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14th World: Blind Date

Kurogane wasn't exactly sure how his sister, Tomoyo, had managed to talk him into agreeing to a blind date, seeing as the very idea of it had initially made his skin crawl. A lesser person would surely have taken the opportunity to set him up with that one single friend of theirs or so-and-so's sister who'd just gone through a messy break-up and needed some encouragement to get back on that horse. But this was his sister and Tomoyo took her match-making (read nosing into other people's business) very seriously. So, somehow or other, she had gotten him to agree even though he still wasn't sure what exactly it was he had agreed to.

Tomoyo had refused to tell him anything about the individual he was supposed to be meeting at Langley's bar, 9pm, Friday evening. Knowing Tomoyo, he couldn't even say for certain that he was there to meet a woman. Tomoyo was all about equal love and often threatened to set him up with other men since he seemed to have so little interest in women. If Kurogane were being honest, he couldn't really remember the last person he'd been attracted to or what gender they might have been. He also could admit, if he were being honest, that Tomoyo was probably right to think that if left strictly to his own devises he would probably end up old and alone with no one for miles that even knew him well.

The harsh tak of glass on wood drew Kurogane's attention back to the present and he reached out for the drink sitting on the bar before him, grunting his appreciation to the bartender and turned on his stool with it to watch the crowd behind him.

In the dim lighting, the sea of bodies on the dance floor pulsed in time with the thrumming beat of music that Kurogane could feel through the floor. Dancing had never been his forte but the drinks were decently priced and in the next room, they had pool tables and wide screen tvs so he couldn't say he disapproved of the locale.

As Kurogane was gazing out over the throng of dancers, a flash of blue caught his eye and in the next pulse of light, he found himself caught in the gaze of a waif blonde, weaving and flowing through the crowd, moving with a fluidity the likes of which Kurogane had never seen, as though he knew instinctively where the next space between bodies would be an instant before it was even cleared, all the while holding his gaze, a sultry smile playing across his lips.

Tomoyo had promised him that he would know his date when he saw it; that he wouldn't mistake it for anything else. As the blonde approached, slipping easily onto the stool at his left, Kurogane knew that it could be no one else.

The man ordered his drink and only once it was sat before him, a cocktail glass filled with a dark colored liquid that seemed to continually shift hues with the pulse of the dance light, did he slide his gaze to the right, an easy smile on his face as he regarded Kurogane.

"I don't think I've seen you here before."

Kurogane's mouth had gone dry suddenly as he stared openly at the man beside him; long legs crossed elegantly, back sloped ever so slightly as he curled toward the bar, eyes liquid blue regarding him and shifting colors in time with his drink.

Kurogane took another drink from his own glass before answering but the other spoke first.

"Waiting for someone?"

The amused smile made Kurogane frown and he grunted in reply, turning fully toward the bar.

In response, the man swung around to face him, giving Kurogane his full attention.

"I'm Fai."

Kurogane turned back slowly. The smile had softened into a reaching out gesture, warm and inviting.


"Is this your first time here?" Fai asked him, voice rich and smooth rising above the din.

"No, but I don't usually hang around out here." Kurogane answered him conversationally and Fai nodded understandingly.

"Would you like to go someplace quieter?"

- oOo -

Kurogane had no idea how it had happened. One minute they were walking along, talking about why neither of them much enjoyed proper dating and the next minute Kurogane had Fai pinned to an alley wall getting himself well acquainted with the blonde's tongue while Fai gripped his shirt, pulling him flush against his thin body.

Kurogane had never been gripped by such a fierce lust before and Fai only seemed to want to fuel the fire, his fisting hands scrabbling around his neck, always pulling at the material of his shirt or his jacket. He couldn't think. God, he wanted Fai.

"What do you want?" Fai asked; breathless words in his ear. "Tell me." And Kurogane shivered, too far gone to be anything but honest.


"How?" Fai pressed. "Here?" he asked, hands resting meaningfully on Kurogane's hips, thumbs caressing slow circles through his jeans. "Now? Or someplace better? Private?"

"Better." Kurogane murmured, kissing his neck. "Private."

Fai nodded, or tried to. "Ok."

Firm hands pushed back against his chest and Kurogane growled, glaring at Fai who merely laughed back, taking him by the hand and pulling him out of the alley.

"Have you ever done this before?" Fai asked, catching his breath as they made their way down the sidewalk once again. "Slept with someone you just met?" he added for clarification, glancing fleetingly at Kurogane.

