I, Bella Swan, was once again forced into a situation I would rather not be in.

For what seemed like the fifth time this month, I was at a party. But not just any party! No, I was at one of those 'everyone is expected to have a wild orgy with random people you work with and pretend it didn't happen the next day' party! And once again, I was hiding in the corner of the room. I made a whole new definition of the word 'wallflower.'

"Bella, come on, let loose, have fun!" One of my co-workers, Jessica, slurred. I smiled and waved her off before running away. In no way was I going to have anything to do with what Jessica Stanley considers 'fun.' It was bad enough I had to be around these people on a daily basis at work. Spending 'quality' time with my horny co-workers was not my definition of fun. Why couldn't I just get back to my love life? Well, my fake love life.

Oh yeah! Because stupid Alice says spending your Wednesday nights reading romance novels and enjoying some nice Ben & Jerry's is practically illegal. Like going to a party in the middle of the week is reasonable?!

Just because it is called "Hump Day" doesn't mean they literally want you to hump everything in sight! But that just goes to show the intelligence level of the people I am forced to co-exist with.

"Hey, Bella, how you doin' girl?" Mike, my boss, unfortunately, asked as he saddled up next to me. I tried to inch away but he kept getting right in my space. Mike would be a cool guy if he learned the bubble rule…..Stay out of my personal bubble.

"I—I'm fine. Thank you" I said, just loud enough so he could hear me over the blaring music. Seriously, who sets the volume on that thing? He put his arm over my shoulder and got right in my face. Oh God, is he going to try to kiss me?! He smells like Budweiser and throw up!

"Um, I have to…..uh, I need to pee" I said quickly and ran away. Dear baby Jesus, I'm going to die here. I quickly scanned for an exit, hoping maybe it would illuminate as a sign from the gods. But unfortunately that didn't happen. The exit was nowhere to be found since everybody was crowding around.

Looks like I'll have to use my other exit again.

"Excuse me" I heard from behind me. I turned quickly and was met with quite the site. This model before me looked quite lost.

"Have you seen a man about my height with blonde hair. He brought me here and disappeared." He said. Damn, he's gay.

"Nope. Sorry. But you might want to get out of here if you can. Some suspicious activity occurs in these parts. It's the devils house" I told him. He looked at me like I was crazy.

"It isn't rape if they yell 'surprise'" I whispered conspiratorially. His eyes widened and he looked around wildly. I took the chance to look over his shoulder and saw Mike walking towards me. I quickly picked up the bottom of my dress and bolted upstairs.

I only tripped a few times on my way up. The first door on the left was already open, luckily, so it made my trip easier. The window creaked a little as I opened it and climbed out. I really don't care if anyone sees my Batman panties right now. I just need to get out of here!

"Hey, wait!" The hot guy yelled. I turned to see his head poking out the window. I slipped down the drain pipe and landed softly on the ground. Gets easier every time.

"If they offer you a drink, just say no. Say no!" I yelled to him. He chuckled and nodded. I turned to run away, back to my domain, but his voice called me back again.

"I like Batman too" He smirked and went back inside. I felt my face heat up as I took off my heels and walked home.

A/N: Um, yeah, random.....I know. Just something that popped into my head at eleven o' clock last night haha.

Feel free to let me know exactly what you think of it. I'll probably continue at some point....who knows.