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1st World: A Cursed Man and A Reclusive Magician


"There's a blonde magician up that mountain, sir. I think he could probably cast that spell for you. But nobody ever goes to see him."

Kurogane nodded. He didn't care how much of a recluse the guy was. He couldn't stand to live with this curse a second longer.

"He'll turn you into a cat!" the village boy shouted behind him, a final warning, but Kurogane ignored him, making his way up the mountain's single, nearly faded trail.

Two hours into his hike, Kurogane came upon the mountain cottage. It could be nothing but the home of the blonde magician he'd been told of, for there were cats roaming the grounds everywhere.

Just as Kurogane was about to approach the abode and knock on the door, he caught sight of something which not only shocked him, but also caused him to halt in his actions mid-step.

A man, tall and thin, with very light skin and heavy, wet blonde hair emerged from a forest trail, heading himself to the house. What gave Kurogane pause, was that the man was stark naked. And just as he really took notice of the man, the man also saw him, turning his head to gaze at him, his eyebrows hiking in surprise as he stopped to stare at Kurogane.

After several awkward seconds, the blonde man spoke, curiosity and concern in his voice. "Are you lost?" he asked and Kurogane shook himself.

"No. I was just…I…"

The blonde seemed to understand that Kurogane had been looking for him and approached, smiling warmly.

"I was just bathing at the stream there." he said, pointing back the way he'd come and with every step that he took, Kurogane's face grew hotter and he turned his head away, trying…trying not to see.

"I'm sure I must seem to be an exhibitionist but people don't generally come up here where I live."

Now he was standing right in front of Kurogane, leaning closer still, rising on his feet to have a better look at his guest. "Is it that curse that's bothering you?" he asked and Kurogane's head snapped back around.

"Can you see it?"

"Oh, yes." the magician answered, nodding.

"Then you can lift it?"

At this, the blonde tilted his head to the side, his smile shifting and sliding ever wider. "You're such an eager puppy." he said, burying his hand into the spikes of Kurogane's hair and rubbing his head from side to side.

Kurogane growled and yanked himself away. "I am not a dog! My name is Kurogane! I am a great warrior of…"

"Yes yes yes." the man said, waving a hand back and forth in front of his face, making it clear that he couldn't have cared less. "Curses are so dull and time consuming, though. I'll tell you what," he said, appearing to have just thought of something "I don't need money for payment and I have lots of cats. What I really need is a dog."

"You'll lift my curse…if I bring you a dog?" Kurogane asked hesitantly. It sounded too good to be true.

"No. I'll lift your curse if you are the dog." the man clarified and Kurogane blanched. "Spend one year with me here as a dog and when the year is up, I will lift your curse."

Kurogane had to think about it. He had been to many other wizards, magicians, and seers around the lands and none had even so much as offered him a glimmer of hope, but a dog

"I must warn you though." the blonde man said, raising a finger which caught Kurogane's attention. "It's hard to maintain self when you're an animal. All of these cats were human once. But they can't remember those lives so I can't restore them. If your sense of self is weak, you might remain a dog forever."

Kurogane's eyes narrowed. If anything was ever said of him, he was a strong-willed man. He would not turn this man down. He did not fear a weakness he knew he did not have.

"I will do this thing and come a year's time, I will remember myself well and you had better remember your promise to me least I make use of my animal's fangs at that time."

The man grinned back at him and raised his hands into the air. "My name is Fai, by the way." he said. "And welcome to my home. Please be nice to the cats."

And that is how Kurogane, the brave and noble, cursed warrior of Nihon was turned into a dog by a naked man in the middle of a forest.

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