Gibbs sighed as he set the phone down, rubbing a frustrated hand over his face.


Sometimes it seemed like she tried to get in as much trouble as possible. Standing up out of his chair, he grabbed the unfinished paperwork off his desk and split the large pile in two. Dropping half the stack onto each agent's desk and ignoring their sputtering protests, Gibbs pressed the down button on the elevator.

He wasn't paid enough for this.

Abby was blissfully unaware of the trouble she was in when he entered the lab. She was bouncy as usual, noise that could hardly be called music playing in the background. Her pigtails swayed as she bobbed her head to the music, and the popsicle that Ducky had prescribed to ease the pain from her sore lip narrowly missed each time that her black hair swung back and forth.

"Abby "

She whirled around and beamed at her boss, happy to have company. He nodded his head towards the stereo that was the source of all the racket, and she rolled her eyes in good humor, snapping her fingers as she danced her way over to shut it off.

"Evening Gibbs " she chirped, finishing off her popsicle and tossing the stick into the trash, "What brings you to the exciting world of forensic science tonight?"

"Just had a talk with Duck about Palmer. Didn't get those grades after all. He lied."

Abby scrunched her eyebrows in confusion. Her copy had been perfect, she was sure of it. How had it blown up in poor Jimmy's face?

"Well, that's terrible, Gibbs. I'm shocked at him."

"It gets worse. Seems that he had some help."

Color running from her face, she looked up into Gibbs' face.

Shit, he knew.

Her hand seemed to act of it's own accord, and, in a move that Abby was sure that she would regret later, it moved up slowly to the door handle, flicking at the wrist to snap it shut and turn the lock.

She was a dead woman for sure, now.

Gibbs stared at her, eerily calm. That wasn't a good sign, she decided.

"Open the door, Abigail,"

Her head shook side to side in slow deliberate motions.

"Now, Abby."

"No thank you. I personally like the plate of glass between us right now. It's bullet resistant, Gibbs, so you might as well go away now."

He shrugged and walked out of her line of vision. That was bad, he was most dangerous when you couldn't see him. Although, he was definitely scarier when you could.

When he returned, he was holding the one thing that the door couldn't protect her from, and she groaned in fear at the sight.

The glass may be able to stop a bullet, but key-resistant it was not.

Damn it. Abby had the sickening feeling that she'd just made things a whole lot worse for herself.

Gibbs slid the glass back and stepped in carefully.

"You just made things a whole lot worse for yourself."

Feeling confirmed.

Before she had time to think, her lab chair was pulled out and she felt her self being eased over Gibbs' lap.

Well, this sucked.

A hard hand came down on her backside and she tried to wriggle away. Her poor butt was peppered firm smacks again and again.

And to think, she'd been feeling sorry for Palmer.

"Gibbs..." she whined, "I was just trying to help."

"By lying? In case you haven't noticed, Abbs, you don't lie well. What made you think that you would be any better at it when you were lying for someone else?"


"Next time, try to keep your optimism from making decisions that are bad for your ass. Got it?"

Oh, she got it alright. She got that what she really needed was Gibbs-proof glass.

When Gibbs had finally finished with her, Abby decided that she had a bone to pick with a certain autopsy gremlin. And when she got over how amusing the pun she'd made by mistake was, she was going to act on it.

Now that her autopsy humor had been noted, she whipped out her cell phone to take care of business.

"Palmer you ratted me out "

She heard a long sigh from the other end.

"He already knew. I couldn't have done anything, Abby."

"Yeah, well-"

Ducky's irate voice could faintly be heard.

"Mr. Palmer! Why doesn't your professor recognize you?"

"Shit. Look Abby, I've gotta go."

"I'm not done with you yet, Palme-"

He'd hung up. First, he'd made her an accessory to a crime, and then he hung up on her. He got more and more like Gibbs everyday.

Two Gibbs. Wonderful, yet terrifying thought.

Abby shook her head. She had to stop going along with her coworkers ideas. She got in enough trouble with her own.

Alright, there that is. I know that it seems like this gets pushed on the back-burner, but I take so long with this because Ducky and Jimmy are out of my comfort zone and I have to work hard to try and get them right.

I'm thinking about doing something with the Kevlar comment that I made in the last chapter. Maybe something where Abby does invest in some to take some edge off her spanking and Gibbs finds out? I don't know. It's still in the planning stages. What do you guys think?