over. "Jim, please…"

Jim giggled and pulled Spock along. "C'mon. They are probably waiting for us at the barracks, what with it being our last night and all."

With that, they set off, hand in hand. The group of officers stopped, watching them walk away. Bones turned to Scotty. "So, how long do you think we should give them before barging in there?"

"Oh, gi'em a few."

With that, Bones, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu and Chekov continued their walk to the barracks.


Jim stood on the bridge of the Enterprise. They were finally starting their mission. Everyone was at his or her post, eager to get out of space dock. Jim looked over his crew. Although they were all very young, they were one of the best crews out there, possibly in history. Spock came to stand next to him. We need to get out of space dock so I can get some action.

"Sulu, take us out."

"Aye, Captain."

The Enterprise slid out of space dock. Jim heaved a sigh. Five years was a long time to go exploring, but he knew that Earth would be waiting for them when they returned. His car would be in storage, the farm would still be in Iowa, and Spock would still be by his side. He glanced at Spock and smiled. Spock nodded slightly, his eyes soft and loving.

"Alright. Warp 4. Get us the hell out of here."

Sulu gave a smile. Chekov erupted with a giggle fit. "Aye. I kin do zat."

Jim returned his gaze to the universe outside. So many stars to explore, so many worlds to discover. He couldn't wait to get started. With his crew, he could do anything. Now they were family, for better or worse. It can only get better. He glanced at Spock again. A light touch from Spock's hand let him know that it wouldn't be long. This is only the beginning.



Author's note: thank you to everyone who has read, reviewed or helped inspire. Hopefully I will have a sequel going at some point.