His expression, in the brief moment that Kurogane saw it before he looked away, seemed apprehensive and it was enough to sober him momentarily, clear the haze in his head enough to think.

He hadn't known Fai more than an hour and here he was running off to sleep with him. What the hell was the matter with him? And why the hell didn't any of that seem to matter to him? Kurogane followed his own arm down to Fai's hand, entwined with his own, his iridescent skin seeming to glow against Kurogane's own tan.

He shook his head, then thought Fai hadn't seen and answered. "No. Never. … Do you do this often?"

Fai looked at him then. "Other things, yeah, sleep with…no. I've never offered before. …Not…not like this." In his eyes was a kind of wild look and, somehow, that made everything alright. Kurogane nodded and they pressed on.

- oOo -

Kurogane hardly noticed the motel. There was a door, a wall, an unfortunate encounter with a table, the bed…and Fai. Fai and his taught, smooth skin; Fai and the gasps and cries that tore from his throat; Fai and his wet, hot mouth exploring Kurogane's body in ways he had never even imagined.

- oOo -

When daylight dawned, Kurogane woke satiated and pliant, the length of Fai's body fit perfectly against his own. As he lay there, staring at Fai, uncertainty bubbled up in his chest. The arm draped across his torso felt too perfect, too right for what had happened between them. A light kiss at his chest pulled Kurogane from his revere and he looked down to find Fai regarding him silently beneath long blonde lashes. When he said nothing, Fai's eyes and hand slipped lower, fingers dancing across his stomach and Kurogane felt the twitch of arousal in response but he took Fai's hand in his own and brought it to his lips, gently kissing the palm, taking satisfaction in the curious, wide-eyed look Fai gave him at the gesture.

Slowly, a smile spread across Fai's face and he huffed a breath of laughter, laying his head back on Kurogane's shoulder contentedly.

Sometime later, as Kurogane was watching Fai hunt the room for his shirt, he heard the distinct ring of the cell in his jacket pocket. He grinned as he saw who was calling: Tomoyo and answered, sitting back on the bed to talk to her.


"Kurogane, what the hell happened?" she sounded exasperated with him but Kurogane's grin only widened.

"Haven't quite figured that one out yet, but I have realized something. You are always right. I swear to never doubt you as long as I live…" Kurogane trailed off as Fai caught his eye and grinned, waving his shirt in the air from his seat on the floor next to a cheap armchair.

"What are you talking about?" Tomoyo asked.

Kurogane watched Fai disappear in the bathroom before he answered her. "The blind date you set me up on. Fai. We…spent the night at a motel."

"You what!"

"I know how that sounds but, Fai, he's…" Kurogane grasped for words but couldn't find any to describe the blonde he'd met the previous night or his own feelings about the man.

"Kurogane…" Tomoyo's voice had gone calm, almost hesitant and Kurogane frowned. "I set you up with a woman. I knew you were reluctant to meet a stranger so I set you up with Soma…from the gym. She ran late and by the time she got to the bar, you were gone."

"You…what?" Kurogane's gaze fell back to the bathroom door. "But I…" Kurogane tried to think back; remember their conversation at the bar, and realized that he had never actually mentioned meeting a blind date and Fai had never actually said he was there to meet Kurogane. "You mean..."

"That's right Kurogane, you picked up a man at a bar." She sounded far too amused for her own good and Kurogane scowled at the phone.

"I take back what I said." he grumbled. "You obviously have no idea what you're doing. Stay out of my business."

The laughter on the other end of the line nearly made him throw the phone across the room. "Shut up."

"Sorry." The laughter died before Tomoyo continued. "I just…I didn't see you as a one-night-stand sort of person."

"I'm not…"

There was silence on the line until Kurogane spoke again.

"We've both got the weekend off. I'm taking him up to dad's old cabin by the lake."

"Even though he isn't the one I set you up with?"

"That doesn't matter." Even Kurogane was surprised at the truth of the words as he said them.

"Don't…" Tomoyo hesitated, but said it anyway "get hurt, Kurogane."

"I'm not a kid, you know." It was a weak argument at best, but Tomoyo knew him better than anyone.

"I know."

"Kuro-love." Fai opened the bathroom door a crack, sticking his head and one bare shoulder out. "I want to take a shower, but I'm lonely…" Fai pouted and Kurogane answered with a grin.

"I'll talk to you later." he said into the phone and waited for the goodbyes from the other end before cutting the call and tossing the device over his shoulder to hit the mattress. Fai returned his grin, pushing the door open invitingly as Kurogane stood and crossed the room to him.

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